The Grandmother

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I had been having an affair with Jane for the past six months. All in all it had been a very satisfying affair. There was a lot of very good sex with a great looking woman. A woman who was smooth, practiced and completely uninhibited. Jane had no sexual hang-ups and thoroughly enjoyed sex.

Jane is fifty-eight years old, but is often mistaken for a woman appearing to be in her early forties. There have been times when we’ve been out, when younger men would hit on her thinking she was younger. These guys would often be quite surprised when they learned her true age.

Jane has the brightest blue eyes I have ever seen. Her eyes sparkle and dance with mirth and good-natured mischief. Her eyes were probably the first things I had noticed about her and had drawn me to her.

The other thing that I noticed of course was her killer body. Like most other guys, I had assumed that Jane was much younger when I had first seen her. Jane has long firm legs that terminated in slim ankles and dainty little feet. Her legs terminate at the other end in round full thighs that join gently flared hips that narrow down to a small waist. That waist then flares upward into her upper torso. Jane’s breasts are small, but round and firm, with what, some would describe as a pert appearance.

Jane has a nice round little bottom that just begs to be squeezed and fondled. There is a slight swell to her belly, that some how seems to make her sexier than if she’d had a flat stomach. The hair on her Mons is groomed and tapered so as to lure the eye to it. All in all, a very appealing package to behold.

Jane is a beautiful woman, very appealing, and exudes sex from every pore of her body! I have become quite familiar with her body over the past six months. I have explored every nook and cranny of her luscious body. I have licked and kissed every inch of her. There is no place on that wonderful woman where I have not had my hands, fingers or tongue. I never tire of exploring her.

Jane is the consummate lover who makes love with practiced ease. Her touch is gentle, yet urging and insistent. She explores my body with wonder and discovery despite the fact that she has explored the same territory many times over the months.

Jane wears conservative clothing most of the time. There have been those times when she has worn a dress or a gown that has been drop dead gorgeous on her. A real traffic stopper! There have been those times when I have taken her to the theater where men have just stopped dead in their tracks to stare after her, or walked into things while staring. But as I said most of the time she wears conservative clothing. Even in her conservative clothing she is still a stand out. Jane rarely wears slacks, pants or shorts. She always wears skirts or dresses of one sort or another.

I won’t try to claim that I’m any kind of authority on women’s clothing, I’m not! I know what I like and what looks good to me. But I will tell you that Jane is a very sharp dresser. Jane always wears stockings as opposed to panty hose. Jane tells me that wearing panty hose is cheating. Jane also tells me that a woman should always dress as if she is going to be seduced and some man is going to be removing her clothing. There fore a woman should wear something that is sure to arouse and excite with the promise of things to come.

I won’t bore you with descriptions of Jane’s underwear, except to say I have never seen her in anything that wasn’t designed to raise a mans blood pressure and capture his undivided attention!

I will tell you that I especially like Jane in her stockings. I personally find women in stockings to be very exciting. I can’t define what it is that excites me, but it does! I will also tell you that when I’m with Jane, I won’t let her take her stockings off. That might be a little on the kinky side, but what the hell?

I’ll also tell you that over the past few months, I have overcome my initial shyness and have requested that when she knows she is going to be with me, that she fore go the wearing of under garments, with the exception of the stockings (of course) and dress as she normally would. This gives me almost unfettered access to her goodies almost anywhere.

Jane loves the attention she receives from me as I slide a hand under her blouse or inside her dress and caress her bare breasts. Or, I might slide my hand up her nylon-encased leg, in between her thighs and run a probing finger over her mons.

Well, that tells you pretty much about Jane and I and the kind of relationship that we have with one another. It also pretty much sets the stage for the story I’m about to tell.

I hadn’t seen Jane in a couple of days. I was beginning to get a little horny and needed to get my ashes hauled. So I got into my car and drove to Jane’s house. I was hoping that she’d be home and that I could spend the afternoon with her.

