The Team

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Rick watched Sandra chatting with the boys and accepting their offers of a drink. If she wasn’t careful those wolves would get bind drunk, and she’d wake up used and abused and not knowing who did it. He’d take some time to take care of her while she was still sober. It could be interesting.

He moved in, deftly cutting her out from the wolf pack, a cold stare all he needed to make them back off while he turned his charm upon Sandra.

“I know you,” he said, smiling. “You’re Sandra. You’re the youngest member of the girls basketball team aren’t you. Are you sure you’re old enough to be out drinking?” he teased.

Sandra laughed. “I may be the youngest in the team, but I’m eighteen, and Nicki and Nancy are here and they promised to keep an eye on me.”

“They’re not doing too good a job of it,” murmured Rick. “They left you with the wolf pack and they don’t seem to be trying to pry you lose from me.”

“Those boys weren’t a wolf pack. They were just having a bit of fun. And why should the girls want to pry me lose from you. You’re harmless aren’t you?”

“Those boys are a pack, and I don’t think you’d have enjoyed what they consider fun. And you’ll find I’m not harmless. No man is where a pretty and sexy girl is concerned.”

“You worry too much. I can look after myself. I’ll be fine.”

“I know you’ll be fine, now,” said Rick with a grin. “I’ve cut you out of the pack, I’m going to drag you into one of the bedrooms in a moment and make passionate love to you, and then I’ll keep an eye on you for the rest of the night. You’ll be able to drink as much as you please and get plastered if you want to, knowing that I’m around and will make sure you get home safely.”

“I don’t need you to watch me and why would I let you make mad passionate love to me, anyway?” queried Sandra with a giggle.

“Curiosity,” said Rick, “so finish up your drink and come with me.”

“What’s your rush?” frowned Sandra. “I haven’t even said I’m staying with you for a while.”

“Right now you’re relaxed but sober,” smiled Rick, “but I can see you want to drink and party and let it all flow, so I want to take you now while you know what is going on. Why would I want to fuck a drunk, hmmm?”

“You just said make love, not have sex,” said Sandra primly, while feeling quite fascinated by that smile. She wondered if he knew what that smile did to a girl?

“One can lead to the other, and quite quickly,” returned Rick. All the time that they’d been talking he had been gently steering her out of the main rooms and away from the party. Now he opened a door, and ushered Sandra in, and before she realised it Sandra found herself in a bedroom with Rick leaning back against the closed door.

“How’d he do that?” she wondered, “and how am I going to get out of this. And I wish he’d stop smiling. It’s making me all hot and bothered.”

Rick reached over and took the empty glass from her hand, placing it on a bedside table, while with his other hand he reached over and drew Sandra to him.

“Just a kiss or too, to start,” he said. “We can stop anytime you like.”

Sandra laughed and turned up her face, meeting his and sinking quickly into some kissing that very rapidly passed from a kiss or two into some very passionate caresses. Sandra had had just enough to lower her inhibitions a little, she liked Rick and she found she really liked his kisses.

She didn’t mind when she felt Rick’s hand cup her breast and gently rub the nipple. She wasn’t a virgin, and enjoyed having her breast stoked. It took a couple of minutes of Rick gently playing with her breast, before it slowly sank in that he was actually playing with her naked breast. She pulled back for a moment and was stunned to realise that her top and bra were gone. “How’d he do that,” she wondered, “and do I care?” was the second thought. She was about to continue the kissing when she has a horrified thought and glanced down again. “How’d you get my skirt off?” she demanded.

“Quite easily,” laughed Rick. “I unzipped it first, and then slipped the top button. Gravity did the rest. Don’t worry. It hasn’t been hurt.”

“That’s not the point. You should have asked. Or at least let me know what you were doing. Suddenly I’m naked except for my panties, and you say don’t worry?”

“That’s right. And if you’re wondering about the panties, I’m about to take them of right now. Hold still.”

Rick slipped his hand under the waist of the panties and gently pushed them down, while Sandra stared at him indignantly. “He wouldn’t. “He would. He has. My god, he’s a monster.”

“You give me my clothes back right now,” Sandra demanded.

