The Company Vacation

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I so needed this trip. I had been looking forward to it for weeks. I was so lucky to work for a small company that loved it’s employees. I was even more fortunate to work at a place where I not only got along with all of my coworkers, but actually enjoyed their company. A very good thing since I was going to be in a beach house with them for the next week.

We were all allowed to bring a guest, and mine backed out at the last minute. While I was looking forward to spending time with my best friend, I also knew I was going to have a great time on my own, and now I got the whole bed to myself.

I was the last to arrive, and the living room erupted with my name as I walked in. I couldn’t help but smile at seeing all of my coworkers in different stages of drunken disorder, and downed the shot that was shoved in my face as I made my way in.

I saw the familiar faces of everyone’s significant other, and greeted everyone as I made my way to the stairs that led to the bedrooms. I may have over packed a little, and before I took the first step I felt my suitcase lighten significantly. I turned my head, and there was John. “Oh, thank you!” I said as he took the lead up the steps.

“Where’s Stacy? I thought you said she was coming with you?” John asked, turning down the hall and opening the door to my room and putting the suitcase on the bed.

“She couldn’t make it. One of the girls got sick, and she felt bad leaving Chase with a sick kid.” I unloaded the rest of my crap onto the bed, letting out a sigh and looking back at John. “Anything interesting happen yet?”

John chuckled, “Nah, but it is still way early. We were all waiting for you so we could head out to the beach together.” He turned and headed towards the door, grabbing the door knob to close it on his way out. “Need help changing?” He smiled, and I smirked at him before turning my back to him as I started to unzip my suitcase. John and I had a very flirty relationship; it had been that way for years. It was friendly, relentless, and often was the highlight of my day.

“Get outta here,” I chuckled, hearing the door close as I found my bikini in my suitcase. I was looking forward to showing off my new figure during this trip. I had always been a bit frumpy, but after my breakup with my last boyfriend of two years about six months earlier, I finally got down to business and worked my way to the figure I wanted. Not skin and bones, but thick and curvy. I had even gotten a pretty good tan over the last couple of months, and I felt like a goddess when I looked at myself in the mirror after changing into my bikini. It was a simple black; nothing flashy, and the bottom tied at my hips.

I pulled my wavy hair up into a messy ponytail and pulled my sarong out. I started to pull it up under my armpits to tie in front of my breasts and stopped. Instead, I moved it down to my hips and tied it there, smiling to myself. I grabbed my beach bag that was already packed and ready to go, and headed downstairs. Sandy was bent over a cooler at the foot of the steps, and I slapped her ass as I trotted to the sliding glass door, laughing at the adorable little yelp she let out. “What the hell are you guys waiting for?” I said to my friends, and headed out onto the beach.

The next few hours passed quickly. There was alcohol aplenty, and I tried to keep myself at a steady buzz without getting trashed. There were five couples, me, and at that moment I realized that John didn’t bring a guest either. I knew that he wasn’t in any serious relationship at the moment, but I was sure he would have been able to round up someone to come with him. I made my way to the cooler to grab me and Sandy another beer and John met me there. He smiled at me, put his hands in the air, leaned his head back and bellowed “DAT! ASS!” I hit him in the chest as the group behind me sent up loud and boisterous agreements to his proclamation. “Seriously, Mel, that thing is good,” he said, handing me two beers out of the cooler.

I smiled, and probably blushed a little. “It better be considering the amount of squats I have been doing.” John walked back the short distance to the group with me, and I handed Sandy her beer, but stayed standing to talk with John. “Where’s your guest?”

“Bleh. Bitches, ya know?” he said, taking a swig of his beer. I nodded in agreement.

“Must not be as good as you used to be. But don’t worry, I will give you a pity fuck from time to time.” I smiled as he playfully glared at me, and took a large drink of my beer. “Race to the water?”

He took another drink, anadolu yakası escort and shoved his bottle down into the sand. “How about I run down there, and then you run towards me. In slow motion.”

I shoved my bottle into the sand as well, shoved him, and ran towards the water. He still beat me, and dove into the waves as I slowed down to get into the water slowly. I looked behind me and the group was making their way to the water too, and we all spent the next hour or so floating, splashing, laughing, and just having a good ol’ time.

It had been late afternoon when we initially made our way out, and so it was getting dark when we decided to make our way back. We all decided not to go out to eat, or to cook anything, but just raided all of the tasty treats that the company had stocked the kitchen with. Soon the large dining table was covered in large array of snacks and various different drinks, mine being a large glass of white wine. Everyone was talking and laughing, getting up from time to time to refill drinks and grab more munchies.

I was nibbling on my sliced cucumber when I felt slight pressure on the back of my chair. Before I could turn there was suddenly a tortilla chip right in front of my face. It was smothered with nacho cheese, sour cream, and had a sliced olive placed neatly on top of it. I gasped and stared at it lustfully as it got closer and closer to my face, and then I heard John’s voice as he whispered in my ear “Just a taste…just look at it…so perfect…so delicious…” I laughed and opened my mouth for him to feed me, making sure to bite his finger. “Ow! Oh, you bitch. And to think I was going to share!”

