The Masters Girls 02 : Second Story


Kendra Neal left her fiancée Tony dozing off on the sofa and opted to check in on the girls. She made her way upstairs and knocked on the door leading to Rose and Becca’s isolation.

“Girls? Are you settled in? I feel we need to talk a little.”

The door opened as Rose stood there changed into nothing but a long white T-shirt that said “Daddy’s Girl” on it. Kendra was taken back by her shirt.

“You loved your Father very much didn’t you?”

Rose faintly smiled allowing Kendra into the room. Becca was sitting on the queen sized bed with her legs crossed Indian style. Her hands clasped in front of her lap holding her own long T-shirt down.

Rose joined her on the bed crouching on her knees as they awaited Kendra to speak. Their Mother noted Becca’s white T-shirt as saying the same as Rose’s. Becca tilted her chin down on her poised 36C chest to read her shirt upside down.

“Yes, we did. Dad was the finest Man we ever knew. It feels strange without him.”Becca adds.

Kendra sits down on the mattress and hesitantly holds her arms up for a hug. “I’m here so talk to me.”

Becca frowned at her as Rose sighed offering up, “It isn’t going to be easy for us to open up to you when all we have ever known is Daddy. It’s easier talking to a man. We are genuinely wanting to try being a family again, Kendra. Forgive us for not being ready to call you Mom.”

Kendra lowers her arms and rests her palms on her knees, “I understand. You two have grown up. I can hardly tell you apart. I think we need name tags.”

Becca raises her chin from her chest and smiles, “We like it when nobody can tell us apart. That’s why we get the same haircuts and keep ourselves in shape. Even tanning we do together. We’re going to miss our tanning bed and treadmill.”

Rose added, “And, our hot tub. Our swimming pool. The beach.”

Their Mother nodded, “My home’s not set up for all of that I’m afraid. Tony’s home has a pool and hot tub, and workout equipment. The only thing on your list he doesn’t have is the tanning bed. He gets enough sun while roofing.”

Rose giggles, “It’s settled then. We move tomorrow.”

Kendra smiles brightly, “I think not! Not quite yet. We need to bond more I feel. Fourteen years is a long time girls. Until we can get better acquainted we stay here. Now, tell me what you like to do for fun.”

Rose and Becca fake a blush then think as one. Finally Becca opens up, “Laying out in the summer time.”

In which Kendra replies grimacing, “Big back yard. Creepy neighbors though.”

She looked at Rose for further insight. Rose puckered up, “We used to make breakfast for Daddy and curl up in bed with him as he read the Sunday funnies to us.”

“I’ll be certain to pick us up a Sunday paper. You can make French toast.”

Both girls frown at her and change the subject. Becca peps up, “Shopping! Daddy used to take us shopping for clothing. Mostly online though. We used to have runway fashion shows in the hallway at home.”

Kendra winces with a chuckle, “Your Father used to take you clothing shopping? Wow! I could never get him out of the house. Even trying on new clothes at home to show him rarely got a reaction. And, I’m sorry girls but you definitely got your good looks from my side of the gene pool.”

Rose grew grim at hearing her Mother’s put down, “Daddy was a very handsome Man. That was uncalled for.”

Kendra’s eyes flare wide at her outburst, “I didn’t say Robert was ugly. Look in the mirror sweetheart. You two look just like I did at your age. If anything you obtained Robert’s darker complexion. Your Grandmother was Mediterranean. So, cool your jets, Becca.”

Rose rolls her eyes, “I’m Rose. Should we get tattoos so you can tell who we are? I can get a rose over my left tit.”

Kendra fidgeted, “I’m sorry Rose. And, no you can’t get a tattoo. Why not try for something more subtle? Such as earrings, Rose you wear one in your left ear. Becca you put one in your right ear.”

Becca grimaces, ” The right ear symbolizes being a lesbian. Are you wanting me to become one?”

Kendra shakes her head, “I give up. I love you two. Get some sleep. As I told you earlier I’ve asked Tony if he might stay here tomorrow while I’m at work. He owns his own company so he can make his own hours. Is that okay with you? We can cook dinner together when I get home. Spaghetti?”

Rose stands up and holds her waist, “Too fattening. I’m too hot to risk you ruining it with carbs. I can toss a mean salad though.”

Kendra smirks, “Oh, yes. The rules. Fair enough. We can discuss what we can do over the weekend when I have time off from the Hospital. You might have to fend for yourselves once Tony and I are both at work. I can’t expect him to lose money on our account. Sleep well.

