The Rose Diaries Ch. 25 – Epilogue


To Everyone who had a part in this. From the bottom of my heart,

Thank you.

I now present you with the final part of our story.

The Epilogue of The Rose Diaries.


The bedroom was ornately decorated room with a large window that overlooked the tall verdant sea from high above. The bed was a beautiful canopy bed with colors of deep purple and the walls adorned with paintings of boys laughing, crying, and playing. A television sat gathering dust on the dresser ahead, a bookshelf with finished scrapbooks and notebooks and a studio whereby the bright window sat four easels, a stool, and a messy array of brushes and paints.

This was the bedroom that belonged to the woman known as Lillian Woods. Lillian was an artist, a thinker, and sometimes even an avid writer. She had long red hair the color of woven fire and eyes that glittered like sparks against the night sky. This was the bedroom of the woman known as Lillian Wood. A bedroom of thought and introspection. A place of quiet peace and serenity.

It was here that she stirred in her massive bed of silks and warmth. It was here that she lay sprawled out and staring at the mosaic of angels that adorned her ceiling.

A slice of heaven in this horrid place of hell.

Lillian Woods crawled from her bed with a heavy groan. Her sleep was never comfortable nor sufficient for her dreams, when she had them, were nothing short of nightmares. She had a strict schedule to keep and an even stricter appearance. She sat down in front of the small vanity mirror as she applied her war paint. Enough that she began to press on the appearance of ferocity rather than depression. She slid into her uniform, into her terrible high heels and walked out of the door with a heavy sigh.

It was time to greet the day.

“Oh!” She was greeted by the visage of her newest co-worker, a tall pale woman with ice-blue hair and calm blue eyes. “Hey, Lil. Good morning!”

“Good morning, Maria.” She smiled as she pushed past her to the common area.

“How are you?” Maria called after her. Lillian did not know her last name. But she knew enough about Maria to utterly hate her guts. Maria was a sadistic, monstrous, and evil bitch who delighted in causing others pain. She was a rapist, an awful terrible human being who under the guise of a woman.

“I’m good!” Lillian lied. “I’m just getting ready for the day, you know?”

“Oh, me too!” Maria smiled. “Any big plans?”

“No, I’m just going to spend some time with my Buttercup.” She detested the name. She would much rather call him by his actual name but doing so would be dangerous. Buttercup was his slave name. A name he was given after immense amounts of suffering in pain. Pain that Lillian had inflicted herself.

She would never forgive herself. Never forget the screams that echoed off the wall. It was her task to feminize this boy. To turn him into some disgusting monstrosity through torture, deception, and misery. For she was his owner. Charged with his transformation.

“Ah! I’m going to spend it with the other girls. Me and Yana have some fun activities so to speak. I heard that Violet had gotten a bit naughty and attempted to cut herself. So, I plan on having a bit of fun.”

“How nice.” She answered back with false smile.

“Ugh, you’re always so damn cold, Lillian.”

“Thank you!” Lillian smiled. “I try.”

“Got to game that game face on huh? I don’t blame you. I’ll catch you later!” She called as she walked away. “Oh! Katelynn was looking for you!”

“Oh?” Lillian spun around to look at her. “Why?” Katelynn Machart-Stone was her tutor, her mentor, and her worst enemy. Katelynn had no idea how much she had hated her. How much she wished that one day, she could just push her down a flight of stairs. To put her out of commission. She was a traitor, a liar, and another monster. Another enemy.

“No idea.” Maria shrugged. “See ya!”

“Bye, Maria.” She waved as she made her way over to the common area. No one ever came here in the mornings. No one wanted to be caught by Amanda in the mornings and yet in this morning, they both were sitting on the couch as they watched the local news on a large television in front of them. Amanda Stone was a wealthy woman. She was full of life, charm, and wit. She was also the queen of them all. Katelynn Machart-Stone looked nothing like her sister. Her skin was two shades paler, her hair a dark raven black, and her eyes glittered with hope and promise.

Today, they were in high spirits laughing and joking as they sat together.

“You wanted to talk, Katelynn?” Lillian called as she approached quickly.

“Lilian!” Amanda beamed, she turned quickly holding a white card in her hands.

“Guess what?” Katelynn grinned.

“Uhh, no.” She shook her head. “What is it?”

“Rose is engaged!” Her heart nearly broke in two. Words that she had not ever wanted to hear. But she swallowed her fear and her anger as she smiled brightly and hopped up and down with joy.

