The Morning After

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Evan woke up much earlier than usual. He was naked, and it took a minute to register that he was alone. That wouldn’t be so unusual, especially since he’d woken up alone every morning since the pandemic hit. But the night before, the twenty-one year old college senior hadn’t gone to bed by himself. He might’ve thought he’d been dreaming, but Jenny’s scent was all over his body and sheets. Most guys would probably freak out to wake up and realize they’d spent the night in bed with their eighteen year old sister, but Evan smiled at the memory. They hadn’t simply fucked like an energetic pair of siblings excited about breaking the greatest taboo, they’d made hot, intense love like a devoted couple who were meant to be together.

After lying in bed and reliving the amazing memory of making love to his voluptuous younger sister, Evan finally got up and pulled on a loose pair of sweat shorts, not bothering with a shirt. It was a beautiful morning and he felt better than he could ever remember feeling. After the weeks of tension finally building to the melting point, the brother and sister had found their way to his bed and he realized that sex with someone he loved as much as he loved his baby sister was a whole new world he was just on the brink of discovering.

It didn’t occur to him there could be anything wrong until he got downstairs and realized Jenny was nowhere in sight. A quick room check of the first floor confirmed his teenaged sister wasn’t even in the house. Checking the garage, he discovered the door was open and her bike was gone.

Evan started to worry as he went back to the kitchen to find something for breakfast. Everything had been so perfect the night before. They said they loved each other over and over again. Evan had told his sister how beautiful she was, and she actually cried for a while as she admitted to being tired of having guys leave her for girls who were skinny and better looking.

However, Evan was never impressed by skinny girls. He had an open mind for any type of girl, but it took a girl like Jenny to really turn his head with her incredibly thick, shapely body and enormous tits to match. Jenny was as pretty as any girl in town, with her long, dark brown hair and sweet, girl-next-door kind of look. Yet the teen always complained about her size and having to wear glasses that made her look nerdy.

Evan thought he’d managed to help Jenny feel better about herself. He thought he made her feel wanted and loved, but waking up to discover she’d taken off on her bike much earlier than she normally would have made him suspect something was wrong. Could she have woken up and felt horrified when she realized she’d given her virginity to her own brother? After falling asleep feeling so full of love and contentment, he now started to worry if his beloved baby sister would hate him now.

Maybe he’d pushed her too far too soon. The sex had been intense and adventurous on top of being a loving union between a brother and sister. Evan couldn’t find a single reason to regret it, but that didn’t mean his sister hadn’t. And now he was starting to fear he was turning out to be the worst brother in the world when all he wanted to do was give his love to the most special girl he’d ever known.

While nibbling distractedly on some fruit out of the fridge, Evan sent his sister at least four texts in a row, asking if she was okay. He chose his words cautiously, not sure what Jenny was thinking or if she was ready to talk about what happened. It took a while, but he finally got one, simple reply that said I’m fine. It wasn’t much, but at least it was something.

Evan messaged his sister back to let her know he’d be there at the house whenever she got back. He followed it up with a heart emoji, hoping it would make a difference. Then he spent some time texting his mother who was in another state with their father. Evan’s parents had a condo in a beach resort area and when flights started being cancelled they decided to shelter in place right there. Evan had left campus along with everyone and moved back home with Jenny. Their parents trusted him to keep his sister safe and take care of things around the house for however long it would take.

Satisfied their parents were alright, Evan went upstairs and took a shower. He started getting hard as he lathered his cock with Jenny’s body wash and thought back to the way they’d been cuddling on the couch last night, barely paying attention to something on TV. His sister had been wearing an extra-large T shirt of his. It always made him smile when his sister stole one of his big shirts to sleep in. It probably would’ve looked like a boat sail on an average girl, but Jenny’s thick, almost chubby, build stretched at the shirt in the most intoxicating ways. Her beautifully rounded ass and thighs filled the bottom hem enticingly while her enormous tits stretched the upper fabric to leave no doubt she was not wearing a bra.

Evan remembered holding his little sister protectively kartal escort against him, his arm around her as she lay her face against his shoulder. Her body felt so warm and lush it made him feel like he was vibrating. He wanted to explore that glorious body with his hands, but this was his little sister. It just couldn’t happen.

