The Perfect Job: CEO

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Walking into the lobby of a high-rise office building, I feel a bit out of place, despite my work outfit.

I received an email from Dr. Somner this morning, stating he had found another client, as well as already setting up an appointment for today.

Luckily the location is a 10-minute walk from where I work. So here I am, on my lunch break, walking up to building security.

I give them my name and ID. They type on the keyboard, handing me a visitors pass, they point me to the elevator bays. I read the pass; it says the 50th floor.

Stepping out of the elevator, I walk towards a set of glass doors. I hear the release of the magnetic strip holding the door closed as I reach it.

“Hello, my name is Jenny, who are you here to see?” the receptionist says with a smile on her face.

I give her my information; she makes a quick phone call. “You are all set, right down this corridor, she is in the corner office.”

I thank her and head down the way she pointed. Knocking on the door, I hear a woman saying to enter.

There behind the desk is Jeanine Osterman, The CEO of a major pharmaceutical company in the country. Her glasses framing her face, light brown hair down to her shoulders. She has very striking features, she would not be considered hot, but in no way unattractive, striking is the best way to describe.

With piercing blue eyes behind her glasses, she looks up at me, obviously sizing me up. “Mr. Hanover, come have a seat, we need to make this quick, I have a meeting in 45 minutes.”

I take the offered seat and wait for Ms. Osterman to finish what she is doing. She then turns towards me, lowering her glasses to her desk. “Now Mr. Hanover, please explain why Dr. Somner thought you would be able to assist me.”

“Umm… Well… I really don’t know, seeing as how I don’t really know why I am here.” I explain to her.

“I see Dr. Somner failed to explain the situation,” She sighs. “The short version is, I am seeking an heir, however I do not have the time to deal with a fertility clinic, I am seeking a guarantee, the old fashion way.”

“Well…” I clear my throat. “I have a condition that makes my seed extremely potent, my doctor even stated I could get a woman pregnant even if she is on birth control, But I doubt that is possible. The amount of my ejaculation could be considered ridiculous. The final possible reason is my enhanced libido, I am ready to perform very quickly.”

She tilts her head, a skeptical look on her face. “What does a ridiculous production mean exactly?”

“Last time I measured, it was 6 cups.” I state, not inflated in any way.

“I find that hard to believe, there is no information anywhere about someone expelling that much semen.” She raises an eyebrow.

“Well… I have no way to prove it, so I guess you will have to take my word.” I answer her.

She places her finger to her red lips for a moment. “Come over here Mr. Hanover.” She points to the side of her desk. I do so, facing her. “Drop your pants.”

My eyes go wide, “What…. I…. Umm…” I start to stutter.

“It is very simple; you will jack off and show me how much you expel.” She states simply, a skeptical look on her face.

I shake my head, “that is not a good idea. I will make a huge mess. I think it is best I just leave.” I start to turn. She quickly reaches out, grabbing the waist band of my sweatpants, yanking them down, my cock springing free, hard as a rock. I don’t wear boxers, since it is too uncomfortable.

“Ms. Osterman, What…. Oh fuck…” I moan softly, as I feel her hand wrap around my throbbing shaft, she starts to stroke it. My tip leaking precum, she uses the liquid to lube my cock.

“Just close your eyes and let go whenever you want.” She strokes me faster, her thumb rubbing against my tip, every time she strokes towards herself.

My hips start to sway in rhythm with her. My hands clenching and relaxing. She reaches below my cock, grabbing hold of my softball size nuts. Massaging them gently. “Wow…. These are the biggest balls I have ever seen.”

My eyes shut, moaning more and more. Her hands sliding faster and faster along the length of my shaft. Her soft hand feeling so warm against the sensitive skin of my cock. “Oh fuck…. FUCK… Going… to…”

“Just let go, I have some tissue.” I feel the cloth wrap around the tip of my cock.

“What… No wait… Umm… Not Enough…. FUCK…” I let go, my orgasm rocketing through my mind. The first blast of my cum hitting the tissue. Ms. Osterman still stroking. I keep shooting more and more cum.

The tissue soaks through, as another blast rips through the cloth, shooting right at her. The liquid landing right on her light purple blouse, followed by more shots. She flinches in shock, pointing my cock up as I let go, the rope arching and hitting her across the right cheek.

