The Cabin

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edited by BrettJ — Thank you!

They had arrived at the cabin just as the wind started to howl. If there had been any further delays driving out of Baltimore, they would have been caught in the storm. Summer storms like this were not uncommon and Jenny enjoyed watching the lightning shows and hearing the thunder crash. The howling wind, however, she hated. It brought up horrible memories of the tornado her family had been caught in when she was twelve.

“Run, Sis. Run!” Sam yelled as the rain started its downpour. They both scrambled out of the Jeep and ran towards the cabin. Thankfully, the wrap around front porch had an awning over the front half of the cabin, so they weren’t rained on as Sam unlocked the door.

However, the short trip from the Jeep to the porch had left both Jenny and Sam looking like drowned rats. Jenny breathed a heavy sigh as she plopped down at the kitchen table. Sam’s black hair took on an ebony sheen as the rain dripped from his head. His long legs took him to the bathroom linen closest in just a few strides. He pulled out a towel for each of them to dry off. Jenny had always thought her older brother was handsome, but after he toweled off his hair and face, he looked roguishly sexy.

Sam was wearing his work cowboy boots with dark blue jeans and a white tee shirt. The rain had soaked the shirt and Jenny could see his nipples protruding from the cold rain. He stripped off his tee shirt and Jenny gasped. His chest was perfect for a Soloflex ad.

Sam heard her gasp and whipped his head around to look at her. “What?!”

Jenny flushed lightly and thought quickly. Wouldn’t be good to have her brother knowing her sexual fantasies of him. “I’m just appalled by all this dust in here.” She ran a finger on the kitchen table to demonstrate.

He grinned. “Geez, Sis. Can’t you take a break just for three days?” He continued his ministrations and dried off his chest and back. Jenny owned and operated a cleaning service out of Baltimore. Of course she would want the place clean. “The cabin’s been closed up since last October,” Sam continued. “It’s no wonder there is an inch of dust everywhere.”

“Well,” she said quickly as she hopped out of her chair. “I’d better get to it then. Mom and Dad will be here soon.”

He stopped her by placing a hand on her arm and looking down into her deep blue eyes. Her breathing stopped. Goodness, he was gorgeous. “Not until you get out of those wet clothes.” She still couldn’t breathe as his warm brown eyes penetrated hers. She licked her lips delicately and as her pink tongue darted out, his eyes narrowed slightly.

She drug her gaze away from his and headed towards the stairs. “I will see what I can find, Sam.”

Sam watched his little sister walk up the stairs. He noticed now the way her wet jean shorts hugged her ass. Her hips were swaying as she mounted the steps. What had been in her eyes? For a very brief instant he thought it had been desire. When her tongue had slipped out to lick her lips, he’d felt his cock twitch in response. Oh, that would not do, he thought. I cannot be having lustful thoughts about my little sister, for Christ’s sake

Sam tried to think of his sister when she was younger. She’d been a skinny tomboy with light red hair, almost always in long braids. He’d called her “Pippy” in elementary school until she socked him in the nose once. He chuckled to himself at the memory and continued drying off. His erection subsided at the vision of his sister, angry as a wet hen, her long braids flying, when she’d punched him. He’d deserved it.

He followed her up the stairs a few moments later and went into his own room. Each family member had several changes of clothes at the cabin. He opened a drawer and pulled out a clean, dry pair of jeans and another tee shirt. He stripped out of the wet jeans and slipped on the others. He normally went commando in the summer, wearing no underwear at all. As he tucked his cock into his jeans and zipped them up, he recalled the spark in his sister’s clear blue eyes. Oh hell! Another twitch and his jeans were bulging at the zipper. He decided to change his choice in shirts. He needed a longer tee shirt rather than the tight light blue one he’d originally pulled out of the drawer. Sam worked out daily and he liked showing off his muscles, but not to his little sister. He dug out a dark blue, longer shirt. It was his high school baseball jersey. He slipped it on over his shoulders and it hung a few inches below his beltline. Not long enough to cover his bulge but it would have to do.

Sam climbed down the stairs and stopped at the landing to watch his sister starting to clean the cabin. It was just big enough for the family of four with three bedrooms upstairs and a full bath. The den and eat-in kitchen were in one large open room with the half bath off in the corner. The rustic, but relaxing look and feel of the cabin helped Sam to ease the pressures of gaziantep escort bayan his workweek. His sister had started cleaning in the kitchen, wiping down all the countertops and table, and had moved into the living room with the dust cloth.

