The Sales Lady Ch. 13

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Janice had slept well in the arms of Jason throughout the night. She was having a very vivid dream of allowing her breasts to be fondled and her pussy played with by Nicole. Her dream culminated in a make-out session, this had her very randy when the alarm clock went off. Janice reached over Jason to turn the alarm off before he could. Janice was needing an itch scratched that only Jason could do, as she was now basically on top of him. She expertly maneuvered her body to where his morning wood was against her very wet pussy entrance.

“Mmmm, what are you doing,” Jason asked, trying to wake up.

Pushing down against his cock, Janice moaned out, “I’m sorry I just need 2 minutes I promise,” as his cock slid all the way inside her. Knowing he would need to get up to start his day, Janice quickly got to work on moving up and down on his stiffening even more cock.

Grabbing her hips in his strong hands, Jason helped her with the rocking motions she was performing on top of him. Her tits were swinging like two pendulums back and forth over and over again in front of his face.

“Someone must have been having a sexy dream to so worked up,” Jason asked, in between sucking each of her nipples he asked. “Do you mind telling me what has you so worked up?”

Her eyes were closed as she was concentrating hard on getting herself off, answered, “I was dreaming about… Oh fuck, you feel sooooo damn good inside.”

“Dreaming about what? Were you dreaming about the lingerie lady sucking on your nipples like I am?” Jason said as he took a very sensitive nipple into his mouth, sucking it in hard.

“Yesssss, she licked my pussy just like you do.” Janice was now thrashing about on his cock her orgasm building. Panting and moaning from his cock buried deep inside herself, her nipple in his mouth being sucked and nibbled on harder than before. It was hurting but at the same time, she was loving it.

With a loud growl, Janice pressed down hard as her orgasm slammed through her body causing her to go into minor convulsions as she collapsed down on top of Jason.

Jason held her tight against him, telling her how much he loved her while giving her little kisses on her forehead. The alarm went off again causing them both to jump with a surprise from the loud screeching noise. Reaching over and silencing the wretched noise once and for all, Jason told her he was sorry but needed to get up.

Reluctantly, Janice rolled off of him, back to her side of the bed. Sexually satisfied or at least what it would have counted for satisfied in her past. A quickie and she was good for another month. But now, Janice has had more sex than she probably had in the whole of her first two years of marriage and she thought that was great back then. But now, her sexual libido was turned on full blast. She wanted sex all the time and apparently, that now included adding a woman into her options.

“Would you like me to fix you a breakfast and lunch?” Janice asked as she watched Jason walking into the bathroom.

Jason quickly thought about the question, remembering the 3rd degree Lois was giving him yesterday. Not wanting to hurt Janice’s feelings by denying her offer. He replied, “Sure breakfast would be nice, lunch I’ll just eat off the lunch truck that comes around. I’m not sure I’ll have much time for it anyway today is going to be pretty busy with wall construction. Oh, and I left the containers from yesterday on the kitchen counter. I meant to put them up when we got home last night but something must have come up,” Jason said laughing.

“Yes, and it looks like it’s still up,” Janice quipped back as she looked towards his still hard cock. “Would you like me to take care of that, please?

Looking down at what Janice was referring to, Jason reluctantly told her unfortunately there’s no time as I’m already running late. A cold shower will have to do the trick today. Realizing he was right, she had held him up this morning. Quickly rolled out of bed covering herself retrieving the shirt she was wearing to bed last night.

Turning on the kitchen light she thought about making herself a cup of coffee as this was how she always had started her day for years. Mostly for the caffeine motivation, it would provide her to get her started. But not today, who knew a quickie would be enough to get you motivated she thought to herself. Smiling with herself about the new sexual lifestyle she was so thoroughly enjoying.

Hearing the water in the shower turn off brought her back from her mental revelry. Janice got back into her housemaker mode and began fixing Jason another omelet like she had made for him yesterday. While it was cooking she found the dirty containers from the previous day rinsing them out in the kitchen sink to put in the dishwasher. Then she thought how ridiculous that would be as they would still be in there dirty when she came back on Friday. She would just hand wash them before she left for the day herself.