He moved into the seat next to me that Jack had abandoned, and placed a plate of nachos before me. I didn’t even look at him as I smiled and reached for another chip, closing my eyes as I ate it. “That’s what you get for being a bad influence,” I informed him, picking up another chip and stuffing it into my mouth. We sat and talked for a while, and soon people started to pair off. Some couples headed upstairs, while others moved to the couches in the living room. I picked up the empty plate and a few other dishes and put them in the sink, refilling my wine glass on my way back to John.

“I’m going to head outside. Would you like to join?” he asked, standing up from the table and walking to the sliding glass door.

“Sure,” I agreed, and followed close behind. It was glorious outside. Warm, but breezy enough to be comfortable. I had put a loose v-neck shirt and jean shorts on when we came back from the beach, but still had my bikini on underneath. I ran back in to grab the wine I had forgotten, and when I came back out onto the deck, I heard the sound of a lighter flicking. “Oh, you beautiful bitch. Can I have…”

John turned towards me and handed me a lit cigarette. I took a drag, and exhaled slowly. He grinned at me, and I couldn’t help but smile back. He took a seat on a bench on the furthest part of the deck, and I sat across from him on another. We sat in silence while we smoked our cigarettes, and when I finished mine I leaned back in contentment.

I was looking out towards the ocean when John said, “You look really happy, Mel.” I smiled and turned towards him.

“I am. Great day with friends. Buzzing pretty good. Cigarette,” I said. He pulled a pack out and placed it on bench next him, and I smiled at him again. I was feeling playful, and leaned forward, placing my elbow on my knee and my chin on top of my fist. “So…what’s a girl got to do for another one of those?”

John shrugged and leaned back a little, and I could tell he was going to play. “Hmmmm…well let’s see. There is no gas station nearby. None of our fellow coworkers smoke. Hmmmm…” He put his hand to his chin in contemplation and I chuckled, leaning back and taking a long drink of my wine. I was hoping he would be his predictable self and say something far-fetched that he would think I wouldn’t do. I was hoping that I would have the courage to do what I wanted to do, which the wine was helping with. I waited while he dragged it out, and finally he straightened up and looked right at me. “The price is titties, my dear. Big and beautiful titties.”

I looked him straight in the eyes, and reached behind my neck to undo the laces of my bikini. The smile left his face, and he didn’t move a muscle. I then reached behind and under my shirt to undo the laces behind my back. I pulled the top out from under my shirt and atalar escort threw it at him. He jumped when it hit him, and held it in his hands. I stood up, and slowly started to slide my shirt up over my belly, slowing down even more as the bottom of my breasts became exposed, all the while watching the look of surprise never leave John’s face. I heard an intake of breath once my nipples were exposed, and pulled the shirt off quickly over my head.

I walked over to him, and bent over to pick up the pack of cigarettes. I stood back up, and pulled one out slowly, and then tossed the pack back to it’s spot next to him. “A light?” I asked, and that seemed to bring him back to his senses.

“It,” he started, but had to clear his throat and try again. “It’ll cost you.”

“Really?” I asked, and took another step closer to him so that my stomach was right in front of his face.

“I want to taste you,” he said, a little louder than I think he meant to. He looked up at me, having to lean back a little to make eye contact with me over my breasts. I kept the cigarette between the index and middle finger of my left hand as I reached down and undid the button and zipper of my shorts. I then slid my right hand down and under my bikini bottoms and between my lips. I knew I was turned on by all of this, but was still surprised at how wet I was. I slid my fingers up and down my slit, a little spasm sneaking up on me and I glided over my clit. I pulled my fingers out and presented them to John.

“Just a taste,” I said, mimicking his earlier tone about the nacho. He didn’t even smile or acknowledge how clever I was, but grabbed my wrist and shoved my fingers into his mouth. His tongue glided over my fingers and between them while he sucked my juices. I gasped at how amazing it felt, and watched as his eyes closed in bliss. Slowly he pulled my fingers out of his mouth and looked up at me. I felt him place the lighter in my hand and he slowly let go of my wrist.

I took the lighter and started to back up, but he moved quickly, taking an ass cheek in each hand and pulling me towards him while scooting forward in his seat. I had to lean forward slightly and placed my hands on his shoulders to steady myself and felt him seize on of my nipples in his mouth. I gasped at the unexpected pleasure, and moved my hands to the back of his head to press his face closer to me, dropping the cigarette and lighter. He squeezed my ass while he sucked, and I looked down at him as he slid his face across and over to the other nipple.

I leaned my head back and savored the feeling. He was moaning into my flesh, and it was sending small vibrations over my skin. Suddenly I remembered where we were, and I turned my head to look at the sliding glass door. “Wait. Wait…not here!” I was pushing at his shoulders, and he finally detached from my nipple, only to start planting rough kisses on my belly and pulling me closer to him.

I hit him on the top of the head, and he snapped out of it, glaring up at me. “Not here,” I said again, and started backing away. He stood up and pulled me to him, kissing me deeply and making me forget where we were once again. I moaned as his teeth scrapped against my lip, and before I knew it my back was up against the side of the house and his hands were all over me.

