The Ex Files


Sandy walked into her apartment, totally exhausted and looking forward to a night of sitting in front of the television and relaxing. As she entered her bedroom, she picked up the faint smell of stale cigarette smoke. Puzzled, she looked around, not really sure what she was looking for though. After a few minutes of going room to room, she shrugged it off and returned to her bedroom and proceeded to take off her clothes. She stared at herself, momentarily, in her mirror, thinking to herself it was definitely time for another diet.

Sandy had never been happy with her appearance even though, by most standards, she was a knockout. Standing 5’7, with long blonde hair that kissed her ass, Sandy was definitely a woman that could make heads turn. Her gorgeous blue eyes danced when she laughed and turned almost black when she was angered. Her long legs set the stage for the arousing trip up her body, capped off with succulent size 40 C tits, decorated with small to medium darkened nipples. And to top it all off, she had an ass that seemed to be carved from stone, perfectly round, yet perfectly tight.

But, even though she possessed all these assets, Sandy was always looking for ways to make herself even more attractive.

She had had several boyfriends in the past, all feeding her ego about her beauty, only to find out they were just the right words to get her into bed, then gone for good. Did this make her feel cheap? Yes, sometimes, but it also turned her into a raging nympho knowing she had that kind of power over men simply by just flashing some flesh.

As Sandy finished removing her clothes and giving her reflection a disgusted look, again she smelled the faint smell of cigarette smoke. And again, she looked around. Paying no attention to the fact that she was now naked from the waist up, Sandy proceeded on with her search, even glancing outside to her back patio. And again, she found nothing.

“Damnit, Sandy, get a fucking hold on yourself,” she mumbled, sliding her skirt down to her feet and kicking it off.

She walked over to her large closet, yanking a shirt that one of her ex’s had left behind. She loved wearing their shirts because they were so much bigger on her and were extremely comfortable.

Sandy then walked out and into her kitchen. As she bent down to grab a soda, she heard something that sounded almost like heavy breathing. She shot up and looked around, and again, saw nothing.

Now, she was becoming aggravated. She slammed the refrigerator shut and walked into the living room, dropping down on her huge overstuffed new sofa. As she stretched her legs out onto the glass topped coffee table, again the smell of cigarette smoke invaded her nostrils.

“Okay, who the fuck are you?” she said, standing up and quickly surveying the room, “I know someone’s in here. Fucking come out and show your face and stop hiding!!”

For a moment or two, there was only silence. Sandy’s heart was racing so fast she could hear it thumping in her ears. Her hands were becoming clammy and her legs began to feel like jello.

“Well? Are you coming out or do we have to be children here and play hide and seek?” she screamed, looking over and noticing the screen door was open half way.

Sandy quickly ran over to the screen door and shoved it closed, feeling somewhat better when she heard the lock click.

“It’s a little late for that, Sandy,” said a husky voice from behind her, “I mean, after all, if that door had been locked in the first place, you wouldn’t be as scared as you are now.”

Slowly, Sandy turned around. Her eyes widened when she saw who it was.

“Mike????? What the fuck are you doing here? Last I heard, you were in Boston,” she said, slowly walking backwards, finally pushing herself against the closed front door.

“Good to see you remember me, Sandy,” he said, putting his cigarette out in a cold cup of coffee Sandy had left.

“Mike, I told you before you left, it’s over,” Sandy said, trying desperately not to sound like a scared child.

“Yes, this is true,” Mike agreed, “But see, I’ve decided that it’s on again.”

Sandy looked around for anything she could use to hit him or at least scare him. Instantly, her eyes focused on the pool stick in the corner, a gift her father had given her before she went away to college.

Mike picked up on what Sandy wanted to do and could only laugh, “If you think you can make it to that stick before I make it to you, then go for it.”

Sandy swallowed hard and slowly began inching towards the pool stick.

Unfortunately for her though, for every step she took, Mike matched and was quickly catching up to her.

Finally, she reached the stick and grabbed it, just as Mike grabbed her wrist.

“Drop it, bitch,” he hissed, “Drop it before I drop you.”

Sandy remembered Mike’s temper, it was one of the reasons she broke up with him. She also remembered that it didn’t take much to provoke his dark side, so, hesitantly, she dropped the stick.

The sound of it hitting the cold tile echoed in Sandy’s ears, almost as if it were a warning of things İstanbul Escort to come.

“I see you still like pushing the envelope,” he whispered, gently pulling her to him by her wrist.

