The Lake Ch. 01

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We had dreamed and hoped for this chance for more than a couple of years. Our dreams, our wishes to spend a weekend together without the kids and most importantly our respective spouses had finally become a reality.

Tammy and I had known each other for a few years. We met unexpectedly on the Internet and began a conversation that would soon turn into friendship and then from just that to wanton lovers.

We had often talked about the two of us being able to get away from our humdrum lives and spend some time, if only for a weekend, together, exploring each other in as many perverted sexual acts as possibly could be done in only a couple of days.

Our chance came as unexpected as our first meeting. My wife had to make an emergency trip to her home state for a week and at about that same time Tammy had planned a week’s vacation, alone.

While chatting we discovered each other’s ability to be alone and decided to take full advantage of our fortunate luck. Tammy would be able to meet me three days into her vacation and only a day after my wife had departed. I was to pick her up at the airport and be fully prepared for two nights camping at a lake about ten minutes from my house. We had often had fantasies about such an encounter and decided this would be a perfect opportunity to fulfill some of them.

The day soon arrived that I was to meet her. My truck was loaded with enough equipment to last not only the two nights but also the entire week. I had anticipated this meeting for a long time and was looking forward to finally meeting her in the flesh, no pun intended.

I pulled up to the gate and there was Tammy, looking even better than the pictures she had sent. She was already dressed for the lake in tight cut-off jeans that accentuated her creamy thighs and round ass. The black tank top hugged the contours of her luscious breasts and left little to the imagination.

The drive to the lake was about an hour from the airport. Tammy relaxed in the passenger seat, sipping on a bottle of water, with the wind blowing through her hair. I smiled to myself anticipating the arrival at our destination.

Tammy stirred in her seat and I felt her fingers touching the side of my face. Light caresses against my skin.

“I am so happy that we could work this out. I have been dreaming about having you all to myself”, she whispered against my cheek, “I thought this day would never come”.

I could feel the blood gathering in my groin. Tammy replaced her fingers with her soft lips, gently kissing me. I could feel her hot breath against my neck as her hand slide across my chest and along my stomach settling against the bulge in my shorts, squeezing softly.

“Mmmmmm, I can tell you are as excited as I am”, she said while searching for my zipper.

I could barely concentrate on driving as Tammy’s fingers illegal bahis worked on the front of my shorts. Finally I could feel them moving against the fabric of my boxers, searching for an opening.

“Oh Tammy, you don’t know how long I have waited for this moment. You have been in my dreams from the moment we met.”

She looked up into my face as her probing fingers discovered what she was looking for. I couldn’t help but sigh as her hand closed over my hard shaft and began pulling it gingerly through the open zipper.

“Tammy, don’t you think we should wait?” I moaned.

Tammy’s only reply was a hoarse growl as her lips closed around the throbbing head of my cock.

In our online meetings she told me how much she loved to suck cock and how good she was at it but I didn’t really believe her until now. Her lips and tongue began dancing around my hard cock sending chills throughout my groin.

I adjusted in my seat to give her more room to work her magic as she glided her lips easily to the root of my cock and slowly worked their way back to the bloated head, all the while her tongue licking and stroking along the shaft. Tammy was an excellent cocksucker and had me on the verge of cumming within minutes. Every time she felt my cock begin to twitch, she would take me to the back of her throat and hold till I had calmed enough for her to continue her devilish torture.

“Tammy, I can’t take much more”, I gasped hoarsely, “Please baby let me cum”!

Hearing my pleading cry, Tammy began working in earnest, sucking my cock like a pro. I couldn’t help but grab a hand full of her hair and help her along. I jammed her head harder into my crotch, forcing my dick deep into her throat. I could feel her throat tighten around my cock with each thrust. Soon, I could feel my nuts tighten and feel the force of my sperm as it left my cock, shooting against the back of her throat as he desperately swallowed my load. It was like the earth stopped turning as she continued suckling at my rapidly deflating cock, draining me for the time being. My body slumped as the sparks of my orgasm left me trembling. Tammy sighed contentedly as she slipped my moist cock back into my shorts.

“I have wanted to do that for you for a long time”, She said, and then slipped back into her seat.

Tammy sat admiring the views, sipping her water and humming some long forgotten tune as I hurriedly got us to the lake.

As we parked at our selected spot, we could see that not very many people were around. We look at each other, smiling knowingly that we will be pretty much alone and my body tingles in anticipation for things to get started.

As she bent over the bed of the truck pulling out the gear, I couldn’t help but slide close to her and rub my hands over her ass.

“Mmmmmm, I have wondered what this would feel illegal bahis siteleri like for quiet a long time,” I whisper as I nibbled at her ear, “I can’t wait to finally get a taste of it”.

Pulling my hands away and around her body, she leaned into me saying, “If we don’t hurry and get this set up, you aren’t going to”.

