The Other Ashley Ch. 02

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All characters are fictional and depicted as over 21 years of age. Any similarity between my stories and someone else’s is just coincidence, because I didn’t read the other stuff. I’m trying to write good stories. Please rate and comment.

The Other Ashley ch. 2

Jack’s Story

I was pretty well lit when the girls came bopping into my room, that night. The thought of them sleeping together a second night had sent me to the liquor cabinet a few times. Ashley T. and I were just beginning to fall for each other. It was new, fresh and powerful. I had intended to get a little drunk and then turn out the lights and try and sleep, maybe spank the monkey. Then they came in. I thought Ashley and I would remain secret for a while. Then she climbed in my bed and sat on my cock with my daughter, Ashe watching.

I still had sweet memories of my ex, Beth and her sexy body and face. The fact that Ashe is practically a clone of her makes it even harder to keep my daughter out of my sexual thoughts. Then she offered up her magnificent breasts to me while I was balls deep in Ashley. I had to find a way to slam on the brakes before we went too far.

During the night, I crept limping back to Ashe’s room and peaked in on them. I don’t know what kind of perverse curiosity I was trying to satisfy. The door was open. When I saw the two of them spooned up sleeping with Ashe softly snoring, my thoughts went G-rated. Well, mostly. It was such sweet joy to have my girls here.

“Well, what’s it going to be? Are you going to call me Mom or Mommy?” Ashley teased Ashe. She pulled her chair next to mine and tickled the back of my calf with her toes.

Across the terrace table, Ashe tried to scowl but couldn’t help but smile. “I think I’ll call you asshole or shithead or something sweet like that.”

“Ladies let’s be civil. Ashe, when are you going back?” I asked.

“Trying to get rid of me, Cracker Jack?” The girls laughed. “I’ve got to go soon. I have to put a finishing touch on a paper.”

“I remember when he got that nickname. Beth says, ‘Pass me a cracker, Jack’. I laughed until it hurt.” Ashley said and gave me a sweet look.

“Come to my office after you get packed up. I’ve got a little cash for you.” I said. I wanted a little private moment before she went back to school. It would be a month before she came home again for Thanksgiving.

“Listen, you two. I think you might have a shot at something special. You have work to do. You both need to heal. Ashley, if you dress a little more mature and, Daddy, if you cover that gray, you will look more like a couple.” Ashe said.

“Gray? I don’t have any gray.” I protested.

Both girls laughed. “You look sexy, but yes, Jack, you have some major gray going on.” Ashley said. She combed my hair with her fingers.

“I have an idea for your hair too, Ashley. Hang on a second.” Ashe said and went inside.

I turned to Ashley and kissed her slowly. “I really do love you. I’m not kidding about this. I’ve wanted you in my life for a while.”

“I know, Jack. I’ve felt it. When I was in jail, I wondered what would happen if I came to you.” Ashley kissed me and took my hand. “I’m not going anywhere.”

Ashe came back out with a wet cloth, brush and a tube of hair dressing. She rubbed Ashley’s head with the cloth vigorously. The girls giggled. Then she put the dressing on her fingers and ran them through Ashley’s hair. Then Ashe took the brush and styled Ashley’s hair in a ‘boy-cut’ style, parted on the right side. “That’s it. I love it. God, you look good like that. Let the top grow out a little and trim the sides. It’s a more mature style. You can still spike it up crazy if you want.”

Ashley stood up and looked at her reflection in a window. “I love it. I look kind of hot.” She looked at me.

“You look smoking hot.” I said. She did. My dick was screaming ‘Charge!’

A while later, Ashe came to my office. “I figured that you wanted to talk so I asked Ashley to hang back for a minute.”

I hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. “Yeah baby. I don’t feel right about petting you last night. I got carried away. You are just as beautiful as your mother ever was. I’ve never let myself think of you sexually. I don’t want to go down that path.”

She got close to me and put her hands on my chest. “Daddy, every girl should fall in love with their father at some time in their life. There is more than one Ashley in this house that thinks you are handsome and sexy. I loved you touching me.” She backed away and we both sat down. She sent Ashley a text to join us. “Dad we talked last night before we fell asleep. Ashley and I are going to cool it. This was a magic weekend, but I had no idea about you two.”

“Hey guys. What’s up?” Ashley said entering the room.

“We were just discussing a few things. You could have been here for all of it. No secrets.” I said.

“I just told Jack that we would cool it so you two can be together without complications.” Ashe said.

