The Secret Panties Club

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It is a long, long time ago this happened. Only recently I understood the full extent of it all, at my last school reunion. We met again after so many years at our high school. At the end of the festivities, we found ourselves, the biggest part of our class from way back, together in our classroom. I don’t remember who it was, but someone suggested to do “the thing” again.

“The thing?”

“Yeah, sure you remember, putting your sticky load inside my panties!”

Whoa! Sure, I remembered thát. But was everyone now present part of it back then? An enthusiastic buzz broke out. Apparently, most were…

What came to my mind instantly was Renee who one day in our last year walked me home from school and asked if I would pick her up the next day. And to be early. The next morning, I waited for Renee at the corner of my street. Early. No matter the grade Renee was the hottest chick in my class. With blue eyes and long curly blonde hair. The wait was rewarded. She turned the corner with a happy grin on her face, clearly glad to see me.

“Come follow me,” she said.

We turned into a side street and before I knew it we walked on a wood path behind the houses. Suddenly Renee stopped and turned to face me.

“Show me your dick and I’ll let you see my pussy.”

My mouth felt open, I didn’t know what to do or say. This was the hottest chick in my class… no, in my entire school. Probably in the whole world. And she offered me to let me see her pussy… I looked around; we were alone in a clearance in the woods.

“You may look but you can’t touch. And you can’t tell no one.”

Renee started to unbutton her tight Calvin Klein jeans but stopped as I caught the first glimpse of her pink knickers.

“Now you.”

I pulled the zipper down and let my jeans fall to the ground. Renee undid the last buttons and pulled her Calvin Klein halfway down. As she put her thumbs inside the elastic of her knickers she said:

“I bet you jerk off thinking of my pussy every day. Now is your chance to do that while really seeing it. I want to see your dick bleed.”

She pulled her panties partly down and away from her crotch staring me straight in the eyes. Giving me a clear view on her naked bald pussy my face turned red like a buoy.

“Make it spunk. I want you to make it spunk for me.”

I grabbed my growing rod and started jerking. Like a star struck puppy I could only beat my monkey staring at Renee’s hot tight slit. With her sweet cunny etched in my brain I was sure I will beat myself off every single day, from that day on until I die.

It must have been a new record. Within a minute I felt my rod jerk and my seed start to spunk. Renee made a quick step forward and caught my wad in her knickers as it seeped from my cock. She stirred a finger in the pool of hot semen in the gusset and put it in her mouth, winking at me.

“Wow, you’re really tasty!”

She pulled her knickers up and rubbed her crotch spreading my cum all over her pussy.

“This is our little secret. I wear your spunk on my pussy, and you’ll think of me the entire day.”

And I did. Every time I caught her eyes my head turned red making her smile. She even patted her crotch once as she looked at me. Later that afternoon she told me Carla wanted to see me tomorrow. Same time, same spot.

That night I dreamed of the two hottest girls in my class, waking up with a mighty boner. As I walked through the wood path the next morning Carla caught up with me.

“I’m gonna see you spunk for me and I’ll wear you today like Renee did yesterday.”

Coming to the clearance yesterday’s scene repeated itself. Carla opened her jeans showing her knickers; black. I dropped my jeans. Carla pulled her panties open allowing me a view on her bald treasure and ordered me to jerk off. I did. She caught a healthy dose of my warm spunk inside her knickers. She tasted my seed with a finger and acknowledged she liked it. She pulled her knickers up and rubbed my cum into her pussy.

Renee smiled at me the minute she saw me and didn’t miss an opportunity to let me know she knew where my spunk was today. Carla teased me as well, resulting my cock filling up my pants the entire day. She also slapped her cunt through her tight jeans one moment she knew I was watching her.

The next day it was Renee again who met me at the clearance. A third time I jerked my cock to an orgasm, intensely ogling a naked bald pussy of a girl from my class. The one I liked the most and secretly coveted already from the day my mind got sexually active. Over the years I must have poured out buckets of spunk thinking of her twat. But now my warm seed splashed above that awesome slit and slides slowly down into those hot folds. Renee smiled as she dipped a finger in her pussy and put it in her mouth tasting mine and her fluids. She pulled her baby blue panties up again and she pushed something in my hand. As I followed her to school gazing at her delectable behind, eryaman otele gelen escort I saw it was Renee’s pink knickers in my hand. I put it away in my pocket. I would find later it was crusted on the inside with Renee’s dried fluids, probably mixed with or on top of my own cum.