“In a moment,” said Rick, talking hold of her again, moving slowly to give her time to protest, satisfied when none came. He started kissing her again. Sandra felt his hand sliding down to her breast again, sighed and let it be. She liked it, so why stop? Gently Rick eased her onto the bed, still kissing, still playing with her breasts. Sandra sighed as she felt his lips move from hers down izmit escort to her breasts, nibbling, sucking kissing her nipples. It seemed only right that his hand should also move down and start stoking her pussy, gently manipulating, slowly lighting the fire that he would have to put out.

Rick and already undone his trousers, and a couple of judicious kicks had slipped them off and onto the floor. He felt Sandra starting to run her hands over him and waited for her reaction when she found his erection.

Sandra’s hands drifted lower, as with what she considered great daring she moved them towards Rick’s crotch. Well before she expected it she found her hand bumping against something warm and hard. She tensed and lightly touched it. Ran her fingers down the length, trying to estimate the size, clasped her hand around it and held it. She shuddered slightly. Did she want to look at that thing? She did. She had to know if it was as big as it felt. She leaned a little away from Rick and dropped her eyes, stared and winced slightly. If she was going to let him fuck her it would be with that. She suddenly felt very small while looking at his cock. “No way” she thought, while at the same time she could feel her stomach curling in anticipation, her pussy seeming to swell and reach for the prize, her whole body calling “yes”.

Sandra lay back down, staring at Rick’s face, silently asking are you really going to fuck me with that thing? She watched as Rick just smiled that damn toe-curling smile of his, and felt his foot hooking her ankle and drawing her leg to the side, parting her thighs, making his intentions clear. She lay there watching his face as he moved between her thighs, feeling his fingers moving her lips apart and then feeling the tip of that monstrous weapon inserted into her nervous pussy.

Rick carefully positioned himself above Sandra. His gentle explorations had confirmed that her cherry would not be a problem. All her actions had indicated that she wasn’t a virgin, even if she wasn’t greatly experienced. Carefully edging the head of his cock between her lips, he paused, indicating to Sandra that she should prop herself up slightly so that she could see his cock enter her.

Sandra raised herself as suggested, and then watched as Rick slowly started to push his cock home. She could see it disappearing into her, inch by nerve racking inch, and she could also feel it advancing within her, filling her, stretching her, making more room for itself within her and then taking it. “It has to stop,” she thought. “I can’t take much more.” Rick pressed on that little bit more, and then further, forcing Sandra to realise that yes, she could take more. She could take all of it she found as that last little bit thudded into place, feeling Ricks rough pubic hair scratching at the surface of her smoothly shaven pussy.

Rick held her down, pinned to the bed by his erection.

Sandra was glowing, happy that the preliminaries were over, knowing that the main bout was about to start, and that fucking worked both ways. If he was going to take her and get his pleasure, she was equally as determined to take him and get her pleasure.

She felt his first gentle withdrawal, followed by the gentle return. “That’s what you think, buster,” she thought, waiting for the next withdrawal and return. Felt him moving out, almost to his tip, and when the return started she thrust firmly upwards, forcing the return to be lot harder than intended. “I’m not a child, remember,” she told Rick. “I won’t break. If you’re going to fuck, then do so.”

Rick laughed at her urgency. “She wants it hard and fast? She’ll get it hard and fast.” Forgetting about any need for gentleness, Rick lunged home, retreated, thrust, duelling with Sandra, daring her to meet his passion and delighting when her passion rose to welcome him.

The passionate encounter couldn’t continue. All too soon, Rick found himself ready to climax, could see Sandra barely hanging on, gave a gasp of release and ejaculated deep within her, feeling her gripping and holding him within her as she went over the edge, enjoying everything he could do to her.

Afterwards they just lay for a few minutes, relaxing, enjoying the feel of the person lying next to them. Rick turned to Sandra and said “Go out and enjoy the rest of the party. Don’t worry if you drink too much. I’ll keep an eye on you and will see you safely back to the dorm as promised.”

“Thank you, but there’s no need,” murmured Sandra. “I came with Nicki and Nancy and they’ll make sure I get home safely.”

“I wouldn’t count on that,” laughed Rick. “I saw their designated driver, and he was knocking the drinks back whenever he thought they weren’t looking. He’s going to be too tight to drive after the party, I assure you. I’ll have Nicki and Nancy come with us. They’re in your dorm, I believe.”

Rick watched Sandra move back into the party. As promised he’d keep an eye on her and then run her home. The least he could do. And tomorrow he just might give her a call.