She manages to move my throbbing member away from her body, but not before she takes several shots of cum. My orgasm begins to subside, my cock giving one çukurambar escort final jerk before stopping. My eyes open, looking down at the mess I made.

I blush, not really knowing what to do, standing there, my cock going soft. Ms. Osterman stands up, walking to a bookshelf. She hits a button, a hidden door opens, revealing a bathroom. I take some tissue, wiping off the tip of my cock. Pulling up my pants, I take a seat.

Ms. Osterman returns, wearing a cream colored button down blouse, as well as matching slacks. She sits in her chair, her piercing blue eyes looking at me. “Well Mr. Hanover, it appears you were not boasting.”

“I am sorry for the mess; I was hoping you would believe me.”

She waves off the comment. She then hands me a piece of paper. I read it over, it is almost identical to the contract I signed with my first client. She calls in her assistant. Jenny from the reception desk entering the office. She notices the mess on the floor but says nothing.

I sign the document, as well Ms. Osterman and Jenny. She then hands me an envelope. I take it, we exchange phones numbers. She informs me what week she will most likely be ovulating. I take my leave and head back to the office.


Walking out of the elevator, I find myself in the penthouse of Ms. Osterman. Walking around the place, I see large floor to ceiling windows, giving a glorious view of the surrounding city. She obviously owns the entire floor. Walking up to a window, peering out at the scenery. I place my bag next to me.

I hear someone clear their throat. I turn to find Jenny standing before me, wearing a light pink, short sleeve blouse, along with a matching pencil skirt. Comfortable shoes on her feet. She smiles at me, her green eyes shining. Shoulder length red hair, freckles dawning her nose and cheeks.

“Hello Mr. Hanover, welcome, so glad you are able to make it.”

“Please, call me Jimmy.” I look around for a moment. “I figured Ms. Osterman would be here to greet me.”

“She is currently in her office taking care of some business. I am here to get you settled and to take care of any of your personal needs during your stay.” Her smile shining bright as she talks.

“Wait… What…” I stand there dumbfounded for a moment. “What do you mean personal needs?”

“Anything you require, food, something to drink, I even give quite a good foot massage.” She winks at me. “Ms. Osterman is quite busy, she requested I help, in order to make your stay here as comfortable as possible.”

She moves towards me, picking up my bag. “If you would please follow me, I will show you to where you will be sleeping.” She walks off.

I follow her, still in shock that this young woman will be here during my stay. She brings me into a large bedroom, obviously the master bedroom. “You will be sleeping with Ms. Osterman. The bathroom is over here, equipped with a shower and a jacuzzi.” She points to a door to the left as you enter.

She places my bag next to a bare wall. “Please follow me,” She walks off, heading out of the room.

I follow her into a smaller bedroom, I see luggage in here. “This is where I will be sleeping, if there is anything you need, please let me know, I will be happy to assist you.” She waves for me to follow her. She points out a second bathroom, as well as a half bath near the kitchen.

“Here is the kitchen, it is fully stocked, if there is something you want that is not here, please let me know, I will have it delivered.” I open the fridge, piles of food inside, everything from chicken, to beef, to steaks, and all kinds of vegetables. Along with many different types of drinks. I grab myself a bottle of water.

I follow her once more, she leads me to what must be the tv room, considering what must be the largest tv I have ever seen, hanging on the wall. “Please relax here, watch whatever you like. If you wish to order a movie, do so. I will go check on Ms. Osterman.” With that she left.

I sit down on an extremely comfortable couch. Turning on the tv, being in IT, I tend to figure out technology very easily. I flip through channel after channel, amazed at the amount she has available. I settle on some sitcom as I await my host.

Sometime later, Ms. Osterman enters the room. Her striking features on display, her body wrapped in a summer dress, conforming to her small breasts and slim waist. The skirt of the dress flaring out, going to just above her knees. Her entire body exuding confidence as she walks barefoot towards me.

I see Jenny behind her. Ms. Osterman takes a seat next to me, before I can stand. Jenny still standing close by. “Welcome Mr. Hanover, thank you so much for accommodating me.” She says with a smile on her face.

“Of course, I am happy to help, Ms. Osterman.” I return her smile.

“Please, call me Jeanie. I hope the accommodations demetevler escort are to your liking.”

“They are beyond amazing, that view is spectacular.” I boast.

“Yes, it is. One of the many perks to my position.” She says dreamily as she looks out the floor to ceiling windows. “Now, shall we discuss the logistics, I would be interested to hear what exactly your plan is.”

