The Subtle Revenge


For Jack, it started out as a usually boring morning looking after his mother’s bookkeeping at the store. Jack was a fairly well built attractive teen prepared to attend university in the fall and would rather have been at school with his buddies rather than being cooped up here. Every morning he came in before school and stocked shelves and did the daily count of cash and credit card receipts before he took off for his first class.

The last couple of days a particularly attractive East Indian girl had come into the store before school. He had recognized her from school, but he thought she was in an earlier grade, because she never attended any of the same classes. He was not aware that she was, in fact, a year older than he was, but had been held back because of her language training. She had been particularly nice to him, unlike many of the customers who passed him in the store without so much as a nod.

Jack momentarily remembered feeling a bit of interest, but that passed as he quickly finished his store duties and then locked himself in to count the cash and finish the bookkeeping.

Today, just as he was carrying out a small tray of confectionery items to stock up the counter display the girl and a taller woman walked in and looked around. When the girl pointed Jack out to her, they walked over to him. Although the woman was good looking, she seemed a bit stern looking. Jack wondered if he had somehow offended the girl.

“Good morning. I think you’ve met my daughter, Nadia.”

Jack nodded, then quickly pointed out that he had only seen her in the store a few times and remembered her from school.

“Yes, I understand that. I need to speak to you about another matter. Is there a private place here?”

“Well, the office is a bit small, but we could go there. What’s the problem?”

“I’ll explain in a moment.”

He led them through the stock room to the tiny cubicle that served as an office.

“I see from your tag that your name is Jack. Is that correct?”


They were squeezed quite close in the small room.

“I need you to do me a small favour. One that should not be unpleasant. In fact, you should find it very pleasant. I would like you to permit Nadia to suck your penis from time to time.”

Jack’s mouth opened and stared at the woman in disbelief. Nadia’s face showed some real shame and she could not meet his gaze when he turned to her.

“You’re kidding me. This is nuts.”

“Not at all. I have my reasons and they are unimportant to you. My daughter is quite attractive by our standards, and I suspect you would agree.”

Jack looked at the girl and nodded. She was attractive by his standards. She wore a light summer weight top that couldn’t hide the fullness of her chest. Although she was short, she did not have a dumpiness to her frame which was actually quite slim.

“We don’t have much time. She has to be at school and I believe that you have to get your work done and get there as well. Are you willing to have this done to you?”

“I guess so. I don’t know what to say. I’ve never done this kind of thing.”

“Good. Have you showered today?”

“Before I came in. My mum’s real fussy about us being clean.”

“Admirable quality. I am the same. Nadia, show him your breasts.”

Nadia looked up at her plaintively. There was no mercy in her eyes. She slowly pulled her top over her head, revealing a plain white bra that was jammed with beautiful brown boobs.

“Take off your brassiere. He’ll need some stimulation.”

The girl complied and shyly tried to cover two very full, round breasts with dark hued nipples that were rigid in the air conditioned office. She stood only a few feet from Jack whose eyes were riveted on the semi nude girl. He had never seen a naked girl in full light. The few dates that he had had where he had petted and managed to get his hands on their breasts had been abortive efforts in the back of the car late at night or in dimly lit rooms. At 19, it was a bit of a sore point with him. Yet here were two magnificent breasts, nipples turgid almost in his hands in the full light of day.

“You can stroke them, Jack. Rub her nipples if you wish.”

Jack was stunned. This girl’s mother was standing there telling him to feel up her daughter. Nadia was still holding her bra, not sure what to make of the situation either. Her mother took the bra from the girl. She was watching Jack’s crotch for the movement of his erection. As the boy’s hands tentatively touched the girl, his cock rose and began to tent the front of his pants. Nadia’s mother reached out and gripped it firmly.

“He’s getting hard. Kneel down now and take it out.”

Again Nadia looked at her mother not in shock, but almost pleading with her eyes to be permitted to leave without further embarrassment. He mother’s look made it clear that she would have to perform exactly as she had been told. She knelt in front of Jack and opened his fly awkwardly. She groped for his erection and managed Escort bayan to liberate it. He was circumcised and his cock rose at a steep angle out of his pants. Nadia’s mother’s lips tightened at the sight of the boy’s hardon. It was bigger than she expected. Good.