I drove up to the front of Jane’s house in a nice quiet neighborhood and parked. As I got out of my escort portalı car I looked her house over, it was a pretty nice house. The yard was well kept and the house was in perfect order. Jane’s divorce from her Ex had left her in pretty good shape, in that she had gotten the house and a large settlement. All this meant that she didn’t have to work and had a lot of free time. That’s why I was hoping that she was home and not out shopping or some other activity.

I knocked gently on the door and waited! The wait got longer with no answer. I knocked a second time and still no answer at the door. I moved off the porch to the drive at the side of the house to check and see if her car was in the garage. The garage door stood open and there sat her car. So she must be home I thought as I continued down the drive toward the backyard. I was thinking that she must be in the yard working in her garden or maybe taking a few laps in the pool.

As I approached the gate leading to the patio and pool area I heard a moan! Surprised! I stopped and listened! I wasn’t all that sure that I had heard it? But then there it was again, another moan. I quickly peered over the gate into the backyard but could see no one, yet I was sure that I had heard something.

I quickly opened the gate and stepped into the patio area and looked around. I saw no one. Then the moan came again! It was coming from inside the house. I turned and saw that the slider opening onto the patio was partially open and the moans were coming from inside the house. My first thought was that Jane was hurt or in some distress and I reached for the door, shoving it open and striding into the Family room. I had been in Jane’s house many times and was familiar with the layout. As matter of fact Jane and I had fucked in many rooms of her home, on the patio, in the pool and even in the garage!

As I stood in the Family room I heard another moan, it seemed to coming down the hallway from the direction of Jane’s bedroom. I headed for the hallway, all the while still thinking that some how Jane was in distress and that I had to help her. As I proceeded down the hallway I heard more moans emanating from her bedroom. Suddenly my brain kicked into gear! My pace slowed until I was almost stopped there in the hallway!

I had heard those moans before! Those moans were indeed coming from Jane! I had indeed heard them before, as I had been the cause of them. Those were the same moans I had heard escape her when we had vented our lust on one another, in that very room. I had done a little moaning myself in that room. With this realization, my feet slowed to a complete stop there in the hallway. I was torn between anger and feelings of betrayal. Some how I had convinced myself that I was her only lover. But standing there thinking about it I realized that we had never committed to one another and that no promises had ever been exchanged. She was free to see and do whatever with whom ever she pleased.

Finally I decided that I had to see who it was that was making her moan that way. I wanted to see the guy who was taking my place. I guess it’s a guy thing, but I wanted to see if he had better equipment than I have and maybe use that as a justification as to why she preferred him to me.

I crept down the hallway to the open door to the bedroom. I stood there in a moment of indecision asking myself if I really wanted to see this? Who ever was in the bedroom with Jane was really driving her crazy! I could hear all kinds of moaning, gasps and heavy breathing coming from the room. It was driving me crazy as I stood there. I had to know! I had to see!

I leaned forward and edged past the doorjamb increasing my field of vision into the bedroom. Finally the bed came into view and there were Jane’s small feet moving almost frantically on the bed as her legs writhed in her ecstasy! I took a deep breath and leaned further past the doorjamb where I could see the whole bed and who it was that was driving Jane crazy!

That was my first shock that day! I had expected to see some guy with a huge penis laboring over Jane, driving his cock into her. What I actually saw took my breath away!

There lay Jane on her back on her bed, but there was no guy with her. There was another woman with her and they were in a sixty-nine position. There was another woman on top, whose face was buried in Jane’s pussy, while at the same time she ground her pussy into Jane’s face. It was then that I realized that the moans I had been hearing were emanating from both women.

From my vantage point at the door I could see that the woman grinding her pussy into my lovers face was somewhat younger and had a great body. I was stunned and at the same time I was becoming quite aroused by the sight before me. I suddenly realized that my jaw had dropped and my mouth was hanging open. I closed it with an audible snap! I thought momentarily that they might hear the sound of my jaw escort gaziantep portalı snapping shut. But the two women on the bed were oblivious to anything but each other.