“Well, Mike, you know me, I don’t like to let things get boring,” she said, flashing him her best fake smile.

“Still a bullshitter too, I see,” he said, guiding her back to her original spot on the sofa.

Sandy’s body trembled with the fear of the unknown. She watched Mike remove his jacket and toss it to a small chair in the corner. He quickly unbuttoned his black shirt and jeans, kicking them both across the room. He stood there, clad only in black silk boxers, staring Sandy up and down.

“Unbutton your shirt, bitch,” he whispered, slowly rubbing his cock thru his boxers, “And don’t take all fucking night to do it.”

Sandy glanced up at Mike, fighting back the tears, she unbuttoned the shirt, trying desperately to make her trembling fingertips work fast enough to please him.

“Now, take it off, I wanna see those hot tits of yours,” he said, slowly sliding his hand down inside his boxers.

“Please, Mike, whatever it is you got planned, please don’t go thru with it,” she pleaded, “I have money now. I’ve got a great job and I’ll give you some money.”

Mike quickly yanked his hand out of his boxers and leaned forward, slapping Sandy across the mouth.

“You ignorant bitch, is that what you think I’m here for, huh?” he said, hovering over her with his hand still raised, “You think I need your hand outs?

Sandy covered her right cheek, rubbing it softly to calm the sting, “No, that’s not what I think,” she whispered.

“Get your ass up!” he said, pulling her by the wrist and yanking her up from the sofa, “Get on your fucking back on the floor.”

Both stunned and curious, Sandy obeyed, quickly laying down on the plush blue carpeting.

“Spread your fucking legs and show me that pussy I’ve been missing,” he said, pulling his boxers down.

Reluctantly, Sandy slowly let her legs fall open, revealing her freshly shaven pussy and clit piercing.

“Mmmm, that’s perfect,” Mike groaned, slowly moving down to his knees, “Now, grab your tits, press them together and make your nipples meet.”

Again, Sandy obeyed, figuring Mike would get so aroused by just her naked body, he would jack off and then leave her alone.

But, leaving her alone was not on his list of things to do …………… not just yet, anyway.

“I always did love seeing you naked, San,” he whispered, slowly jacking off and watching her pussy glisten.

“You miss me, bitch?” he asked, “Huh? Tell me you miss me inside you.”

Sandy again swallowed hard and manage to whisper, “Yes, I miss you inside me.”

“I don’t quite believe you, San, I think you better try it again,” said Mike.

“Yes, yes, Mike, I fucking miss you inside me,” she said, trying her best this time to sound sincere.

“That’s better, baby, that’s what I wanted to hear,” he said, slowly moving towards her.

Sandy thought back and remembered how good Mike was at eating pussy. He could always make her cum so quickly and leave her begging for more.

Little did she know, this time, Mike wasn’t there to eat pussy and make HER feel good.

“Rub your cunt, San,” he whispered, “Rub that bitch hard for me. I wanna see it stretched and sloppy wet.”

Sandy did as she was told and quickly brought her fingers to her wet pussy, gently rubbing her slender fingertips around her sensitive clit and massaging her smooth, bald lips.

“Yeah, that’s it, baby,” Mike groaned, “Rub that sloppy cunt, I remember how fucking wet you get when you’re hot.”

Sandy arched her back slightly and raised her hips off the floor, instantly sinking two fingers into her begging pussy. She moaned as her fingers slid in, knuckle deep and her pussy opened up for more.

“You hot, bitch? Huh? Your pussy aching yet? I fucking know you’re hot, I smell your fucking pussy from here,” snapped Mike, quickly grabbing his ex’s hips and flipping her over onto her hands and knees.

Unfortunately for Sandy, she didn’t quite make it and proceeded to fall, face first, into the carpet.

Mike seized this opportunity and grabbed both of Sandy’s wrists, pinning her arms behind her back. He tied her hands together with the phone cord he had apparently managed to acquire before she got home.

Instantly, Sandy’s hands began to tingle and her fingertips went cold. She felt so scared and humiliated having been tied up like a steer in a rodeo. She was completely helpless now and Mike couldn’t have been happier.

“I wanted to tie you up like this so many times when we were together,” he whispered, “I wanted you to be at my mercy.”

“Please, Mike, don’t do this,” pleaded Sandy.

Unfortunately, her pleas fell on deaf ears as Mike moved in closer, grabbing her by her hips and forcing her face into the carpet even further then it already was.

His hand was almost hot as it wrapped around the back of her neck, making sure she kept her head down.