“Take it into your mouth. Grip it with your hand and stroke it up and down. Yes. Just like that. Now move your mouth over it the same way. No. Open your jaws but keep your lips firmly over the end of it. Use your tongue to moisten it so it slides easily.”

Nadia was a bit clumsy and was very nervous.

“Try this, Nadia.” She reached into Jack’s pants and pulled his testicles out. “Use your nails to stroke his balls. Men like that.”

Nadia was now in some trouble. She had never handled a boy’s penis. In fact, she had not seen one except for a few pictures that her mother had used to explain what she would be doing. She was stunned by the entire situation. She was trying to move her head rhythmically over the pulsing dick, while rubbing up and down with her right fist and scratching his tight nuts with her left.

“Let me show you.” Both boy and girl were shocked as Nadia’s mother pushed Nadia aside and began sucking the boy’s cock with some skill. Her dark red -almost carmine-lips, closed firmly over the end of Jack’s dick. Her beautiful brown hand with impeccably manicured nails began to stroke him off like a machine. She used her other hand to delicately titillate his walnut hard balls.

Jack began to grunt as the woman brought him nearly to the edge before pulling daughter back down.

“Now, finish him off and take his load.”

Nadia took Jack’s dick and pulled it vigorously, trying to match her mother’s skillful demonstration. Jack was quickly back on track and started to feel his wad building.

“He’s coming now, Nadia. Push the mouth over it and press your hand down hard. Hold his balls.”

Jack shot his load into her mouth as he jerked forward against her. The girl gagged as she felt the hot come hit the back of her throat. She tried to pull back, but her mother’s hand held her in place as wad after wad shot into the beautiful young girl’s mouth. Jack’s hips were pressed forward and several inches of his prick were enclosed in the girl’s lovely mouth. He looked down at her with her full dark lashes, eyes closed. Her full lips were still moving slightly on his pulsing prick.

Nadia’s mother produced a tissue and bottle of mineral water for her daughter.

“Here, drink this and rinse your mouth.”

She let Jack’s cock plop out of her mouth. It was softer now, but still swollen. The girl greedily swallowed the water to wash the strange taste that clung to her mouth. Her mother now gave her a mint to suck.

“This will help get the taste out of your mouth.”

She used the tissue and dabbed at her daughter’s mouth; then cleaned up Jack’s sagging prick. Then she pulled out a compact, fixed her own mouth which had suffered some damage from her moment of blurred fellatio. She inspected her daughter’s face and handed her the bra. Jack watched the strip tease in reverse.

Then the woman turned to Jack.

“I hope that was worth your time. If you are willing, Nadia will stop in with me from time to time before school for a similar session. Obviously, you are not to tell anyone. If you do, I will inform the police that you have interfered with a minor. Although this was a lie, Jack didn’t know this. If you are smart, and I’m told you are quite a bright student, you’ll have a wonderful time. However, you are to attempt nothing else. Nadia will suck you off. She will expose her breasts to you and you may feel them if you wish to help you get an erection, but you are not to attempt to touch her pubic area, and don’t even think of intercourse. This is not for Nadia’s pleasure-only yours. Do you understand?”

“I understand, but I don’t understand.”

“I have my reasons for doing this. As I said, it is not necessary for you to know. It does not concern you or anyone in your family. If the store clerk should inquire about what is going on, you will advise him that you are tutoring my daughter, and were checking her homework before school. Is that clear?”

“Yes, ma’m.”

“I don’t like that term. Don’t use it with me. You may call me Mrs. Singh. And I advise you to put your penis away before you go back into the store.”

The woman almost smiled. Jack looked down at his relaxed member and quickly tucked it away before zipping up.

“When are you going to be back?”

“That depends on circumstances. You can expect us in a few days. Nadia. Straighten yourself up. Let’s go.”

Jack walked out with them.

In front of the cashier, Mrs. Singh stopped and somewhat theatrically spoke to Jack.

“Thank you for your help. Nadia’s last test showed the benefit of your help. We’ll see you in a few days.”

She smiled at Jack and nodded to the cashier as the two of them left.

