The Lecturer

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Friday night at the local university, it was cold and wet in the middle of winter and I was stuck doing the worst shift of the week, or as it turned out – the best! I’m a security guard at the local university, my job basically involves walking around the campus making sure doors are locked and escorting staff and students to their cars if it’s late at night.

Tonight like most Friday nights, there weren’t a lot of people working late and the shift was going incredibly slowly. It had just reached midnight and I was completely surprised when my 2-way buzzed and the guard in the control room announced that a lecturer over at ‘N’ block needed an escort.

“Does she know she has to pay up front?” I joked while reversing my direction and walking toward N block.

“Room 341, Smartarse!” came the curt reply. No sense of humour I thought as I trudged to the far end of the campus.

I had just about reached ‘N’ block when I glanced up and saw another light still burning on level 2 of the adjacent ‘M’ block. Strange, level 2 should be empty by now, probably some lazy professor who couldn’t be bothered turning it off. I decided I had better go check it out anyway, I radioed back to the control room that I was taking a detour and to let the lecturer know.

I walked through the main entrance of ‘M’ block, turned left and headed up the stairs to the next level. Once I had reached the second floor and peered around the corner I could see light coming through a crack in the door about half way down the corridor. I walked at double time down the corridor not wanting to keep my escort waiting. I suddenly stopped dead in my tracks when I reached the door, my mouth was hanging open and I felt my stomach jump into my chest as I observed Jane, one of the history lecturers, pleasuring herself in her leather office chair with her long legs up on the desk in front of her.

Jane was somewhat of a favourite among the guys in the security office, her long tanned legs and curvaceous figure made her probably the best looking member of the faculty. She was just under 30 years old with high cheek bones and shoulder length brown hair with blonde streaks carrying that very sexy regrowth. Jane had the sort of body that men just love to look at, and she didn’t mind showing it off. Her 6′ height framed her 34D tits perfectly and she always wore tight, long pants that showed off her great arse and magnificently sculpted thighs.

I simply could not believe I was standing there watching this gorgeous woman get herself off no more than 10 feet away from where I was standing. I could do nothing but stand and stare as my cock was soon pressing against the inside of my pants. Jane was facing side on to me but her head was tilted in the opposite direction so she couldn’t see me unless she opened her eyes and pivoted her head. I had a plain, unobstructed view of her entire body. She was leaning far back in her chair, naked from the waist down bar a pair of black knee high boots whose heels were perched on the desk in front of her. Her blouse was undone and the sides had flopped down revealing her perfect breasts with hard nipples poking toward the ceiling. Her bra was strapless and was lying next to her leather skirt on the floor beside her desk. I noticed Jane was already soaking wet and by her slow laboured breathing I guessed she’d been going at it for quite a while. Her left hand fingers were running smoothly around her breasts and down her sides while her right hand was fixed firmly on her bald pussy. She ran her middle finger up and down between her lips, dipping it into her hole every so often, pressing down as she ran over her clit. I heard a low moan escape her mouth as she pressed two fingers together and entered her wet hole, she moved them in and out slowly letting the waves of pleasure swarm over her.

Jane hadn’t been getting much sex lately due to being tied up in her work and had found herself increasingly horny on a regular basis, so much so that she just had to strip down and get herself off in the middle of her office every now and then.

Rob didn’t know it but I sex hikayeleri knew he was standing there watching me as soon as he arrived. I had noticed a movement out of the corner of my when he had gasped at seeing me half naked and fingering myself. I had resisted the temptation of opening my eyes and telling him where to go and instead decided I could have a little fun with this situation, after all he was pretty damned good looking.

So I continued to finger myself, dropping one leg from the desk giving Rob an even better view of my recently shaven pussy. I discretely peeked out of the corner of my eye once again and noticed that Rob had by now slipped his hand down the front of his pants. He was slowly pulling the foreskin up and down over the head of his cock, which was protruding from the top of his pants. I could just imagine the feeling of his pre-cum ooze from the tip of his dick as he massaged his cockhead with his thumb. The thought of what his juices would taste like filled my mind and I felt a jolt of pleasure shoot up from my clit as my first orgasm swept over me like a tidal wave. I have to have him I thought to myself. I let out a long moan and turned my head toward him, opening my eyes.

I was caught with my hands on my cock, perving on a faculty member masturbating, I thought I’d had it. Happily though, any negative notions I may have had quickly vanished when a sly grin spread across her gorgeous face and she said,

“You’ve been watching me for a long time….why don’t you come and join me?”

I was astonished, my cock stood rigid and I unconsciously walked over to her chair, which she didn’t move from.