Jenny’s wet hair had been braided again, but this time one single thick auburn braid hung down her back. She had on a long-sleeved green flannel shirt. She’d rolled up the sleeves so that they wouldn’t get in the way of her cleaning. It was long enough to cover her ass completely and Sam believed it actually belonged to their father. Her shorts were completely covered with the long shirt, and she was barefoot. Her long legs were peaking out from under the shirt and Sam could tell that his little sister worked out too. He started down the stairs and was halfway down when Jenny stood on her tiptoes to dust off a higher shelf on the entertainment center. Sam had a clear view of her ass then and she wasn’t wearing any shorts! He could see white lace panties peeking out from under the shirt.

He cleared his throat and got her attention. She turned around to face him and the flannel shirt’s top two buttons were undone. Her cleavage was nearly showing! “I thought you went upstairs to get dressed,” he said.

She blushed and answered defensively. “I had forgotten that last fall I took all of my clothes home. Some I took to Goodwill and others I just threw out. The clothes I had planned on replacing them with are still out in the Jeep.” He sighed, but she continued. “I couldn’t run around here naked, Sam, so I borrowed one of Daddy’s shirts.”

No, she definitely can’t run around here naked, he thought. Down boy! he yelled internally to his cock.

“Looks like the rain has let up, so I will go out to the Jeep and bring stuff in,” Sam said as he averted his eyes from his sexy younger sister.

“Need help?” she asked.

“No!” It was almost a growl. My, my! Jenny thought as she recalled the bulge in his jeans. His baseball jersey attempted to cover his erection, but it didn’t complete the job. He has a desire for his little sister and is trying to suppress it. She smiled as her lace panties got just a little wetter.

Sam stalked out to the Jeep and noticed the rain had let up to a mere drizzle. The birds were starting to sing again and he knew the storm had passed. Well, the storm outside had passed. The sexual storm in the cabin was just starting to brew. He brought in their suitcases. Jenny had two. Her normal duffel that she packed for the weekend trips up here and another larger suitcase. Presumably it held the clothes she had intended to leave up here for the summer. He slung his own duffel bag over his shoulder and picked up her two. He trekked back towards the cabin and then went back out after setting the bags inside the door. As he was getting the groceries out of the back of the Jeep he heard his cell phone ringing. It was a text message alert. He brought the first load of groceries into the kitchen, set them on the table and then went back out. He opened the front door of the Jeep and on the seat was his cell phone. He flipped it open.

Bridge washed out. Call us. It was a text from his mom. Sam groaned. He walked the hundred yards or so up the driveway to a tall knotty pine tree, three feet thick, and leaned his back against it. He pointed the phone directly at the tower on the mountain five miles away and waited patiently, as it took several minutes to connect. The phone tree, as they had called for many years, was the only area near the cabin that one could send or receive calls. Text messages were sent and received only outside of the cabin. His mom answered his call, but there was still static on the line so it was hard to hear.

“What’s the weather doing up there?” she asked.

“It was pouring when we got here, but let up now,” Sam answered. “It looks like the sun is trying to come out.”

“It’s still raining hard here in Rockville and we heard on the radio that a bridge was out near Deep Creek. We called Pete. He said Muddy Creek overflowed.” Sam groaned again. “The bridge on Cranesville Road is washed away.” Less than two miles away from the cabin. Sam ran his fingers through his damp hair.

“You’re not coming up then,” Sam said into the phone.

“No. Your dad has to work on Sunday morning anyway. We were only planning on being up there tonight and coming home late on Saturday.”

“Okay, Mom,” he sighed heavily. “We’ll manage.”

“What’s wrong, honey?” His mother had heard the tension in his voice. “Are you and Jennifer fighting again? I thought you two had worked things out these last few summers and were becoming friends again?”

“Everything’s fine, Mom.” Sam and Jenny had had a large argument over her then boyfriend three summers ago. She’d brought Steve up to the cabin that summer for one weekend and Sam thought he was just a lazy bum. Not good enough for his gaziantep escort sister. It had put a major strain on their relationship, but eventually, thankfully, Jen had seen that Sam was right about Steve.