“It’s erotik hikaye oku for the best, even if you are a sexy titty monster.” Ashley said.

I blushed. I handed Ashe an envelope with some cash in it. I handed Ashley five twenties folded up. “Here’s a little pocket money for you too, baby.”

“If we are becoming a couple, I don’t feel right taking your money.”

“You’ve been helping me as an employee. Take it. My ex never complained about me handing her money.” I didn’t mean to compare her to Beth. “Just put it up or something.”

“I’ve got nearly six hours of driving. I’ll decide on the way whether to tell Blake that we slept together.” Ashe said with worry in her voice.

“Don’t. Just let it slide. It was just for us this one time.” Ashley said.

“I don’t want it on my mind that I cheated. If he gets all pervy and wants a threesome right away, I’ll dump him. If he dumps me, then it’s what I deserve. If he gets mad, we fight and maybe later on talks about a threesome, we might have a chance.”

“I don’t want a threesome with you and him.” Ashley said.

“Oh, I know, babe. If he wants a threesome, I’ll tell him to find a really hot bisexual guy for me and him to share.” Ashe said and got us all laughing.

I was blushing. “Well, that will shut him up.” I said.

The girls looked at each other and smiled. “I don’t know. That might be kind of hot.” Ashley said.

Early afternoon, lounging in the pool and working my leg was making my knee feel pretty good. Ashley was there with me. We were touching and kissing. It was heavenly. My phone chimed. I read the text. “Ashe is taking a pit stop off I-65 before she hits Birmingham traffic.” I put my phone down.

“Good idea to drain that bladder before a traffic jam.” Ashley casually said. She kissed me lightly then rubbed her bare chest across mine. The house phone rang. “Kelley place. No this is the other Ashley. Yes, he’s right here. Some guy named Hawk wants to talk to a Maverick. I didn’t know you were a fighter pilot.” She handed me the phone and rolled her eyes smiling.

“Hey Mike. I needed to call you anyway. What’s up?” Mike Hawkins doesn’t call without a purpose.

“Is that the bird you sprang from her cage?” He asked.

“Yeah, man.”

“Boy that’s rich. Picking up girls at jail. That’s low hanging fruit, even for a lawyer.”

I sighed loud enough for him to hear it over the phone. “Next time I’m there, I’ll pick one up for you.”

Mike laughed a little more than usual. “My friend, Kim is trying to fix me up with some real estate agent. I called about Kim and her husband Tony. You’ve helped with adoptions, haven’t you?”

“I’ve heard you mention them. Yes, I’ve handled some adoptions. I only charge for expenses. It’s for the greater good, you know. Give them my cell number or office number.”

“Thanks. They are a bi-racial couple trying to adopt a brother and sister of mixed race to keep them together.” He said.

“Sounds nice. I bet it even melts your crusty old heart. Mike, listen, this lady bird had some things before she went in. If we track down anything, I’d be grateful if you could go with her to get her stuff.”

“No problem, Maverick. Call me. See you.”

Ashley crawled into my lap in the water. “So, you are Maverick huh? You don’t look like Tom Cruise.”

“Maverick was a TV show long ago. Two brothers were Bret and Bart Maverick. Bart was played by an actor named Jack Kelley. Mike Hawkins has been Hawk since he joined the Army. We have a friend we call Clyde because he’s married to a Bonnie.”

“A regular boy’s club.” Ashley said smiling. She placed wad of wet cloth on top of my head. It was her bikini bottom. “Some couples like to go to bed on Sunday afternoon.”

“Sounds like a wonderful tradition.” I said.

I had forgotten how high the passion can climb in a pure make-out session. It had been so long since I had taken the time to hold a partner in my arms and just bask in the contact and the closeness. Ashley was reintroducing me to this on the sofa. We were bonding and learning each other’s rhythms without the direct sexual contact.

“Jack, I’ve been thinking about something. Ashe’s bed is up on those risers. I think it might be at a good height for us.”

“Oh, you have studied this, huh?” I asked her teasing.

“I’m just looking out for your knee. If you stood beside the bed and I was on the bed… You know. Don’t make me say it.”

“This is all very interesting, Ms. Thompson.” I followed her back to Ashe’s room. She shucked off her shirt and stood before me in the brightly lit room. Here for less than a week, she was already looking a little better. The two kilos she had gained back had filled in her cheeks and put some softness to the edges of her shoulders. Her color was better. Her breasts were still tiny but shapelier.