“You know, Rob, I’ve been dying for a good hard cock to suck on.” She removed her hand from her slit and started rubbing my crotch.

I was speechless and simply groaned as she unzipped my pants and released my hard cock. She slowly started massaging up and down my shaft, staring me in the eyes. Her chair was at the perfect height so that my cock lined up with her mouth. She pulled me closer and her tongue darted out at the tip of my cock, pulling a string of pre-cum back with it. She abruptly engulfed the head of my dick and we both groaned loudly as we enjoyed our first blowjob for a long time.

I couldn’t believe the way I was acting, it was all so incredibly exciting, I couldn’t have imagined I would ever say those words out loud. I loved the feeling of his hard cock in my mouth, my hand wrapped around his shaft, moving up and down in rhythm with my head. My head was turned 90 degrees as he filled my mouth with his cock, starting to fuck it like it was my pussy.

I relaxed my entire mouth and throat, letting his cockhead slide smoothly through the entrance to my airway. My throat muscles contracted around his cock as he moved in and out at a smooth pace. My free hand returned to my clit, rubbing it furiously as I savoured the salty taste of his pre cum spilling onto my tongue. I circled the tip of his dick with my tongue and swirled his entire cock around inside my mouth while driving two fingers deep inside my pussy. I started to stroke him faster as I felt his hips bucking harder and harder pushing his cock deep into my throat. I took my soaking wet fingers from my cunt and gently cradled his balls, massaging them while sucking the life out of his cock.

I stretched my middle finger out toward his arsehole and gently rubbed the area between it and his balls, my finger still lubricated from my own juices ran smoothly back and forth across his sensitive area, sometimes brushing over his hole before coming back to his balls. I felt his cock jerk as I passed over his arsehole one more time and soon his hot cum was rising up his shaft. I felt his hard cock throbbing in my mouth and I couldn’t help but return my fingers to my pussy, circling my clit as I started to pump hot cum out of his cock. The first spurt shot straight into my mouth and I swallowed it easily before shoving his cockhead down my throat, letting more of his hot cum spew into it. I swallowed the major spurts of cum then withdrew his cock into my mouth so I could porno hikayeleri taste some of it running out of his cock and dripping over my tongue.

The taste of his cock covered with his own cum turned me on immensely and I was rubbing my clit furiously as I lapped up every last drop. Soon my own body went rigid as I felt my second orgasm overcome me and made me yell a muffled cry of pleasure with Rob’s cock still in my mouth. As I came down from my orgasm I realised his cock was still in my mouth and was now only half-erect. I pulled it out and looked up at him, neither of us spoke he just leant down and kissed me hard on the lips, exploring my cum-lined mouth with his tongue.

“That is the single most erotic thing I have ever done!” He said, when he pulled away from me.

“I have never had an orgasm from sucking a cock before!” I laughed back at him “I really think I need to fuck you…”

I couldn’t believe how horny I was, I’d already cum twice and all I wanted now was to feel his cock deep inside me.

I could not believe how sexy this woman was, she had just let me fill her mouth with cum and now she was begging me to fuck her! While she was sucking on my cock my eyes were practically fixed on the sight of her own fingers working herself to climax. I just had to taste that beautiful, shaven pussy before I fucked it and the very thought of tasting her wet cunt had already caused my cock to start growing again.

Wasting no time I swivelled Jane around in her chair so that she was facing front on to me, I knealt down in front of her and she bent down to kiss me again. My hands roamed all over her body, massaging her perfect tits and stroking her inner thighs. I slid her remaining blouse off her shoulders and let it drop behind the chair, breaking our kiss I started moving down her body toward her wet slit. Kissing down her neck and over her tits, running my tongue around her nipples and down over her hard, flat stomach I finally reached her pubic mound, devoid of any hair. My hands were running up her inner thighs toward her slit as I ran my tongue up and down the crack where her pussy and thighs meet.

I could already taste her juices that had spilt out of her opening and I was immediately drawn toward her clit. Separating her lips with the tip of my tongue I ran it up and down over her hard clit, circling it quickly every now and then. I moved my attention from her clit downwards to her opening and slowly probed it with my tongue. Her juices spilt out onto my tongue as I inserted it into her hole and started to fuck her with it. I felt Jane grab me by the back of my head and press my face into her pussy trying to get my tongue as deep into her as possible. I continued to fuck her with my tongue as I raised my right hand up toward her pussy, my thumb found her clit and I started massaging it as my head was squeezed tight between her thighs. I heard that muffled yell I had come to recognise as the beginning of another orgasm and I quickly moved my tongue back to her clit and my fingers to her hole. I pushed two fingers in as far as they would go and clamped down on her clit with my mouth. Swirling my fingers around inside of her I sucked on her hard clit and felt her pussy contract around them. She thrust her pelvis into my face and hand as she had yet another orgasm and I savoured the sexy taste of her pussy as she slowly came down and sank back into her chair.