Pulling the tent to the site, I begin the tedious task of setting the thing up. After ten minutes of fighting with the poles I couldn’t help but yell out a few choice words.

“Do you need some help with that?” she asks sarcastically as she sauntered over.

Grabbing the poles, we put them together and soon had the tent up and the sleeping bags rolled out.

“Do you believe it took an hour to get this stupid thing up?” she commented.

“No, it was supposed to be one of those easy set up things”, I grumble back, “Lets see if it’s as easy to get into”.

Pulling her through the door, we fall backward with her on top. My hands wandered over her body as our eyes met. She pressed her lips to mine in a soft tender kiss. The heat builds within us and our kiss turns more passionate. Our tongues begin searching the others mouth and dancing together like mating snakes.

As we kissed, my hands slipped under her top and I felt the warmth of her smooth skin. Breaking the kiss, she suddenly stood and pulled her top off and threw it to the back of the tent. For the first time, except in my dreams, I was able to look upon her big beautiful tits.

They looked even better than they had in my dreams. Firm and round standing proud on her chest. The nipples, better than she had described, stood out hard and firm like huge erasers, begging to be sucked. Smiling down at me, her hands move to the snap of her shorts and flick it open while easing the zipper down as low as it would go. I could feel my cock growing in my shorts anticipating the first glimpse of her pussy.

As she was standing over me, I tugged at her shorts and pulled them over her hips and down her legs. My gaze went directly to her hairless pussy, the lips swollen and slightly spread from arousal, her puffy lips glistening from the moisture seeping from within. I could smell her sex as it filled the tent with an aroma of pure sweet lust that inflamed me with desire.

Tammy stood on one leg and removed her shorts and threw them in the corner with her top. Now completely exposed, she sank to her knees until her wet pussy rested against my chest. Slowly moving back and forth, she rubbed her slick lips against my flesh and with each subtle movement slipped closer to my lips.

Finally, she moved within reach of my tongue and as it touched her wet lips, a moan rose from deep within her body. Pulling her by her smooth ass cheeks, I slid her swollen pussy closer to my mouth and waiting tongue. Her clit stood out between canlı bahis siteleri her lips, throbbing in anticipation of my darting tongue. My tongue slipped along her smooth wet slit making her gasp as it finally came in contact with her protruding clit. Her body trembled to my touch and she forced her crotch harder against my mouth. Tammy threw back her head as I sucked her and with a shuddering cry came as she ground her crotch into my face.

Tammy collapsed onto her back, her legs splayed, opening her drenched pussy. Getting to my knees, I quickly removed the rest of my clothes and crawled between her knees. Kissing softly and lightly licking her smooth thighs, I again found my lips resting against her delicious pussy. Licking along her slit, I quickly slid along her body until my rigid cock rested against the dripping opening to her cunt. Tammy pulled my face closer to hers and as our tongues slipped together, my slid my cock into her waiting hole. I slid in slowly but fully and in a matter of seconds, was buried inside Tammy’s hot tight pussy.

“Oh, my God,” Tammy said, “you’re so far inside me it feels like you’re in my throat.”

I thought to myself, “Maybe we can try that again another time”, but for now, I just wanted to enjoy the tightness of her pussy; the inner muscles were gripping me so tightly, I knew I’d be cumming very soon. As I pumped slowly back and forth, Tammy began to emit a faint, high pitched moan; I could feel my cock getting harder as each movement squeezed me ever closer to orgasm.

Suddenly, Tammy moaned louder and began rolling her head side to side, with her eyes closed, whispering, “Oh my god…I’m cumming, please don’t stop. Do it faster, pleaseeee.”

I felt her muscles tighten even more around my cock as she began to cum. She began to raise her ass and meet my thrusts as her orgasm peaked and her movement added extra tightness to her pussy that sent me over the edge and I finally felt my load emptying inside her body, my semen splattering on the walls of her vagina. My movements in and out of her pussy remained deep but I was not moving so fast. The sweat from our bodies caused our skin coming together on each inward thrust to slap together. Finally, I stopped moving but kept my cock deep inside her, savoring the fantastic feeling I had just experienced.

As my prick slowly softened, Tammy opened her eyes, saying, “Well, lover…I hope it was as good as you expected.”

“Oh my god”, was the only response I could muster, at the moment.

I lifted myself from Tammy and watched as cum seeped from between her puffy lips and onto the floor of the tent. Tammy felt it oozing out and dipped two fingers inside, raising them to her mouth as my fluids dripped onto her chin. She parted her lips and sucked the juice off her fingers as I watched. Tammy beckoned me closer; I bent down and we exchanged a long, passionate kiss, our tongues probing deep inside each other’s mouths. I tasted the saltiness of my sperm on her lips, which only made my kiss more intense. Cuddling together, we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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