Teaching Daughter Self Esteem Ch. 10

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Wednesday night was usually a quiet weekday, a day when, normally, both Elaine and I had no problem getting off of work on time. It was also a day when Katie seldom had anything crucial going on at school in the way of tests or big homework assignment due dates. So that was the night that Elaine and I chose to take Katie out to a quiet family dinner. The only rule, we said, was that Katie had to wear normal clothing: no burkas, no army surplus trench coats, no mountains of scarves triple-wrapped around her torso to make her look like a tragic casualty of the fashion wars. We weren’t expecting her to dress in a bikini or anything – just a normal dress or jeans that didn’t look like she was hidden underneath a parachute.

When I got home from work, I discovered that a minor glitch had already occurred. Elaine texted me that she had gotten stuck in a gigantic traffic jam that, she wrote, seemed to go on forever. We later learned that our obese Republican governor had deliberately sabotaged traffic patterns all over the city as a snarky payback to a political rival (our mayor) who had failed to endorse the governor’s re-election campaign enthusiastically enough. Traffic was snarled up all over town.

Those of us who were the unwitting victims of this political maneuver had to make do as best we could. I texted Elaine that we’d simply meet her at the restaurant.

For some reason this minor change in plans seemed to have a major effect on Katie. With her intense shyness coupled with her breathtaking hourglass figure and incredibly prominent 32F tits, she was already nervous about going out in public and having people look at her. While I was changing from my business suit to something more casual, she entered our bedroom over and over to show off her outfit for the evening, trying to get me to agree to allow her to wear clothing that would hide her body from anyone who might glance at her and notice that she was female.

Again and again I vetoed her clothing choices. NORMAL clothing, I insisted: no oversized coats to be worn indoors, no hoodies covering her hair and face, no triple layers of sweaters to hide her torso. Eventually we settled on a plain skirt that went down to her knees, coupled with a ribbed sweater that would have looked nondescript on a normal girl, but which hugged her fantastic rack so tightly that it stretched the material around her big boobs. After some discussion, I insisted and she finally agreed not to wear a bra underneath the blouse. It would have ruined the lines of the torso-hugging blouse, I explained.

Our back-and-forth discussion over her clothing tripped into high gear when she heard that her mother wouldn’t be coming.

“So what?” I asked. “She’ll meet us at the restaurant. What’s the difference?”

“People will stare at me,” she said, looking self-consciously at the ground. “With Mom there, I don’t know, I guess I figured they’d notice me less in a group of three people.”

“No one will stare at you,” I said, ignoring the fact that I, for one, could hardly take my eyes off of her incredible chest encased in the contour-hugging ribbed pullover blouse. “And even if they do, all they will be looking at is a pretty eighteen year old girl arriving for dinner at a family-style German restaurant. Will it help if we have the waiter put us in a booth near the back of the restaurant, where you can be away from most of the diners?”

She smiled with relief mixed with her continuing self-conscious fear of social interactions, and stepped up to hug me. With her big boobs mashing against my chest, my cock started to swell in my pants.

When she felt my growing hardon press against her, Katie felt reassured. She brought her hand around to my crotch and began stroking it lovingly. “Oh, Daddy,” she said, sighing. “You always know how to make me feel better.”

The ride to the restaurant turned out to be longer than expected. The governor’s artificial traffic jam had spread like a cancer even to arteries far removed from the freeway off-ramps that he had originally sabotaged. It took us the better part of half an hour to travel what should have taken us only ten minutes by car. During that time, Katie became more and more nervous. She talked in increasingly worried tones about having the waiters and the customers stare at her. She even worried about having to talk to the waiter, as if ordering a meal off of a menu was a major social interaction that she might somehow flub. While the other drivers around us began beeping their horns in frustration when the traffic failed to move even after the light turned green, Katie turned in her seat toward me and begged me to turn around.

“Please, Daddy. Please let’s go home. I hate wearing this outfit. I don’t want to eat out. If we go home, we could curl up in front of the TV. Maybe I could suck your cock.”

I had to admit that her last suggestion sounded pretty attractive, and it made my cock harden again.

“Please, Daddy?” She reached over and began stroking my cock through my pants.

“We’re going to the restaurant, sweetie. That’s final,” kartal escort bayan I said.

“At least let me stroke you now,” she pleaded. “Just to calm me down?”