“Just don’t kill each other,” his mom laughed.

Sam groaned again. Kill? Kissing his sister was more on his mind than killing her.

“We won’t.” Sam said his goodbyes to his mother and then dialed Pete’s number. Pete was the unofficial mayor of the Muddy Creek Development.

“Pete Townsend,” the deep voice said as it answered and Sam smiled. Poor Pete. What a name to be saddled with.

“Hey, Pete. Sam Martin here. I hear the bridge is washed out.”

“Hey there Sam!” Pete’s grin was evident in his voice. “Yeah… I’m afraid you all won’t be making it up here this weekend. I’d wanted to see your dad again. I still need to win back my fifty bucks.” Ah, the life of the semi-retired, Sam thought.

“Actually, Jenny and I made it up here already. I drove down early from Philly and picked her up in Baltimore. We made it here around 5 PM just as the storm hit.”

“Man! You probably were the last ones across that bridge. Lucky it didn’t collapse when you went across it!”

Sam nodded. Lucky indeed. Stuck here all weekend with his sexy sister and no one to rescue him. Sam shifted his once-again aching cock to the left.

“When do you think it will be repaired, Pete?”

“I am getting a crew together as we speak. It should be reopened by Sunday at the latest. I will give you a call and let you know when you two can cross it again.”

“Limited service up here, Pete,” Sam reminded him. “We’ll just head home late on Sunday night and hope that it’s repaired by then.”

Pete agreed and they said their farewells. Sam slowly walked back to the cabin in the middle of the road. The trees were still dripping from the recent rain and he didn’t want to get wet again. The sun was starting to come out again, although it would set within a couple of hours. Hours. Forty-eight of them left. With his sister. His little sister with the size 38 C breasts and perfect little ass. Sam groaned still yet again. It was going to be a long weekend.

Jenny saw Sam slowly walking back up the driveway. She could see the phone tree from the front window and knew what he’d been doing. As he walked up the driveway, his shoulders were slumped forward. She could see the frown on his face as he got closer and wondered what phone call could depress him so much. He walked into the cabin and set his phone down on the kitchen table.

“Everything okay?” she asked tentatively. “I saw you out at the phone tree.”

He shrugged. “Muddy Creek Bridge is washed out.” Jenny gasped. “Mom and Dad aren’t coming up.” Inside, Jenny purred. “It’s just you and me, Sis. Til sometime on Sunday is what Pete said.”

Just the two of them. For the whole weekend. Suddenly Jenny shivered. She wasn’t sure if it was from apprehension or excitement. Perhaps a little of both.

Sam finished bringing in the rest of the groceries while Jenny went upstairs with her suitcase, changed out of her dad’s flannel shirt and into a set of shorts and a tank top. She surveyed herself in the full-length mirror. The light pink shorts were thinner cotton and she could see the vague outline of her bright pink thong beneath them. She looked at her light pink matching tank top and could see her bra through the fabric as well there. She slipped the tank top off and laid it on her bed. She unclasped the front closure on her bra and released her breasts from the cups. The air felt cool on her nipples and they peaked slightly. She casually moved her palms underneath her breasts and brought her thumb and forefingers around to enclose the nipples. She had high firm breasts and was proud of the way her body looked. Her daily workout with the ball was helping her tummy muscles too. Just a slight roundness near her hips was felt as she moved her right hand from her breasts and slid it over her stomach and hips.

Jenny heard a noise in the hallway and quickly covered herself. She heard Sam groan as he walked by her room on the way to his. Jenny had forgotten to close her door and Sam had seen her fondling herself. Jenny left the bra on her bedroom floor, slipped the pink tank top over her pert breasts and went downstairs to the kitchen to make supper for her and her brother.

As she was frying up the bacon for their BLT sandwiches, Sam came downstairs in his bathing trunks. He didn’t say a word to her, though, as he went out to the back deck and turned on the hot tub. It was a nice service that his parents paid for in the development. Every Memorial Day weekend, without fail, a water truck came around to every house that had a hot tub or a swimming pool and filled up the tubs that had been drained the previous fall. Sam cranked the heat to its highest setting. Even though the gaziantep escort bayan ilanları summer sun had warmed the water somewhat in previous days, the recent rain had cooled it again. The heater was powerful and Sam knew it wouldn’t take long for it to reach the ninety-degree mark. And if not then he could use a cold dip to cool his lustful thoughts. Regardless of whether she knew or not, Sam had noticed her not wearing a bra while she was cooking dinner. His cock had noticed too and he was nearly wearing a tent as he stood out on the deck next to the hot tub. The sun was setting and the stars were beginning to twinkle on the eastern horizon.