She Escort Bayan could feel the heat from his body seering into her skin, demanding her attention. She couldn’t even speak anymore because her mouth was full of carpet and her head was unable to move. Her back hurt and her fingers had gone completely numb. Tears welled up in her eyes and her heart felt as though it would stop beating at any moment. She closed her eyes and squeezed the tears free, making sure to not even whimper.

“I smell your fear, bitch,” he hissed, slowly pushing his enormous cock tip to her virgin asshole, “I love knowing you’re scared right now.”

Mike slowly pushed his cock tip just inside Sandy’s asshole rim. Just enough to make her squirm, but not enough to get him excited enough to cum. He had one hand on her hip and the other hand still firmly wrapped around the back of her neck, holding her face and head tightly to the floor.

“I’ve missed being inside you, baby,” he groaned, thrusting his hips forward and pushing his cock further inside, “I want you back, Sandy and I won’t take no for an answer.”

Sandy began to cry harder, finding it more and more difficult to keep her whimpers silent. This is not at all what she wanted. She didn’t want anything more to do with Mike. The last contact she had had with him was right before she broke up with him for beating her up. She was away from the maniac and she wanted to keep it that way.

“Remember how we used to fuck, baby? ” he asked, now picking up the pace and slowly massaging her asshole with his engorged cock, “We used to fuck for hours, sometimes 5 and 6 times a day, everyday. Fuck, I miss that!”

“I always wanted to fuck you up the ass,” he said, “I always wanted to feel this tight hot hole suck my cock.”

Finally, he released his grip off her neck and the restraints on her hands and Sandy was able to raise her head. She slowly pushed herself up, onto her aching, tingling hands and arched her back, helping to relieve some of the pressure on her lower spine. The tears and snot from her runny nose had trickled down her throat while her head was forced down. She began to cough and tried not to vomit as Mike picked up the pace.

He grabbed both her hips and began slamming into her asshole, feeling as though he was trying to rip it open. He dug his nails into her flesh, creating small tears in her skin that burned each time the salt from his fingers would rub over them. He grabbed her long hair and twisted it around his fist, using it like reigns on a horse to keep her upright and his balance in tow. And the sound of his body slapping against hers made a sickening echo in her small apartment.

“Oh, God, please, Mike, please, fucking stop!!!” she cried, feeling her asshole being forced open further.

“Shut up, bitch,” he hissed, tightening his grip on her hair, “I say when this shit’s over with, got it?”

Sandy bit her lip so hard she tasted the blood wash over her tongue. Her head was beginning to spin and her arms were becoming weak from trying to hold herself up. Her head throbbed with the force of Mike’s grip on her hair and he showed no signs of backing off.

Her ears began to ring as the sickening sound of a hard slap echoed throughout her living room. Mike was spanking her like a small child that had been disobedient. Slap after mind numbing slap, Sandy’s ass quickly became beet red and stung as if she’d been bit by a mass of bees.

Her tits jiggled and slammed into each other as Mike drilled her asshole. Her nipples were erect and aching and her pussy was so wet she knew she needed relief soon.

After a few more thrusts, Mike became bored with using Sandy’s asshole for his play toy and demanded she lean forward and spread her legs so he could have a turn in her pussy.

She gave no lip and did as she was told, quickly lowering her upper body back down to the warm carpet beneath her. Again, she arched her back and closed her legs, instantly tightening her pussy slit. Her ass was raised high in the air and received three more hard slaps before Mike finally slammed his dick inside her cunt.

Sandy screamed into the carpet and bit down, forgetting both how good and how painful it felt to have a cock buried inside her pussy.

Her fingers were finally starting to have feeling return to them and her pussy had now accepted the large cock that was invading her. She kept her legs pressed tightly together and pulled up onto her palms, again arching her back. But, this time, she wanted in on the action, too. She pushed her lower body back towards Mike and begin moving her hips side to side, grinding on his dick and feeding her starved pussy all at once.

She moaned his name over and over, professing her love for his cock and admitting that she had indeed missed him inside her. Mike was beginning to fall for Sandy’s routine and began fucking into her faster, slamming his fuck rod balls deep into her sloppy wet pussy. His grip on her hips intensified and she cried out as the open wounds on her skin seemed to be getting bigger. She looked down, watching Eskort her massive tits swing with the ryhthm of Mike’s pounding. Her nipples were harder then they had ever been and hurt so bad.

Just then, Mike stopped and pushed Sandy’s body forward, again sending her face first into the carpet.

For a moment, there was only silence and Sandy had no idea what to expect next.