“Well… Umm….” My hand rubbing the back of my neck. “I have only done this one other time. So, the other, client, decided on how the logistics worked.”

She looks at me, not saying anything, those blue eyes feeling like they are staring into me sole. As I see her not talking, I press forward, assuming she wants to hear what those exact logistics were.

“So, she decided we would be naked the entire time. She had bottles of lube in every room. She told me to just, well, cum in her anytime I was ready.” I blush slightly as I explain this.

“How did she deal with the amount of fluid you ejaculate?” Jeanie asks me.

“She covered all the furniture in plastic, as well as removed all the rugs. She had a bucket of soap and water handy for when we finished.” I explained to her.

“Hmm, that is all quite planned out.” She turns to Jenny, “Jenny, please go to the store, pick up 20 towels, as well as a bucket and mop. Also grab a plastic cover for the mattress. See if they have bottles of lube.”

Jenny walks off, heading towards the elevator. Jeanie turns back to me. “Well, I must admit, I did not prepare as well for your visit as I should have.”

“I could have also added in information from my precious client.” I admit, “Though this is still all new to me.”

“As for the always naked, I of course am unable to do this. I will be in meetings most of the day while you are here. Which is why I wanted you sleeping in the same bed as me.” She states, “The best times to inject me would be in the morning and right before bed.”

“So, no injections during the day at all?” I ask, using the word injection making this all very formal.

“Well, definitely not while I am in my office, that is off limits.” She looks off, obviously thinking, “If I happen to not be in the office, I will say give me an injection if you are able to.”

I nod, “I am sure I will be able to.”

“Now while in bed, if you happen to wake up ready to go, do so. I will be sleeping naked, so you will be able to just slip right in.” She tells me.

I look at her for a moment, “Are you sure, I do not want to ruin your sleep.”

She waves off my concern. “Do not worry, I will be able to handle a couple nights of less sleep.”

She then stands up, “If you will excuse me for a moment.” I nod, she walks off, I go back to watching tv.

Moments later she returns, towels draped over her arm and some sort of bottle in her hand. Draping a towel over the couch, she hikes the skirt of her dress up to her waist and sit on the towel. Squeezing some of what must be lube on to her hand, she spreads her legs and rubs it onto her bald pussy.

“I have a few minutes before my next meeting, I figured a quick injection.”

I nod, sliding off the couch, I kneel on the floor, my body between her legs. Pushing my sweatpants down, my hard member flopping. She scoots to the edge of the couch. I notch the tip of my cock at her entrance, thrusting my hips, I push into her, making sure not to slam my balls like the very first time.

“Ohh Fuck Yes” She suddenly yells as I enter her. I stop moving, startled from what I just heard. Not expecting that to come from her. Her legs wrap around my body, trying to pull me closer. Her pussy tightening around my shaft.

“Fuck Me… Fuck me….” I do as she tells me, pulling back, then pushing in as deep as possible over and over. Her silky walls caressing my shaft. Grabbing her thighs, pulling her legs away from my body, I spread them wide, her body very flexible.

Grunting and yelling over and over, her entire body looking like one big spasm. “Yes… Yes… ohh fuck… don’t stop…” I thrust faster and harder, my heavy balls hitting the soft cushion of the couch. My hands digging into her supple thighs as I keep her legs wide open.

Her hands grab her breasts, squeezing them, kneading them through her dress top and bra. Lifting her legs up, laying them onto my left shoulder. My arms wrap around her thighs, hugging her legs to my chest as I thrust into her wildly.

She goes wild, her pussy clenching down hard onto my invading member. “FUCK… Cumming…. I’m fucking Cumming…” she yells wildly. My own orgasm building, enjoying the sight of this prim and proper CEO going wild on my cock.

She looks right at me, her blue eyes showing her hunger. “Cum in me… Fucking shoot that seed deep into me.”

Her words send me over the edge, I moan, burying deep into her. The first rope of my seed shooting into her fertile pussy. My shaft throbbing as my orgasm shoots through the pleasure centers of my brain. My hips slowly demirtepe escort thrusting, making sure to push that cum deeper into her.

Feeling my balls getting drenched from the cum leaking out of her pussy. Her own juices mixed in. I stay buried in her for a few moments, as we pant, both of us coming down from the orgasmic high.

