The Gig

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The guys had been nagging me for weeks about an upcoming gig that was “going to rock my world” or so they told me! It was a one off by a local heavy metal group that were a kind of mix between Linkin Park and some other band I can’t remember. They were an up and coming band and were supposed to be “the real deal.” I just laughed when the boys told me this, but agreed to tag along, as it was down in the basement of a local bar that we all frequented from time to time.

The bar was great; it had escaped the clutches of these same old same old bar’s that were cropping up all over the place. You know the type, all clean and sterile, no smoking in them, giant flat screen plasma screens all showing three or four different football or baseball games at the same time. The usual beers behind the bar, light this, low that, all tasted generic to me when I was drinking.

Yes, I was a non-drinker and to be honest with you, it was not a conscious decision it just happened nearly a year ago. So the guys were putting in the fact that I had been dry so to speak for a year, they would help me to celebrate such a momentous occasion. I thanked the guys for being so kind and caring, and they just said “yes, having our own designated driver was awesome, Chris.” I just playfully punched one of them in the arm, then there was a mass ruck and we were belting lumps out of one another, as is the way of the modern man.

I picked the guys up from Marks place and we drove the few miles down town to the bar. I found a space pretty close by so was happy with that. We all piled out of my car and started hitting each other, trying to give dead arms as we walked to the bar. Mark got a round of drinks in, and then we heard the sounds of another warm up band playing in the basement. I turned to say something to one of the guys and came face to face with you. You stood about 5’7″ and had long hair that went half way down your back, you had a loose fitting black top, a short denim skirt on and base ball boots.

We looked at each other a moment, before you said “excuse me; I am off to see the band play.”

I smiled and stepped aside. “Maybe we will bump in to each other in the dark confines of a dank, dimly lit basement.” I said

A smile played across your lips, and then one of the guys said, “Yeah right Chris, in your wildest dreams boy, she is young enough to be your daughter” then slapped the back of my head.

I was just about to turn and hit him when you piped up “Mmm, always did have a thing for older men.”

My mouth dropped open and the guys started whooping, hollering, and slapping my back, shouting, “she likes the older man Chris, and there aren’t many older than you.” I just glared at them and then smiled at you as I let you go on your way.

Ten minutes later and we were in the basement, being met by an assault on the eardrums from this band that was playing. I must be getting old I thought to myself, this music is total crap. I shook the thoughts from my mind and just started to get in to the whole mood of the gig. We stood near the back for about 20 minutes while the band finished their set, then I went up stairs and got another round of drinks for the boys and two bottles of water. As I returned to the basement and handed out the drinks, you accidently bumped in to me, spilling a little beer over my top. You went bright red and could not stop saying sorry. I just smiled and said it was no big deal, and then cracked the top of my water.

“Oh” you said, “I was just on my way to get a drink. Is there any chance I can have some of your water please?” you asked me. I just smiled and handed you the second unopened bottle I was carrying with me. You smiled at me and then gave me a small kiss on the cheek before turning back towards the stage and walking away from me. I watched you as your hips swayed and thought of that pleasures Escort Bayan Bahçeşehir that denim skirt hid from my prying eyes. You must have sensed me looking at you, because you turned around and gave me a cheeky little wink, before moving to the side of the stage.

The boys were nudging me and telling me I was in there, if I liked the thought of fucking a girl young enough to be my own daughter. I just glared at the boys and said, “Fuck you, she is early twenties at best, and as I am 39 there is no way I could be her father.”

The guys roared with laughter and said “Ooo, someone is touchy aren’t they.” I just glared at them, and moved away and to the side a little. Once the guys had drink inside them, they were a nightmare, they were like giant sweaty octopi, hands roaming everywhere with girls, thinking they were god’s gift to the women of the world. I loved all the guys like they were my own flesh and blood, but once the beer started flowing it was game over. So I always tended to move away from them a little, as I just was not that way inclined myself.

The band came on stage and introduced themselves as if we should all know who they were by now, I just shook my head and took a sip from my water and then moved a little closer to the side of the stage. They had just finished their first song and I had made my way to the very side of the stage, just a little way from the speakers and the small barrier that was supposed to hold the adoring fans back. I chuckled to myself and shook my head. Next thing I know, I am standing right behind you. You had a similar idea to myself, getting as close to the front but off to the side a little as it was a lot darker there and a little less crowded.