But the two had spent so much time talking. Evan told her how glad he was that they were together if everyone had to be locked down in the midst of a pandemic. She actually cooed happily and snuggled up tighter to him, but then she half-kiddingly asked him if he would rather be in quarantine with some girl from his campus.

“Don’t you miss all those college girls who are probably fighting each other off to get you?” she said.

“Why would I when I can snuggle on the couch every night with the best and prettiest girl ever?” he replied.

Jenny had blushed at her brother’s compliment and tried to pass it off, but that was when Evan couldn’t take it anymore and kissed his sister’s luscious lips. It came as a shock to both of them. Evan could hardly believe his own behavior. But he wasn’t sorry about it, and he felt a rush of excitement that just about made his head spin. He could feel Jenny stiffen with surprise at first, but she was quick to relax and begin kissing him back.

Evan had probably been just as surprised at his own behavior as his sister. When he first kissed her he didn’t even know what he was doing. It just felt automatic. Just being around her with days on end of just the two of them together in the house had made him feel better than he realized. And in the evenings when Jenny was lounging around in one of his oversized T shirts he couldn’t help seeing her in a new light. She never wore a bra to bed and her unbound tits would heave wildly whenever she moved. And the sight of her legs made his pulse race all on their own. They were so thick and shapely, and her skin looked a soft as satin.

The brother and sister had spent so long just making out on the family couch while the TV was on. Evan had been instantly taken in by Jenny’s young passion. He knew it was more than eager lust. His sister loved him as much as he loved her. It was clear she wanted more than just kisses, just the same way he did. But she was still his baby sister, so his hands had been reluctant to explore her luscious body the way he was aching to.

They’d been hugging tightly, though their hands were slow to explore. Yet Jenny grew increasingly bold in pressing and rubbing her enormous tits against the front of her brother’s body. Evan ended up with a raging hard on in his briefs, and he finally gave in to the powerful urge to feel her spectacular melons. At first he cautiously felt the heavy orbs through her T shirt, searching for the dents of her swollen nipples in the fabric. His sister whimpered when he touched her so intimately, even though he had his tongue in her mouth.

When Evan saw how much his little sister loved feeling his hands on her tits, he reached under the shirt and began massaging them in the flesh. His firm, searching touch brought a fresh round of girlish whimpers into his mouth. Her nipples were hard and swollen when he found them and rolled them between his fingertips. Jenny responded with whimpers and moans when her brother teased her nipples. He was amazed by his little sister with such firm, warm tits that were bigger and firmer than any of the girls he knew from college.

Evan finally paused their kissing and looked intensely at his pretty baby sister. “Jenny, I want to see you,” he told her.

“Oh god,” his sister groaned. It was easy to see how shy she felt, yet after a moment’s hesitation, she lifted the T shirt over her head and revealed her lush body to her brother.

“Oh, Jen, you’re so beautiful,” he said, his eyes taking in her curvy form. He was excited to discover she wasn’t wearing panties.

“I’m not, really,” she replied. “But you make me feel like I am.”

“Ohhh, Jen.”

Evan took his sister into his arms and kissed her again. This time he shifted gears, kissing her deeply but more gently, wanting to make her feel like something special and delicate. But their kiss was soon just as hot and heated as before, and Evan’s hands explored his sister’s openly exposed tits with firm, searching fingers. His cock was rock hard and pushing against the material of his boxer briefs. It was hidden under the bottom of his T shirt, but his sister’s hand kept brushing over it more and more often, until she finally grew bold enough to feel his throbbing shaft through the fabric. Evan was going crazy by then.

They stopped kissing long enough for Evan to yank off his shirt and briefs, exposing his rock solid pole to his sister for the first time. At first she just stared at it, making her brother wonder if it was the first time she’d ever seen a guy’s hard dick. She just sat by him on the couch in silence for a long moment where she gazed at his organ maltepe escort bayan in awe. Evan was a very well-endowed college man, and Jenny was slow to reach out and touch him.

“It’s okay, Jen,” he told her through deep breath. “You can touch it. I really want you to. Please.”