The second week someone else met me at the clearance. It was Ann, a third chick from our class. I had never noticed Ann the way I had Renee and Carla. But my cock stirred just the same, hoping it was no accident she was right there at that moment. It wasn’t. She smiled at me giving me the soiled black nickers of Carla.

“Would you like having mine as well, tomorrow?” she asked me. I could only stammer something unintelligible.

“Alright then, drop your pants and show me you earn mine too.”

I did, and Ann slid her pants down revealing her red knickers. She didn’t need to order me to jerk off, I knew the routine by now. I jerked myself off to yet again a pleasant orgasm, spurting yet another nice wad against the bald pubic mound of one of the girls in my class. Pulling her panties up she smeared my offering into her pussy, leaving her moist knickers glued to her crotch. The start of another day where I couldn’t take my mind off my sperm swimming in a classmate’s knickers. And that desirable pussy I had the pleasure of seeing.

Mostly every week I filled the knickers of these three babes with my sperm. To ensure a healthy dose for each I met the girls on the mornings of every other day: Renee on Mondays, Carla on Wednesdays, and Ann on Fridays. The rules were simple. We never had sexual contact. The girls never touched my gun, I never touched their targets. They only felt my shots fired, and I only felt their dried fluids inside the knickers after they had worn them. Rubbing the gussets of the knickers, those patches that their pussies had graced the whole previous day, the dried crust softened, and heavenly scents meandered into my nose. Those female secretions were like an addictive drug that hooked my mind on their sex. I even tasted them by licking the dried nectar at night in my bed.

The routine we developed was they handed me their knickers the other day at school. I would sneak into the toilet and put them on, wearing their essence against my body the whole day. Because of my body heat the crust melted a bit and enveloped my scrotum with a thin layer of their intimate essence.

I know, we did crazy things those days. But we did them and we liked them. I loved it, every single day. The days I couldn’t get my eyes of a girl which wore my sperm on her pussy, thinking every minute of my seed in close contact with the very place I longed to be most. And the days I wore their fluids on my cock, thinking every minute of the very place that fluid originated from and where I wished my rod would wallow all the time in that very fluid. Ultimately, every man wants nothing more than to put his dick in as many girls as he can and leave his seed in as many wombs as possible.

I was not the only guy. One day I saw Renee slap her mound as she stared at my friend sitting next to me. Raymond got a red face which revealed to me he experienced the same emotions I knew so well. Surely his wad had to be inside Renee’s knickers right on top of her pussy. Damn.

“Raymond, have you met Renee this morning before school?”

“How do you know… Shit!” He blushed again.

“Uh, well…”

“You too?”

“Yeah, yesterday,” I answered.

The next week we found out Marco was also recruited by the three devils. We were rotated between the three chicks. But then spring came, and things became even more bizarre. The girls started to wear skirts and summer dresses, creating opportunities for quick deposits. It became quite common for us to sneak into a toilet or storage room with one of the girls and jerk off to deliver a fresh wad inside their knickers which they happily held open so we could fire right on their mound. Sometimes the three of us delivered a shot inside the panties of one girl on the same day, ensuring a nice abundance of sperm right on top of one pussy.

I vividly remember one day at the swimming pool. As we were chilling on the sunbathing lawn with most boys and girls of our class, Carla and Frank returned from the toilets. Carla obviously wore a wet patch on the crotch of her yellow bikini bottom. We laughed at Frank and asked if he was sure he only had to pee, knowing perfectly well wat Carla had made him do.

And then one day the parties started. The first party began as a normal get together at Renee’s house at the beginning of summer. It was a Friday night of a weekend her parents were away. It was the first time I was with the chicks in one room, together with Raymond, Marco and Frank. And although it was still weird to be with one girl from my class doing crazy things that had become quite normal. Normal because they happened so often. But now we were together as a group, without other sincan escort innocent classmates around, knowing very well what we all did when we were in private with only two of us.