Both women were making muffled mewling sounds as their passion built toward climax. Now both women were writhing in ecstasy as they brought each other closer to the edge. Suddenly Jane began to jerk and quiver as she had a powerful orgasm, her hips bucking and jerking as the other woman continued her onslaught on Jane’s pussy. Within seconds the woman on top of Jane began to buck her hips and twitch as she entered her own powerful orgasm. Jane having recovered slightly from her own orgasm returned her mouth to this woman’s pussy and assaulted it with a vengeance. This drove the woman over the edge and she arched her back toward the ceiling, bringing her face into view for the first time as she screamed out her passion.

I stood mesmerized through out all this as I watch these two women. But, there was a thought that kept forcing it’s way to the front of my mind, insistent and nagging. I tried to disregard the thought as I watched this woman collapse on top of Jane to form a pile of quaking, twitching and quivering female flesh.

Suddenly, the thought forced it’s way to the forefront of my lust filled mind and demanded my attention. The thought was “I know that woman”! But I was confused, because in actuality I had no idea who she was? But as I stood there and continued to stare at the women, the mystery women turned her face toward me and rested it on Jane’s thigh. I stared at that face, trying to figure out why I thought I knew her.

All at once I had a blinding flash of insight! I did know that face! She, this mystery woman, looked like a younger version of Jane! But how? Then I made another mental leap! This must be her daughter????

I was dumb struck as I stared at this woman’s face as it slowly dawned on me that I was witness to an incestuous encounter between my lover and her daughter. My mind raced as I tried to remember the daughter’s name. At first it wouldn’t come to me, but then I managed to dredge her name to the surface of my mind. It was “Terri”! Yes, I was sure that’s what it was. I had never met her, but remembered seeing her picture some where in the house on one of my previous visits. Jane had mentioned her several times in passing.

Now here she was, literally, in the flesh! Terri lay over her mother’s body, spent and basking in the after glow of illicit sex with her own mother. Let me tell you, I was intrigued with the tableau before me.

Soon, the two women began to stir, planting small kisses on each other as their breathing began to return to normal and the emitted small contented sighs of satisfaction. It then came to me that I had been lucky not to have been caught indulging my voyeurism. I silently backed away from the doorway and ever so slowly made my way back down the hallway without making any noise. I retraced my route through the Family room and the open slider to the patio. I made sure that I closed the slider to the partially open position that I had found earlier.

I then hurried through the gate and down the driveway to my car at the curb. I slid behind the wheel, fumbling with my keys as I struggled to get the car started with trembling hands.

As I drove away from her house I thought about what I had just seen there in that bedroom! I was clearly excited and more than mildly aroused. I had found the whole episode to be quite exciting and my excitement was still evidenced by the obvious swelling in my crotch. The scene from the bedroom kept replaying in my mind and I had to force myself to pay attention to the road as I continued to drive.

I drove home and waited for an hour, before picking up the phone and calling Jane! Jane answered on the first ring and sounded perfectly normal as we talked. I had to keep reminding myself that Jane had no idea that I or anyone else had a clue as to what she had been doing earlier in the afternoon.

I asked Jane if she’s mind if I dropped over to see her later and she told me to come on over when ever I was ready. She’d be waiting for me and she giggled. That surprised me as I would have thought that maybe she’d be a little tired from all the activity earlier in the afternoon. I told her that I’d see her in a little while and hung up the phone.

I thought it would be best to take a shower and shave before going over to see Jane, so I proceeded to strip and headed for the bathroom. I still had a hard on as I stood in the shower letting the warm water beat on my body. The scene from that afternoon kept playing in my head over and over. Before I knew what was going on I found myself masturbating and it didn’t take long to blow my load there in the shower.

Soon I was in my car and pulling up in front of Jane’s house. I approached her front door and pressed the doorbell. Jane answered the door almost immediately with a bright smile and a warm hug. In the process of hugging her I could tell that she was dressed as I liked her to dress, she wore nothing under her sun dress, except of course the stocking that I like so well.