“What was that all about?”

“Um, Bayan escort I’m helping her daughter with some math problems.”


Fysel lost interest immediately, but commented on how good looking the women were.

“Not my type.” Jack quickly went back to the office and tried to get his work done while visions of the girl and her mother who had just given him his first blow job kept crowding into his mind. Fortunately for Jack, it would be the first of many.

Mother and daughter drove towards the school.

“Mother, I’m so embarrassed. I’m sure he’ll tell all his friends.”

“And I’m sure he won’t. The risk of police charges versus the insignificant pleasure of a little bragging is very slight.”

Although she was not as sure as she sounded, she thought she read the boy fairly well. He was a reasonable agent of her surreptitious revenge on her adulterous husband. She had discovered that he was having sex with a white woman regularly. Being very proud but very practical, she decided that getting even was, indeed, better than getting angry. Divorce was ludicrous in her situation. Her husband was very well off and she had the use of his money to make her life generally quite pleasant. Because her husband had been extremely discreet and she knew he could not leave her for the other woman for many cultural reasons, she had mulled over possible actions. Having an affair herself was unthinkable. She had no desire to expose herself to that risk. The idea of having her daughter act as the unwitting agent of revenge was, in her mind very clever. Nadia was the apple of her father’s eye. He doted on her and had made plans for a huge wedding which was still many years in the future. She could not risk the girl’s virginity, but felt that cock sucking would have the same impact without the danger. She had no plans for him to ever learn about this, but the secret knowledge that she was humiliating him in her mind, was more than enough. She was not really concerned about Nadia. She secretly resented her closeness with her father. The girl was afraid of her, and after she had told the girl what was going on, and how important it was for her to do as her mother wished, she reluctantly agreed. Her mother said that should she refuse, she would find some other way that would destroy the family. She put the entire onus on Nadia to keep everything status quo. She explained to the girl that the situation would only last as long as her father was cheating on his family. She had the double pleasure of creating a wedge between father and daughter.

After today’s session, she also told the girl that she was not to talk to her father about any of this or she would probably face his full wrath, which was famous. She included the fact that Jack would face the likelihood of being attacked and killed by her father.

She had selected Jack for several reasons. He was white. She knew the family to be clean and decent. The situation at the store was ideal. The mother never came in early, and the boy was not likely to say anything or try anything with the girl. There was some risk if her husband ever found out, but she thought that that was unlikely. She would always be present or would wait in the car once the girl had become competent enough to get the boy off quickly. She knew that neither of them would likely try to become friends outside of this situation. And so Jack would now be the beneficiary of Nadia’s father’s infidelity. Each time he fucked his white girl friend, Jack could expect a blow job from Nadia the next weekday morning.

Jack mused to himself as he sat beating his meat in the can at work. He fantasized that it was Nadia’s mother who stripped naked and gave him the blow job. The thought of coming in her sexy red lipped mouth brought him to orgasm for the second time in the last half hour. It would be a fantasy that would grip him for many, many years.

A few weeks later, Jack was watching Nadia’s mother as Nadia blew him for the third time that week. Nadia had gotten the hang of sucking pretty fast. Her mother didn’t need to be in the room with them any more, but she seemed to have a keen interest in the proceedings. As Nadia finished swallowing his load, the girl coughed quite a bit. Her mother still did a quick clean up and seemed to take more than a passing interest in cleaning off his still swollen dick.

“Gosh, I’m really getting a bad cold.” Nadia coughed again.

She quickly covered her lovely tits. In truth, Jack didn’t need to see her tits to get hard. In fact, he stiffened up as soon as he saw the car drive onto the lot.

“Here, take some of these.” He reached up and took a roll of extra strength cough drops from one of the shelves in the office.

“Thanks, Jack.”

Nadia’s mother smiled thinly and the two of them went out.

“Thank you for your assistance, Jack.” Nadia’s mother went through the same theatrical performance for Fysel, who could not care less, as he continued to read the Sun.

They Escort left and Jack went to finish off the bookkeeping.

Two days later, the car pulled in and Jack was surprised to see Nadia’s mother come in alone.

“Nadia is not feeling well, but I want you to check her homework.” She looked over her shoulder and smiled at the clerk.

