The Power of Control

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My first story. Sorry if it’s rough or just not good in general.


James Baker was just about to have his life changed forever.

James is 21 years old, very tall at 6’5″, weighed about 185 pounds, and is a wolf. He, along with the rest of the world, are anthropomorphic animals. He has gray fur, light, brown hair that falls to his shoulders, pointed wolf ears that pop up from underneath his hair, and has hazel eyes. He is considered “ordinary”. Nothing really special, aside from the height. But today would mark the end of his ordinary life.

He just got out of bed and had put on his clothes, a pair of black shorts and a blue t-shirt. He walked in the living room to see his mom, Mary, and sister, Adrian, were already awake on the couch.

Adrian, 23 years old, is also a wolf, but with snow-white fur. She, along with most people, is a lot shorter than James, standing at 5’9″. But that didn’t stop people, James included, from staring at her DD cup breasts and curvy ass. She has long, wavy blond hair, pointed ears, and dark, emerald green eyes. She was currently wearing a pair of denim shorts and a pink tank top that showed a bit of her midriff.

James’ Mom Mary on the other hand, is a 44 year old white cat. She’s the shortest at 5’6″, and despite being a mother of two, she has a great figure. D cup breasts, widened hips from birthing, a round ass to go with it, short, light brown hair, and green eyes as well. She’s also wearing a pair of shorts, and a white t-shirt that didn’t expose the midriff like Adrian’s, but left nothing to the imagination in return.

Dad isn’t around, and sadly never will be around. He was a wolf cop who died in the line of duty. James and Adrian decided to stay longer at their parents house than they needed too to help Mary in case she needs it.

“Morning Jamesy.” Adrian greeted in a slight teasing voice.

“Morning Adri.” James called back in a tired voice, thinking it’s too early for anything.

“Good morning James.” Mary greeted in a warm, motherly tone.

“Morning Mom.” James replied.

Whoa Jamesy, you look like hell. It suits you.” Adrian said with a smug look on her voice.

“Ah shut it.”

Adrian was about to say something, but then didn’t. This confused James since he knows Adrian, despite truly loving her little brother, likes to play the part of the obnoxious older sibling by trying to get the last word in.

“Now kids, play nice.” Mary scolded them.

James wanted to try something.

“Mom, please, not right now.”

And just like that, she stopped. This immediately got James wide awake. He started thinking that his mom and sister had both ataşehir escort bayan followed his demands without hesitation. He wanted to go further and see if it was real.

“A-Adrian,” James’ voice started off shaky in anticipation, but then calmed down as he wanted to show he is in charge. “Bend down, and then stand up straight.”

“Yeah, all right.” Adrian replied, and then did just as James demanded.

James could barely contain himself. He seemed to have some kind of mental hold on his family, who can’t resist his orders. He felt his dick harden as perverted thoughts filled his mind.

James is perhaps the biggest pervert on the block, with his biggest fetish being incest. He would go to porn sites, find any incest video he could find, and masturbate to it. He would often imagine himself fucking his mom and sister more often than not. But despite his wild fantasies, he’s still a virgin. He never had much luck with dating in both high school and college. The most he’s ever been on were a couple of one time dates. But now, not only could he now see that he can become a man, but also live out his fantasies. But he has to be smart about how exactly he wants to go about it.

“Mom, Adrian. Whenever, it’s just us inside the house, you will be naked, and think that it’s the most normal thing ever.”

Immediately, both Mary and Adrian looked as if they were embarrassed. At first James thought it must’ve been the command. But he then found out that it was because they’re inside the house with clothes on. They then began to strip down until they were both completely naked. They seemed to find relief and comfort with that.

Now fully hard, before either Mary or Adrian could comment on that, James said, “You will think it’s perfectly normal for me to be naked around the house, and for my dick to be hard whenever I look at you.”

James saw both of their faces relax a bit, and then got to work taking off his shirt and shorts. He stood before them with something about his physique that isn’t considered ordinary. At full mast, his dick stood at a full 12 inches in length, and 4 inches in width. His balls are also about 4 inches in diameter, each. And neither Mary nor Adrian said anything about it.

James was ecstatic about his newfound power, and didn’t care at all about how he might’ve gotten it.

“You will think it’s perfectly normal for me, and you, to masturbate openly around the house.” James said with an emphasis on “and”.

“You will now think it’s okay to watch porn, including in front of either of us, and will get turned on by whatever is being shown.”