I relented. To give herself more room to maneuver, Katie pushed the lever on the passenger seat and lowered the back all the way so that it was flat and leaning against the back seat. Then she knelt on the cushioned platform she had created and began unzipping my pants. When my cock was freed from my pants, she sighed with relief, finding comfort in the velvety texture of her Daddy’s hard cock.

Outside the car, people were rolling down their windows and craning their heads out, trying in vain to find the center of the traffic jam. Katie bent over the space between the two front seats, slipped my cock between her lips, and began slurping leisurely on her beloved Daddy meat. By the cooing, mewling noises she was making, I could tell that her cocksucking was having a soothing effect on her.

I took my hand off the stick shift and settled it on the hair of her beautiful blonde head, stroking her in encouragement. “Good girl,” I said softly. “Such a good Daddy’s girl. Everything’s fine with Daddy in your mouth, isn’t it?”

“Mm hmm,” she murmured dreamily, her mouth full of cock.

“Suck Daddy like a good girl,” I said. Man, I hoped this fucking traffic jam lasted forever. I pushed her head deeper onto my cock, up and down, up and down, deeper with each loving bobbing motion of her head.

Then I reached over toward her ass so that I could pull up her skirt, revealing the panties that covered her perfect round ass. Katie scooted toward me slightly to give me better access to her ass, and I responded by slipping my finger past the hem of her panties and sticking my finger into her wet twat.

Katie spasmed in orgasm and lifted her head to look me in the eye. Her eyes looked glazed, as if she were drunk. A small bead of saliva had collected next to her smiling mouth. “Thank you, Daddy,” she said, beaming as her head wobbled slightly in what seemed almost a sexual delirium brought on by cocksucking. Her eyes were half-lidded as she looked at me lovingly and gratefully. She smiled and jacked my cock a few times with her small soft hands. Then she dipped her head back into my crotch and resumed sucking me for comfort.

“You feel better when you suck Daddy, don’t you, sweetheart?”

“Mm hmm,” she murmured. The sound she made vibrated through my cock, giving me another jolt of pleasure.

While I stroked her bobbing head, I wondered idly whether my daughter was becoming a cocksucking addict. I decided to help the process along. “Suck Daddy,” I encouraged her. “When you suck Daddy, you feel so much better, don’t you? Suck Daddy every day.” My finger pumped in and out of her twat, giving her repeated shivers of tiny orgasms.

Katie murmured dreamily in assent. She was lost in a haze of cocksucking pleasure.

Eventually, we made it to the German restaurant. I paused for a minute in the car to rearrange my pants and let my erection subside. Then the two of us entered the restaurant. It was an older building with dark wood paneling and low lighting. Each table had its own red candles that added to the intimate atmosphere.

The receptionist was fine, giving Katie and me only a small glance before leading us to our corner curved booth, which was, as I requested, in a more secluded corner of the restaurant. Despite not having been singled out, Katie still felt so self conscious that she insisted on gripping my hand as we walked past the other diners to our table. I asked the waiter to bring me a scotch on the rocks while we waited for Katie’s mother to arrive. Katie ordered an iced tea.

Despite the fact that nothing was happening, poor Katie got more and more nervous about being in a public place where people might stare at her. To calm herself down, she sat next to me in the semicircular booth and rested her hand on my cock for reassurance.

The next five or ten minutes slipped by in a fog of pleasure. As I sat, sipping at my scotch, my buxom daughter curled up next to me, stroking my cock through the thin fabric of my pants, cooing softly about how much she loved me and how much it meant to her to touch my meat. “I love sucking you, Daddy, and I know someday you’ll fuck me. You’ll fuck me with the same cock that made me and you’ll fill me with the same sperm that created me. I want you to fuck me so much. I dream about being penetrated by you every night. I want you to fill my womb with your delicious, fertile baby-making cum. Every time I touch your cock I think of how you used your wonderful cum to make me and how good it is at making babies. I want to be filled with the same baby juice that filled up my Mommy and created me. But in the meantime, until the day that you fuck your loving virgin daughter, you can cum in my mouth over and over and over. Your cum belongs in my mouth and in my pussy. I love your cock and I love your sperm and I love the taste of your cum in my mouth and I love you Daddy.”