His little sister finally curled her soft hand around his throbbing shaft, squeezing him and testing the feel.

“God, it’s so hard,” she whispered. “Does my hand feel good.”

“It feels amazing, Jen. I love having you touch me.”

He was just about to guide her hand into a stroking motion when she started to do it on her own. Evan moaned with pleasure and sat back to watch her stroke his pole. She looked so pleased with herself to be bringing her older brother so much pleasure.

Evan finally kissed her again and started massaging her pussy while she kept stroking his cock. Her shaven slit was smooth as silk and wet enough to soak her brother’s fingers within seconds. She gasped at the first drag of his large fingers over her sex lips. Her curvy hips rocked into his touch as his fingers stroked harder and deeper along her wet furrow. He was just as excited by the sounds of his baby sister’s whimpers and moans of need as everything else.

The passionate brother’s kisses were soon trailing down the girl’s soft neck, and down lower over the big, stunning mounds of her young tits. Jenny’s moans went deeper when Evan caught her thickly hardened nipples between his lips, sucking each one between his lips. He sucked the tips of his sister’s lush orbs with a driving hunger he’d never felt for any other girl.

Jenny’s hand was still exploring Evan’s steel-hard rod. Precum was oozing heavily out of his knob and she was smearing the juice up and down his swollen stalk with her hand. But it wasn’t much longer before Even found himself moving between his sister’s thick thighs. She opened them wide for him like it was the most natural gesture in the world

Then, just as Evan was about to plunge his throbbing cock into the girl’s wet and ready pussy, the pair looked at each other in awe. There was nothing but pure love and trust in his pretty sister’s eyes.

“Are you sure you want this, Jen?” he asked at the last moment.

“So much,” she replied. “I need you to be my first. It has to be you and no one else.”

Evan was dying to simply shove his needful hard on deep and hard into his little sister’s ready pussy, but he held himself back. He stood up and took her by the hand. She got up, too, and he led her up the stairs to their parents’ bedroom, where he’d been sleeping since he came back. He pulled back the covers and the pair lay down on their sides, facing each other. Evan’s cock was just as hard and throbbing as it was downstairs, but he didn’t want his sister to remember him acting like a crazed sex maniac for her first time. Yet he’d never wanted anyone so badly as his sweet baby sister with all her amazing, irresistible curves.

The couple slid closer together, until Jenny’s enormous tits were touching her brother’s chest while the long shaft of his distended pole nestled between her big, round thighs. He touched her face and finally took her glasses off, setting them aside on the bedside table. He then stroked her hair and cheek with the backs of his fingers.

“I love you so much, baby sis,” he told her softly. “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

Jenny looked at him with an almost pained expression. Her eyes started to well over with moisture until a tear spilled over.

“Oh, Evan, how can you even say things like that?”

“Because they’re true,” he avowed.

Before she had a chance to reply, he rolled his thickly built sister onto her back and poised the big, blunt tip of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. The feel of her slippery wet sex lips against his nudging cock head made him realize what they were about to do. His loving little sister was about to give him the greatest gift she would ever give to anyone. Her precious virginity. Her lush, generous body. And most of all, her love.

Jenny’s eyes opened wide as her brother began to push his cock into her slick hole with patient insistence. Inch by red hot inch, his long, thick shaft stretched her pussy and filled her. The look of amazed pleasure and love in his sister’s eyes made Evan’s pulse spike to another level. He couldn’t believe he had his raging cock buried in this sweet girl’s snugly clasping pussy. It was astonishing to him that such a big, curvy girl could have such a seemingly tiny hole.

“You’re…inside me,” she whispered, almost reverently.

“Every inch, my love,” he whispered back, even though there was no one to overhear anything they said to each other.

“Is that what I am? Your love?” she asked expectantly.

Her brother smiled, holding his pulsating cock inside without daring to move. “That’s what you’ve always been and always will be, Jen.”

His little sister escort pendik purred happily and squeezed him with her pussy muscles. “I’m not a virgin anymore, Ev,” she told him, a coy smile gracing her supple lips. “I’m a woman now.”

“You’re an amazing woman,” he said, meaning every word.