Pulling from her pussy, I watch as me cum leaks from her used hole. Our juices running down the towel, soaking it. She grabs a small towel she laid on the arm of the couch, she holds it over her pussy, then stands up. Grabbing her phone.

“If you will excuse me, I have a meeting in a few minutes.” She walks off, acting like how I met her, not showing any of the wild woman that I just shot me cum into.

I fold up the towel, then wipe off the floor. Not knowing what to do with the towel, I leave it on the floor. I pull my pants up, sit and go back to watching tv.

A couple hours lady, standing in the kitchen looking for a snack, the elevator dings. Jenny walks down the hall, carrying a large bag, along with a gentleman holding a bucket and mop. I follow them, she stops in the tv area, putting down her bag, the man does the same. Then he turns and walks back to the elevator.

“Need any assistance.” I ask as I walk up to her.

She looks over and smiles at me, “Thank you, but I am all set.” She notices the towel on the floor near the couch. “Did you and Ms. Osterman have some fun while I was gone.”

My face goes a bit red, and I nod. “I did not know where to put the used towel.”

She walks over, picks up the towel. “Don’t worry about it, this is one of the reasons why I am here.” She then walks off to discard the towel, I presume.

I find myself a snack in the kitchen, then sit back down on the couch. Jenny starts to go through the bags. She places what looks like 20 fluffy towels on the couch next to me, then pulls out 3 large bottles of lube, placing them on the coffee table in front of me.

“I figured that would be enough for while you are here.” She says to me.

I nod, “I doubt we will go through all of it.”

“Do you need anything?”

I shake my head, “I am all set, thank you.”

She walks off and I return to watching tv. My mind wondering how exactly this will work with Jenny walking around the house helping. What kind of help is she offering exactly?

A few hours later, Jeanie walks past heading towards the kitchen. I slip off my pants, taking some lube and rubbing it along my hard shaft.

In the kitchen, Jeanie is bent over, reaching into the fridge, her ass sticking out towards me. My cock in hand, I walk up behind her, lifting her skirt up with my free hand. I easily slide back into her moist pussy. Driving in deep, my balls resting against her thighs.

“Oh… Fuck… was not expecting you…” She moans loudly, leaning against the open fridge. Grabbing her waist tightly, my hips thrusting back and forth hard and swift. Burying into her fertile pussy over and over.

The fridge rattles as I ram in her repeatedly. Balls slapping against her legs. Grunting loudly, her soft walls caressing my shaft. Items falling out of the fridge as I rock her against it.

Shaft throbbing deep inside her, Jenny walks over, her cheeks red. She drops a towel on the counter next to the fridge, then walks away.

“Cum in me… shoot all that potent sperm into my fertile cunt.” Her dirty talk sends me over the edge quickly. Orgasm coursing through my body. Potent seed shooting from my tip, washing over her insides. Hips bucking, pushing as much seed into her as possible.

The last shot going deep inside of her. Pulling from her used fuck hole. My cum running down her thigh, pooling on the floor by her feet. Grabbing the towel, Jeanie holds it to her pussy, walking off, a bottle of juice in her hand.

Jenny appears, mop in hand, cleaning up the mess, a slight blush on her cheeks. I walk towards the master bedroom. Turning on the jacuzzi, I settle in, relaxing. The spray of the jets relaxing my body.

I startle, a sound of a clearing throat nearby, I look up, seeing Jenny smiling before me. “Dinner is ready, Jimmy.” She then walks off. I get out of the jacuzzi, drying off. Grabbing a pair of shorts and shirt from my bag.

Walking into the dining area, the smell of food hitting my nostrils, suddenly very hungry. Jenny sitting down eating. I take a seat with her, Jeanie not currently present. Obviously seeing my wonder.

“She tends to eat in her office,” she says, right before taking a bite of food.

I dig in, the food quite tasty and prepared very well. “Did you cook this?”

She smiles, “Yes, I did, I went to culinary school prior to working for Ms. Osterman.”

“Wow, so then how did you end up as her assistant?” curious how you go from culinary school to being an assistant.

“Well, I was having trouble finding a job as a chef.” She says, “So I applied for this position to make money. Until I was able to find a chef position. Four years later, here I am. The job can be tough at times, but I make good money.”

“I wonder if you were expecting this situation when you applied for the job.”

“This is the strangest thing Ms. Osterman has had me help her with.” She smiles at me, “Though it has been interesting. Never heard her screaming like that.”

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