By this time I escort maltepe must have had a pretty silly grin on my face, with my busty daughter pressing her giant jugs into the side of my arm and whispering her lust in my ear while she stroked my rock hard cock. The waiter couldn’t see Katie stroking me under the table, but he could see how close she snuggled up against me in the roomy booth. He could also see, I think, how her massive chest jiggled rhythmically while she stroked my aching cock.

My wife Elaine finally arrived. She was wearing a red blouse with deep cleavage. I recalled that when she’d left for work that day, she had a white camisole underneath the blouse to cover the decolletage of her 36DD tits. But now, it seemed, she had removed the camisole after leaving work so that her tits were more on display for our night on the town.

The expression that came over her face the moment she looked at me was priceless. She immediately took in the sight of me smiling blissfully with my scotch in one hand, and of Katie scrunched up against me, her big tits bouncing as she jacked me off under the table. Elaine leered at the sight, and I think I actually saw her shiver slightly in voyeuristic pleasure as she watched her daughter service Daddy in public.

“It looks like you two got started without me,” she said, with an evil smile. “Sorry I’m late – but look who I brought with me!” At that moment, I saw Katie’s best friend, Randi, walking toward us from behind a knot of people who had obscured my view.

Randi looked beautiful. In contrast to her normal attire, which rivaled Katie’s for shapeless drabness, tonight Randi was dressed in normal clothing, consisting of a short skirt and an oversized t-shirt. The effect was to draw attention to her slim build, perfect legs and her budding tits under the loose t-shirt. Looking at her, I was surprised yet again at how her features perfectly melded the best of her Japanese and Irish backgrounds: she got her jet black hair, dark eyes, slim body and pale, almost alabaster skin from her Japanese mother, while she owed her curvy hips, round ass and her surprisingly large C-cup tits to her Irish father’s lineage.

Randi slipped ahead of Elaine and, smiling shyly, claimed a spot next to me in the booth, and now I had both 18 year old girls on either side of me. Elaine didn’t complain at all, and instead settled in across from us, so that we had the unusual situation of her on one side and the rest of us – me sandwiched between two gorgeous teenagers – scrunched together on the other side as if there were a shortage of room at the semi-circular booth.

The waiter dropped off some menus, took Elaine’s order of a glass of red wine, then retreated to give us time to choose our meals.

“I love German food,” said Elaine brightly, as she took her first sip of wine.

“I really don’t know much about it,” said Randi. Under the table, I felt her resting her hand on my lower thigh. She began tickling and stroking my leg, gradually making her way upward. “I’m afraid I don’t read German. What’s this one at the top of the page – ‘Mein . . .?'” Her voice stuttered to a stop as she stumbled over the foreign words.

“It says ‘My Father’s Sausage,'” explained Elaine. “It’s a stereotype of German food that they serve too much bratwurst, but it is true that a lot of German restaurants have their own house-made sausage that they pride themselves on. This one is labeled the speciality of the house, a recipe that was handed down by the restaurant owner’s father and grandfather. I’ve had it several times.”

When the waiter came back, both of the girls sitting next to me giggled. “I want My Father’s Sausage,” said Katie, smiling. She squeezed my cock under the table.

“I want it, too,” said Randi. “I really want it.” Randi’s hand under the table exploring my pants leg finally reached my cock. When she discovered that her best friend, my daughter, already had her hand wrapped around my shaft, Randi bent forward so that she could catch my daughter’s eye. Watching the waiter, I saw his expression as he noted the exchanged looks between the two girls.

Then I saw the waiter’s eyes widen as they fixated on my daughter’s chest. Her braless tits, displayed so prominently in the tight-ribbed pullover, started bouncing more as she and Randi began cooperating in jerking me off.

I leaned back in my seat and smiled up at the waiter, who looked at me in wonderment. I could see the expression on his face as he asked himself: is this guy in the booth really being jacked off by these two incredibly good looking, fuckable teens – one of them an impossibly big titted blonde and the other a sexy, curvy Asian – while another gorgeous busty woman who looked like the guy’s wife watched without objection?

I lifted my arms up and draped them over my two girls, drawing them closer to me. I was claiming these two nubile, horny teens as my property, and they were eager to be owned by me. My daughter and her bisexual girlfriend curled themselves into the crook of my arms as if they were pendik escort settling happily into their station in life. I smiled greedily and sighed with pleasure, chuckling and almost laughing out loud as I leaned my head back against the booth’s cushions. “You know what?” I said smiling into his perplexed and envious face, “I think I’m fine without a main course tonight. Can you simply bring me another scotch?”