As a test run, James rushed escort kadıöy back to his room and pulled out a porno he had stashed away, and brought it to the living room. He saw his mom and Adrian talking to each other like nothing was wrong. Without a word, James inserted the DVD into the player, and allowed the movie to start. It was an incest porno between a dog father and daughter. Once it got to the actual fucking, both Mary and Adrian started moaning in pleasure as they began to finger themselves.

Time for James to really kick this up a notch. “Adrian,” she turned to him with her face showing nothing but lust, “let me fuck you.”

Adrian could do nothing but comply. She spread open her pussy and waited with baited breath for her younger brother to fuck her.

“Mom, incest is perfectly normal.”

Mary was shocked at first since James hadn’t ordered anything about actual incest at first, but then relaxed as she then thought that it’s fine for James to fuck his sister. And also for him to fuck her, for her to fuck Adrian, and for all three together at once. She then fully turned her attention to James ready to plow his sister while she continued fingering herself while now playing with one of her tits.

James had lined up his dick to Adrian’s soaked pussy, and then thrust in as much as he could on the first try. He had managed to sink in half of his length as Adrian came already. James is no longer a virgin which he was happy about. Even more so since he had given his virginity to his sexy older sister.

“Oh fuck! You’re so tight! So wet! So fucking amazing!” James cried out as he pulled out a bit, and then rammed back in getting an extra two inches in.

Adrian had turned into a sopping mess. Her mouth hung open in ecstasy, her arms fell limp, and she was having the time of her life as she was being fucked by her younger brother, while her mom watches on in happiness and lust.

James picked up the pace and strength by trying to force more of his member inside his sister’s pussy. Eventually, he managed to get his entire length in, which caused Adrian to cum again. Mary had also came when she saw this. She then decided to move in and capture Adrian’s lips in her own. The two began making out which excited James even more. The show was enough to finish him off and shoot rope after rope of thick cum inside his sister, who yelled out inside Mary’s mouth.

James’ orgasm felt like it lasted forever. But when it ended and he pulled out, he saw that he was still hard. He knew who his next target would be.

“Mom, get on your back so I can fuck you.”

Mary said nothing as she pulled away from Adrian and maltepe escort laid down with her legs spread. She had a look of wild lust on her face as she wiggled her hips to entice James.

“Adrian, sit on mom’s face so she can eat you out. But make sure you’re facing me.”

“Mmm you got it baby.” Adrian said as she placed her legs on either side of Mary’s head, and then lowered herself so that her cum-filled pussy was right above Mary’s mouth, with some cum already falling from it and landing in her mouth. Mary wasted no time as she reached up and began lapping away at Adrian’s pussy, to which Adrian began to moan loudly.

James lined up his dick to his mother’s entrance, and rammed himself in getting about 8 inches in. Mary felt amazing as she hadn’t had sex ever since James was conceived. She doubled her efforts to please Adrian who was crying out in pleasure as tears of happiness rolled down her face.

James started to fuck his mother with reckless abandon and was able to hilt himself in fully after just a few thrusts. He then moved a hand to behind his sister’s head, pulled it towards his, and began making out with her.

The three of them moaned in perfect harmony as they each thought about how amazing this all was. It wasn’t long before they had each reached their respective climaxes. Adrian had unloaded her juices into Mary’s mouth, Mary’s pussy clamped down on James’ dick as she orgasmed, and James had stuffed his whole length inside Mary’s pussy as he let loose a torrent of cum inside her. They all cried out together as pleasure and relief washed over them.

James pulled out with his dick finally going soft, and Adrian shakily got off of Mary who was now sitting up.

“All of my commands will still be in place, but we’ll also still act like a family as well.”

“Well of course, sweetie.” Mary said, and then moved in and kissed James on the lips.

“Hey James, can I suck you off sometimes after we’ve gotten our strength back?” Adrian asked in a tone that sounded like she was asking to borrow a charger for her phone.

“Yeah, sure. I can do that.” James said.

“Thanks, you’re the best.” Adrian moved in and kissed James as well.

“Well actually, Adrian before you do that, give momma a kiss.”

Adrian and Mary moved towards each other and began making out. It only lasted for about a minute since they were still tired, but they still enjoyed it just the same.

James couldn’t believe his luck. In just one morning, he had changed his entire home life to his own making. His own family had become his own sluts, and he had never been happier.

Days went on as James, Adrian, and Mary still lived by James’ commands and continually fucked each other in several different ways. Days turned to weeks, and then to months, and then years. But no matter what, they lived as they did, and the only one who still knew any better was James, who never reversed his commands.

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