The Hills: Something in the Water


Jamal tried to stifle a yawn as he stumbled home at three in the morning. His wife, Zoey would have questions if she was still awake, and if not she’d just have the same questions in the morning but Jamal was in no mood to talk to her. He was still coming down off the glow of fucking one of his neighbor’s wives. “Must be something in the water.” He mused trying to figure out why all the women who lived in the Hills were so damned easy. He’d barely had to try to get laid around here. It almost took the fun out of things. Almost.

The lights were out in the house, not that that was particularly telling of anything. It was just an observation. She hadn’t even made the effort to stay up, either that or . . . Jamal glanced into the garage, her car was still here. Which meant she probably was but probably wasn’t enough. He quietly made his way to the bedroom and peaked in. His wife was asleep in their bed her form outlined excellently by the red satin sheets. She’d changed the sheets while he was away. It didn’t feel like it had been a full week yet but maybe she’d spilled something or just got an urge those things happened.

Satisfied that all was well in the world Jamal moved to the computer room and pulled up his email account. He tried to check it at least twice a day. After emptying out all the spam he normally got he noticed a single letter that stood out. His first instinct was to delete it. It had to be spam. He didn’t know the sender and the title didn’t quite catch his eye either. He wasn’t really sure why he opened the email but he did and his jaw dropped.

Dear Jamal,

Think of this as a big fuck you from all of us to you. See attached.

Jamal knew the risks, it was probably a computer virus that was going to destroy the computer but he couldn’t stop himself from checking them anyway. He was wrong again, it was a virus. It was a collection of pictures of his beautiful ebony goddess with pieces of ivory jammed into her various openings and she was smiling. One that caught his attention was Zoey trying to swallow two cocks at the same time. The final picture kept him rapt as well, a picture of his lovely wife with one cock resting on her forehead and one on either cheek. Her beautiful black skin nearly completely covered in cum. She couldn’t düzce escort even open her eyes but she could smile and flip off the camera.

“That fuckin’…” Jamal’s hands clenched into fists as he stared at the pictures of his wife. There were dozens and she’d let those men use her in ways he’d never been allowed. Five years of marriage and not once had he been allowed to take her anally but here she’d taken three cocks in a single night. The whore. The soulless slut! His body went hot with rage. He wanted to storm into the bed room yank her up by the hair and throw her out onto the streets nude. He wanted to slap her until she could explain why she had betrayed him.

Instead he stormed into the kitchen and poured himself a cup of rum. Not a glass with a few shots, but an ordinary cup and tossed a single ice cube in to soften the kick just a hint. He took one pull from the bottle then paced back and forth for a few minutes before walking to the bed room and turning on the lights.

He wasn’t quite drunk yet but he could already feel the liquor burning away his brain’s grip on reality or maybe it was just the rage faded as soon as he saw the woman he loved sleeping. The lights woke her though and she sat upright letting the covers fall away from her breasts as she did. “Got out email did you?” She sneered.


“Are you serious? You think I don’t know?” Zoey reached over to her bedside stand and pulled out a packet of pictures and flung it at him they opened and spread over the floor. Jamal took only caught a glimpse of a few of the photos but he didn’t need to look at them to know what they were. She knew about him fucking Jessica, probably knew about all three. “You think I don’t know that you’ve been fucking around? I shoulda left your ass instead I just got even.” She smiled swiveling her head while she spoke.

There really must have been something in the water, or maybe the air. The most logical answer would have been the liquor had already severed his mind from logic. Jamal wasn’t angry at all any more, he was just turned on at the thought of his wife being so thoroughly used. It couldn’t have been the liquor though because she didn’t look drunk and she wasn’t angry either there was a glowing smile on her edirne escort lips as she patted the bed beside her. “So you want to hear about it before you fuck me?”

Jamal stood in the doorway a moment longer trying hard to hold onto the rage but there was nothing left. “Yes.” He padded slowly over to the bed and sat down beside her sipping at his rum still.

“It was easy for me to get those guys. All I had to do was show them pictures of what was going on and they were more than eager to get some revenge on their slutty wives. Course I don’t think they would have turned down all this even if I’d just shown up and asked to fuck.” She said motioning to herself.

Zoey was beyond just attractive. She was gorgeous. Skin the color of milk chocolate and every bit as smooth, full luscious lips that seemed perfect for kissing but were in fact built for something else. She had more cleavage than she actually knew what to do with capped off with silver dollar areola and big nipples. She still had a narrow waist that made the transition to her five star ass all the more startling and long toned legs. It wasn’t arrogance when she declared she could have any man she wanted it was just honesty.

“Anyway we started and I told them the rules. There were only two. They couldn’t cum inside my pussy and there needed to be pictures. That was easy we just set up a bunch of digital cameras to go off every few seconds. Then I got down on my knees and I let them use me. I mean they used my mouth, I’ve given you blow jobs. I’ve even deep throated you a few times but these guys they skull fucked me.” She slid out of the sheets and picked up a couple of pictures. She was indeed being used. All the pictures showed her eyes screwed shut as she was gagging and spittle coating her face and running down to her breasts. In one she was upside down and with a man so far down her throat that her nose was hidden by his scrotum.

“They took turns, probably a half hour before they decided I had begged enough.” Zoey leaned forward and grinned. “That’s right I begged those white boys to pound my pussy. Every time they let me come up for air I begged them to fuck my tight little pussy.” She snatched up a picture of her sitting on a cock, reverse cowgirl elazığ escort so she could face the camera, with a cock in her mouth. “Course that didn’t stop them from making me suck. I don’t think there was a single moment when I didn’t have a dick in my mouth. They used my pussy up real good.” She started flashing the pictures one after another, doggy style, missionary, cowgirl, standing. Her favorite was a position Jamal didn’t even believe she could get into, it looked like something from a gymnastics class with her legs wrapped around one man’s waist and she was leaning backwards, suspended between two men with another dick in her throat and her arms around his waist. “They did everything to me.”

Jamal realized that his hand was wrapped around his cock fiercely pumping out a rhythm to his wife’s lewd tale. There wasn’t any point in pretending he was still upset, not only did he not have a right but the pictures were amazing just like her story telling. “Go on.”

“Oh I’m gonna muthafucka.” She snatched up picture of her with her head down and her ass up. “You see that? You see that tiny little virgin shit hole? There has never been a dick in that hole.” She held up another picture this time with a tongue pushing against her opening. Then another and another and another. “You know it’s fucked up been married to you for years but you Mr. big and bad won’t eat no pussy got these white boys eaten my ass out and you know something?” Zoey licked her lips. “That shit felt so good. ” The next picture was of a dick in her ass. “I let them boys fuck the shit outta me. Every one of em. Every which way too.” She held up a picture of her completely air tight, a cock in every hole. Then two more. Even without the faces Jamal knew she meant they had been rotating. “I even sucked those boys off after they fucked me in the ass.” She sneered.

“I know what you want to know about honey. You want to know how it ended. If I let those boys cum all in me like you did their wives.” Jamal’s eyes widened. “Don’t worry I didn’t tell them that. I told them you were into that nasty porn shit. That you would have wanted to leave it on their faces.” Zoey took out one final picture of her face completely covered in cum. She couldn’t even open her eyes in the photo but she was smiling. That much wasn’t obscured.

“So you gonna think twice before you cheat on me again?” Zoey asked her head again swiveling like only a minority woman can.

“Only if you don’t suck me off right now and give me that ass!” Jamal replied.

It really must be something in the water.

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