The Long Summer of Love Ch. 02

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Sam, meanwhile, was beginning to suffer the after effects of a prolonged session of vodka shots he had been doing with his team-mates from the rugby club. Leaving a couple of disappointed netball girls in his wake, he staggered off to the toilets.

Having struggled up the stairs and into the bathroom, he staged a brief fight with the zip on his trousers before finally getting his pecker out and relieving himself.

“Jesus, sometimes that feeling is better than an orgasm,” he thought as the piss cascaded down into the bowl. When he finally finished, he zipped up and stumbled over to the sink and washed his hands. After drying, he opened the door, and then noticed that his laces had come undone. As he knelt down, the door closed and he heard a pair of sighs from the stalls.

“Thank fuck for that, I thought he was going to piss a river!” exclaimed a male voice.

“Never mind that, get back to what you were…aaaaah…” gasped a female voice.

Then all Sam could hear was a soft squelching, coupled with continued feminine sighs. His curiosity piqued, he stood up and tip-toed over to the open stall as quietly as he could. The noises continued, so he eased himself up on to the toilet and peered over the top of the divider to see what he could see. And what a sight it was!

One of the hottest girls in the year, Nicole, was sitting on the closed toilet, her head back and eyes closed with her blonde hair loose around her neck. Her right hand was on top of the male head lapping at her pussy, whilst her left was kneading her right breast, pausing occasionally to pinch the nipple. Her panting was getting quicker and louder, gripping the head of dark hair that was working on her snatch. Sam couldn’t make out who it was, but he seemed to know what he was doing, making Nicole squirm and grasp with ever greater intensity. Her left hand now moved down to her clit and started rubbing at a frantic speed. Sam’s erection whilst watching was getting harder and harder, but he couldn’t risk moving a hand down to give himself satisfaction for fear of losing his balance. Finally, the man at Nicole’s cunt brought her to orgasm. She half moaned and half screamed as she began to squirt all over the man’s face. The man took her knickers and stuffed them in her mouth to quieten her and, as he moved backwards to stop himself from drowning, Sam recognised him — Mr Jennings, the history teacher! Sam pulled himself back to stifle a snort of laughter. It was an open secret that Nicole preferred experienced lovers, but this was almost a Daddy complex!

Eventually, the muffled screaming subsided. Then Mr Jennings said

“Right young lady, you’ve had your fun, now I think you need to return the favour!”

“Yes of course sir,” said Nicole in her best imitation of a devout student, and there was some shuffling as they changed positions. Then came the unmistakable sound of trousers being unzipped, and then the moans and sloppy sounds resumed, although at different pitches. Sam risked another peek over the divider and saw Nicole giving Mr Jennings some very obviously superior deep throat action. Nicole was taking it all without gagging, and had one hand at her pussy, with that other massaging Mr Jennings’ balls. She still had her skirt up, and Sam could see her knickers on the floor behind her. For a brief second, he imagined finally being able to give his hard on some air, and then getting in behind Nicole to give her a graduation present she would never forget. He shook his head — he didn’t want to get arrested for rape!

Sam illegal bahis quietly got down from his perch, and slid a hand under the divider to get Nicole’s panties. Silently padding out, he surreptitiously put them in his blazer pocket, and then allowed the door to slam loudly before emitting a massive guffaw, and shuffling off back downstairs. Although his head was by now more or less clear, he decided to go out for a cigarette and get what he had just seen into the spank bank for later. And who knows, maybe get him somewhere with a spot of black mail as well. His hard on was refusing to go away whilst he dwelt on his thoughts, so he transferred them to the end of his cigarette as he walked out of the hotel and towards a row of hedges where someone else was already enjoying their nicotine fix.

“Hi there Sam, I didn’t know you smoked,” said a familiar voice.

“Hallo Ms Stevens. How are you?” replied Sam, as he looked his English teacher up and down. She was about five foot six inches in her heels, with bobbed red hair and a figure which, although it appeared to be nice, was usually covered by severe looking suits — today was no different. This had given rise to speculation as to Ms Stevens sexuality, with the prevailing opinion being that she preferred her female students.

