Teased and Abused


Jamie’s parents had moved to the States in the November. It was New Year now and he had commenced the final year of his secondary education at a new school, in a whole new country. Haverington, his school in England had been awful; more like a prison than a school. Two years of hell. It was one of the old fashioned grammar schools, where all the students needed to wear uniform. It was a dark, foreboding building and the rules were absolute and inflexible. If he was even a minute late for register he got detention. Mobile phones were banned; gum was banned, everything was banned. On his first day, he found himself in the headmaster’s office for talking in class. Academically it was excellent and returned first class results; but at what cost?

His new school, Bransdown was different. It was a modern school where you could wear your own clothes and other than a few basic rules, it had a relaxed atmosphere. He had received a good education at Haverington, despite everything, but could now study for his final year not having to worry about being kept back for the slightest thing or given a thousand lines for some minor misdemeanour..

It was the first day of his second week. Since his arrival, the other students had greeted him either with indifference or mild amusement . He was the new kid and hoped he could settle in quickly and adapt. Yes, they thought his accent was funny and he called things by the wrong words but he didn’t actually receive any hostility as such – just banter. His final class of the day was Mathematics. The tutor was a tall, attractive, dark-haired woman of 30. Miss Jackson was one of those women, which young men Jamie’s age dreamed about. She had an air of sophistication mixed with understated sexuality. Her formal attire gave her a mysterious, out of bounds look, which the eighteen year old male students like Jamie craved. She had a well spoken, business-like manner which lent the right amount of gravitas to her lessons, yet she remained relaxed and approachable.

‘Fine woman isn’t she?’ Said one of his classmates, who had noticed Jamie giving her the once over.

‘Yes…yes, she sure is.’

Miss Jackson was pacing up and down the class as her students worked on the quadratics she had set for them. She eyed Jamie suspiciously, just catching the end of the comments between him and his cohort. Jamie glanced up at her again and involuntarily let his eyes wander over her body, particularly her tight-fitting grey skirt. However, she ignored him and returned to her desk.

‘Two minutes please.’ She affirmed, giving the class a deadline to complete their task.

Jamie continued to glance up at her. He was bewildered by her. He was still a virgin and constantly fantasised over older women like Miss Jackson. His thoughts as he masturbated every night were of news readers and power dressing business women, which he saw in his Mum’s magazines.

Once again, during one of his young lecherous peeps at his maths teacher she observed him looking at her. When the time was up for the exercises, she rose from her desk and walked down the row adjacent to Jamie and paused next to his desk. Her hips and her shapely ass were just a foot from his face as she leaned over to look at his work. Jamie could smell her perfume and he was getting a hard on. She continued to wander from student to student checking random efforts before returning to her desk.

‘Good, well most of you seem to be getting the hang of these equations. You’ve got four minutes to the bell but you may all go now if you wish. Quietly please. Others classes will be working!’

There was a soft hum of approval and scraping of chairs as everyone made to leave. Getting out of maths even four minutes early was a small mercy.

‘Jamie Callagher, can you stay behind for a minute please!’

Jamie froze on the spot. Why had she singled him out?

‘Yes Miss Jackson?’

‘Come here Jamie.’

Jamie walked up to the front of her desk, hesitantly. Wondering why on Earth this woman, who he would wank over that night, wanted to speak to him and just him. Miss Jackson pointed to the area next denizli escort to her chair.


‘Pardon Miss?’

‘Not there. ‘Stand just there.’

Jamie walked the two yards and stood beside her chair. He looked down and found himself staring at her smoke-coloured stockings, which clad her shapely legs, all the more visible now she was seated.

‘How are you settling in Jamie?’

Jamie paused to think, but his mind was blank. He could only think of her legs. He tried to look away, but felt awkward and stupid.


‘It’s a simple enough question Jamie.’

Jamie looked down at her skirt and then fixed his eyes on her blouse. He could just make out the shape of her breasts, through the garment and her brassiere.

‘Yes.’ Was all he could say.

‘Yes?’ Yes what?’

‘I mean Yes Miss.’

‘No Jamie. I said how are you settling in? “Yes” doesn’t make sense. Is everything OK? Is there something you want to say to me?’

Jamie could feel himself blushing and felt a nervous shiver develop over his body as he tried to block out his thoughts of her body.

‘I’m fine. Yes, I mean, I am settling in well thank you.’

‘You seem very ill at ease. Have I got something on my skirt? You keep looking at it.’

Jamie gulped and felt his face go hot. He was prickly from head to toe. How should he react now? He couldn’t think what to say, but somehow wanted to say the right thing. He didn’t want to look like a goof.

‘Your skirt is fine Miss Jackson. I didn’t know I was looking at it.’

‘Really? ‘


Miss Jackson stood up, pushing her chair back.

