The Beach


There are times more then not, I can never get the image of you out of my mind. As I drive over to pick you up, I see your face, smell the sweet perfume that you use. I love being with you more that anything. Walking with you in the warm Florida Sun, the endless beaches. I have to let you walk on the ocean side as I love looking at the two most beautiful things God has ever created, the ocean and more important you.

Pulling up in your drive, I get out, just like the first time I ever saw you my heart races as I walk to your door. Talking a deep breath I knock on the door. We it opens I can’t do anything more for the first few minutes but stand there looking at your beauty and thinking just how lucky I am that I have you in my life. The way your hair drapes across your face, those eyes that have so much love and passion behind them, I could look into the forever. That cute smile that covers your lips as I step inside.

Wrapping my arms around you, pulling you close to me, looking in those eyes, I tell you how happy I am to see you and how much I love you, as my lips touch yours, soft, sweet, my tongue parts them, entwines with yours and you arms around my neck pull me deeper into you. Breaking away from you, which I always hate to do. I take you hand as we walk through the house, picking up the blanket and basket. Heading out the French doors that lead to your deck and the beach. I can understand why you chose this house it is so secluded and peaceful, cozy and very romantic.

Walking with you we find a section were the sand is so soft and the dunes block away and view of civilization, no houses, no nothing, just Pendik Escort you and the ocean. Laying down the large blanket across the soft sand I then turn to you. Looking into those eyes, I take your head in my hands and kiss your sweet lips, as your hands come around my body. Assisting you as you lay back across the blanket, me joining you by your side. As I snuggle against you, my thoughts turn to you, like they ever leave. My hand slides up turns your face toward me as I lean down and kiss your lips, my tongue sliding between them, searching and finding yours, teasing it back into mine were I can suck it. My hand slides back down your neck, between you sweet breasts, covered by your bikini top. As it cups your breasts, squeezing it, even though your top I can feel the heat building inside you, your nipple getting hard under my touch.

My other hand unties the top around your neck and the one now slides under the material feel the softness of your breasts, the hardness of your nipples. Moving the top off them I kiss between your breasts, up across them and closer to your nipple. My tongue teases it as my lips wrap around it sucking it deep in my mouth. Mmmmm Wow do you taste so good. As I suck your sweet breast, so gently and loving my hand slides down across your stomach under the waistband of your bikini. My fingers feeling your warm, smooth flesh as it slides closer and closer to your hot pussy. I can feel the heat radiate from you as my fingers slide over your smoothness Mmmmm so smooth, I love the idea you shave everything off.

As when I look at you, taste you, feel you I want to see and feel all Kurtköy Escort of you. As my fingers trace the outline of your hot lips, wet with your warm juices. I slide around to the side of the blanket, your hand slide up the back of my leg, under my trunks, mmmm I hope my hands on your ass feels as good as your hands feel on mine. Sliding it down I feel you long fingers cup and massage my balls, aching for you touch, Mmmm Dam I love it when you do that, Parting your lips I slide my tongue inside the smooth folds of your wet pussy, as your hands circles and strokes my throbbing cock. The way your hands turns around it as you stroke it is unbelievable in it’s feeling, Dam darlin. My tongue slides deep inside you hot pussy, I love the way you muscles clamp on it, almost pulling it inside you.

Your sweet juices flow from your lips as your hips rock into you my waiting lips. My fingers part and slide in them also with my tongue, coating in your cum as I slide them back out, moving down below you lips, teasing your tight ass in the sunset of evening. The tip of my finger brushes across it, circles it coating it with your cum. I can feel you thigh muscles twitch in please against my cheeks as my tongue slides deep inside you, my finger teases your hard clit and my other fingers slides slowly inside your sweet ass.

You have pulled my cock out of my shorts and as one of my thrust deep inside you start I feel your warm lips kissing the head of my cock, covered now in the pre cum of your touch. Taking it in your hand holding it out I feel you tongue slide around the swollen head of it before slowly down it’s hard Maltepe Escort shaft, before flicking it across my balls so tight from the pleasure of your touch and lips. You tell me that you want me behind you, so I slide up on my knees as you turn over on the towel, the soft sand below our blanket.

As you get on all fours you drop you head down on your crossed arms, mmmm that sweet ass just sticking up before me, waiting, wiggling, calling me. Once more I lean down and kiss your sweet cheek before moving up behind you, Taking my cock in my hand I rub it up and down across your lips, before sliding it between them feeling your hot pussy engulf and swallow it inch by inch. My hands move to your ass, wow you know how much I love to feel you ass in my hands? As I slide my cock in and out of you, slowly at first, feeling your wet inner walls squeezing it, sucking it, till my hips are up against your ass, you feel my balls pressed up against your lips and swinging to your clit.

My hands spread you cute ass so I can see my cock sliding between them, an also I want to tease that cute ass. As I strokes increase I can feel you cum sliding between you lips and across my balls. My strokes increase as my two thumbs, coated in your hot cum tease and massage there way into your ass, slowly, easing into you, till you feel them inside you, my cock rubbing against them through the think barrier that separates them.

You feel my cock throbbing against your hot walls and I feel you body quiver with excitement as I feel you hot cum explode across my cock, causing me to hold back no longer as load after load of hot cum shoots deep inside you pussy. Filling you with the pleasure of the evening, mixing and dripping the two juices from you as we collapse on the towel, you head on my shoulder, your leg draped across me, as me watch the remainder as the sun sets it final light across the oceans.

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