The Intern’s Panties

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Working in an office with a host of beautiful woman runs from fantastic to awful. While it’s amazing having stunningly hot females to gaze at all day and fantasise about banging, it can mean a lot of blue balls!

In recent months my eye candy of choice has been an Australian girl working in the office. She’s the outdoorsy surfer type and has a body to kill for. Absolutely pert, perky breasts that are a good C to D cup, sitting on a toned athletic body. It helps that we flirt mercilessly, and she’s totally filthy.

So to say I was disappointed when I found out that she had to go home for a month would be a serious understatement. Don’t get me wrong, there are many other fine women at work, as I mentioned, but she’s a special one. She’s also my wank fantasy of choice at the moment. Usually in the work showers (I play tennis beside work but use the work changing rooms as they’re nicer than the tennis club’s).

As it turned out though, things wouldn’t be too bad. Because it is just a month we would be getting someone in temporarily rather than hiring someone new. The decision was also made that because we are somewhat quiet at the moment we would get in an intern. In şişli escort this case we would be joined by an early twenties college student on work experience.

When Siobhan first walked in I think every male jaw hit the ground. a few female ones too. She is bananas hot. Legs that go on forever and tits that are even nicer than Susan’s (the Australian girl). Plus, she has the finest ass I’ve ever seen and she dresses like an early twenties girl going clubbing. So much skin! So much breast! So much leg!

A few of the projects I’m currently working on have components and tie-ins with partners in America and South America. As such I have been required to stay late a lot of evenings to wait for our regular conference call. This can sometimes mean sitting around surfing the net just killing time. On Monday evening I was on Facebook just looking at random stuff when I got a message from an old friend (a fuck buddy for a while). We had a small chat but she had to go. I got looking through our old messages and I found some really graphic ones we send eachother back when we were fucking.

I was instantly turned on. Reading her filthy messages beşiktaş escort gave me a huge hardon and I knew I’d need to see to it immediately. So I headed down to the changing room, knowing no one else was still in the building (I did give a few shout outs to make sure!).

Each side of the room had a row of lockers with a bench in front of it. They faced each other. I sat down on one and slid my pants down. My erection burst out of my boxers. Remembering the hard core sex that me and my friend used to have, I started stroking. Slowly. This was going to be a drawn out but massive orgasm and cum.

After a minute of two I noticed that directly opposite me hanging on the outside of one of the lockers was the clothes that Siobhan had been wearing that day. I stood up and walked to them. Still slowly stroking my hard cock. It was a low cut, high hem pants suit that was more suited to a slutty secretary costume than to a real office.

I lowered my head to her blouse and inhaled. It smelled of her. Not just her perfume but actually of her. What she had washed with and her own body’d smell from a days work. I went to lift her jacket off the hanger to get taksim escort at her blouse better but it slid off the hanger as I did. As I awkwardly tried to put the jacket back on the hanger with one hand (the other still stroking my hard cock), it again fell.

This time I noticed a slight bulge in the inside pocket. I slipped my hand in and felt soft lace. Out of the pocket emerged her panties. Balled up and obviously placed there to be retrieved tomorrow. I wondered had she left work commando? It didn’t really matter, I immediately realised I was holding the ultra hot intern’s used panties. I raised the gusset to my nose and inhaled deeply. It smelled divine. Her pussy was sweet. And the panties almost felt a little damp. Was that why she took them off?

I sat back down and started stroking faster. I had planned on blowing my load in my hand but the moment took me and without realising, I was suddenly cumming a thick sticky load into those damp panties. Surely one of the biggest loads of my life and it was all over her panties. I lifted the panties back to my face. As I again drank in her beautiful smell, I let my load slide into my mouth. The taste combined with her smell and dampness was too much. My entire body rocked and my cock exploded again.

Needless to say, the panties came home with me. I filled them up again that night. And last night. And I’m pretty much about to do it again. I really hope I get to fuck her at some point!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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