The Picnic


The cooler in the trunk was full. It contained some white wine, which would be fully chilled by the time I picked up Stephanie and drove to the lake along with some bottled water and soda along with variety of salamis and cheeses and condiments. Lying next to the cooler was a bottle of estate Australian Rosemount Shiraz, bread and a bag that contained the necessary implements needed for a picnic in the country.

My job was to get the food and beverages and Stephanie would provide the blankets and other stuff that one needed to enjoy a picnic lunch by a lake. As I turned up the road near Stephanie’s house, my mind reviewed the list of things that I’d bought, not sure about how much we needed but also not wanting to either run out or not get everything.

I rang the doorbell. “Hello, who’s there?”

Being confident there was no one else in the home, I simply said “Me…”

“I’ll bite… Who’s me?” The voice was different from Stephanie’s. I’d forgotten she had a roommate.

“Stan…” I decided to start all over.

“Right…” The door locks opened and standing in front of me was a beautiful brunette. “I’m Margie.” She held out her hand. “Stephanie’s told me a lot about you… But it is so much nicer to meet someone in person…”

“Oh yes, Stephanie’s told me you are her best and closest friend. It is nice to put a name to a person…” Another Brit. The accent was unmistakable, but like Stephanie’s, not harsh, but also had a masculine edge to it. I couldn’t think of anything else to say to the lady in front of me who was obviously giving me the once over. I hoped she approved!

After the evaluation, Margie said, “I’ll go get her. She’s upstairs in either the bedroom or the bathroom. I don’t know which.” Which, interpreted, meant, I’ll go upstairs and report to Stephanie and tell her what I think. So we can have time to compare notes. “Have a seat… It’ll only be a few minutes…”

The phrase “in the bedroom” rolled around in my mind. I knew Stephanie had a roommate, but I never dared to inquire if they shared the same bed. My assumption was that since she was interested in dating and seeing where that led, that they didn’t sleep with each other. Oh well, it was only our second date.

I plunked myself down on the couch and began to flip through one of the magazines on the table, not really reading or seeing anything, and it was as if my senses were tuned to a strange environment, looking for danger. The sound of steps caught my attention and I turned to see both women coming down the stairs.

Stephanie was dressed in jeans that were a bit too tight and a long sleeved T-shirt. It was obviously a man’s and the green and yellow logo over the pocket on her left breast said Lotus. She also carried a windbreaker in one hand.

“Hi…” The smile was radiant.

I grinned back and somehow stumbled out the words “Hi… How are you?”

“I see you’ve finally met Margie.” It was a statement. “I’ve got to get some things from the kitchen.” And she disappeared.

“I guess you come to this part of the world often?”

“I do.” And, now that Stephanie and I are dating, I’ll come more often, but I didn’t want to tell Margie that.

“Then I’ll be seeing more of you…” It was more of a statement than question. What was not said, but implied by the tone “so that I can question you more closely and protect my roommate.”

I looked into her eyes. I could tell there was genuine motherly concern, but could not help but wonder if she was jealous that Stephanie was my date and not her. Oh well, maybe she can join us on another equation. All I could say was. “It will be my pleasure to get to know you as well…” More was about to come out of my mouth but the gentle pressure from a hand on my lower back followed by the gentle caress of a fingernail caused me to turn toward the source.

“Ready to go.”

“You bet…” I couldn’t wait to get away from the interrogation.

Stephanie’s stuff, mostly a blanket and a bag of odds and ends was quickly relegated to the trunk of the rental car and stuffed around the food and drink and ice stuffed cooler. The first stop sign was only a block or so away and a quick look in the mirror showed there was no one behind us so I slide my right hand to her neck and gently pulled her head toward me. There was no resistance and we kissed deeply and longingly, each of us taking the time to explore each other’s mouth.

Finished, my right hand found her left and we motored off. The drive to the lake took only about thirty minutes. It was off the main roads and the last two or three miles were on a rocky dirt road that somebody had dumped several loads of gravel at random for whatever reason. It ended in a little clearing.

“Where’s the lake?” I could feel the dampness and sort of smell it, but it was nowhere in sight.