She then stands and shuffles to the door when Becca offers, “It’s okay with us that Tony keeps us company. Our future Stepfather is cute. You’re very lucky to have him.”

Kendra smiles, “I think so too.”

With that Kendra leaves the room.

Rose escort hikayeleri plops back down next to Becca and whispers, “No, Becca. We are very lucky to have him. And, I for one intend to make him very happy he has us.” She then lifts her pillow to hold up the concealed dildo, “You first?”

Becca leaps up on the mattress quietly ushering, “Daddy!” The name for their toy.

Rose licks the crown of the toy and slaps her lips with it, “I’ve missed Daddy!”

So did Becca. So much she fights Rose for it while giggling.


Oblivious to their frolicking Kendra made her way downstairs to find Tony sprawled out on the sofa snoring to his hearts content. She stood over him smiling at her fortune to have such a stunning lover. In her troubled mind of late, he was her only source of encouragement. Thank God for Tony.

Crouching down she reaches in to caress his hair lovingly, “Let’s go to bed Stud. I have to be up early. Long day.”

In response Tony revives groggily, “Wha–? Yeah! Okay just give me a second to come out of this coma. You go on to bed I’ll be up shortly. I’ll lock up and grab me a drink.”

Kendra leans in and plants a warm kiss on his lips then stands up to walk around the coffee table and make her way back upstairs. She pauses at the girl’s door looking down at the threshold to find darkness. No noises came from inside. Convinced they were dead asleep led her to her own room.

She went about taking her makeup off in front of her vanity before undressing and putting on a pair of pink pajamas. Fluffing her pillow she crawls in under the covers and lays there quietly in thought. Her mind was reeling at Motherhood starting all over again. With a deafening yawn she fell asleep. She would have to feel Tony coming to bed when he got there.

Tony himself shuffled about checking the front and back door to be certain they were locked. Opening the fridge he took a few swigs directly from the milk carton feeling no regret for his manners. Once satisfied he shut out the lights and made his way upstairs in the pitch darkness.

At the top of the stairs he heard a whining followed by light moans. He halts in his step for a clearer listen, going so far as to hold his breath. It was coming from Rose and Becca’s room. Obviously, they were playing with themselves. For any man alive that was reason to pause. Testosterone would halt any man in his tracks. He would stand there immobile for five more minutes.

Each moan grew more and more intense until he found himself creeping closer to their door. His ear planted directly over the wood of the door itself. They were both moaning now. The vocals becoming more pitchy as they neared climax.

His eyes darted toward Kendra’s room eying the light under her threshold where he knew he could see Kendra’s shadow readying to open her door should she get up to look for him. This kept him there mesmerized by the girl’s emotional ride. Finally, he heard them shriek at having simultaneous orgasms. For long moments he stood there hoping to hear more. Silence foreboding he prepared to step away when he heard gentle tapping on the door beside him. Followed by the soft whispers of both girls, “Goodnight, Tony.”

His eyes bulged and his erection took an immediate nosedive. They knew he was there listening. With gritted teeth he shook his head and went to bed. He would have to calm his hard on. That, or wake Kendra for release.

Instead, he chose to lay there beside his Fiancée and contemplate the future. Within, thirty minutes he and his hard on were fast asleep.

Tomorrow would prove interesting.

Tony the babysitter.

5:00 AM came along without warning as Kendra slapped her snooze button for an extra nine minutes of torment. A twelve hour day at work on the first full day of reuniting with her daughters. There was absolutely no way that she could skip work on such short notice. Her job was too important to her, and the Doctor she worked for depended on her punctuality far to steadily.

Finally forcing herself out of bed, at least to sit up on the edge, she yawns and twists to watch Tony still fast asleep. She smiled vibrantly then leaned over to nudge him, “Tony? Tony?”

His eyes crept open even though his thoughts were muddled, “I’m awake.”

She turns and lays next to him tenderly kissing him on the forehead, “Thank you for being so wonderful. I know I ask so much from you. Watching the girls today means so much to me. I feel like I burden you.”

He sighs hugging his pillow, “I’m fine, Ken. Besides I need some time off. “Murray” can run the building site for a day, maybe three. If you need me this first week I’ll figure it out. Besides, bonding can’t hurt. Right?”

“So true. We will be one big happy family. I firmly believe that. In time!”

He puckers fighting his eyelids, “Go to work. Save lives!”