She was just finishing bonus veren siteler putting his breakfast in a container when Jason came walking in smartly dressed for his workday. He quickly noticed two things. First, the smell of freshly brewed coffee wasn’t there. The second, was although Janice was wearing clothes or at least his shirt, she had neglected to use the buttons thus affording him a very nice view of lots of cleavage and a nice trimmed pussy.

“Damn!” Jason said, to Janice stopping dead in his tracks as he was taking in the very erotic view she was providing.

Janice, startled by his response, quickly realized what he was looking at. She handed him his container of food freeing her hands so that she could quickly close the front of her shirt. “I’m sorry, I guess I wasn’t thinking. You seem to have a way of keeping me like this Mister,” she said with a sly smile.

“Do you not like the coffee maker, I brought home for you?” Jason asked as he continued to get his stuff together to walk out the door.

“Oh no, it works great! It’s just this morning I didn’t seem to need that caffeine boost like I normally do. If I would have known making love first thing in the morning was all I needed to start my day I would have never started drinking the stuff.”

Jason was laughing at what she was saying as he took her in his arms telling her, “I am so glad that I can help you kick your nasty coffee habit.” As he planted a big kiss on her forehead. “I guess I’m not going to see you tonight am I?” He said, now with a sad face.

Although she desperately wanted to stay forever with him, she told him No. Our agreement was I would only stay here on the weekends. I think I/we need to hold to that, we both could probably use a rest from all the sex you are forcing on me.” She said, playfully. But deep down she knew she needed to give him time to himself to breathe and to decide if he really wants to be in a relationship with a much older woman. Or in her case, could she be in a relationship with a much younger man. Yes, life is great when they are together but, the self-conscious feeling she has when they are out together she wasn’t liking at all. She’d already had a taste of that reality at the bank. The thought of telling her own children was still unthinkable at this point.

Jason could see by the look in her eyes that she was in deep thought about something. “Are you ok,” he asked her, “I can tell by the look in your eyes you’ve got something on your mind.”

Not wanting to tell him the truth about what she was thinking, she replied. “I’m just going to miss you so very much until we see each other again on Friday. But we both have things to do this week so I know it’s for the best.”

She knew what she just told him was true, they did have busy schedules this week. But it wasn’t all that she was thinking and she didn’t want to get into it with him when he needed to get work and she surely didn’t want him thinking about it today. What he was going to be doing today was dangerous and she didn’t want his mind on anything but his work.

“Ok, well I love you and I’ll call you later today,” Jason told her as leaned down kissing her on her lips.

Janice reminded him that she had the seminar to get to this morning and she would text him to let him know how it went. With that said, they kissed again and he was out the door.

As soon as the door was closed the door locked automatically, Janice started to cry, for several reasons. She was very sad that after the short time she had been with Jason, it had been spent with them sleeping in the same bed. She had grown accustomed to that, the security of him holding her in his arms through the night. Now she was going to have to sleep alone in her own bed, in her own home. That was going to be difficult as she had become accustomed to her new “living” arrangements. What was really making her sad was her foolishness of falling in love with a man the same age as her own kids. Eventually, she knew there would be obstacles that were going to cause problems if the relationship continued on its current course.

Whipping her eyes after having her little meltdown, Janice cleaned up the kitchen and then went and stripped the bed. The sheets were soiled from last night’s love-making session, that put a smile back on her face. After cleaning her own home for so many years she knew she would have just enough time to wash and dry the sheets and have them back on the bed before she left for her seminar and the rest of the week.


Janice walked into the training room designated for Makeover Seminar as it was being promoted. Not wearing any makeup per the instructions was making her feel a little self-conscious. She brought the makeup that she would normally use so the Professional Cosmetologist would know what she was using and could make any changes if needed. Part of the promotion was to provide additional makeup if it was needed.