The band was in full flow now, they were four songs in and I have to admit, they were pretty good. I was flicking my eyes from the band on stage to your back and then back again. I smiled and remembered my enthusiasm at a younger age for watching bands at this bar. All of a sudden, you were sent crashing back in to me and my hands instinctively went to your hips to steady you. I looked up and saw a few youngsters trying to dance around in a close quarter area. They had bumped in to you and sent you back in to me. You turned and looked up at me and mouthed, “I am so sorry” I smiled and shrugged it off.

You moved back away from me a few feet, but then got bumped back in to me for a second time. I again stopped you from falling, but now I was getting a little pissed with the antics. I glared at one kid and he flipped me the bird before getting his mate to bump him and then moved himself towards us, like a pinball. I moved you aside as quick as a flash, then let fly with a right hook and floored the kid. I am not proud of myself for doing it, but I was trying to stop him from bumping you to the floor. One of the door men pushed his way through, grabbed the kid and me, and was just about to frog march us out, but you tuned to the doorman and said something in his ear. He gave me a slight nod and then let go of my arm, but bundled the kid out.

I smiled at you and mouthed “thank you,” you blushed slightly then moved back in front of me to carry on watching the band. I guess you felt safer with me behind you or something. Another song later and you were twirling around in front of me, waving your arms in the air as if you had no care in the world. I smiled at you, and then was surprised as you kissed my lips softly and whispered in my ear “thank you” before turning back to the stage. My mind was racing, was that just an innocent kiss, or was there more to it?

The next song started and it was a little slower than the others were, I watched you as you swayed your hips in time with the music, and I smiled to myself. Next thing I know, you had backed yourself in to me and you were pushing İstanbul Escort your ass against my crotch. I could smell your scent; I could feel your hair brushing against me. I was intoxicated from the movement, the smell, and I felt my cock harden slightly in my jeans. You must have felt it too as you pushed your ass firmly against my crotch before stepping forward slightly.

The song finished and they launched in to another rip-roaring number. However, my head was spinning; I had thoughts racing through my mind after you just pushed yourself up against me. I had to have you I thought to myself; I had to have you now at all cost. I moved up close behind you and placed my hand on your ass, and rubbed it gently. You turned your head a little and smiled at me, as if you were giving me the green light to carry on. I got a little bolder and slipped a hand down and under your denim skirt. I moved my hand slowly up your leg until I came to a rest on your inner thigh. Your head moved back and rested on my chest briefly, before you pushed your ass back in to my hardening cock through my jeans.

I became a little bolder and moved my hand to the side and then cupped your naked pussy, I gasped a little, as I had not expected you to be naked beneath your skirt. You pushed your hips down a little as my fingers glided along your soaking wet pussy lips. I lowered my mouth to your neck and you tilted your head slightly, then I placed small kisses as you ground your ass back against my raging hard on. I got a little bolder and slipped a finger in to your pussy, and I felt your body go a little limp against me. I moved my free arm and brought it around your waist to support your weight.

I continued to kiss your neck in the dark corner of the basement, and then I slipped a second finger in to your soaking wet pussy. You groaned at the sensation as I started to finger fuck you. You moved your hips in time with my invading fingers and you pushed yourself back against my hard cock. I heard you moan again as I moved my thumb up and started to work your clit. You were like a rag doll in my arms; your body was shaking as you started to ride the pleasure of your first orgasm. I felt your pussy muscles clamp around my probing fingers as your whole body shook with pleasure.

I held still for a beat until I felt your legs take your weight a little. Then you reached behind yourself and found the button and zipper of my jeans and you tugged and pulled at them until they opened. I continued kissing your neck as I slowly fingered your slick pussy; my hand was covered with your cum, it felt warm. Next thing I know, you fished my cock out of my boxers and your hand started working back and forth along the length. I moaned against your neck and bit down gently. This caused you to moan deeply and grip my cock harder. I started working my fingers in your dripping pussy as my thumb assaulted your clit again.