She kissed him once more then raced around getting dressed. Observing herself in a bureau mirror at her 5’6 gaziantep escort hikayeleri stature and long brown hair she realized just how much she and the girls favored each other in appearance. Within fifteen minutes she was ready save for pinning her hair back. Another five to accomplish that she left her bedroom. At the staircase she stops and looks at the bedroom door of the girls and blows a kiss at it. She was happy this new day.

Off to work she went.

At 7:40 AM Tony began to stir. His nostrils picked up the distinct smell of coffee and eggs. He laid there thinking he was dreaming. Then, came a knock at the bedroom door. He rolls over on to his back and merely stares at the door. He wondered what the twins were up to after hearing the revelations of their playfulness last night. With a confused expression he offers, “Yeah?”

“We made breakfast for you.” Before he could reply the bedroom door opened up and both girls strutted in like they owned the place. He swiftly sat up pulling the sheets up to his waist. Shocked to say the least.

“I could have come downstairs.”

They stood at the side of the bed holding a tray looking at him so innocently. Still in their night shirts he noticed. Rose took the lead, “We thought we would bring it to you. We used to do that for Daddy. It just felt like the right thing to do”

In turn Becca leans over on to the bed and hands him the tray.

Claiming it he nestles into a better sitting position which without his hands to assist made the sheets slide lower than he felt comfortable about. Yet, his dark side allowed it to stay the way it had slipped. Tray over his lap he smiles faintly, “Nice of you Gals. Reckon I’ll make you lunch later.”

Rose climbs up on to the mattress on to her knees and settles her ass back on to her feet. “We can do that too. It’s a woman’s job after all.”

Tony nibbling at a piece of toast winced, “Your Daddy tell you that?”

Becca joined her sister on the bed to Tony’s left to stretch out on her side. He eyed her legs all the way up to the hem of her wrinkled up t-shirt. Barely covering her private parts.

“Daddy taught us many things. We miss him badly.”

He puckered up, “Wounds are still fresh. Give it a few months and it won’t be so rough on your emotions.”

Becca nodded lightly, “We think you are very nice, Tony. Rose and I have talked and we want you to know us better. And, we you.”

Tony swallows the last bite of toast then offers a grin, “Think I know Ya’ll pretty good after that incident yesterday. Showing off your whiskers and all.”

Rose lifts her shirt to reveal her landing strip to Tony, “Oh! You mean these whiskers? Daddy made me keep it to know which daughter I was.”

Becca notices Tony gain an erection at the sight of Rose’s pussy. With a glint in her eye she points down at it, “Tony has morning wood, Rose.”

In reaction Rose lifts her body slightly to view the sheet rise beneath the tray. A light giggle she uses her toes to tickle Becca in the ribs.

Tony drank his Orange juice and let them have their fun. Once he sat his glass down he cleared his throat, “I’m thinking your Momma doesn’t need to know you two came in here like this. If’n we’re all gonna get along here there’s gotta be some ground rules. Understood?”

Both girls nod in equal fashion. “We love rules!”

“So I hear. Your Dad’s Will.”

He sets the tray off to his right side and folds his arms over his chest. A lengthy stare at them he risks everything Kendra ever meant to him. “You don’t know Kendra like I do. I don’t wanna hurt your Momma. I love her. So, any shenanigans that goes on around here remains a secret. Trust is everything.”

Rose pouts, “But, won’t you and we be breaking a trust toward Her?”

Tony nods with a grimace, “It’s safer. My gut says that your Daddy taught ya’ll a lil too well. You got habits that he probably trained you to think were okay. Habits that your Momma wouldn’t approve of. SO! Rule number one! Keep your clothes on when Kendra’s around. You can’t be so open or she’s gonna catch on real fast. I need ya’ll to be model daughters toward Her. Am I clear?” He pauses, “Rule number two. If my gut is right it’s better you never tell your Momma what Daddy taught you. Ever.”

They continue to process his words nodding cautiously. Becca sits up Indian style facing him and challenges him, “What you refer to as habits, we call ritual. We always obey, Daddy. You aren’t Him.”

He leans forward and points at her, “Around Me I’ll let ya’ll get away with it. NOT AROUND YOUR MOMMA! Daddy ain’t here. I AM!”

The girls lower their gaze at his raised voice and both whisper, “Yes, Tony.”

He nestles back against the headboard feeling his own adrenaline flowing like a river. Even he noted his erection stabbing skyward far higher than before. With a sneer he continues, “Want you to answer a question honestly. Both of you.”

They perk up without expression escort gaziantep hikayeleri eying him directly with saucer like eyes. He almost melted at their beauty. Yet, he maintained his control. “Only I know what you been through. What else did your Daddy teach you?”