“Suck me off, bitch,” whispered Mike, reaching down and yanking Sandy up by her long blonde tresses, “Suck me good or I’ll hurt you more.”

Sandy reluctantly turned around and faced Mike, who, by now, was looking down and giving her a shit eating grin of satisfaction. She slowly reached out and grabbed his wet, throbbing cock and gently wrapped her lips around the pre cum covered cock slit. She almost gagged from the taste. Sandy had never liked sucking cock, anyone’s cock. She didn’t like the taste of cum or having something thick shoved down her throat. But, at this moment, Mike couldn’t care less what Sandy did or didn’t wanna do.

He held his grip on her long hair and began to slowly push her inexperienced mouth up and down the length of his dick. His balls were full and ached so bad he could scream. He didn’t have time for Sandy’s innocent act right now.

“Come on, bitch, you can do better then that,” he groaned, now shoving her mouth up and down faster.

Sandy gagged as the large muscle filled her throat. Mike’s pre cum was all she could taste and his body was sweating, making his aroma flood the small living room of her apartment. She tried desperately to pull away, only to find that Mike’s grip would become that much tighter. She reached up and grabbed his hips, digging her long claws into his flesh, sort of a payback for the wounds he had inflicted upon her hips. She slid her hands around and cupped his tight, muscular ass. He groaned and pumped her mouth faster, sinking his dick in balls deep.

Sandy was now getting into cock sucking and finding that she was enjoying it just as much as Mike appeared to be. She decided to try something she had seen in a porn movie one night in college. Slowly, she slithered her hands close to Mike’s asshole, gently pushing his ass cheeks apart. He threw his head back and groaned, instantly giving his approval, knowing what Sandy was about to do. She wasted no time. Instantly, she slammed two fingers deep into Mike’s asshole, forcing it apart, much to his liking.

Thrust after thrust, Sandy fingered Mike’s ass, drawing him closer and closer to his climax.

“Oh, fuck, don’t stop, bitch, don’t fucking stop!!!” he screamed, jamming his thick cock in and out of her sore mouth. With her other hand, she reached down and fondled his tight balls, rolling them around inside her warm palms.

Mike couldn’t hold back any longer. He released Sandy’s hair and cupped her face in his strong hands.

Sandy matched Mike’s thrusts, slam for slam, finger fucking him in the same rhthym as he was fucking her mouth. She could feel his ass muscles tighten up and his cock became rock hard, almost like a steel rod.

“I’m gonna cum, bitch, FUCK, MAKE ME CUM!!!!” he roared, pounding into her gaping mouth.

Seconds later, Sandy felt the warm flood of Mike’s cum dumping into her throat. Rope after creamy rope, Sandy’s mouth was flooded. Mike kept his grip on her face, making sure she stayed right there to receive every warm drop of his seed.

After it was over, Mike fell to the floor, both exhausted and satisfied that he was finally able to have Sandy again.

But, Sandy wasn’t gonna let Mike have all the fun. She quickly crawled over and straddled his deflating cock. Just as Mike wasn’t willing to take no for an answer, neither was Sandy.

Mike looked up and propped his head up with his hands, watching Sandy’s perfect body move on top of him.

“Can’t get enough of me, huh baby?” he said, giving her a wicked smile, “Just like the old days.”

Sandy didn’t answer, she just locked her eyes on his and continued with her mission for getting her own release.

She leaned forward, placing her hands on Mike’s stomach, using his body for leverage. She brought her feet forward and firmly planted them on the floor and began to ride Mike’s cock like a horse. Up and down she rode, sinking her pussy walls firmly around his dick, massaging the thick veins that protruded from his shaft. Again, Mike grabbed Sandy’s hips and pushed her down, also pulling her up for the ultimate ride.

“Oh, God, Mike,” she groaned, throwing her head back,”Your dick has never felt as good as it does now.”

Mike watched Sandy, concentrating on the look on her face. A look of total abandon and lust. She never looked more hot. Her hair was lying across her slender shoulders and her nipples were so beautiful. Her stomach was flat and glistened with sweat and all he could think about was fucking her for the rest of his life.

She began to move faster, driving his cock further and further with each thrust. She leaned up, sliding her pussy to his cock tip and slowly moved her hips side to side, pressing down and squeezing Mike’s cock slit. Then, with one final descent, she rammed his cock deep into her pussy, slamming him inside her balls deep. Mike groaned and gripped Sandy’s hips tighter, confessing over and over that he was about to cum again, begging her to ride him faster.

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