Jenny touched his shoulder and he jumped only slightly. She’d come out to the deck barefooted so he hadn’t heard her approach. He was lost in his thoughts, watching the day wane away. Sam didn’t turn towards her, knowing she would see his erection. He was embarrassed. His little sister was turning him on and he knew it was wrong. After he had watched her fondling herself just a half hour before, he had to go to his room, close the door and relieve his sexual tension. He had never masturbated while thinking about his sister… until today.

His brain forced his hand away from his cock. He couldn’t touch himself while she stood right behind him. “Dinner is ready,” she whispered into his back. Her voice was deeper, huskier… sexy as hell. She was only five foot seven inches compared to his five eleven frame. Both of them were slim and athletic and the resemblance was certainly existent between them, despite Sam’s dark hair and Jenny’s auburn strands. Sam knew that if he turned now to face her that he would only have to dip a few inches to capture her lips with his. His body faced an internal war. His brain screamed NO! while his body cried out Oh, fuck yes!

“I’ll be in there in a moment,” he said hoarsely. He felt Jenny’s hand slide off his shoulder and her fingernails lightly scratched his back. He had put on a different shirt after his encounter upstairs. He’d soiled his baseball jersey when he’d cum as he thought of his sister, so he slipped on a white mesh muscle shirt and put on his trunks. He felt the ripple effect of her nails as they skimmed down his shirt. Sam groaned as she left and he tried to think of the “Pippy” image again, but this time his erection stayed in place. So he thought of his dad beating the living tar out of him. Finally after a few minutes of those horrible images, he was ready to go back inside the cabin and have dinner with his sister.

They ate nearly in silence until she couldn’t stand it anymore. She finally asked him about work and he opened up. Sam loved his job as a construction project manager and the sexual tension eased as he told her in detail about one of his latest jobs. Jenny also relaxed and explained how she was working on getting another crew together to service houses in the Hunt Valley area, a richer Baltimore suburb.

Sam cleared the plates from the table and mentioned he was going to enjoy the hot tub with a glass of wine for a while.

“Would you like company?” Jenny asked. They were almost relaxed enough to be back to their normal sibling selves.

“Sure,” he said. “Did you bring a suit?”

She nodded. “Two of them. My white bikini and the blue one-piece.”

Sam swallowed hard and the tension was back. “The one… piece.” He let out a breath he didn’t know he’d been holding. “Please.” He added. And then his sister smiled.

Sam walked out to the deck by the hot tub and didn’t realize how late it had gotten. The sky was pitch black but littered with millions of stars. You couldn’t see this in Philly. There were no city lights here to obscure the brilliant twinkling of the bejeweled night sky. He looked at the thermometer on the hot tub. One hundred degrees even. He backed down the thermostat to 102, which was just about perfect for him. The mid-June night was still chilly here in the mountains of western Maryland but the warmth of the hot tub would help to relax him. He shook his head in disbelief at the way he’d been acting earlier. His actions had been those of a randy high school boy, not a man of twenty-five. Certainly not those of a man whose sexual target had been his twenty-three year old sister. He chalked it up to the stress at work and the sexual tension he’d had since Jessica had dumped him three months ago. Sam went back inside, grabbed the bottle of White Zinfandel out of the wine rack and two glasses. He set them on the side of the tub and climbed in.

As he sat surrounded by the Jacuzzi bubbles, he closed his eyes and leaned back with his arms extended to either side, level with his shoulders. The soft bubbling noises were drifting him to sleep when he heard the pop of the cork. He opened his eyes and saw his sister pouring each of them a glass of wine.

ONE piece? Jenny’s blue bathing suit was indeed one piece, however it had a huge gaping hole in the front where her flat tummy showed through. He saw her belly button piercing and remembered the day she’d gotten it; just after her eighteenth birthday. She’d been so proud to show it to him and he’d been embarrassed. Not as embarrassed as he was now. His cock twitched in his swim trunks, billowing it out even further than the bubbles had done.

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