Jack led her back to the office.

“I will fill in for Nadia today.”

Her eyes got sultry and she held Jack’s gaze as she unfastened her blouse and opened it to reveal a very sexy black bra. It unhooked in the front. She swelled her chest and slowly unfastened the clasp. She opened it like a seasoned stripper. Letting her surprisingly full breasts sway out to Jack’s rapt attention. This was his fantasy coming true. His cock already hard, seemed to ratchet up another notch in hardness. It was on the verge of an ache.

The woman slipped her hand onto Jack’s crotch and squeezed. He throbbed as she held him firmly. Her touch was bold and confident. She unzipped him and scooped his dick out. She fastidiously took a clean cloth from her purse and put it on the floor before kneeling.

“I like the way it’s hard even before I touch it, Jack. You have a lovely cock.” She stroked it with practiced ease and teased it with the tip of her tongue. Even though Nadia had developed a decent technique, her mother was so far beyond that, he was in a state of open mouthed awe as she let her lips move confidently over the head of his thumping prick. She quick-sucked the head up and down in a way that almost made him shoot his load immediately. But she sensed his tension and released his cock.

“Don’t blow it too soon, Jack. You have to learn patience. I want you to enjoy yourself.” She took it back into her mouth and played him like a musical instrument. Up and down his shaft she licked and lipped. She hollowed her mouth and surrounded his swollen prick. She even managed to take the whole length briefly down her throat, making Jack jerk in near panic, thinking she might swallow his prick and leave him without manhood. She then stepped up the tempo for a few seconds bringing him to the point of explosion, then back off.

“Isn’t that nice, Jack? Just when you are ready to pop, you have to hold back. It’ll make it better when we finish up.” She then let her perfect brown hand fist his dick up and down as well as he did every night in bed. Her long fingernails were manicured with professional care. The sight of their dark red blurring up and down as she beat him off, started the inevitable tension in his balls. He couldn’t hold back another second. Sensing his helpless state she took the pulsing head into her mouth and used her fist to jack the load out of him. Jack was gagging trying to keep the groans from escaping into the rest of the store. Nadia’s mother continue to whip her hand up and down as he shot his first wad right to the back of her throat. He jerked as though electrocuted and send 3 more jets into her mouth. But she didn’t slow down or gag or try to hold him back. She milked him with her fist, keeping her lips sealed over his prick. She kept the load in her mouth until he was spent and sagged back against the desk. She looked up at him and smiled, almost wickedly.

“Look at it, Jack. All your come in my mouth.” She opened her mouth and let a tiny bit dribble out then tongued the goo back in. Then she swallowed the whole load and stood up.

“I want you to think about me while you’re beating your meat in bed tonight, Jack.” He gawked at her. How did she know he jerked off?

She casually reached for her bra and put it back on holding it open for a extra moment or two to let him drink in the sight of her lovely tits.

“I’m going home to play with my cunt. You can think about that, too.” She dabbed at her lips, then repaired her lipstick and touched up her hair. “I can see my way out, Jack. You better put it away, or your man’ll wonder what was going on.” She smiled conspiratorially and stepped out of the office, the completely composed professional that she was.

Jack stayed sitting on the desk. He was already thinking ahead to tonight when he would give himself a special double header with his hand.

When the woman reached her car, she had dismissed the boy from her mind, if not the desire to fondle her clit. She was pissed off with her daughter who had balked at coming today. She was having her period. She didn’t want to go to school and she was tired of sucking off Jack. Unknown to her mother, Nadia wanted a good fuck and wanted her own cunt serviced the way she had been doing Jack. The twice a day masturbation was not enough to keep her from yearning for the real thing.

She parked in the garage and walked inside quietly. She went up to look in on her daughter and to her surprise, the girl was standing naked in front of her mirror lashing her clit with her finger. She turned with a shocked look as her mother opened the door.

“Shit. What kind of slut am I raising?” She gave the girl a firm slap across her face. The girl, who had always been compliant, lashed out at her mother.

“If I’m a slut, you made me one!!”

Her mother gave her a grim look and the girl backed down. Then she put an arm around the girl and gave her a hug.

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