The Bike Ride


At forty two I disliked how out of shape I was. It didn’t help that I had just taken a job working behind a desk. I started walking, but that didn’t do much to decrease my waist size. After getting frustrated with the spare tire above my belt, I decided to buy a bike. I just fell in love with a 21 speed mountain bike with big knobby tires.

After my wife wrote him a check he handed me a piece of paper and said,

“There is a local group that goes on weekend bike rides. Sometimes they are long rides some times short but it is a good way to get some exercise.”

I gave the paper to my wife and told her I’d meet her at home. The four mile ride convinced me I was really out of shape. Going up a small hill near my home wore me out. Parking the bike in the garage, I was glad I quit smoking four years earlier. As I tried to catch my breath, I wished I had quite a lot earlier.

I called the number on the paper and started going to some of the weekend bike trips. In the beginning I went to the short ones and worked my way up to some 100 mile trips. Over the next couple of months I met some real nice people in the group.

Three of the guys, Rick, Mike and Tim, and I became real friendly. Their wives and my wife would get together for cards, or the guys would play poker while the girls watched chic flicks they rented. Sometimes we would all get together and go out to eat.

Over the next couple of months I had improved my cardiovascular and lost a few inches of my spare tire. I went on a lot of short bike rides, and a few of the longer trips.

One Friday evening during a game of spades Rick looked around the table and said,

“Next Friday let’s take a bike ride to Daytona Beach.”

Tim looked at him and asked, “For a day a night or what?”

Like he had the trip planned, Rick answered, “We’ll leave Friday afternoon after work. We’ll get a room and spend the weekend riding up and down the beach and Highway A1A.”

I looked at my wife, waiting for her to say something. After an awkward silence, Mike said, “Sounds like fun.”

Rick’s wife looked around the table and said, “Kind of like a men’s retreat. Only you guys will be checking out every thing in a bikini.”

Over the next few days we finalized every aspect of the trip. We bought back packs to carry the things we needed. We reserved a room on the beach.

All day at work on Friday I was wishing it was four; so we could be on our way. Fighting the traffic on the way home I realized in our six year marriage Jan and I have never been apart for a single night. She seemed okay with the trip, especially the part about her and the other wives going to Tampa on Saturday.

We all met at Mike’s house. I pulled my bike out of the back of the truck. After Tim and Rick arrived, we left. The eighty mile trip to the coast was hot, sweaty and very tiring. It was the middle of May, but it was hot enough to feel like the middle of August. We stopped several times for water and to rest.

We arrived a little before seven. Mike, Tim and I stayed with the bikes near some newspaper stands in the driveway, while Rick went to get the key.

Going into the room, it was nice to relax in the air conditioning. Rick laid on one of the beds. Tim made it to the other one. Mike and I sat at the two chairs at the small round table near the door. I looked at Rick and Tim and wondered what the sleeping arrangements would be. Rick turned on the television. He flipped through the channels and finally stopped at a Humphrey Bogart movie. A few minutes into the movie we started talking about dinner. After tossing around several choices we decided on going to Hooters.

Dinner was nice. It seemed like the waitress’s tops were cut lower and their shorts had less material. On the way back we stopped at a liquor store and bought a small bottle of Seagrams 7 and a 2 liter bottle of seven up. After dinner, we hit the pool. We had a nice time swimming and playing with a beach ball in the pool. Going in to get ready to settle in the room for the night, we took turns going into the bathroom to change out of our wet swim suit. Mike went in first. When he came out, Tim went in. I was shocked to see Rick take his swim trunks off right near the sink. He dried off and hung his trunks on a hanger. Totally naked, Rick walked towards his pack for some shorts.

I tried not to stare, but I had not been in a gym in years and I wasn’t used to seeing naked men. Rick is tall and muscular. The whole time he had his back to me. I don’t know why, but I was curious what his cock looked like. I didn’t realize I was staring until Tim came out of the bathroom.

I grabbed my shorts and went into the bathroom. After changing I started to wonder why I was so shocked and curious. I’ve seen naked men before. Pulling up my shorts I noticed I was getting hard. My seven inch cock was stirring as I thought about looking at Rick’s naked body. Before leaving the bathroom I splashed some cold water on my face and tried not to think about Rick naked.