“Oh Betturkey my god!” She gasped. “That’s incredible!”

“I can’t believe my little girl is all grown up.” Katelynn smiled. “We have to tell Penelope.”

“Yes, I agree. What a joyous occasion.” Amanda nodded.

“Um, Amanda. I’d like to request some time off?”

“Oh?” She turned around to face Lillian with a twinkle in her eye. “Now, why would I grant you that?”

“Buttercup is well-behaved and needs no further assistance. I believe that since I have been working here for two years that I could get perhaps just two days off.”

“I see. Any reason?”

“I can feel myself slipping into old habits.” She sighed. “I think it would be well for me to go somewhere quiet and clear my mind.”

“Are you ill?” Amanda stood from the couch. “Be honest with me. I cannot have an ill Miss.”

“No, I am not sick. I just need a quick vacation.”

“Fair enough. When would you leave?”

“Today if possible. Tomorrow if not.”

“You’ve been thinking about this for quite some time, haven’t you?” Amada sighed.

“Honestly? Yes. I think it’s prudent for anyone to leave the manor and refresh their mind.” Lillian sighed. She had enough of this awful place. She was just so tired now, both physically and mentally exhausted.

“Fair enough. If you would like to leave today, then do so. But when you return, I have another girl in mind for you to train and Buttercup will go to the brothels and advance to the next stage of her plan. But let her know we’ll be keeping a careful watchful eye on her.” Amanda Stone smiled.

“Thank you.” Lillian nodded before walking past the both of you. “I’ll be off then.”

“Lillian?” Katelynn called. “Are you feeling alright?”

“It’s not that I’m not,” She shook her head. “I’m just a bit tired.”

“Do you wish to talk about it?” Katelynn’s voce was full of genuine concern. Full of kindness and empathy. But to Lillian Woods, it might as well have been like she was spitting in her face.

“I just a have a bit of trouble sleeping at night.” She answered with a weary smile. A good lie was always just a little bit of the truth.

“Oh. Well, fell better Lillian.”

“Thank you, Kat.” She smiled. “I appreciate your concern.”

“Any time.” But Lillian was already walking away from the two of them before she could be wrapped up in any more pointless conversation.

She exited the fourth floor in a rush, eager to escape from Blackstone’s halls, and descended down to the third floor. A weary and tired small girl exited from the bathroom wearing nothing but a pink bow in her long brown hair.

“Good morning, Miss L.” She yawned as she curtseyed. Lillian tried her hardest not to let the absolute disgust show on her face.

“Morning, Violet.” She smiled. She had nothing but love for the denizens of the third floor. Love and sadness of their eventual tortures. Violet or Harry Bolin was a petite slender boy who, for a lack of a better word, resembled a modern-day princess. From his long silky brown hair that trailed down his back, to his beautiful emerald eyes and hourglass shape. He was a kind soul, a sweet boy who had no business being here.

It was for that reason that she had been poisoning him for over two months. In a few days, Harry Bolin would close his eyes for the last time. A fact that only the two of them knew.

“I’m so sleepy, Miss L.” She yawned.

“I know.” She smiled sadly. “I’m going to be gone soon so I won’t be here for you after today.”

“That’s okay.” Violet nodded. “I’ll be alright.”

“I know you will.” Lillian felt the tears well up in her eyes. “Be a good girl now, Violet.”

“Of course, Miss L.” Violet stumbled back towards her room and Lillian continued her walk down the corridor. She walked past the empty lounge and to the room at the very corner of the third floor. She gave a small knock before turning the lock and entering.

The small room afforded to Buttercup was comfortable to say the least. Her frail and delicate charge was wrapped in tightly in her bed in a cocoon of green blankets. Buttercup or Thomas Paisley was her first and only girl. A girl that she had broken in herself over a long torturous month.

Yet as she shut the door, she couldn’t help but to feel more tears well in her eyes.

“Mm,” Buttercup stirred in bed. “Miss L.?”

“Morning.” She smiled pulling the chair from the vanity and wiping the tears from her eyes. “How are you?”

“Sleepy.” The girl yawned. “What’s going on?”

“I’m leaving for a few days, Buttercup. Will you be alright on your own?”

“Y-Yeah.” She yawned. “Are you okay?”

“I’ll be fine. Listen, I wanted to give you something.” Lillian voice grew low and soft enough for a dazed Buttercup to sit up suddenly in bed.

