The Strip Club

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My wife, Debbie finished combing her hair and turned around. Getting ready to go out, we were both anxious. It will be her first time going to a strip club. We decided a month or so ago that we were going to get a motel near three of the strip clubs in Orlando and do some bar hopping. We had talked about it for a couple of years, but never acted on it until now.

As we closed the door to our motel room, I was excited and looking forward to a hot evening. I had not been to a strip club in ten years or more. Getting into the car, my mind went back to a night after we made love a few months back. We talked about getting involved in a threesome or a foursome. As we drove to the first club, my cock was getting hard thinking about having a threesome with my wife and someone else.

Walking to the first club, I looked at my wife. At forty five she is still very beautiful. Her low cut top showed a lot of cleavage. Her loose fitting slacks made it hard to see the shape of her very nice ass. Her short brown hair curled just above her shoulders. At five foot one she is just a little over weight, but I like her shape. I love her large round ass and her large sagging breasts.

We paid the cover charge and walked in. The music was loud. It was dark and it took our eyes a minute to adjust. We found a table near the stage and ordered a couple of drinks. The first stripper on stage was very cute. She had wide hips and large round breast. As the song ended she picked up her shirt and a wrap around skirt to cover her thong underwear and went to mingle with the customers.

The girl still on stage was smaller and looked younger. She looked like an eighteen year old. Her breasts were real small with small nipples. After she took off her top and skirt she was joined on stage by a tall slim red head with large firm breasts.

After watching several dancers, I looked around the room. There was a table with five guys. Behind us was an older gentleman with a younger lady sitting next to him. I thought she might work there. We watched a few more dancers, finished our drinks then left.

On our way to the next club I asked my wife,

“Do you remember we talked about having a threesome?”


“Have you ever wondered what it would be like to really try it?”

She looked at me with a look of pure lust and said, “Yes I have often, but probably differently then you. I’m curious to have a threesome with you and another guy.”

I was shocked she has always been hot and open minded, but I never thought she would really want to try a threesome. As we walked from the car to Club Juana I started to get excited thinking about what might happen later in the night. At the second strip club we enjoyed watching the girls dance. We also spent a lot of time eyeing some of the different customers. There was another couple there. The woman was having fun putting dollar bills in the garters of the dancers.

The next place we went to was Rachels. It was a lot more crowded then the previous two clubs. We looked around the room for an empty table. Finding a table we walked by the stage. I stopped to check out the dancer. She had long black hair small round breast. Her legs were long and slender. I turned and noticed my wife was gone. I hurried to reach the table she was sitting at.

At the table next to us was a couple. They looked to be thirty five or maybe close to forty. He was tall and slim. He had a gray and black goatee. His short black hair just touched the top of his ears. He looked nice in his suit pants and nice shirt. For a minute I felt under dressed. His wife had on a button up shirt that was unbuttoned just below her large round breasts. It was easy to see she was braless. Her skirt looked like it was part of a business suit, but was cut too low. Before looking back at the dancer on stage I thought maybe she had two skirts with that suit, one for work and one for going out to clubs.

My wife and I were taking turns tipping the girls. It surprised me to watch her slide the dollar under the garter of the different dancers. After an hour and a half of watching the dancers and having a few conversations with the couple at the next table, we were thinking about leaving.

I think he sensed we were leaving; he leaned over and ankara escort said,

“I’m Tim this is my wife Pam. What would you think about joining us at our motel for a drink?”

I looked at my wife to see what she was thinking. She nodded and I answered, “Sure.”

We followed them out. Getting into our car we followed them to their hotel. They were a couple of blocks from where we were staying.

The full moon was shinning down as we walked from the car to their room. Once inside Tim and Pam sat on one bed and Debbie and I sat on the other bed. After a little small talk Tim made us all a drink. When he returned with the drinks the conversation turned to sex.

Tim looked at his wife and said,

“I bet you can dance just as good as some of the girls on stage tonight.”

Grabbing Debbie’s hand she went to a portable CD player. After putting on some music, she started to dance. In the middle of moving her hips and dancing seductively she took off her top. She reached around and undid the clasp on her bra. My cock got hard watching her large round breast hanging free.

She turned around and reached a hand out to Debbie. Debbie stepped close and reached for Pam’s left tit. Pam reached around her and pulled my wife’s top over her head. The two girls danced together while they seductively took the rest of their clothes off. I could not hold my excitement when they kissed. Seeing their tongues touch got me more excited. I moved to the other bed next to Tim hoping they would move their dance to the bed.

Pam reached a hand down and touched my wife’s pussy. Debbie stopped moving to make it easier for Pam. I watched Pam’s fingers touch the sensitive folds of Debbie’s wet pussy. Debbie started to moan, then stepped back to lie on the bed. Pam let go long enough to lie next to her. As they got comfortable, they started to kiss again.