Walking out of the bathroom, kürt porno I surveyed the room. Rick and Mike were on the bed closest to the door. Tim was on the other bed. I walked between the beds then crawled over Tim’s legs to lie on the only available small area of bed left.

Mike had the remote. He was flipping through the channels. I watched him and the television for a short while. When he passed two different baseball games, I lost interest and went back to thinking about Rick naked. I also started to wonder what Mike or Tim looked like with no clothes or what they looked like with a hard cock.

Tim is short and slender. He has short blond hair. At thirty two, he is very athletic. I started to imagine his cock hard, when I realized Rick stopped on a pay per view channel. He was reading the conditions of purchase agreement and waiting for the choices of movies. I looked away from the television towards Mike. He looked like he was almost asleep. Like the rest of us he had on just a pair of shorts. His short red hair was barely touching his ears. Unlike Rick he had very little hair on his body.

I have always had this fascination about making love to a woman with red hair. Being curious of what she would look like with red pussy hair. I started to wonder what Mike looked like with red hair around his cock.

I have always been 100% heterosexual. I couldn’t understand why I was thinking the way I was. I closed my eyes to try to change what I was thinking, then the movie started. With my eyes closed I could hear a woman moaning. I opened my eyes to see a naked woman on television she had a large cock in her mouth and another well hung guy was sliding his cock in her pussy. She had large round breast with large nipples. I looked at Mike, Tim and Rick they were all watching intently.

I could not believe what I saw next. Rick lifted his hips and lowered his shorts. His cock was huge. I guessed nine maybe ten inches long and thick. The mushroomed head was large. It was odd to see all the hair on his chest and legs, but his cock area was completely shaved. Just when I realized I was staring, Mike reached over and wrapped his hand around Rick’s cock. Rick’s cock was so big Mike’s hand could barely fit around it.

Trying not to stare, I looked at the tv. It didn’t work I was curious as to what they were doing. With a full view of Rick’s cock, Mike leaned in and opened his mouth. He slowly took the head in his mouth. He started bobbing up and down on Rick’s cock. Rick put a hand on the back of Mike’s head. Watching Mike give Rick an expert blow job with such interest, I didn’t notice Tim taking off his shorts.

His seven inch cock had a large purple head. With it so close to me I could see precum on the tip. Like Rick he was also shaved. I was thinking about touching it. I knew it would be like touching my own, but it was bald and I had never touched another man. Looking back at Mike he was going faster up and down on Rick’s cock. He reached down and played with Rick’s balls.

I started to move towards Tim’s cock, and then decided to take my shorts off first. My seven inch cock stood straight up. Repositioning myself I reached for Tim’s cock. It felt odd. There was no hair. I moved my hand up and down the length. I just sat there looking at Tim’s cock as I moved my hand along his cock. I could feel the moistness of his precum. The curiosity got to me and I leaned over his cock and opened my mouth.

Sucking my first cock I went slowly. My first taste of cum was shocking, but I kept going. I took him deep enough to let the tip touch my throat. The texture of his cock head on my lips was amazing. I put one hand on his balls and at the base of his cock and the other hand on his hip. As I let his cock slide out of my mouth, I looked towards Mike and Rick. Mike was going faster up and down like he was hoping to make Rick cum.

Tim was rubbing my head and shoulders. The more he touched me the more I wanted to make him feel good. After looking at Mike I had an idea of what to do. I could hear Tim moaning. I guessed he was close to cumming. I stopped to watch Mike again. My wife would often quit if she thought I was going to cum to make me last longer. I watched Mike and rubbed Tim’s thighs. I was mesmerized at the sight of Mike giving Rick a blow job. I heard Rick moan then saw Mike move a little. Rick shot his load of sperm at Mike’s lips and chin. Opening his mouth, Mike sucked him dry.

I turned back to Tim’s beautiful cock. After watching Rick cum I was eager to taste and swallow Tim’s salty cum. I moved faster moving my mouth and lips over his wet cock. Moving my hand around his balls, I sensed he was about to cum. I was determined to swallow it all. He moaned, moved his hands off my shoulder and said,

“I’m cumming!”

The first squirt hit my throat. I swallowed some then I felt another squirt. I sucked the head one last time. As I slid my mouth off his cock some of his sperm dribbled down my chin onto my goatee.