It was her magnum opus. A written journal of her experiences and trials. A piece of familiar memory. She tossed it to Buttercup, a small black leather journal.

“What’s this?” Betturkey Giriş Buttercup cocked an eyebrow as the book landed at the foot of her bed.

“A journal. It’ll help you find your way here.” She lied. Inside, in coded messages that she had taught Buttercup to recognize was a detailed escape plan for Blackstone. Instructions for them to finish where she had failed. Advice, comments, and concerns.

And hidden between the pages of the journal was a credit card to get her wherever she needed.

“Thank you for the gift, Miss L.”

“Oh, you’re welcome. Now, I just wanted to let you know when I return, you’re going to be moved downstairs to the brothel. Miss A. wanted me to let you know that you will be judged for your performance and reprimanded if deemed a failure. So do not fail me, Buttercup.”

“I won’t Miss L. I’ll do exactly what you trained me to do. You’ll see. I’ll make you proud.”

“Oh I know.” She chuckled. “Have a good day, Buttercup.”

“You as well, Miss L.” She nodded. “Can I go back to bed?”

“Absolutely. Take the day off.”

“Yay!” She cheered as she flopped back down. Then Lillian headed out the door and on to her true goal. She walked down the stairs to the second floor, each step still fresh in her mind of all those years before. Until she had reached the massive front door and with a single push left Blackstone on her own volition. She didn’t dare to turn around. But she knew that in just a few days’ time there would be nothing but pure chaos in her wake.

A fact that made her laugh as she walked away. This time hopefully for good.

Saul’s Good Eats

Somewhere in West Virginia

The Table Further from the Door

July 15th, 2019.

The smell of freshly cooked food filled her mind as she attempted to zone out once more. A half-eaten plate of fried chicken tenders lay in front of her and her third cup of diet soda to her right. The odd travelers gave an odd look to the woman sitting alone with the blank stare as if she wasn’t fully present. Not that Lillian wasn’t. She was simply not looking at them.

Instead, she was looking for another person who did not belong. The person of whom she was deeply indebted to. A person who was over two hours late for their arrange meeting. She picked up a stray french-fry and popped it into her mouth. At this point, Lillian Woods was no longer hungry. She was just dreadfully bored. The old-fashioned eatery had seen better days and better cooks for certain. The fries had been soggy and cold by the time she had gotten to them and the old country songs that played on the radio made her want to drive a rusty nail into both of her ears.

She was very quickly reaching the last of her patience. A small bell rang out above the door and a tall middle-aged woman entered. She had long black hair and a ruby smile as she walked past the waitress at the front of the restaurant and took her seat before her. Even in the heat, she wore a tight-fitting dress that clung to her figure and adorned herself with a pair of black lace gloves. She smiled as she removed her sunglasses and tucked them away in her large purse.

Lillian sighed as she saw the golden heart broach placed directly over her own.

“Hello, Mademoiselle Woods.” The woman cooed. She had a naturally sweet voice that was caked in an unmistakably thick french accent.

“Madame.” She nodded. “How good of you to join us nearly three hours too late.”

“Bah!” She scoffed. “Just a bit fashionably late.” She turned her head as the young waitress approached the table with a pad in hand. She gazed down at the two of them with the warm smile of someone who had worked in the food industry for far too long.

“How y’all doing today? What can I get for you, Miss?”

“Coffee would be nice.” The woman smiled.

“Any milk or sugar.”

“Of course.” She nodded. “Thank you.”

“Sure thing, I’ll be right back!” The waitress beamed as she walked away quickly.

“Shall we switch?”

“Do we have to?” Lillian groaned. “I’m not very fluent.”

“But of course, I am my English is not so good.” She laughed.

“I just wanted to keep this brief anyway. Madame, I’m going to need your help in a few hours.”

“Oh?” The woman leaned forward. “What kind of help?” Lillian groaned again as the Madam answered her back in french.

“Uh, the kind that involves smuggling someone out of the country.” She cleared her throat. Her french was just a little bit past rusty. To the point where she was surprised that the Madame even understood her words.

“Of course. Is it time for you to leave already?”

“No.” Lillian shook her head. “But I’m going to send someone here later tonight. Then I’ll join you.”

“Our deal still stands, no?”

“Yes.” Lillian sighed.

“Then I shall provide you with all the assistance you need.”

“Good. Then enjoy your meal. I’ll be in touch shorty.” She sighed as she stood up. “Oh, and cover my bill for me, will Betturkey Güncel Giriş you Madame Beaulieu?”