We played some innocent silly party games like charade. Raymond and I had brought some bottles of strong liquor which we passed around to spice up our drinks. Gradually we all got a little tipsy and halfway the evening nobody had a clear head.

“Boys, I seriously need a fix,” Renee said. “Who wants to give me a load inside my panties?”

Raymond stood up and started to unbuckle his jeans.

“Let’s do this different,” Carla said. “Let’s play some game to decide who gets to fill Renee’s knickers.”

All were in favour. The girls went into the kitchen to discuss how to proceed. My cock twitched and made my trousers feel really cramped. The next quarter of an hour we men told each other how lucky we were, and we agreed we would play along with the girls no matter what they would come up with.

As the girls came back Carla distributed cards and pens and Renee explained the procedure:

“Everyone writes down questions on these cards. At least five. Preferably of a sexual nature, like when did you first kiss, with whom and where. But you may throw in more kinky questions if you like.”

We all started to write on the cards, both the guys and the dolls. It didn’t take me long to come up with questions, I simply let my imagination run wild. We all shared one kinky experience: jerking off inside the girls’ panties. So, I only wrote down sexually explicit questions. I was pretty sure we all did. And we did.

“Well, look here, we now have some fifty question cards. Everyone takes turns and must answer a question. Truthfully. It’s like truth or dare, but without the dares,” Carla said.

“Oh, there certainly will be dares, but they’re not optional I’m afraid,” Renee added laughing.

“How do we score points? How do we decide which guy is to fill your knickers, Renee?” Carla asked.

“Yeah, I’ve thought about that. We will be the judges: you Carla, Ann and me. We’ll decide whose answer deserves the right to fulfil the challenge at hand. First round we’ll play for smudging the insides of my panties. Gawd how I need that shot…”

“Okay gents, let’s start with the first question…

What was your first sexual experience, where, and with whom?


“I have a sister, Heather, who is three years older than me. We played nurse and doctor from as long as I can remember, and we have little secrets for each other. I’ve seen my sister’s pussy, from before she grew any pubic hair, to when she started to shave it off and even wax her triangle. I’ve witnessed the development of her breasts, was mesmerised by their growth, just as she was herself. We’ve touched and explored each other’s bodies many times. One day she started jerking my cock, making it grow into a stiff rod. She made me cum for the very first time in my life, even without actually ejaculating.”


“That must have been five years ago. I was staying at my mum’s younger sister, aunt Betty. One night she came to my room when my uncle was asleep, she crawled into my bed. Before I knew it, she ducked under the covers and took my dick and my innocence into her mouth, changing my willy into a rampant cock. She sucked me until I came. I released my cum into her mouth and aunt Betty swallowed every drop of it.”

“Uh, I uh, I… Well, my first sexual experience, other than helping myself in the shower, was when Renee ordered me to spill my juice inside her panties. I swear I had a boner for the entire week, even though I jerked off every possible moment.”

“I see the memory makes you happy again; that bulge in your pants looks pretty uncomfortable. Please drop your trousers and give yourself some room man,” Carla said.

“And while you free your willy you might just as well beat it off for me and drop your delicious cream inside my panties,” Renee added with a smile.

“No, no, no, let’s not do that. That’s what we do every day. Let’s play another game. Let’s dance and make each other crazy, slowly,” Carla said. “Let’s rub our bodies together and get freaked out.”

That set the mood for the night. The girls had us out of our clothes in no time, our cocks pointing straight at our objects of desire as we paraded the living room. Lately we all were accustomed to show ourselves in private, in a one-on-one setting. But now we were exposed for the entire group. At first this was strange, but we got used to this new situation quickly as well. After all our behaviour in the past weeks was quite strange all by itself. The only difference now was that we did it in front of our peers. Openly.

The girls shed their clothes as well, except for their underwear. Clad in panties and bralette they threw themselves in our arms, nestling their hot bodies against ours. On soft romantic music we danced slow gölbaşı otele gelen escort in hug-and-sway fashion, our crotches pressed together. My boner grew even further every minute, or at least it felt that way. Renee pulled my crotch firmly against hers, her hands on my buttocks. Her hips gyrated fiercely, clearly expressing her agitated state. My hands wandered south as well, ending on that delectable firm tight butt of hers.