Expecting to see Rick and Mike relaxing, I looked ladyboy porno at the other bed. Rick was returning the favor and sucking Mike’s cock. Feeling a little uncomfortable on my side I sat up. With the feeling of cum on my tongue and throat I got up to mix a drink. Taking a sip of my bourbon and seven up, I turned back towards the bed. Tim moved off the bed. He was on his knees next to the bed. Stopping me he moved towards my cock. I always liked when my wife sucked my cock while she was on her knees. Tim put both hands on my but and pulled me close. His mouth felt like a vacuum. He was great sucking harder and harder. Leaving a hand on my left butt cheek he reached his other hand under my balls. He would alternate between touching my balls and spreading my cheeks to tenderly touching my tight ass. His touch was too much. A tingling was building in my thighs. Tim knew I was about to cum. He kept sucking my cock, but was now moving harder and faster. I shot my first stream in his mouth. He continued sucking me dry.

I took a sip of my bourbon and seven. Tim got up to mix himself a drink. Rick was finishing and Mike looked satisfied as the both leaned against the wall. I started to watch the movie. When Tim returned with his drink, I asked,

“I take it this was not your first time?”

Rick looked over at me and said,

“No our first time was a couple of weeks before you joined the group. After a short bike ride we met at my house. Our wives were shopping together. We were sweaty from the ride. I suggested we take a shower to get rid of the sweat. While we were naked one thing led to another.”

Mike looked at me and said,

“We were concerned what you would think, but I had a feeling you would be okay with it.”

I took a sip of my drink, and asked,

“Do you think your wives know?”

Rick answered,

“No I know they don’t know. If my wife even suspected I know she would ask me about it.”

We talked about a lot of things in the next hour while we watched the rest of the movie. When the movie ended, we all went to sleep. As I hit the pillow my mind wandered to the events of the evening.

I woke up early. Not being one to lay in bed awake, I took a shower. Throwing on some shorts and a t-shirt I slipped into some flip flops and went for coffee. The coffee and donuts were good at the continental breakfast. I sat by the pool reading the paper when Tim came out.

“There you are. Mike thought you might have left.”

I grinned and said,

“No I’m enjoying my men’s retreat.”

Tim walked towards the office for breakfast. A few minutes later Mike and Rick went to the office. After breakfast we went for a bike ride. We rode up the beach to Ormond Beach. We drove up onto A1A to find a place for lunch. After lunch we played mini golf and started back for our hotel.

Arriving back at the hotel we were all hot and sweaty. We decided to cool off in the pool. As we reached for our swim suits, no one went to change in the bathroom. Watching Rick naked made me want to go to my knees right then and there and try sucking his large cock. He must have known what I was thinking because he stopped before putting on his trunks.

I stepped towards him and went to my knees. I slowly slid the large head between my lips. Grabbing the base, I started sucking his big cock. It felt so sensuous in my mouth. It seemed different from last night. Maybe because his cock was bigger, maybe because I initiated it, maybe because Mike and Tim were watching behind me I don’t know what it was, but it felt different.

I played with his balls and loved touching his hairless cock while I sucked it. I went sucked him deeper feeling the texture of his cock on my lips. I felt the tip hit my throat and had to stop. Rick put a hand on the back of my head lightly applying pressure as I sucked his cock feeling the veins with my lips and fingers.

I heard him moan. I wanted to quit to make it last longer, but I was also anxious to feel his cum in my mouth. As he moaned again I sucked with more vigor. I was in heaven playing with his balls and sucking his cock from tip to just below the head. It was so big that was all I could get in.

He moaned again and started cumming. The first squirt hit my throat. I moved his cock almost out of my mouth. The next squirt hit my tongue. I put his cock back in my mouth and sucked him dry. Rick sat back on the bed enjoying the aftermath. I rose from my knees and turned around.

Mike and Tim moved to a bed and were in a comfortable 69. I watched as they both sucked each other. They had their hands on each other’s but cheeks.

I went to the table to mix me a drink. The ice from last night had melted and this was the first drink of the day; so I planned on getting some ice on the way to the pool.

I looked over at Mike and Tim. Their energy was hot. Between sucking each others cock I could hear them moaning. Tim moved. I could tell Mike was cumming as he shot his cum in Tim’s mouth. A few seconds later latin porno Mike pulled Tim’s cock out of his mouth. While Mike masturbated him Tim shot his cum all over Mike’s face.