Madame Beaulieu gave a laugh as she nodded and with that, Lillian headed out the door without another word.

Lillian Woods hitched a ride to the woods outside of the small town. It was a place that was perpetually trapped in a time-period far gone. Where soda pop was still a new invention and drive-in theatres still existed. Or perhaps she was just bitter. She had gone far too bitter over the years. How could she not? After what she had lived through, after what people had done to her and her friends?

Lillian Woods was not always a well to do woman with funds and opportunity. At one point in her life, she had borne a much different name. A name that brought her nothing but memories of sorrow and pain. The pines of the forest painting an oddly familiar feeling as she trekked down the dirt road tying her suit jacket around her waist as she wiped the sweat from her brow. From down the road, a cabin sat hidden amongst the greenery. Out front was a beaten-up red truck and all the curtains in the home had been closed allowing no one to see inside.

Her ride had refused to bring her further than the entrance of the forest. As such, she had to walk in her awful heels for the rest of the journey. A walk, that while beautiful, had been utterly exhausting. She stared up at the blue sky with a smile as she continued to approach. From behind, she heard a rustle in the trees and spun to look. She scanned the woods for any signs of life. Any signs of the source of the disturbance. But instead she was only greeted by the forest’s silence.

“Give me a fucking reason.” A voice growled from nearby. She turned back towards the cabin as she continued to scan the woods.

She did not answer.

“I’ve got a rifle trained on your fucking head. So, give me a fucking reason, cunt. Or do you want me to pretend that you’re just some random pretty face in a black pantsuit that wandered into this neck of the woods. I know who you are, what you are, so fucking give me a reason to splatter those pretty brains all over the side of the road.”

“Sky’s beautiful today.” She sighed.

“The fuck does that mean?” She found the source of the voice. From straight ahead towards the cabin.

“It’s so blue and so clear. It’s still the same sky, right?”

“Wait,” The voice called as she heard more movement from ahead. “Who are you?”

“Really, man?” She laughed as his trademark confusion came back into play. “You really can’t tell?”

“Jesus fucking Christ.” The voice called as a man stepped out from the brush. He was a tall muscular man with cold dark green eyes and a thick black beard. He had grown significantly, put on weight, and even had changed his entire silloute but Lillian would know the unmistakable presence of her best friend anywhere.

“Hey, Brian.” She smiled as she wiped the tears from her eyes. “You look pretty good, you bastard.” The man dropped the gun as he sprinted towards her scooping her up and hugging her tightly. It was the first time in a long time that the two of them had met face to face. Whereas the years had been kind to her long-lost companion, they had been nothing but cruel to her.

Brian, previously named Belle, and Brian before that had been her friend for the several years that she had spent in chains in Blackstone. A mute nudist by force who protected her against seemingly all threats. She would have never survived without his kindness, without his fury, and without his passion. She loved him. More than anything in the entire world.

“James,” He sobbed clutching her tighter. “James, what the fuck man?”

“Oh man, it’s a fucking long story.” She laughed through tears of joy. “But put me down, you’re actually hurting me.”

“S-sure.” He muttered wiping the tears from his eyes. “You look like fucking shit.”

“I don’t know man,” She laughed twirling slightly. “I feel like I’m pretty fucking hot.”

“Fuck off.” He grinned as he continued to cry. “I thought you were fucking dead. We fucking looked for you!”

“Yeah, I thought I was dead as well.” She laughed sadly. “But then fate decided to fuck me over even further. Good idea hiding out in the Quiet Zone.”

“Thank you, I had a feeling you’d approve.” He paused for a moment as he hooked a finger to the cabin behind him. “Do you want to come inside? See the others?”

“Jesus Christ, you’re still together?” She groaned as she punched him in the arm. “Did you learn nothing?”

“Says the fucker who got retaken.” He punched her back and she cried out in pain as she stepped backwards.

“What the hell have you been eating, mountain man?”

“Seriously, do you want to see the others?”

“Yeah, I guess. I have some news to break to you all anyway.” She sighed as they walked up to the cabin. The door swung open to reveal an old-fashioned wooden cabin that was barely decorated. Inside was a couch, a bookshelf, and an unlit fireplace. The walls were mostly barren and the stairs leading to the upper floor were draped over with a light green carpet with golden trim. The house smelled of dust and she could see that it hadn’t been cleaned in quite some time. As if it was barely lived in.

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