My cock swelled looking at her. I stayed a few steps away. I drank in the pure sexuality of her recovering erotik hikaye beauty. My shorts fell to the floor and I took off my golf shirt. She was sliding her hands all over her body. She swayed her hips and did a slow turn as she took off her panties. I noticed Ashley breathing beeper. She opened her legs. I could easily see her luscious lips hanging out of her cleft.

Ashley moved gently onto the edge of the bed. She held her arms out to me. I stepped to her and into her arms. I kissed her and gently pushed her back on the bed. I pulled her legs up and lined her hips up with mine. I rubbed the head of my cock around her labia. Her wetness lubricated me. I inserted my cock into her going very slowly. She and I both concentrated on the feeling of our joining. She gasped and then slowly exhaled as I went in fully. I stretched over to kiss her and then rose up to begin. We gazed into each other’s eyes. I started the reciprocal action that we all love. Slowly at first. We were a good fit for the bed. I didn’t even notice until later that my knee was pain free. I was captivated by the sexual beauty of the lady under me. My rhythm varied. I tried to match the rhythms of her breathing and her gentle moaning. She moaned louder and suddenly had an orgasm that pushed me out. I held my cock and watched her cum. We shared a soft chuckle. I scrubbed my cock on the stubble of her shaven mound. Once she relaxed, I slipped my cock back inside her. She smiled. I quickly progressed back into pounding motion. I drove my fuck engine harder and harder. Soon my hearing dulled, and a cold chill went down my spine became a heat in my groin. I began to cum. I kept a gentle pumping going to try to keep cumming as long as possible. I filled her with my cum. It oozed out around me. I stepped back and watched my cum pour out of her. White globs clung to her cute little anus.

We climbed up on the bed and held each other. “Jack that was beautiful. That Sunday afternoon thing is really nice. I bet a bunch of kids get made on Sundays.”

“It’s a good day to take your time. I’ll always try to make you happy. I love you.” I said.

“Since I’m taking Back-up-Plan tomorrow, you could cum inside me ten or twelve more times tonight.”

I looked at her. “I know you are twenty years younger but, damn. That’s a bunch of banging, dear.”

She cracked and laughed. “It’s only nineteen years difference. You better get in shape, old man.”

I took her in my arms and dozed into a wonderful nap.

Ashley Kelley’s view.

My cell phone was ringing when I got out of the shower. [Trashley Cell] God, I’ve got to change that before I go back home. “Hey, girl. Where have you guys been? I tried all three phones.”

“We were back in your room asleep. We didn’t take a phone in there with us.” Ashley said.

“Why were you in my room? Don’t tell me. I was calling to let you both know that I got here OK.” I said.

“Your bed is a very good height for us.” Ashley said snickering. “Well, are you going to tell your boyfriend that you’ve been a total lesbian all weekend?”

“God, you’re crude. He’s on his way over. I need to tell him. I also need him to do me good. I’m so tired.”

“You said you had a paper to finish.” She said in that motherly tone again.

“That’s my code for, ‘I haven’t started it yet.’ My instructor likes looking at my tits. I’ll wear something tight tomorrow and ask for an extension until Wednesday.” I said.

“I’ll tell Jack that you are safely there. Ashe, your father and I are very proud of you.” Ashley said, laughing.

“Don’t push it, jailbird. Wash my sheets.” I said and hung up. I hope the “jailbird” thing didn’t hurt her.

I was beginning to get nervous about my boyfriend, Blake arriving. We had a good relationship. He was a gentleman. He was a mathematics phenom in school on a full academic scholarship. We could have a future. He’s also an extraordinary specimen of a man. He’s tall and muscled. His skin is almost flawless. In bed he is a beast. Many men claim eight inches, he has it. His cock is bullet shaped, circumcised and he can go for hours. Man-scaped and clean shaven, he could easily be a porn star.

He’s not completely in the dark. I prepared him before I left. I told him about Ashley. I even told him she was my girlfriend for a while. I downplayed the sex and just said that we had experimented. He thought it was hot. I didn’t tell him that I go totally lesbian when I get near her. I’ve got to stop that and let her and Dad build something nice.

Knock at the door.

“Why did you knock? You have a key.” I said and hugged and kissed him.

“I didn’t want to startle you. I’m glad you are back. How was the trip?” Blake asked.

“Long. I’m exhausted. That drive seems longer every time.” I said.

“Well, how’s your friend?” Blake asked with a little point in his voice.

“She looks terrible. She’s malnourished and has prison tattoos. You’d think she’d been in there for twenty porno hikayeleri years.” I said.