The yahya kaptan escort party was winding up, and Sandra, from what Rick, could see was well past the time she should have called it quits and headed for the door. He wandered over to her and encouraged her outside, into the fresh air. The fresh air could have been chloroform from the way Sandra promptly wilted, and Rick was effectively carrying her by the time they reached his van. He hoisted her up into the front seat and fastened her seat belt. She was out cold before the door was closed.

Rick head back inside to locate Nicki and Nancy. Found them looking over their designated driver, frowning. “Hi, girls. I’ve just been loading Sandra into my van. I thought as you two are her friends and stay at the same dorm, you might like to come along and keep her company. Your, ah, designated driver doesn’t look as though he’s going to be doing any driving tonight.”

“Oh. Rick, isn’t it?” said Nicki. “If you’ve already got Sandra in your car we might as well go with you. Thank you.”

Rick escorted them out to his van. The girls found that it had been modified somewhat. Apart from the two standard seats in the front, two bench seats ran down the length of the van, one on either side. You could either get in the front and slip between the front seats or raise the back and enter that way. “Don’t worry about the seating arrangements,” said Rick. “They’re up to standard and you’ll find seatbelts. I won’t be driving so fast that you’ll need the hand grips,” he added with a grin.

The girls settled into the van, and Rick was soon on the road, heading back to the University and the dorms. There was a little general chatter at first and then Nancy raised a point she had wondered about.

“Why did you offer to take us home, Rick? You barely know us.”

“Three reasons,” said Rick, glancing around and flashing her a quick smile. “First, I promised Sandra that I’d make sure you got home safely, as she was a bit worried when she noticed you designated driver knocking them back. Second, protection for me and Sandra. You can bear witness that I didn’t molest her while she’s out cold.”

Rick left it at that and continued concentrating on his driving. Nicki and Nancy glanced at each other and then Nicki, curious, gently queried, “You said three reasons. What’s the third”?

“Having two witnesses in the car means that I have witness that neither of you protest when I take of your panties and screw you,” Rick replied, and the girls could hear the laugh in his voice.

“What?! I don’t think I heard that right. Would you care to repeat it,” came a startled query from Nancy.

Rick pulled over and into the park they were passing. “Nice timing of that question,” he thought.

He turned towards them, unbuckling his safety belt, and explained. “I picked you both because you’re her friends and because I have wanted to fuck both of you for quite a long time.” Slipping between the front seats he joined them in the back of the van. He deftly undid Nicki’s seat belt, took both her hands in one of his and swiftly twisted so that she found herself lying on the bench seat with her hands held over her head. He laughed down at her and then turned to Nancy, directing her to pull down Nicki’s yoga pants and panties. “All the way off, mind” he added smiling.

Nicki wriggled indignantly, but found herself held fast. Hearing Nancy’s seat belt click open, she turned an appalled gaze upon Nancy. “Ypu wouldn’t?” she gasped to Nancy, only to receive a mischievous smile and a giggling “Yes, I would.”

She moved next to Rick, took hold of Nicki’s yoga pants and panties and slowly pulled them down. Rick smiles at a scarlet faced Nicki and gently placed one hand on her pussy and squeezed.

“Nice and smooth,” he murmured. “Nancy, time for you to take off your slacks and panties now.”


“It’s only fair. Nicki has lost hers.”

Nancy hesitated feeling the looks that Nicki and Rick were giving her. Gentle interest in Ricks look but a defiant challenge from Nicki. Nancy stared back for a moment, then swallowed and nervously stripped off her pants, moving slowly and making a production of it.

Rick smiled. “A heart?” he queried?

Nancy flushed. “I like it. I didn’t want to shave completely but I though if I had to trim….” Her voice faded away.

“Don’t worry. I like it too,” said Rick, reaching out and placing two fingers on the V at the top of the small heart. His fingers traced either side of the patch of fur, up and around and smoothly down to where the point of the heart continued on to the slit below. He could feel Nancy tense, but could also feel her pussy move slightly forward, pressing against his gentle touch. He moved back away, and looked at Nicki again.

He could sense that the girls were a little nervous, not sure how far he intended to go or how much they would let him get away with. Neither girl was drunk, but they had definitely had enough to lower their gebze escort inhibitions slightly, and both seemed curious as to his next move.