As she looked around bedava bahis the room, she recognized a few of the “Allure Beauty Representatives” as they were referred to as. Most were her age she guessed but, there were two she didn’t recognize who was much younger. It was at this point Janice, for the first time in her life was looking around the room to see if there were any women she would want to have sex with. As she played her little game in her head she concluded there were 4 that intrigued her enough to get aroused. They were 2 older women, or to be more specific her age, and 1 of the younger ladies. The fourth was one of the Cosmetologists of which there were 5 of them.

She had bright red hair that was styled in a very cute pixie cut. The more she looked at her the more she was reminded of the barista in Jason’s building but maybe 10 years older. She looked very hip and stylish, something she was thinking about having her cut in the style as well.

“Ladies, I would like to thank you for coming today for this makeup makeover that Allure Cosmetics is promoting.” The lady speaking was someone Janice knew as the VP of Sales, Brie something, her last name escaped her as she couldn’t remember and quite frankly didn’t really care. Brie or whatever her name was giving the Corporate speak about how this will help us sell more cosmetics by us as Sales Representatives, wearing the makeup properly would be a good example for our customers to see and would, in turn, make them want to buy it.

The idea sounded plausible to Janice otherwise she would have never signed up for the class. Her sales were good but since she had started dating Jason her sales had steadily been increasing without her really doing anything extra, she thought. What Janice hadn’t realized was with her regular clients when they spoke to her they could sense a new confidence in her. Whatever Janice was promoting they wanted to buy, it was amazing.

After Brie finished her speech the class was broken up into 5 groups of 2. Lucky for Janice she was paired up with Megan the younger woman that she felt was attractive and Natalie the pixie cut redheaded Cosmetologist. After pleasantries were exchanged, Natalie got right to instructing the two ladies. She had them put makeup on but instead of on themselves it was done on a mannequin.

Both ladies were having difficulty with putting their makeup on a mannequin. But this was allowing Natalie, to study their technique and how she could help them if needed. After this task was completed Natalie then started applying makeup on Megan using the knowledge she learned from the previous task. While she was doing this, Natalie was explaining what she was doing and why.

Janice was really enjoying the instruction that Natalie was giving but Megan on the other hand seemed put off. Janice thought the improvement of going from very attractive to stunning, Megan would have appreciated the instruction more. But instead, she acted a little snooty about it by acting unimpressed. She soon faked a phone call saying she had an emergency and would have to leave. That left the young pixie redhead alone with Janice, which made her very happy.

“What was her deal,” Janice asked Natalie under her breath so no one else could hear. “I thought you took her from very attractive to stunning!”

“Oh thank you, some people are just like that,” Natalie said, as she started looking at Janice deciding what she was going to do. “Actually, I’m glad she left if the truth is known, I spotted you as soon as you walked in the room. I knew I had to be paired up with you.” Natalie was applying the new makeup that was being supplied free of charge by Allure, on Janice.

Unsure how to take what Natalie said, Janice jokes, “Oh am I the most challenging one in here?” Thinking she was the ugliest.

“Yes, you are Janice, it’s Janice, right? Natalie asked as she started to apply makeup.

“Yes, Janice,” she answered now feeling almost heartbroken.

Natalie sensing she may have offended Janice and not wanting to upset another client. Quickly added in an almost whisper, “Oh honey, please you have such natural beauty that I thought you were already wearing makeup. The more I studied you from afar the more I realized you weren’t, the more amazed I became. You are what “us professionals” call the true challenge of not screwing you up.”

Her confidence restored by what the cute redhead was saying to her she said, “Thank you, I must admit when I saw you I was hoping I would get you to work with. I just love your style, your hairstyle is so cute on you, your makeup is very natural, and the way you carry yourself makes you very attractive.” Janice is now a little embarrassed that she may have said too much. Maybe like she was hitting on her.

Natalie stopped what she was doing stepping back and looked at Janice with the cutest smile on her face. “Thank you, Janice, you are so sweet. I knew I was going to like you.” Getting back to applying deneme bonus the rest of the makeup, Natalie held up a mirror for Janice to look at herself. “Tell me what you think and please be honest. I’m here to help you in any way I can,” Natalie asked with that cute sexy smile.