After the waiter left it struck me that Katie’s and Randi’s behavior was drastically out of character – where were the shy teens whom I had known for years? I tried to put an optimistic face on it, though: “Honey, I’m so pleased that you’re not acting self conscious here in the restaurant,” I said.

Katie looked down at the table. For a moment it seemed that I had made a mistake, breaking the spell of the evening and risking a return to the painfully shy behavior that was the norm for both girls. But then Katie squeezed my cock and looked into my eyes. “It’s different, Daddy, when you’re here.”

“But I’m with you a lot of the time when we go out.”

“Not like this. When I hold you” – again she squeezed my cock to let me know exactly what “holding me” meant – “it’s different. Holding you makes me feel safer. More self confident. I love you so much, Daddy.” She beamed at me in adoration while she stroked my pole up and down. The more she stroked me, the more dreamy-eyed she got.

I turned to Randi. “And you. . .?” I asked.

Randi moved closer and put her mouth to my ear. With her lips so close to me that I could feel her breath on my ear, she whispered, “When I get nervous, I just think about putting your cock in my mouth and curling up around you so I can lick you all night long.” She licked my ear lobe. “Thinking about your big hard cock makes me feel better.” She thrust her tongue inside my ear for a moment, then added, “If I’m really, REALLY nervous, then I imagine you pushing your big adult cock into my tight little teenage pussy, and then I feel so, SO much better.”

I normally do not like the idea of allowing children to play with their food at the table, especially in restaurants, but Elaine and I made an exception that night. By the time our main courses arrived, Katie and Randi had cooperated in unzipping my fly, then pulling my cock out of my pants. Each of them then spent the evening with one hand stroking my hard, exposed cock under the table. Meanwhile, they played shamelessly with “My Father’s Sausages”, putting the ends of the sausage in their mouths and playing with the delicious meat as if the sausages were dildos they were using to practice their cocksucking skills.

Elaine pulled out her phone and took a number of pictures of the girls. One showed the girls displaying their sucking skills, their cheeks hollowed out as they sucked the meat. Then in a sequence of photos, the girls faced toward me, showing their profiles to Elaine while, in one photo after another, My Father’s Sausage went deeper and deeper into their upturned throats. In a third picture sequence, the two of them were bent forward in front of me, sharing a single My Father’s Sausage by sucking either end, with me draping my arms around them and smiling behind them in the background. Meanwhile, each of them kept one hand apiece on my hard cock.

“This is great!” Elaine said, beaming. “What a memorable night out on the town!” She set the phone on video to catch the sight of the long ends of My Father’s Sausages bouncing up and down as the girls giggled hornily. In the short video clip, the horny teenagers had their mouths stretched in mirthful sexy “O’s” over the ends of the sausage, while their eyebrows shot upward with their eyes wide open, as if they were being surprised by the fat sausage thrust in their mouths and down their throats. When I viewed Elaine’s short video, I was pleased to see that the video frame included each girl using their free hand (the other hand was on my cock) to cup and bounce their tits for the camera.

At one point, while the girls were giggling and I was relaxing in their sexy stroking, I heard a light clattering of metal hitting the hardwood floor of the restaurant.

“Oops!” said Elaine. “I dropped my fork. I’ll just be a minute!” She ducked under the table, and a moment later I felt the tip of my cock enveloped by her warm, wet mouth. The girls’ hands, in response, shifted from stroking my head to caressing my balls and shaft. I closed my eyes in bliss.

The waiter chose that moment to walk by. Actually, I had seen him hovering in the distance for some time, trying to think of an excuse to return to our table and get a close-up view of what we were up to. “How are you guys doing, here? Can I get you anything?” he asked. Then he looked at where Elaine had been sitting. “What happened to your companion?”

I opened my eyes and tried to concentrate. Both girls were snuggled up in my arms, their food forgotten for the moment while they serviced me. I looked at the waiter and smiled. “She dropped something,” I explained. “She’s looking for it under the table – I think she might be awhile.” Suddenly, there was a sound of slurping and gagging from under the table, and I lurched forward in an automatic reaction to Elaine’s blowjob, thrusting my cock deeper into her mouth. “Ooh! Oh god! ” I groaned. “I think she’s found it! She found her Father’s Sausage!”

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