After Mike washed his face and Tim mixed a drink. We went to the pool. On the way Tim and I stopped at the ice machine to cool our drinks. We stayed in the pool and on the deck until it closed at ten. In between throwing the beach ball around and playing volley ball, I asked Tim,

“You guys have been doing this for seven or eight months. Have you ever done anything anal?”

He looked surprised at the question. After a few seconds to find the right words, he answered,

“The subject came up once, but we all thought it was too taboo.”

There was a silence like we were both expecting someone else to say something. Breaking the silence, Tim asked,

“Have you ever done that?”

“No in fact it scares me. I bet it would hurt like crazy.”

Mike and Rick got into the conversation. It went a lot of different directions. It was nice to know the limits.

Going in the room Tim and I mixed a drink. We dried off and checked out our choices for television. We sat back and watched a baseball game for the next few hours. I got so involved in the game I didn’t notice everyone else was asleep. I was disappointed. I guess being new to this new life I was hoping something would happen tonight. I put it out of my mind and went to sleep.

The next morning I was up early. After breakfast and skimming through the paper I went back to the room. Tim was coming out of the bathroom. Mike was watching CNN while sitting at the table. Rick had already showered and went for breakfast. A few minutes after I walked in Rick returned.

We all packed, Tim and Mike had breakfast and we were almost ready to check out. We still had an hour before the mandatory check out time.

All morning I had been hoping something else would happen to cap off the trip before leaving. Just when I was thinking we were leaving, Tim looked at Mike and Rick and said,

“Hey Andy wants to know what it feels like to have a cock in his ass.”

I was speechless I never said that. At the same time I was a little curious. I started to object when Rick said,

“He’s not objecting it must be true.”

Looking at Mike then at Rick I said,

“No I don’t think so. I never said that.”

Mike ignored my comment and walked towards me. Standing next to me he pushed me on the bed. When I fell backwards he took my shorts off and said,

“That sounds like the perfect initiation. Don’t be scared. We’ll go slow.”

I don’t know if it was curiosity or wondering if they really would that kept from fighting them off. My shoes sox and underwear were next to come off.

I just sat there watching as they all stripped. Rick stood next to the bed with his cock at my lips. Lying on my side I moved my head slightly to take Rick’s cock in my mouth. Mike moved next to me near my knees. He went to his knees and started playing with my cock. Tim stepped to the foot of the bed. He moved my legs off to the corner of the bed.

Tim moistened his dick with spit. Setting it at my tight ass, he started to play. He was in no hurry to put his hard cock in my ass.

Wondering when the pain of Tim’s cock in my ass would begin, I stopped sucking Rick’s cock. Realizing he was just playing, I went back to sucking Rick’s massive cock. I moved a hand to his ass. Pulling him towards me I tried to trick my gag reflex and swallow his cock. When the tip hit my throat, I pulled back. I went back to sucking him faster and faster.

I was shocked when Mike started sucking my cock. I lifted my knee and rested my right foot on my left calf muscle to give him easier access. That movement changed the position of my ass. Tim moved to compensate. Again I felt him playing. There was precum moistening my ass. Sometimes while he was playing his head would hit my balls.

All while I was thinking about what was going on at my cock and ass, I was trying to do my best to suck Rick’s cock. The more I stretched my mouth to accommodate him, the more I was glad he was at my mouth and not my ass. Moving a hand to his balls, I played with his balls while sucking his cock.

Tim applied more pressure to my tight rear opening. I could feel his cocking slowly spreading my tight ass. I stopped sucking Rick’s cock while I waited for the pain. With a slow plop Tim entered my ass. He stopped like he knew what he was doing. As I got used to the pain, he started again slowly going in and out. Once he got a rhythm I started to enjoy it. Feeling more relaxed, I went back to sucking Rick’s cock.

I was enjoying the feeling of Rick’s cock in my mouth and beginning to enjoy Tim’s cock in my ass. Taking Rick’s cock deeper and faster, I could tell he was close to cumming. I put a hand on his balls making sure the tip of my middle finger touched his ass. He moaned, sighed and spurted a stream of cum in my mouth. I sucked him deeper and harder to finish him off.

Tim rammed his cock harder in my ass. With the way he was pumping I sensed he was going to cum. Thinking he was going to cum in my ass, I was surprised when he pulled out and came all over my butt and back. At the same time I started cumming in Mike’s mouth as he finished sucking my cock.

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