While they kissed, Debbie slid her hand between Pam’s legs to her bald pussy. Pam let out a low moan and squirmed as she felt Debbie’s hand. Debbie slid her hand down Pam’s thigh as she moved down her body. First she licked her breasts, stomach then slowly she started licking her pussy. Pam put her hands on the back of Debbie’s head. Debbie put her hands on Pam’s hips and started licking Pam’s pussy in a lot of different places.

The more Debbie licked the more Pam would moan. It seemed like she was hitting all the right spots. Watching Pam I thought she was close to cumming. I wanted to get next to my wife and put my cock in Pam’s hot pussy, but I also thought I should let them finish. Pam started moaning louder, and said,

“I’m cumming!”

She grabbed Debbie’s head and held it tight.

I stood up. I unbuckled my pants and let them fall. I took off my shirt and sox and sat back down. Just as I was about to take off my underwear, I noticed Tim getting undressed. My seven inch cock stood at attention hoping I could cut in. I started to move towards Pam’s pussy when she rolled over and started licking Debbie’s pussy.

I stopped at the edge of the bed and watched. I glanced over at Tim. He was now totally naked. I looked down at his cock. Hoping he did not catch me staring. It was nine inches with a large head. Down from the head his cock was thick. He was completely hairless all around his cock and balls. I’ve never had bisexual tendencies, but I wanted to touch it. When I realized I was staring, I turned my attention to Pam and Debbie. Pam was delicately moving her fingers and tongue around Debbie’s pussy. Debbie moaned and moved her hands to her sides and breasts. As she squeezed her nipples she said,

“Oh yes that’s wonderful. Oh yes I’m cumming!”

Debbie moved across the bed to the nightstand. She took a couple of sips of her wine and tried to catch her breath. She set her glass down and looked at Tim. After a glance at me and Pam she said to Tim,

“Come here. I want to feel your cock between my legs.”

Tim moved towards her, but before he could get on the bed Debbie went to her knees and started sucking Tim’s cock. Debbie is an excellent cock sucker. I was mesmerized watching them. I started to move towards Pam, but we were both watching Debbie suck Tim’s cock.

She took his cock to the back of her throat. Letting it slide ankara escort bayan out, she went down on it again. Reaching a hand to his balls she played with his balls while bobbing up and down on his cock. I was fascinated watching Debbie suck a shaved cock. Sensing he was about to cum, she moved to the bed and spread her legs. It didn’t take long for Tim to join her.

Pam and I moved to the other bed as we watched Tim position his cock at Debbie’s pussy. He moved it a couple of times then slowly slid it in. I watched his bare ass going up and down before Pam and I lied down.

I started slow. I sucked her big round tits. I sucked one then the other. While sucking her tits I reached down and fingered her wet bald pussy. Having never touched a hairless pussy, my excitement was going over the edge. I slowly licked down her stomach. I paid a lot of attention to the wide area just below her stomach and above her pussy in an attempt to tease her. She squirmed a little; so I went towards her pussy. Putting my hands on the outside of her thighs, I started licking her pussy. I licked from side to side and moved a hand to her pussy to try to find the right spot.

Pam reached for my legs. She motioned for us to move into a sixty nine. Taking a short break, I moved. I waited to start licking her pussy because I was enjoying her hot mouth on my cock. While enjoying her mouth, I looked over to the other bed to see Debbie and Tim had moved to the doggie position. He was pounding hard into her pussy. I turned back to Pam’s pussy. As I went back to licking her pussy, her juices were dripping on to my beard. We stayed in the sixty nine position until we were both close to cumming. In one motion Pam jumped up leaving me on my back she got on top and started riding me. It felt hot as she enveloped my cock. We clasped our hands and met each other stroke for stroke. In a short time we both came. She leaned down and I sucked her left tit. She rolled off me with a sigh.

Looking over to the other bed, Debbie was lying closest to us. Tim was on his side behind her.

Pam got up. She went to the table and poured her and Debbie another glass of wine. After handing the glass to Debbie she returned to the bed next to me. Debbie and Tim sat up. I sat up and leaned against the headboard. There was a long awkward silence. I was enjoying just relaxing and most of all I liked that no one got dressed. We all seemed comfortable naked.

Looking at the clock it was a quarter to three. I started replaying everything that happened in my mind. I went back to the three night clubs, to when we arrived at their motel and to everything that happened tonight. When I thought about when Tim was undressing I started thinking about what went through my mind and looked over at Tim. I wondered if I really could touch another man’s cock.

Interrupting my thoughts, Tim got up. Looking at me he said,

“Can I get you another drink?”

I stopped my mind from wandering long enough to answer,

“I don’t know. We probably should get back to our room.”