‘Sit there.’

Jamie just stood there like a rabbit in the headlights.

‘I said sit there Jamie. Sit on my chair.’

‘Why Miss?’

‘Don’t question me. Sit on my chair.’

Jamie walked to her chair stiffly and sat down.

Miss Jackson walked to the door and turned the key in the lock and then adjusted the blind. Jamie felt his heart leap into his mouth, knowing that he was now locked in. His thoughts were like a jigsaw puzzle, which had crashed to the floor. He watched her as she walked. Her legs, the grey skirt and her shiny white blouse. She flicked her hair to one side and smiled.

‘Relax Jamie. I need you to help me with something.’

Then she walked round to the cupboard at the front of the class behind where Jamie was sitting. She took out a length of thick striped elastic. A bungee, which she kept there, on occasion, to hold luggage onto her car rack. Jamie craned his neck to look at what she was doing, but couldn’t make it out from his position. His mind was doing overtime.

‘OK Jamie, I wonder if you could just put this hook round the chair leg there.’

Jamie was confused. Why would she ask him that? He lacked the confidence to question her again and took the end of the bungee and hooked it round the chair as instructed. Then, before he knew what was happening the teacher pulled the other end and in a second had secured it to the opposite leg. Jamie couldn’t quite figure out what had happened for a second or two. It didn’t seem possible. But he quickly realised that he was fastened to the chair.

‘Shit!!! What’s that for, what are you doing?!!’

‘I can’t, how shall I say – entertain you, if you’re not properly secured.’

‘I don’t understand.’ Said Jamie, gravely.

He struggled against the elastic, but it was too tight and cut into his arms when he tried to force himself out of the chair. He had some movement in his forearms and his hands were free, otherwise he was stuck.

‘Why were you looking at me earlier Jamie?’

Jamie wanted to run, to make a dash for the door and unlock it. But he couldn’t. He was pinned to the chair, both cataleptic with fear and now physically restrained.

‘I asked you a question Jamie.’

‘I…I…I wasn’t Miss.’

‘I know you were.’


‘Really Jamie. If it had been just once. Well everyone might look once. But you were looking and looking and looking again. I ask diyarbakır escort you again Jamie. Is there something you would like to say to me?’

‘I don’t know.’

‘Let me see if I can help you then.’

Miss Jackson walked up to her chair and put her right foot on the edge between Jamie’s legs. Jamie glowered at her calf, following her leg to the hem of her skirt. Her other leg was now three quarters exposed, with her skirt ridden up.

‘Would you like to watch me undress Jamie?’


‘Do I have to say everything twice?! Do you want to watch me undress?’

‘No. of course not.’

‘No? Are you gay Jamie?’

‘No Miss!’

‘Do you have a girlfriend?’

‘A girlfriend Miss?’


‘Well, no…I. No Miss.’

‘No? Are you sure you’re not gay?’

‘I’m not gay Miss!’

‘OK. So I’ll ask you again. Do you want to watch me undress?’

Jamie could feel his chest heaving with nerve-ridden anxiety. He couldn’t believe this could be happening to him. He fancied his teacher so much. But he fancied her in his own mind. This was beyond anything he could imagine.

‘I…well. Yes Miss Jackson. Oh fuck!’

‘Yes what Jamie?’

‘Yes I would like to watch you undress…but. Oh fuck! Oh – I’m sorry Miss.’

‘That’s OK Jamie. That’s all I wanted to know.’

She began to play with the top button of her blouse. Jamie instantly began to get a hard on again. She walked to the door and then turned round and began to unbutton her blouse as she walked towards him. She stopped a couple of feet from the chair and slowly undid each one in turn. It took her a full two minutes to undo the blouse, lingering as she did on each fastening. She turned her back on him and her top slid down her arms, until just the tips of the collar hung from her fingers before it dropped to the floor.

Her plain white bra, easily cupped her breasts, but just revealed a tiny amount of cleavage, which Jamie’s gaze was diverted to. She made one step towards him as his dick began to stiffen further. She turned around slowly and felt for the catch on the top of her skirt. Jamie was sure he could hear the faint ‘tuk’ as she released it from its eye. Her left hand on her hip, she took hold of the zipper and drew it down the back of her skirt. Jamie watched, mouth open, pulse racing and his cock pressed painfully against his pants.

She eased her skirt down, bit by bit. Jamie thought his penis would burst as he watched the teacher reveal her full round ass, clad in her white panties. She faced him, looking him in the eyes and stepped out of her skirt.

‘Is this what you wanted Jamie?’

Jamie tried to speak, but his mouth was dry and just managed a grunted reply. He was literally a captive audience.