Looking in the mirror, Janice was amazed at how different she looked. Natalie had used slightly different colored eye shadow than she normally used. In fact, all the makeup that Natalie had used was different from what she normally used. Janice just kept looking at herself in different angles of the mirror and it was driving Natalie crazy.

“Well do you like it or do I need to start all over?” Natalie asked, now very nervous!

Finally Janice answered, “Like it? I love it! I would have never thought of using the colors you used. I mean I’ve seen makeovers on TV so I was expecting… But Natalie, I absolutely love it! Thank you so very much! Please tell me what you did and why.”

Natalie began explaining to Janice what she did and why as she was taking advantage of her natural features with the matching makeup. The culminating result was a very natural look without looking like she was wearing a lot of makeup. So that Janice understood what Natalie did, she removed the makeup and then had Janice applying it back herself. With Natalie’s expert instruction Janice had reapplied her makeup exactly as Natalie had previously done. The instruction was so interesting that the other women who had started watching them as well.

After the allotted seminar time had completed Janice stuck around chatting up Natalie. She asked her if she thought her pixie hairstyle would look good on her. Natalie started running her fingers through Janice’s hair expertly pulling it up until she had fashioned it to where Janice could get an idea of what she would look like. For you, I think I would change the color to a silver or platinum color which would really pop on you.

Janice liked what she was saying up to the point of the drastic color change. Natalie sensed this telling her whether you change your color or not the cut will really look sexy on you. Thoroughly now convinced, Janice asked her if she could give her the name of the stylist that did her hair.

Natalie laughed, telling her, “I could give you her name but to be honest I was the one who taught her how to do this,” pointing up to her hair. “I walked her through it only because I can’t cut my own hair,” she said laughing.

“I have an idea if you are serious about making such a drastic makeover. I’ve been looking for a person just like you that I could do both a hairstyle and makeup makeover. What it would involve is me taking pictures of you all through the process. I would put this in my portfolio to help me advertise my service to help my career,” Natalie said with a smile.

“And what would this cost me,” Janice asked very curious about the prospect of possibly removing years off of her present look.

“If you agree to do this, there will be no charge to you as I will own the pictures I take. But understand this will all be tastefully done with pictures that will only go into my personal portfolio not to be sold to anyone else. I promise you I’ve done this several times with different hairstyles as well as makeup makeovers.” Natalie looked at her hair again running her fingers through her hair telling her you are going to love this cut it’s so easy to manage.

Janice was sold, as she would do anything to try and turn back time so that she could be with Jason longer. “Ok, I’m sold, when can we do this?”

“How does tomorrow around 1 sound to you?” Natalie asked now, very excited to have such a perfect model to work with.

“How long will it take?” Janice asked.

“Expect a minimum of 4 hours due to all that we will be doing along the way of taking pictures throughout the process.” As Natalie was telling Janice this she was looking through her purse to give Janice her business card with her phone # and address. “I rent a booth that is actually a small room where it’s very private. It’s suite # 16,” Natalie told her as she pointed to it on the card.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this, but 1 pm tomorrow works for me. What else do you want from me,” Janice asked as she too looked through her purse to pull out her business card to give to Natalie.

“Obviously, don’t put on any makeup and speaking of makeup. I’m supposed to give you all of the items I used on you today but because Megan didn’t take any I’m going to give you hers as well. If you could bring this with you tomorrow we will be all set.” Natalie put two of everything she used in an Allure gift bag and gave it to Janice.

Taking the bag she felt guilt for getting so much free makeup but it wasn’t her fault that Megan left the way she did. She told Natalie, “I’m just so nervous about tomorrow but at the same time so excited about a new hairstyle.”

“Don’t worry we’re going to have fun and if you decide you want something else we will work through it. I’m excited as well, again you are perfect for what I’m looking for so I promise you are going to have my best effort tomorrow.” With that she gave Janice a hug telling her, “We have a date for 1 pm so be ready for a new look.”

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