Pam looked towards Debbie and said,

“Why don’t you guys stay here? You guys can have one bed and Tim and I will have the other.”

Debbie thought a minute then answered,

“I don’t know.”

Looking at me she said,

“Oh have a drink. With this half of a glass of wine I can drive two blocks if we decide to go in a half an hour or so.”

Tim handed me a drink. I leaned back on the bed next to his wife. After closing the bottle of bourbon, he sat next to Debbie. I started to wonder if Debbie had some idea for the next hour. It was the way she said we’ll decide in a half an hour that had me thinking. My thoughts were interrupted when my wife looked at me and said,

“Earlier when Tim was undressing it looked like you were staring a little too long. What were you thinking?””

I was at a loss for what to say. I didn’t want to tell everyone what I was thinking, but I could not think of a good reason for my long gaze. There was a silence while I was thinking.

Pam broke the silence when she looked at me and said,

“Were you thinking about exploring your bisexual side?”

Finally I just answered,

“I was thinking about two things. First escort ankara I’ve never seen a cock that big and second yes I wondered what it would be like to suck his cock.”

Debbie grinned and stood up. She moved to a chair, took a sip of her wine then said,

“Tim, give him a chance to explore. I’ll move and give you the bed.”

I got up and moved to my knees in front of Tim. Slowly I touched his large head. I moved back resting my butt on my ankles giving me a better angle. I wrapped my fingers around his cock. Sliding my hand up and down his shaft, I was in awe touching a man’s cock. The feeling of touching a hairless cock was even more exciting. I’ve masturbated myself before, but this was totally different. While masturbating him I reached my other hand to his balls. I played with those hairless balls and massaged Tim’s ass cheeks.

I stood up. Knowing what I had in mind, Tim lied on the bed. I crawled over him so the girls could see. I was at his side with my feet towards his head. Leaning onto my stomach I moved closer to his cock. I slowly opened my mouth. The first feeling as my lips touched his cock was sensational. I stopped with the head only in my mouth. Wrapping a hand around the base, I slid his cock deeper in my mouth. It was so big I could just barely get a little past the head when I felt the tip touch my throat. I started bobbing up and down faster and faster each time letting the tip hit my throat.

I could hear Tim moaning. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to let him cum in my mouth. Being my first time I stopped to think about how I was going to finish. All of a sudden Tim reached a hand through my legs to my ass cheeks. Turning his head he started sucking my cock. I was enjoying it so much I forgot why I stopped.

I grabbed Tim’s cock and went back to sucking him deep in my mouth. While sucking him I was playing with his balls cock and rubbing his ass. In between sucking my cock I could hear him moaning. I sensed he was about to cum, but I kept going. I even started going faster. I was so into it I just wanted him to feel good.

He slid my cock out of his mouth and started to moan and say something. It was too late. His first shot sprayed the back of my throat. With a quick swallow, it was gone. He squirted again and again; as I tasted some I tried to pull off. Some of his sticky juice oozed down my chin onto my beard. There was a small bit of cum on the tip of his cock, I put it back in my mouth and licked and sucked him clean. After I swallowed I leaned back and looked at the ceiling. Tim’s still hard cock rested next to my cheek dripping more cum on my beard.

Tim relaxed a minute after enjoying his climax. I was still looking at the ceiling when he took my cock back in his mouth. He bobbed up and down while playing with my cock and balls. He sucked harder and harder then he shocked me when he used two fingers to at the opening of my tight virgin ass. My mind started to wander to what it would feel like having a cock in my ass.

I was close to cumming and started to warn him. I could tell it did not matter because he started going faster to make me cum. I moaned louder and said,

“Yes! Look out I’m cumming!”

He kept sucking my cock as I shot my load in his mouth twice.

Sliding my cock out of his mouth Tim pulled his hand from my cheeks and asked me,

“Was that your first time sucking cock?”


“For a rookie you are pretty good.”

I looked at my wife and said,

“I have a good teacher. I just tried to copy what Debbie does.”

In the next few minutes we relaxed. Debbie looked over at me and said,

“Let’s go I want to go back and take a shower and get some sleep.”

I nodded and got up as we got dressed we gave them our phone number in Ocala and our cell phone in case we wanted to get together again. We took their number and drove back to our room. Getting undressed I looked at the clock, it was ten to five.

We took a shower together. After washing our hair and bodies we started playing. With the water running down our bodies I positioned my cock at her pussy from behind. It slid in and we started a rhythm. I grabbed her hips and started going faster and faster. She started cumming and a few minutes later my thighs tingled with a ball shattering orgasm.

We dried off and set an alarm for noon. As we crawled between the sheets, I looked at my wife’s pussy then down at my cock and wondered what it would feel like to shave everything. We discussed calling Pam and Tim as we fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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