As she drew me into the foyer and closed the door behind us I stepped up behind her and drew her into my arms. She tilted her head to one side and I began to kiss her neck as my hands roamed over her body. My hands seemed to have a mind of their own as they cupped and squeezed her breasts. I felt her nipples become erect against the palms of my hands and soon my fingers found her nipples as I pinched and pulled on them.

As I continued to nuzzle her neck my hands left her breast and traveled down over her midriff to her belly and then down to her mons. Her legs spread slightly to allow my hand to cup and squeeze her mons. Jane thrust her ass back against my crotch and my rock hard penis. As I continued to massage her mons she ground her hips and ass into me. I spun her around to face me and covered her open mouth with my own. Our tongues darted into each other’s mouth like something driven by need and desire. My hand immediately found her ass and I pulled her into me as I continued to plunge my tongue into her mouth.

We finally broke the kiss and Jane breathlessly told me that she’d better get me into the bedroom and my cock into her before I unloaded right here in my pants. She pushed me backward from the foyer toward the short hallway that led to her bedroom. All the while she pulled and tugged on the buttons to my shirt as we continued to kiss hungrily. I in turn tried to get the buttons on the front of her sun dress undone. In my haste and unbridled lust I heard several buttons hit the floor and the walls around us. I was destroying her dress, but I didn’t care. Soon I had the thing undone enough that I could push it back over her shoulders and half way down her arms. This exposed her small sweet breasts to my lust filled vision and my hands were on them in a flash, kneading them, stroking them and pinching her erect nipples.

All this drove me to greater heights of passion as I forced my hand down the front of her dress so that I could get my hand on her bare pussy. As I did this I heard more buttons pop and hit the floor. Having forced her dress down over her arms I had hindered her ability to pull and tug at my clothes. Jane grabbed the front of her dress and gave it a mighty tug and ripped it in two and let the ruined dress fall to the floor around her feet.

That’s all I took for me! I scooped her up into my arms and carried her to the bedroom. I literally threw her on to the bed where she bounced and came to rest. I clawed at my trousers trying to get them undone. The button at the waistband popped and I was vaguely aware of it shooting across the room as I shoved my pants down around the general vicinity of my knees. With my cock waving around in front of me like some kind of unruly curb feeler, I leapt on top of her as she sprawled on the bed legs spread and a look of absolute wanton desire on her face.

She reached down between us and grasped my throbbing cock and positioned it at the opening of her pussy. Her touch had the effect of an electrical shock on my overheated system and I almost exploded before I thrust my cock into her. I buried myself into her with the first stroke and then fucked her like a man possessed. I knew I wouldn’t be able to last very long, but I didn’t care! All I could think about was driving my cock into that wonderful pussy.

All too soon I was there! I could feel my cum rising up from my balls and racing the length of my cock and exploding into her. She’d had her legs entwined with mine and her arms wrapped around my back pulling herself tightly to me as I slammed my cock into her. She began to cry out as she felt my hot cum blast into her body and that’s all it took to put her over the edge as she began to buck beneath me as she exploded in her own shattering orgasm.

We lay in a tangle of sweaty, twitching, quaking flesh, my cock still throbbing within the confining walls of her pussy. Soon our breathing returned to some semblance of normal as my body slid to the side and I lay next to her. She looked at me with a dreamy expression and kissed me. Jane then looked at me and said she thought that some one was really happy to see her! I told her “Oh Yeah!” You have no idea!

Jane giggled and snuggled in closer and then looked surprised when she felt my throbbing cock as it rested against her thigh. She reached for my cock, which was still hard and gently caressed it, causing it to jump and twitch in her hand. As we lay there together with Jane stroking me, we began to kiss and fondle one another, and soon Jane pulled me on top of her and I settled in between her open legs. Before long my cock was again inside her and we made love again, this time slowly and I brought her to several more orgasms before I came again.

After making love, we reluctantly left the bed and headed for the bathroom to take a quick shower. Jane was hungry after the shower and so, naked we went to the kitchen to get something to eat. We made sandwiches and grabbed a couple of beers from the refrigerator and went out on the patio to eat them.

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