“It’s over there, about a hundred feet or so away.” I hoped her sense of distance was as good as her looks. While we were unloading the stuff, which would take xslot at least two trips by one or both of us, I took the opportunity to look at what she was wearing. The tight jeans hugged her hips and the windbreaker was tied around her neck. The T-shirt had a small automotive logo at the strategically located at the tip of her left breast.

While Stephanie was bent over the trunk to get the bag with the utensils and other stuff out of the trunk I slipped my arms around her waist and pulled her back toward me. She twisted around and draped her arms around my neck. The smiling eyes were an invitation to kiss which we did. Our tongues played in each other’s mouths and then I kissed her neck and ear before sticking my tongue in her ear that brought out a girlish giggle followed by a long kiss.

Pushing me away, she said, “let’s get set up, then we can nibble on lunch and…” Her diction let the “and” implied and hanging. And what?

It didn’t take us long to find a spot on the shore of the lake that was both secluded from the side but still provided us with a wonderful, unobstructed view of the bright blue water. It was afternoon and there were only a few cirrus clouds in the sky. Despite the bright sun, it was not hot. My guess was that the temperature was in the low to mid-80s, but not more.

I started to walk around the area when Stephanie called out to me. “Hey, don’t worry about bugs. That’s why I love this place. I’ve never seen any ants and there’s too much wind for mosquitoes.” Obviously, she’d been here before, probably many times. The only way one could have found this place was either to be taken in by someone who knew how to get here or have seen it from the air.

Stephanie spread out the goodies while I opened the wine that was chilling in the cooler. As she handed me two plastic wine glasses, she tossed her head to the side and her thick blonde hair cascaded down her shoulders. I was concentrating on getting the cork out of the wine and didn’t see her undo her pony tail.

The jacket was neatly folded off to the side and I could see the outline of her bra under her T-shirt. There was also a gray sweatshirt that must have come with the other stuff. The Lotus Formula One logo was right where her left nipple should be. I marveled at her figure that for a woman of her size and in her late 40s was still very trim. There were only a hint of wrinkles on her face.

Stephanie had set up two folding backrests so they were next to each other but at a slight angle. Most of the food was toward at our feet. I dug in and made little half sandwiches and handed them to her with chunks of the cheeses that were laid out on the cloth. I sat back with a handful of food and was stuffing my face when Stephanie draped one of her legs across mine. At the same time, her hand found mine and she held up her glass and smiled.

I picked up mine… “to a great picnic, a great day and to a lovely and beautiful lady…”

Our glasses touched and the plastic made a tacky sound. “to a great afternoon and a good looking guy who is great company.” After a sip, we kissed, but the awkward position prevented anything more.

We talked while we ate and soon we were next to each other with our legs entwined. I leaned back and closed my eyes while my right hand reached out and caressed the soft skin on the back of her neck. She leaned back and sighed and her hand began to caress my upper thigh. Something caused me to open my eyes and when I did, she was on her side looking closely at me. Without saying a word, she pressed her lips on mine and we wrapped our arms and legs around each other and rolled away from the food. I could feel her breasts crush against my chest. Each kiss was more desperate and passionate than the one before.

After a few minutes, she propped herself up on her elbows. Her eyes were wide open and soft. I could see passion behind them. “Are you ready for me?”

I could only nod in the affirmative. For a millisecond, I recalled the hesitation on our first date. Now I was sure, I wanted her and wanted her badly. This women was one of the most beautiful creatures in the world.

“I didn’t hear you…” The voice was soft, but demanding.

“Yes, I want you… Now.” There was no hesitation on my part even though this was going to be a first for me.

The answer was a pair of lips caressing mine followed by a curious tongue, wanting to explore my mouth. “I’ll guide you… Do what you think I will like and we’ll go from there?”

“OK…” I could fee the pressure building in my groin and returned the passion. My hands found Stephanie’s breasts and then ran over her rump. One hand caressed her lower back when she suddenly rolled over and pulled her T-shirt over her head, revealing a nice pair of breasts cupped in a lacey white half bra. Stephanie’s skin was a soft milky white. I gently reached up and touched one, feeling the nipple harden as I caressed it. It felt heavy and then I leaned over and took the nipple in my mouth. xslot Giriş I pulled gently with my lips before sucking as much of the breast into my mouth and as I did, Stephanie moaned. I looked up and saw her toss her head back with her eyes closed and each movement of my mouth caused a sound come from her throat.