“And you’re the most amazing man ever,” she purred happily. “I love the way you feel inside me. I can’t believe you got all of that big thing all the way in.”

“Mmmm, you feel perfect, angel. Maybe you’ll like it when…”

Instead of finishing the sentence, Evan pulled his cock back and then pushed deep again, beginning a slow, loving fuck. Straining to keep himself from thrusting too hard too soon, he began to lengthen the strokes of his cock, delighted by the love and pleasure lighting up his sister’s pretty brown eyes.

“Oh, oh, ohhhh, yes, darling, I do like that. Oh I like that so much. Oh, Evan, fuck, I love it,” she cooed in a desperate tone.

“I love you, baby sis,” her brother groaned, beginning to push his pole into the girl’s big body with slowly building force.

“I love you, big brother,” she moaned.

Now the girl’s hips were moving to her brother’s long, mind-bending cock thrusts. He ravaged his little sister’s delicious mouth with his, savoring the opulent feeling of her huge tits against his body as he pumped harder, deeper, faster.

“Yes, yes, Evan, oh god, do it hard in me, darling. Do it hard!”

He felt her thick thighs open wider than he thought they could go. If she wanted her brother’s dick going hard and fast into her tight, wet pussy, then that was exactly what he was going to give her. He began pumping into the luscious girl with all of his strength, driving his thick pole into her juicy core. Jenny gasped for air with every thrust, and when he saw the pained yet rapturous expression on her face when she started to cum, Evan had to strain to keep from exploding immediately.

The young man plowed on, thrusting that huge cock into her previously unused sheath like a man on a mission. Yet he was on a mission. She was his mission. And right now her ecstatic pleasure was all he cared about. He fucked her and kissed her with a passionate hunger like he’d never known. She was everything to him and he wanted to make her his own forever. He knew he could never feel this with anyone but his baby sister.

Evan’s balls pushed up against Jenny’s ass with every thrust. His smooth sac was coated with her flowing fuck honey and he knew he could only hold on for a little bit longer.

Suddenly, Jenny was gasping and moaning louder and deeper than ever before. Her brother could feel the hot ripples of ecstasy deep in her lathery core.

“I love you, Evan,” she cried out. “I love your cock and I want your cum, baby. Cum in your sister, my love. Do it deep, please, baby pleeeeazzze!”

“Fuck!” her brother shouted. He pumped his pulsing rod deep and hard into her body and felt his mind start to spin while he unleashed a creamy torrent of brother-cum deep into her pussy.

Evan kissed the girl for the longest time after they came. He finally rolled off her and cuddled her in his arms as they affirmed their mutual love one more time before both fell asleep.

His vivid thoughts of the previous night made Evan’s cock hard again as he stood in the shower. He was sorely tempted to stroke his cock, but he wanted his amazing sister back more than anything else. In the end, worrying that she woke up to regret what they shared kept him from jerking off, and the more he worried about Jenny his hard on began to subside on its own.

He felt a little foolish for showering so early since he was going to end up doing work around the house and yard and getting sweaty. He also needed to work out, especially this morning. It was the best way he could think of to ease his mind.

Evan’s laptop was in his old bedroom, which he was using as an office for finishing off the last of his courses online before graduating. He tried to spend an hour concentrating on his final papers, but he finally gave up. All he could think about was Jenny. Even if he hadn’t been so worried about what she was probably going through, he just missed her. He missed the sound of her sweet, girly voice and the way she giggled at his jokes. He missed her smile and how cute she looked in her glasses. He missed the way her body filled out her clothes and sometimes spilled over.

He started thinking about the way it felt being with her in their parents’ bed. It was like they were the mom and dad of the house. A loving, lifetime couple. It hardly seemed realistic to think he could ever have that with his younger sister, but that didn’t stop him from wanting her that way. Last night he was sure she felt the same way. It had been too good between them to be any other way. But maybe the remorse had gotten to her in the light of day when she woke up and realized she’d given her virginity to her own brother.

When Evan imagined how scary that could be to a sweet, sensitive girl like Jenny he felt terrible. As much as he loved her, he never meant to make her feel sorry about what they’d done. For him, it had been the greatest experience of his life. He just wished it could be for her, too.

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