“Have you been having a good time then Sam?” enquired the teacher. “After all, this is the probably the last time you’ll all be together.”

“Not bad so far thanks,” said Sam, “Just needed a break from the beers and what have you.”

“Yes, I saw what that means, how you were dancing with those girls from the netball team,” said Ms Stevens, her expression suddenly sly.

“I have no idea what you mean,” he replied, trying unsuccessfully to look innocent.

“Come on, you don’t think we teachers enjoy a good gossip as much as the students? A few of us had a little wager on who would disappear first! Whoever got Tom won the pot. Stupid little me, I picked you.”

“Oh really? And why did you did do that?”

“Because, if I were eighteen again, I wouldn’t let you out of my clutches until the next morning at the earliest,” she said, eyeing Sam up as if he were a lollipop.

“Well,” said Sam, the memory of what he saw in the bathroom still fresh in his mind, “I suppose I do owe you something for the faith you showed in me when you were betting,” taking a step towards her.

As Sam had his back to the hotel’s entrance, Ms Stevens closed the gap as well, copping an unseen feel of Sam’s swollen member with her right hand. Sam’s eyes opened wide for a moment as his supposedly lesbian English teacher gave a few tugs on his cock before loosening up and enjoying the sensation. Ms Stevens took a deep drag on her cigarette before getting up on tiptoe and exhaling in his ear:

“I hope you can handle everything I’m going to give you young man. It’s a bit too public here, but I have taken a room for the night. So, if you can wait five minutes, come to room two oh six and be prepared for the night of your life. Oh, and don’t come in your pants, we need that for later.”

With that, she released her grip, flicked her cigarette butt into the bushes and walked back towards the hotel without a glance backwards. Her gait was a lot saucier than Sam could remember from any of his lessons trying to master Shakespeare; then again, there were no women like this in his plays either!

Sam sucked in another lungful of smoke, trying to make his erection go down with any unerotic thoughts that came to mind so as to make his walk to Ms illegal bahis siteleri Stevens room a bit easier. After a couple of minutes he finally managed to make himself presentable and sauntered casually back to entrance. As he started up the stairs he saw Tom and Jenny making their way hand in hand back towards the party hall. Sneaky bastard! Still, he was sure he was going to have the better evening of the two of them!

Making sure no-one saw him, he went up to the second floor and smartened himself up in front of a mirror before knocking on Ms Stevens door. After a couple of seconds the door opened and Sam stepped through into the room. As the door closed, Sam turned round to see his English teacher as he’d never seen her before! Gone was the suit and blouse, Ms Stevens was standing there in white stocking and suspenders with a bra and knickers to match. She had also applied a bright red lipstick, making her sultry blue eyes stand out all the more under her red bob. To Sam’s eyes, here tits were easily 34C, and her stomach and arse were firm and ripe for kissing. Her fine, smooth legs ended in red high heels. He suddenly realised that some serious planning had gone into this, and the silent compliment was making him harder than he thought he’d ever been.

“So, big boy, think you can handle this thirty five year old body?” she whispered huskily.

Without replying, Sam leant down and kissed his teacher. She responded greedily, her tongue forcing his lips apart and searching for his own. Her hand was once again rubbing his cock through his trousers, whist the other was buried in his hair, raking his scalp with her nails. Sam opened his eyes briefly to lock the door and then moved both hand down to her pert arse, forcing her into his body whilst kneading her buttocks. She released him and instead started grinding into him, enjoying the feeling of his strong hands on her. As the kissing for more passionate their breathing increased until finally, Sam had to break it off for fear of asphyxiation.

“How’s that so far then, my student?” ask Ms Stevens archly.

In reply, Sam started kissing her neck and then moved down to her breasts, licking the valley between them and gently biting her nipples through the fabric whilst using one of his hands to rub her pussy. Her knickers were already sopping wet, and he had no problem moving them to one side and moving his fingers up and down her slit.

“Hmm, that feels so good,” she managed as Sam pushed her towards ecstasy. Then, with one swift movement, Sam stood up, picked her up around the waist and threw her on to the bed.