“Oh my god” I gasped between breaths as the last waves of pleasure swept over me. “That was incredible”

Rob was already on his feet again grinning down at me, his cock standing to attention. I grabbed his outstretched hand and he pulled me up beside him. We embraced and kissed passionately, his naked cock grinding against my firm stomach, our hands roaming over each other’s bodies.

As I stood there in nothing but a pair of knee high boots I imagined what it would look like if someone walked past my still open door with Rob still in his uniform and his long hard cock sticking out of his fly. The thought of someone catching us got my juices flowing yet again and I quickly undid sikiş hikayeleri his belt, pants and tie and stripped him naked.

I turned my back to him and Rob circled me with his arms from behind. His cock pressing in between my arse cheeks he massaged my tits while smothering my neck with kisses. I groaned as he ran his hand down and across my slit, letting his middle finger push down onto my clit. I instinctively reached around behind me and grabbed his cock, it was rock hard and I squeezed it tight as I felt his finger run over my hard clit once again. I stroked his shaft while he played with my wet pussy, rubbing my thumb over his cockhead as I got to the top of each stroke.

I could hear Rob breathing loudly into my ear as I relished the feeling of his smooth cock run through my hand. The sensation of his hand on my pussy and his breath on my neck got me incredibly horny and I had a sudden desire to feel his cock deep in my pussy. I stepped forward toward the desk and placed my hands on top of it. Keeping hold of his cock I bent over the desk and stuck my arse out toward his waiting hard-on. I lined the tip of his cock up with my opening and groaned loudly as he slowly pushed into me. I felt Rob’s hips come into contact with my arse cheeks and moaned as I felt him spread them apart so he could get even deeper into me, I pushed back into him until his cock could go no further. Rob slowly pulled out of my wet pussy to the point where his cockhead was pressing against my opening before thrusting all the way back into me. He started to move in and out of me, holding my hips and pulling them back as he thrust forward deep into my cunt. The feeling of his hard cock pumping in and out of me while I was bent over my office desk was so erotic I couldn’t contain my screams of pleasure and I could hear my screams were matched by Rob’s groans every time he slid into my tight pussy.

I was standing completely naked in front of an open door fucking the hottest lecturer at the university who seemed to be loving it more than me – I couldn’t believe what was happening! I watched her long hair bounce back and forth as her tits swung in time with my thrusts. Her pussy was so tight I could feel it squeeze my cock every time I pushed into her and she was so wet I slid in and out of her without the slightest resistance. I continued to fuck her, getting off on her loud screams every time I pushed deep into her cunt. I started pounding her, my balls slapping against the underside of her perfectly rounded arse. I let go of her hips as she kept thrusting back into me on her own and reached my hand around under my cock. I ran my fingers along the length of my shaft before I thrust into her once again then slid my middle finger up her slit and over her clit.

“Oh fuck yes!” Jane squealed as I pressed down on her clit. “Yes Rob, that’s it… fuck me!” Hearing her scream my name shot an extra feeling of pleasure through my cock and I thrust into her even harder.

I felt the feeling of another orgasm coming on as I felt Jane’s hand join mine on her pussy. She held her fingers out over my balls, letting them rub up my shaft each time it pulled out of her opening, she wrapped her thumb and forefinger around the base of my cock and squeezed as my cock jerked and I felt the cum rise into my shaft.

“I’m gonna cum Jane…yes, squeeze me…” I screamed as the cum rose to the tip of my cock.

“Mmmm yes, fill me Rob…” she said as she squeezed my shaft with her pussy and her fingers.

The cum shot out of my cock deep into her pussy, load after load spilled out as she continued to massage my shaft with her fingers. By the time I had finished she was already overflowing with my cum and she stood up with it running down the inside of her leg and into the knee-high boots she was still wearing.

We both looked down at the boots and she said, “I guess it’s true what they say about these…” I grinned at her and said she should wear them more often. I quickly remembered about the escort waiting for me and hurriedly dressed and kissed Jane goodbye, vowing to see her again. I ran down the hall, my head still spinning from what had just happened. Needless to say this was not to be the last encounter Jane and I had while I worked at the university.

**Thanks for reading, feedback always appreciated!**

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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