He unbuttoned Nicki’s blouse, letting her see what he was doing, and then reached around and deftly unclipped her bra. Tugged her up to a sitting position and slipped off blouse and bra, leaving Nicki sitting there naked, breasts standing out happily, with her nipples already slightly erect. Rick then began to gently stroke Nicki’s boobs, gently squeezing and rubbing the nipples. At the same time he glanced over at Nancy, looked pointedly at her breasts and then back to her face, one eyebrow raised quizzically. Nancy blushed, but slowly removed her top, hesitated for about a second, then lifted her head proudly and removed her bra. “She has reason to be proud,” Rick mused. “Those are two lovely puppies.”

He guided Nancy down, sitting her next to Nicki, and then began playing with the four beautiful boobs in front of him, touching, tonguing, kissing. Rubbing the nipples with his thumb or his palm, depending on his mood and the girls reaction.

His hands slipped down, heading unerringly for the warmth between their legs, persuading their legs to part slightly to give him room, stroking, squeezing and tantalising. Slipping lips apart and darting fingers within, withdrawing to palpitate their love mounds and let the motion ripple through them into that core where the fires were now burning, while moisture gathered and spread within them. Both girls were breathing heavily now, occasionally reaching across to stroke each others breasts.

Rick pulled Nancy gently to her feet for a moment, giving him a chance to lay Nicki back down on the bench. He smiled at her as she stared back at him, ready but unsure. He reached out and took Nancy’s arm urging her forward, bending her so that she was leaning across Nicki, breasts dangling just above Nicki’s breasts, gently swaying but not quite touching. Rick moved around behind Nancy, reaching between her legs, urging her legs to apart a little more, and then, while Nicki watched with horror and delight, he pressed his cock against that moist slit in front of him and started pushing it home.

Nancy gasped, not sure she wanted this, not sure that she didn’t. “You’re not really doing this are you?” she gasped. “Silly question. Of course you are. You shouldn’t be doing this. Too late to stop I guess. Please. Harder.” Nancy chatted away, not sure what she was saying, but feeling she had to say something, anything, while this cock was making her world spin, was making her spin, was driving her wild. “And you’re not helping,” she cried to Nicki, who had gently reached out and started teasing her breasts while Rick ploughed her fertile field, preparing it for the planting of his seed.

Rick pressed home, moving faster and then slower, eager to drive Nancy over the edge without actually coming himself. He felt Nancy hovering on the edge, reached down and slipped a finger within her, flicking her clitoris. That proved too much for Nancy who screamed and convulsed, her climax tearing into her, taking her out of that world that had been spinning around her and leaving her floating, finally coming back to earth to find herself still leaning across Nicki, breathing heavily from the pleasure she had experienced.

Rick gently drew her away from Nicki and sat her back on the other bench. He turned back to Nicki, who looked at him approaching, looked at his erection, glistening with moisture and standing tall, and hastily crossed her legs. Nicki watched Rick as he smiled at her, then gently reached down and took her ankle, and then just as gently moved her leg to the side and off the bench, leaving her open and exposed. She tried to lift her leg back up to protect herself, but, even though Rick was only holding it down with a gentle finger, she couldn’t find the strength or determination to move it.

Nicki lay there, looking down where his hand was now stroking and watched. “He’s touching my pussy again and then he’s going to fuck me,” she thought. “I should be pushing him away. I should be fighting and asking Nancy to help me. Why am I letting him do this?” She watched with anticipation as he moved between her legs, gently spreading her lips and then gasped as he dived into her. She felt his cock racing into her depths, her very self, and found herself lifting, racing to meet it, welcoming it like a thirsty soul. “This is why I’m not fighting,” she sighed. “I want it too much.”

Rick was now moving with a vengeance, hammering into the welcoming pussy, relishing the heat, the tightness, the smooth sliding of flesh against flesh. No longer needing to conserve himself he charged forward, running to meet his own climax but knowing he had to help Nicki reach hers. “Too soon,” he groaned, as he felt himself exploding, only to hear a muffled scream from Nicki who was staring with vacant eyes, hand pressed to her mouth, as she also felt those internal convulsions lifting her to her climax.

Again there was that slow settling of movement, followed by a slow separation. There was silence for a while, then soft voice murmured “We have to get home.” As if this was the signal they’d been waiting for, movement commenced, clothes were donned, seats were sort and seat belts fastened.

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