Suddenly, the bra fell away. Stephanie had reached back and undid the clasp while I was sucking on her breast. My hands caressed and massaged the left one while my mouth worked over the right. She lay back on the blanket while I continued to play with her tits. With her hands free, she pulled my shirt over my head and then my face to her. For the first time, our bodies touched, skin to skin and the heat was incredible. We kissed for some time and then she rolled me off her top and guided my hand to her crotch.

Out of the corner of my eyes, I saw a white pair of sneakers lying off to the side and for a moment, wondered whose they were. Then it dawned on me that sometime while we were rolling around on the blanket, Stephanie had kicked them off.

We lay side by side, holding each other. I traced her lips several times, and then kissed them and licked her neck. Each time I caressed her neck with my tongue, she moaned and then I licked her ear and she groaned again, this time the sound was very, very deep, as if it came from well inside her core. I tried again and cupped one of her breasts and with my fingers massaged one of her nipples and Stephanie moaned loudly with each caress and as my tongue rummaged around in her ear.

She looked at me and her bright blue eyes were wide with pleasure and smiled. Again, she took my hand and placed it palm down on her belly. The top of her jeans was open and I could feel the heat from within. Tentatively, I slid my hand down on the soft, silky panties and gently began to caress the soft skin on either side. I moved my hand around in a circular motion while I was propped up on my elbow so I could look at her wonderful face. Stephanie’s eyes were closed most of the time, but each time she opened them, she smiled at me and we kissed.

I slid my hand down a bit farther because until I came to a mound, and then touched it. Stephanie gasped and moaned and then pushed my hand down on her crotch as if to say “keep going…” With my thumb and forefinger, I traced the bulge through he panties and Stephanie let out an “Ohhhhhhhhh!!” that caught me by surprise and I stopped.

“Don’t stop… Keep going, that was wonderful…” I moved my fingers up and down feeling the mound grow and get stiffer until it was straining against the panties. Stephanie lifted her ass in the air and pulled her jeans down and kicked off one leg. She grabbed me and hungrily kissed me on the lips and pulled my hand back to her crotch. Between kisses, she gasped ” keep going, your doing fine, I’m so turned on I can’t believe it.”

I looked down and she had on white silken panties that were being stretched. I slid my hand underneath and caressed the skin at the base of the mound. Then I realized that her crotch was completely shaven and the hairless skin was soft, almost delicate to the touch. Freed from the panties, her member stood up and I grasped it with my hand. Stephanie was laying on her back and took a deep breath and then when I moved my thumb and forefinger up and down just under the flared top, she groaned “keep doing that… Don’t stop… Ever…”

Then, I did what I never thought I would. But looking at this wonder T-Girl laying under the bright blue sky had me turned on like I never thought it would. Without thinking, I bent over and took her penis into my mouth. Stephanie moaned with pleasure and gasped again. Using my tongue, I began to play with the slit at the top. Having never done this before, I just started doing what other women had done to me.

Stephanie twisted and turned and moaned with each caress. She loved it, and the sounds she was making were incredible. I engulfed her whole cock and then sucked gently on it as I withdrew my mouth and then pressed my lips around the based of the flared top. Each time I did, I could taste the liquid that was seeping out. After each spurt, I dug my tongue into the slit and Stephanie moaned with pleasure. I got the most pleasure noise when I pressed my lips around her cock just below the flared tip and simultaneously licked the sensitive top. Her hips shifted and moved with each caress and each time my head came up, her hands found the top of my head and held it as if to say don’t go anywhere. When I had her entirely in my mouth, her hands pushed me down as if to say make sure you have all of me and I want you to have it all.

After a few minutes, I stopped to kiss Stephanie and she hungrily looked at me and said keep going… With that, I started using my teeth and would gently use them to apply pressure to rake her penis which was getting harder by the moment. I used my fingers to press in the area on each side of her groin and work the sensitive xslot Güncel Giriş muscles and nerves that are located there.

Each time I did that, Stephanie would twist and turn and moan and try to say something, but each caress choked the sounds coming out of her mouth. I sat up and wanted to look at her mostly naked body and caress and lick her breasts. “Ohhhh, please don’t stop… I mean stop… Nooooo, don’t stop. I want to do youuuuuu!! Nooo, suck on me…” I stopped for a second to look at her. She smiled “I sound just like a woman, so confused…” And then she laughed and plopped her head back down on the blanked and pulled my head back down to her face. After a few kisses, she said with authority “My turn.”