Rose needed confirmation, “Everything! Specifically? How to treat him?”

Becca continued for her, “How to be women. What a man needs.”

He narrows his eyes, “And, what did he say a Man needs?”

Rose takes some initiative and leans forward to pinch the crown of his cock under the cotton fabric. He tenses up at her maneuver as she pulls away grinning to her sister. Becca only eyed Tony awaiting a response.

“Your Daddy taught you how to please a man, did he?” Tony pondered aloud.

Becca nods, “Yes.” As Rose fidgets.

“He take your virginity’s?” Tony had to know if his hunch was correct. The girls merely looked puzzled, “What’s virginity?”

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. How could they not know? Unless, “Did he have sex with you?”

They both smile brightly and simultaneously burst, “YES! Every day! We love sex.”

Almost bubbly they bounce up and down on their knees. He throws his palms up to quiet them down, “Okay! Okay! Calm down. You gals may not see it as wrong but your Daddy shouldn’t have been doing that. You two don’t know any better. Whatever you do you can’t tell your Momma that. It would destroy her. Promise me you will keep that information to yourself.”

They nod, “Yes, Sir!”

Rose looked at Tony ready to scream. He studies their eyes and emotions then fans his arms out to his sides. “Snuggle up!”

Both girls leaped at the chance. One under each of his arms he curls his arms around them. They breath heavily with the joy of being accepted.

Becca under his left arm tilts her profile to look up at him, “We will never betray you, Tony!”

Rose concurred nodding under his armpit as he hugged them tighter, “Never!”

For long moments he enjoyed the feel of their youth and knew he was breaking every bit of respect Kendra had for him. Suddenly, he didn’t care. Hearing how their Dad trained them made his mind ready to attempt a hostile takeover. Tony was going to be Daddy! His way.

Their hands rubbed along his chest hair slipping lower to his chiseled stomach. He glared down at his chest watching their fingers probe at him. The sheet pulled taut under their weight yet he could see his pubic hair slipping into view. Their hands drawing closer and closer made him growl under his breath.

“Pull him out!”

Both girls giggled and sighed at the same time swiftly venturing beneath the sheet to claim his cock. All nine inches of it.

Their jaws dropped at his size and girth. Whispers barely heard compared him to the late Charles Masters.

As the sheet fell completely away his cock danced in the air under two hands. He offered a full grin, “Stroke that bad boy!”

They in unison gripped sections of it and began sliding up and down on it with more and more aggression. Rose stared up at him with eyes wide and unblinking. “He’s huge, Becca!”

Her sister agreed marveling at it for herself, “He might be bigger than Daddy. I think he’s cute!”

Tony held his breath and tried to keep a straight powerful face, “Show me how you gave your Daddy the best hand job he ever got.”

With increased speed the girls took pride in their mission. Becca finally sat up to utilize her other hand in gripping Tony’s pumped up scrotum. With a whisper she tells Rose, “He’s going to make a mess.”

He merely stared with a stern look even though he felt really good. She was lightly squeezing his balls to circulate the fullness. Her Daddy taught her well. Tony was going to further their education.

Rose sat up as Becca had and placed her other hand on his crown twisting and releasing it time and time again until Tony snarled. Within minutes both girls watched as his cum shot high into the air between them and pelted his stomach before flooding out further over their hands.

Rose giggles at Becca, “I think Tony gave us breakfast in bed.”

Becca continues stroking him until he laid limply watching them. Then, without warning both girls leaned in and began licking the cum droplets off of his body. They were on a feeding frenzy to see who could get the most before there was none left. As they slowed the girls sat up facing him and opened their mouths to let him view his cum coating their tongues.

With a burst of inspiration Tony lurched forward and grabbed both girls by the throats and held them firmly. “Savor the taste!” He then guided the girls face to face until they began kissing and swirling his cum between their mouths with overactive Frenching. They loved it. So much that when he released them they pursued each other with a lengthy embrace. He merely marveled at their ambitions.

“Break it up!”

The girls swallowed his jizz and stared at him without waver. He nodded his approval. “OUR SECRET! BREAK THAT VOW AND I’M GONE! FOREVER! AM I CLEAR?”

They shook their heads, “YES, SIR! We want to belong to you.”

Becca added, “And, Around our Mother, perfect ladies. We Swear!”

Rose then cringes, “Did we make you happy, Tony?”

He sits smugly, “I’m not your Daddy. You gotta do better than that next time. Improve yourselves to satisfy ME! NOT YOUR DADDY!”

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