“Ooh, is this how you treat all your lovers then?” she said, but quickly melted into another fit of squeals and squeaks as he renewed his assault on her pussy, this time with his tongue lapping her lips and her clit. He also manoeuvred himself so that he could get one, then two fingers into her cunt and slowly started pumping her pussy.

With herself impaled on his fingers, his thumb rubbing her clit and him still licking for all he was worth, Ms Stevens was writhing around, her hands on his head and her breath coming in gasps.

“Oh yes, fuck me with those fingers, ooh that feels so good you nasty bastard, lick my snatch you fucking horny boy, how do those mature juices taste…ooh, aaah, I’m cooomiiing!” She pushed his face into her pussy as hard as she could, arching her back and releasing herself on to him.

“Oh…my…Gooooood!” she screamed as she continued to come with Sam refusing to let up on the stimulation canlı bahis siteleri “I think I’m going to come agaaaain!” as Sam got a third finger into her and pumped for all he was worth. “Don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stooop!” she wailed, mashing her cunt on to his hand and into has face.

Finally, Sam released Ms Stevens and she managed to get her back back on to the bed, panting like a marathon runner, flush and still very horny.

“So, looks like I picked a good boy this year,” she giggled mischievously.

“What do you mean?” asked Sam.

“Never mind you stud. Come here, I want to taste me. Give me those hot fingers.”

She took the forefinger that had been in her pussy and slowly licked the tip, before taking it in her mouth and slowly moving down to the hand.

“Hmm, I taste good don’t I? Give me the next one.”

Without breaking eye contact, she took his middle finger and gave it the same treatment. Without being aware of it, Sam was rubbing his cock through his trousers — this was so unreal!

Ms Stevens saw what was happening and moved her head back.

“Hey big boy, that’s my job. Why don’t you let me take care of your frustrations? Wait there.”

Quick as a flash, she got up and undid his trousers, sliding them down along with his boxers to reveal his incredibly hard eight inch prick.

“Hmm, all for me then, I can hardly wait! Lie down and let me do what I do best.”

Sam took the position he was told to, and started unbuttoning his shirt. Meanwhile, Ms Stevens was jacking off his cock with a dreamy look in her eye.

“It’s been a while since I had one this big. Now just relax and enjoy the ride.”

She bent over and lovingly licked the underside of his helmet. He groaned as she flicked her tongue around the ridge of his helmet, and then put his bell end into her mouth, sucking gently. As Sam began to writhe a little, she sucked a little harder, still wanking his cock and enjoying the taste of this gorgeous, horny teenager who obviously couldn’t get enough.

Then she began bobbing her head up and down, taking more and more of the cock into hour mouth, until eventually she was three quarters of the way down each time it went in.

Sam was close and could barely control himself.

“Ms Stevens, I can’t hold it much longer!” he managed between gasps.

“Don’t worry, I love swallowing young cum. Give it to me!” and with that, she took his entire length to the back of her throat, and licked and sucked for all she was worth. The feeling of his cock going that far tipped Sam over the edge, and he began to cum. As she felt this happening, Ms Stevens quickly put the index finger of her left hand up past his balls and into his anus.

“FUUUUCK! What are you doing?2 cried Sam, as he started to have the most intense orgasm of his life. “What is that doing there?!” he shouted out again. As his semen hit the back of her throat, she tried to swallow as much as she could, whilst wriggling her finger about in his arse. She didn’t think it possible that he could cum as much as he did; he didn’t think the orgasm would ever end. Eventually, she had to let him go, moving her head back and letting the cum dribble down her chin and on to her tits. She was still making him move, wanking his cock and moving her finger in tandem.

“Please stop,” he begged, “I can’t take any more!”

“Well, seeing as you asked nicely,” she smiled, and removed her finger, wiping the cum on her face off and then licking it all off again. “Kiss me as a thank you.” Shakily, Sam got up and kissed his teacher. The taste was slightly salty but not unpleasant, seeing as most of it was in her belly.

“Done without hesitation, I’m impressed. I hope you can recover quickly, there’s a lot more for us to do before the night is out!”

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