He grabbed the back of my thigh and pulled my leg up, pressing his hardness against me, lighting me on fire. I grinded against him, and then remembered where we were once again. “No!” I said against his lips and pushed him away. “Not here! Jesus.” I moved away from the house and grabbed my shirt off the floor of the deck and put it on quickly. I turned to him, looking into eyes and seeing something close to rage in them. “My room,” I said and made my way past him to the sliding glass door. I heard him chuckle behind me and turned to him.

His back was to me and when he turned towards me I could see his huge erection sticking up against his thin shorts. “You want me to walk through the house, with this?” and he motioned to it. I bit my lower lip a little and started to move towards him, my hand outstretched. I stopped in my tracks, and looked back at him.

“Just…I don’t know…walk it off or something. Hurry up!” and I turned and went through the door. I ran up the stairs, faintly aware of someone yelling goodnight after me. When I made it to my door, I heard a loud uproar downstairs that was followed by laughter as I went into my room and closed the door behind me. No sooner had I ataşehir escort closed it and taken a couple of steps that the door opened again and John came through it. I turned, shocked.

“You walked through there with THAT?!?” I exclaimed as I motioned towards his raging boner, but he completely ignored me.

He made his way towards me as he took off his shirt and shorts, leaving them in a messy pile on the floor. I was frozen, still a little unable to believe that this was happening. I reached down and pulled of my shirt, again, and then pulled off my shorts and bikini bottoms in one go. I stood in front of him, completely naked, and reached out to take ahold of his beautiful cock. He took a quick intake of breath as my hand wrapped around it, and then sighed as I began to stroke it.

I felt it get even harder, and I smiled as I saw a small bead of precum glisten at the tip. I knelt down before him, and looked up at him as I started to stroke him a little harder. He placed a hand on the side of my face, and I turned my eyes up to him and took his thumb into my mouth. I sucked it lightly as I stroked him, and I could feel him tense up. I let his thumb leave my mouth slowly, and then turned to replace it with his cock. I took as much as I could and pulled away, and then took it again. My hand was still wrapped around his base, and what I couldn’t fit into my mouth I stroked to the same rhythm.

I heard a low groan as he placed his hand lightly on the back of my head, not pushing, but moving with my head as I sucked and stroked. I moved my tongue back and forth along the bottom of his shaft, and circled it around his tip when I pulled away before moving forward again. I felt him push against the back of my throat, and moaned when I tasted some more of his precum on my tongue. He started to thrust lightly towards my face, and I felt even more heat between my legs at the thought of him fucking my face.

He pulled away abruptly, and let out a deep breath. “Get up,” he said, and I quickly got to my feet. He took ahold of my arm and turned me around so that I was facing the bed. He moved behind me, and I could feel his erection pressing up against my ass. I wiggled against him as he slid his hands over my breasts, pinching my nipples slightly. He left one hand on my breast, and then placed the other between my legs. His fingers glided easily between my lips, and I let out a ragged sigh.

As soon as he felt my wetness he started to move me forward, and I felt the front of my knees and thighs against the bed. He rubbed my clit slowly, making me jerk and shake. I pressed back against him, I turned my face to allow him to kiss me deeply, his tongue going deep into my mouth and making me see stars. He broke away from the kiss and shoved me face first onto the bed, and I instantly brought my knees up under me and pushed my ass up into the air. Not a moment after my ass went in the air did I feel the head of his dick sliding up and down pussy, making me moan into the soft comforter of the bed.

He started to slide into me slowly, but I was too impatient for that. I pushed myself back to feel more of him enter me, and he got the hint. His next thrust was hard and deep, and I cried out in pleasure as he buried himself in me. He slammed into me, over, and over, and it didn’t take long before my pussy tightened on him and I convulsed with an earth shattering orgasm. Spasms were still flowing over me when he pulled out and flipped me onto my back.

He spread my legs and slid back into me, putting his hands on the back of my knees and pushing them towards me. I placed my hands on my breasts and kneaded them while he fucked me, my head thrown back in the pleasure of it all. Soon his hands left my thighs and he placed one right above my pussy, using his thumb to rub my clit. He rubbed it in a circular motion, and my back arched. I felt another orgasm building, and I could tell he was close, too.

We were rutting like beasts, and for a moment I thought of how loud we must be. My thoughts disappeared as my pussy started to tighten again, and I locked eyes with John. I came as he entered me with long, hard strokes, and felt his seed fill me. He let out something that was a cross between a groan and a yell, and stayed buried inside of me as I felt his cock spasm. He collapsed on top of me, and after a few moments I became vaguely aware of the sound of cheering coming up from downstairs.

Between gasps of breath I started to chuckle, and soon John joined me. He slid out of me, and started to stand up. I laid there, completely broken, and glowing. “Thirsty,” is all he said as he wiped himself off and then put on his gym shorts. My eyes followed him as he walked through the door, and raised his arms to the air like he just won some sports event. The cheers got even louder and then he turned and closed the door, a huge triumphant smile on his face; a smile I could completely return.

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