Your grip tightened on my cock as you started jacking me off in time with my fingers working your pussy harder and faster. You body started to shake and convulse again, and then you pulled back painfully hard on my cock as another orgasm ripped through your beautifully sexy body. I gently kissed and nipped at your neck as I kept my fingers still as you came down from your sexual high again. I could not believe what was happening, I was finger fucking a gorgeous girl in the middle of a dark basement with a band playing. I felt so dirty, but so fucking good at the same time.

You turned your head until your lips were at my ear, as your hand started working along the length of my raging hard on. “Fuck me mister,” you said in to my ear “shove this fucking beautiful cock in my pussy and cum for me” you said and then kissed my ear. I did not need to be asked twice, as I slipped my soaking wet fingers from your pussy. Escort İstanbul I lowered my hips a little, as I felt the tip of my cock press against your soaked pussy lips. You groaned in to my ear and then bit my ear lobe as I gave one almighty thrust forward and buried my cock to the hilt in your delicious pussy.

We held still a beat, and then you started pushing your ass back against me as you tried to get more of my cock inside your pussy. I moved my soaking wet fingers up and grabbed your hair, twirling it around and around until I had a tight handful. I pulled your head away and bit down on your neck again as I started fucking you with deep long strokes. I heard you gasp and groan as you felt my cock fill you up completely, then you whined a little as I pulled all the way back so the tip was just about to come out of your pussy.

I gripped your hair tighter and then started fucking you harder and faster, as I felt your pussy muscles tighten around my cock as you shook, as another orgasm ripped through your body. It was so filthy, I was fucking a total stranger in a basement with people nearby, but I did not care, I had to have more of you, I had to fuck you as much as I could. I let go of your hair and placed my hands on your hips, pulling you back against me as I drove my cock hard and fast, deep in to your willing pussy. You let out a small groan as you felt my cock totally fill your pussy.

Your head dropped a little as I started to fuck you harder and faster. I moved a hand from your hip and between your legs and found your clit. Your hand came to the back of my neck and pulled it forward “Fuck my pussy Chris” you said “fuck my pussy and fill me with your cum, I want to feel it deep inside me, I want to feel your cum splashing deep inside me” and then you bit my ear lobe again.

I started moving my fingers in small circles on your clit as I started to fuck your pussy as hard and as fast as I could. Your head dropped again as I felt your pussy muscles start to tighten on my cock again. That pushed me closer to the edge. I moved my lips to your ear and whispered “cum with me baby, soak my fucking hard cock and make me cum deep inside your beautiful little pussy.” You gasped and made a guttural groan as you felt my cock hammering your pussy. I felt my balls tighten up and my cock swell inside your pussy, and you sensed I was close.

I gave two deep and long thrusts, and as I pushed forward on the second stroke, I felt your pussy muscles clamp down on my cock and I knew you were Cumming again. I pushed a little bit further and then held still as my cock exploded deep inside you. I felt my cock pulse three or four times as my cum buried itself deep inside your willing pussy. We held still a beat and then I started fucking you again as I felt the last of my cum drain from my cock and in to you. We slowed down and then I felt you move a little and my cock slip from your pussy. We both fought for our breath, and tried to keep from falling over on weakened knees.

You turned to face me and kissed me deeply as your hand worked slowly back and forth along my semi hard cock. We kissed deeply for a few minutes, until you pulled back and broke the kiss. You looked at me and smiled and then stood up on tip toes and whispered in my ear “your cum is leaking out of my pussy and down my thigh Chris, and it’s a fucking delicious feeling” and then you kisses my ear lobe again. “There is a festival next weekend and I will be going camping” you whispered in my ear. “Will you be going there Chris.” I just nodded and smiled and then you kissed my ear lobe again and said “I look forward to seeing you there then big boy” and you pulled back on my cock and rubbed your thumb over the sensitive tip and coated it with the remnants of my cum, before bringing it to your mouth and sucking it clean. I just looked at you and smiled, then you kissed my lips gently as we realised that the band had finished their set and the house lights came up.

I watched you as you walked away, and then quickly tucked my cock back in my boxers. As I watched you ascend the stairs I could see my cum dribble down your leg from beneath your skirt and I smiled to myself.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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