Miss Jackson smiled wryly and stepped nearer to her bewildered student. He was struggling to make some room in his pants, but managed somehow to move his erection half an inch to the side, with what mobility he had. She was just two feet away, but stepped close enough that Jamie could make out the stitching on her panties. She slipped off one shoe and then the other. He could smell her cologne. He was beginning to boil over. He was sure that any minute he would be gasping for air, as she put her left foot on the chair. She was so close now. Close enough to touch, if only he was able to. His arousal was claustrophobic; a twisted mixture of pleasure and pain.

She began to roll down her first stocking, like a dark grey tide receding over the smooth white flesh of her leg. Then she switched her stance and put her right foot on the chair. This time she deliberately pressed her foot against his nuts, making him wince. His breathing deepened, his heart beat quickened as she removed her second stocking and immediately knelt with one knee on the chair. Jamie looked on as a little line of drool rolled from the corner of his mouth.

Now just inches from his face, she put her hands round her back to release the catch on her bra. She let the straps fall forward, as she held onto antalya escort her brassiere briefly, before letting it fall away. Jamie gasped as he set eyes on her breasts. Her nipples were stiff. He could see every little goose bump on her areola. She leant forward as if to rub her tits in his face but pulled away at the last minute, leaving him in shock. She stepped back and walked towards the door. He watched her ass wiggle as she swung her hips for him. Teasing him. Leaving him to contemplate her denouement.

She turned slowly, just twanging the top of her panties and then walked towards him again, stopping a yard from his chair. She looked at him. She looked down at the bulge in his pants. She knew he must have a big dick. She knew it must hurt by the way he kept trying to ease his predicament, but every time he did so, he only rubbed his cock against his underwear, making his penis throb, as it was confined; unable to get the relief it seeked.

‘You know what’s coming next, don’t you Jamie?’

Jamie didn’t speak but nodded slowly, now just waiting, hardly able to believe what she was about to do.

She eased her panties down a little bit, then turned to one side, so Jamie could see the full shape of her ass. She stepped a little closer, pulling her underwear down a bit more. Then another small step and a bit more revealed.

Jamie started to rub the front of his pants now, the best he could in his position. His only relief now was to make himself cum.

Miss Jackson rolled her panties down as slowly as she could. They slid over her hips and her toned thighs and slipped to the floor. She bent down giving Jamie a perfect view of her ass hole and her pussy lips. He was now rubbing his crotch furiously, his organ now more swollen than he could remember. The pain was getting worse as he got more and more excited. Miss Jackson turned round and her poor victim’s eyes widened as he saw her dark trimmed bush, and her rosy red slit.

His face was now a picture of sexual tension, bordering on despair. His teacher had one last treat for him.

‘Are you trying to make yourself ejaculate? My, you are a dirty little bastard. Do you know what I do with dirty little bastards?’


‘I piss on them!’

Miss Jackson put a finger in her cunt and began to make a circling motion on her clitoris.

‘Do you hear that, you little freak? I’m going to piss on you!’

She walked up to his chair and put one foot on the arm. Jamie looked desperate, lost in this nightmare fantasy. He was rubbing his pants, his dick so hard, so engorged. It was burning.

Jamie watched, hypnotised by her cunt as a few trickles seeped from her urethra. He felt the warmth on his leg, followed by the dampness. The trickle became a dribble and she positioned herself right over his crotch. Her pee, when she eventually got into full flow, came out like a fountain, splashing all over him. Jamie could feel the hot, yellow liquid soak in to his pants as he ejaculated. He gave vent to his feelings, as the sensations of torment gave way to the pleasure of orgasm.

‘Aaaaah, aaaaargh, Miss Jacks…ahhhh, oh yes, aaaaaaaaaaaaargh yes….aaaaaaaaaaaaar!’

She was still pissing on him as he came. Jamie could smell his urine soaked pants. They were covered in a mixture of piss and spunk. He collapsed back into his chair. Physically and emotionally drained. His mind was blank. All his senses had been bombarded-fractured by his ordeal. An ordeal, which under different circumstances; in his bed, in his mind, might bring him joy. But this was real. Too real for him and his young, inexperienced being. He had only wanted to glimpse her thigh. Maybe see down her top. Just something to feed his fantasy. Instead he had been teased and abused.

His teacher had dressed when he eventually regained any semblance of composure and released him from the confines of his chair.

‘Quite a mess you’ve got into there young man. Tut tut.’

Jamie stood up, his balls and dick aching still from the experience, but at least his cock was now almost flaccid. He looked down at his piss soaked pants and walked uncomfortably to the door, as Miss Jackson was now sitting at her desk.

‘Shut the door on your way out Jamie, I have all these papers to mark.’

Jamie looked back pathetically and said nothing as he unlocked the door.

‘Oh and Jamie?’

‘Miss?’ He said weakly.

‘See you on Wednesday Jamie.’

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