After the second song Renee’s right hand sneaked to my front worming itself between our bodies. She grabbed my tool and kneaded me. My stiff cock grew another inch. She backed away a little, wrapped her hand around the base of my pride and with her other hand she pulled her panties open. Then she pulled me back into her crotch and shoved my tool inside her panties between her thighs right against her bare cunt. My thick boner slid down her pussy valley rubbing against her sweet twat. Back and forth and back again. Flesh against flesh. Slithering continuously through her wet folds heating up from her hot pussy.

Looking around I saw Raymond and Marco in similar positions with Carla and Ann. We all pushed our groins together in a lewd carnal dance. Our bare cocks slid continuously against the hot moist twats of the girls inside their knickers, rubbing our naked skin up and down their swollen pussy lips.

The velvety caress of my acorn by Renee’s peach made me go nuts. I never felt this way before, instinctively knowing my little friend was so close to heaven. My throbbing shaft repeatedly passed the entrance of Renee’s sanctum, resting finally snugly against her aroused clit. The pulsation of my meat was encouraged by Renee’s pussy lips pressing against my trembling rod. Her heat enveloped my rod and sparked my passion even further. My movements came to a stop as my balls started to boil. My spunk gushed out of my boner flooding Renee’s clit and then her slit. My seed was caught between her sex and her panties as she pulled her knickers up and patted her crotch. My wad wallowed in the place I couldn’t get my mind off.

Stark-naked my dick was flopping from side to side as I walked to the kitchen fixing drinks. Trails of semen hung from my cock, and it glistened from the pussy juice Renee had leaked on me. With Renee’s pussy soiled with my spunk I decided to let it be. I let my tool bounce up and down, wearing our combined juices with pride.

Raymond and Marco joined me in the kitchen in a similar state. We all wore big smiles on our face.

“This is crazy!” Raymond said. “For starters it was crazy to fill the girls’ panties these last weeks, but boy, dancing like this… our dicks inside their panties, Jeez! This might be demented, but I love it!”

“Yeah,” I replied, “our crotches smashed together, our dicks nestled against their pussies, insane and awesome! And they’re the hottest chicks in school. Who would ever have thought they could be so, so… kinky?”

Marco added: “I know what you mean, yeah, it’s quiet something. I didn’t know what happened when Carla asked me to jerk off as she lowered her knickers and showed me her cooch… And now we dry hump the chicks just like that pistoning our dicks alongside their pussies… just in front of each other! Super weird, but so very nice!!”

“Next round!” one of the girls shouted from the living room. We went back, three naked guys in procession, a beer in hand and our dancing cocks leading the way. The girls sat in a row on the sofa, clad in their soaked panties and sparse bralettes which hardly kept their budding beauties at bay. Carla indicated we should stand in a row before them.

Ann held a question card in her hand and read: “Have you ever had an orgasm at the hands of a girl?

That was a no-no for Marco. My sister had jerked me off, and apparently Raymond’s aunt Bettie had toyed with his dick not only with her mouth.

“Let me restore this omission immediately, Marco.”

Ann conjured up a fleshlight which she shoved over Marco’s rod. His pecker was so hard and eagerly leaking precum it slipped easily inside the tight artificial vagina. Ann gave us a big smile and slowly moved the fleshlight up and down Marco’s cock.

Carla and Renee wrapped their hands around Raymond’s and my cock. Just to keep us warm, and to occupy our minds. After the dry-hump-dance we performed with our genitals, only an inch away from fucking, I had my cock now literally in the hands of Renee, enveloped in her warm hand.

Standing around Marco as he was getting jerked of by Ann was amazing. To witness up-close the simple act we perform every day now done by Ann with a fleshlight was thrilling. We all cheered for Marco as he came and fired his load in the tube. Ann pulled the fleshlight back and the last spurt landed on her hand. I’d seen her taste my semen from her finger after dipping it in my goo inside the gusset of her knickers. Now she cleaned her fingers, one by one, sucking them in her mouth while looking us in the eyes with a lewd expression. Meanwhile the treatment of my cock by Renee had my cock revived to a rampant state again.

“Time for a third question,” said Ann. “Have you ever tasted your own cum?

That were three yesses.

“But ever from a pussy…?”


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