My jeans and underpants came off in a jiffy and Stephanie quickly took my penis in her mouth. As she bent down, she said “I have been waiting since we first started dancing at the Italian restaurant to do this…”

Within moments, her mouth was hungrily sucking on my cock that responded quickly reaching its full height in a matter of what seemed seconds. She couldn’t get enough of it. Stephanie took all of it in her mouth, and then just played with the top. She licked by balls, but concentrated on moving her mouth up and down on my hardening penis. I was so turned on, but each time I tried to pull her over to me so I could suck on her, she resisted, but I stretched my neck until I got the tip of her cock in my mouth at which time she moved closer so I could take all of it. She groaned as I sucked and it was evident that each movement of my mouth distracted her and she tried to pull away but each time, I applied pressure with my lips and her hard member stayed where it was.

“OHHHHHHHH my god!! OHHHHHHHHHHH!!” Stephanie stopped sucking on me and laid her head on my thigh… “Oh, oh, oh…” I could feel her cock stiffen even more and it began pulsing in my mouth. Then it spurted a little bit, followed by a larger amount that hit the back of my mouth. “OHHHHHHHH, I am cuming… No, I AM REALLY CUMMING!!” It then spurted again and again. With each spurt, I sucked hungrily on her hard cock, trying to draw as much out as possible. Between spurts, I swallowed the cum that was in the back of my mouth but the area around my tongue and lips was full of her creamy liquid that I had never tasted before. It was delicious.

Stephanie lay limp next to me for a few moments and then twisted around to kiss me. Her tongue rooted around in my mouth to taste and lap up her cum. Soon, it was in both our mouths. As her breathing returned to a more normal rate, she put her finger on my lips… “That was wonderful… I didn’t think I would come that fast… But now, it is my turn to show you what a T-Girl can do…” With that, she pushed me onto my back and within seconds, her mouth was around my penis which again needed little or no encouragement to get hard. I heard “don’t you dare cum on me yet” between caresses, but I was feeling so much pleasure, I wasn’t sure what to do…

“Are you ready for the main event?” Stephanie didn’t wait for an answer. Her back was to me and her ass was in the air, poised above my penis. Without any effort, she slowly sat down on my cock that now was entering her anus. It was warm and tight and I could feel it stretch as my penis penetrated her.

“Sit up and pull me to you.” Stephanie leaned back was against my chest. “Keep us together and caress my breasts if you want.” I didn’t need any encouragement and my hands cupped both breasts. “I’ll move for both of us… You just enjoy this.” Then her hips and ass began to gyrate while at the same time, her insides contracted on my hard cock. Stephanie threw her head back so it was on my shoulder. Gutteral sounds that made no sense came from deep insider her… She began to move up and down and contract her insides around my penis which was getting harder and harder by the minute.

Uh, Uh, Uh, came out of her throat as she moved which was often followed by an Ohhhh, Ohhh. Stephanie used her hands occasionally to shift position and with each slight change of position, OHHH, yessss!!, Ohhhh, I love being fucked… Slowly, her movements became more and more aggressive and intense. I loved the warm feel of her body against mine. The sensations from my penis were overloading my brain and I was just enjoying it more and more when I felt the eruption coming…

“Oh yes! I love being fucked, I love being fucked!!” Oh, oh was followed by more frantic movement by her hips and then she grabbed one of my hands and placed it on her cock which had again become hard. Just like the one that was deep insider her.

Then, almost like a lightening bolt, I could feel the cum beginning to work its way up through my cock… It was my turn. She contracted harder. “I’m cumming, Stephanie, I’m cumming, Oh my God, I’m CUMMING!!” came out as my sperm jetted into her intestine. Her anus grabbed the base of my penis not wanting to let it go. As my sperm entered her, Stephanie began to shake and convulse and then pant several times as if she was gasping for air. She twisted her head around to look at me with wide open, loving, sexually hungry eyes that also showed a bit of surprise and all that came out was a tiny “ohhhhh” as her cock emptied itself in my hand.

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