“Is there anything we need to talk about? You dropped that little jewel about her being your old girlfriend right before you left.”

“I guess I’ve got to be honest. We slept together while I was home. It was all so emotional and painful. We had so much to say to each other.”

“So, you had to say it in bed?” He asked.

“It was a one-time thing for ‘old times sake’. We agreed not to do it again. Her and Dad are in a relationship now.” I shouldn’t have said that.

“You had a one-time thing that took two nights.” He said getting more agitated.

“I didn’t know about her and Dad until later. We mostly just held each other and cried a lot.” I said.

“You didn’t have gay sex?”

“We did. Just a couple of times.” Just shoot me someone, anyone.

“I’ve been up here in ‘The Music City’ waiting for you and you’ve been in South Georgia eating pussy. Did you think of me?”

“Blake, I love you. Please don’t say it like that. Of course, I thought of you.” I was trembling. “I’m so sorry.”

“What am I supposed to do now?” He had frustration in his voice.

“I know you are angry. You should be. This is cheating just as if it was a guy.” I said.

“If it was a guy, I’d already be gone. I don’t know what I’m going to do.” He said.

I didn’t think about it like I should have. Ashley was right, again. I should have kept my mouth shut. But Dad knew. I had to do the right thing for Jack. Still, seeing Blake so agitated, was making me hot. This meant so much to him. I reacted by pulling out my not-so-secret weapon. I dropped my robe and stood there nude.

“You’re beautiful, but that’s not the answer to everything.” He said. He crossed the room to me. He just stared at me for a minute. Then he gently pushed me to sitting on the sofa. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what he would do. He unfastened his jeans and presented his cock to me. All I knew to do was take it in my hand. It swelled quickly and then to full hard when I took him in my mouth. I was still confused about what to do. I stroked his shaft and sucked the head of the huge cock. He hunched and poked my mouth. I sucked him until he was ready to fuck me. He pushed me to lie on the sofa. And mounted me he shoved his full length inside my pussy. I was still sore from getting fisted then sitting on the champagne bottle, but I didn’t let on. He was hurting me at first. Then my natural juices began flowing. The passion was overcoming the fear and shame. For Blake, the pleasure was overcoming the anger and frustration. He was pounding me and jamming his thick hard cock in me relentlessly. He didn’t seem to notice me having an orgasm. He just kept fucking with all his might. He called out a loud grunt and then pulled his cock out. He stroked it firmly and shot cum all over me. The first round flew all the way up to splatter my face and in my mouth. Three more big spurts sprinkled my tits with his cum.

I’ve always enjoyed how Blake could go right back in for seconds. He had given me numerous orgasms after he had cum once and was back in for more. This time he seemed to be on a mission. With cum still oozing from his cock, he was back in my wet cunt pounding me again. He pulled out and told me to get up on my knees. He entered me from behind. I turned to hug the back of the sofa, Blake stood on the floor, drilling me dog style. I could feel the head of his cock colliding with my uterus and popping past my cervix to the limit of my hole. I had another orgasm that went unnoticed by him. He started massaging my anus with his thumb. It felt really hot until he pulled out of my pussy and pressed his cock head into my ass.

“Go slowly. I’m not ready.” I pleaded. It just inspired him to jam his thick cock up my ass. I cramped up. The pain was intense. I forced myself to push like shitting. After a few seconds, I opened enough for him to slip in and out of my asshole. It was feeling good again. I felt like I was about to have a glorious anal orgasm when suddenly he injected my rectum with a load of his cum. I dropped my butt over sideways and held my hand against my violated anus. I felt as if it was just laying open.

I listened as Blake wash himself off in the bathroom. He came back in the living room and dressed. He sat long enough to tie his shoes. As he stood and put on his jacket, “I don’t know how I’m supposed to face your dad and that girl. With them knowing that I know and still stay with you, they can’t have any respect for me. How can I look Jack in the eye?” He stepped toward the door. “You know, just a few weeks ago, we were out and saw some lesbian couples. You said some very unfair things making fun of them. You ridiculed the masculine girls. All the while, it turns out that you are bisexual. Shit! I’ll come get my things later in the week and drop off my key.

I didn’t move for a while. I cried. I was sure he’d either storm out or get all pervy. Instead, he thought of how my dad would not respect him. He shamed me for the shameful things I had said hypocritically about the lesbians. So, I sat there with his semen liquefying and running into my couch along with my tears, rightfully shamed and savagely grudge fucked.

Back to Jack

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