Tale of Two Panties Ch. 04


“Candace, I’m going to do your mother.”

“Katie, what are you saying? She’s twice as old as you. She’s my Mom. How could you even think like that?”

“Candace, as for age, that isn’t so big a thing—you told me how much you enjoyed Sandy doing you when she invited us to her pool party. I sure enjoyed Sandy and I learned sooo much about how to please a woman. What an exciting afternoon with her last month.”

“Katie, that was different—she’s my mom’s friend, a neighbor, but she isn’t related to either of us.”

Candace, I have always heard the expression: there are three types of people you never think of as having sex—your preacher, your children, and your parents. Why do you think you were so shocked to see your mom and Sandy all naked in each others arms, their panties on the floor?”


It was Sandy who suggested it, a trip to the beach. Her husband and daughter could not coordinate schedules, so it was to be just Sandy, my daughter Candace, and me. Well, like most college students, a week at the beach with Mom and her middle age friend didn’t sound like that much fun, and Candace went to work, putting her skills learned in debate class on me. It didn’t take long, and her friend Katie was to round out our foursome. I was a little ambivalent about the invitation, as I knew Katie and Candace had been bed-mates at least once, under my roof no less.

The two hour drive was enjoyable, with Sandy playing navigator and radio station-finder, and Candace and Katie sharing the back seat with towels and all the other stuff that makes a beach week more enjoyable.

Our place was neat—a second floor with balcony (complete with jacuzzi) and two bedrooms with king sized beds, and a pretty well equipped kitchen. Sitting on the balcony, we could “people watch” those strolling on the beach, the kids playing, and beautiful sunsets the rental agent told us about.

The water was inviting, the sun was hot and starting to burn, and there were only a few people going by that afternoon. Sandy asked me to rub sunscreen on the spots she couldn’t get to and I was happy to accommodate her., As I rubbed her up and down, it brought back fond memories of the time we had broken the “you don’t sleep with your neighbor” taboo.

I got a wistful look in my eyes, and Sandy noticed. Sandy must have been reminiscing too, as she removed her top and said that part of her need sun screen too. When I hesitated, as she was quite capable of applying the lotion herself, I heard “Wendy, you were doing such a good job on my shoulders, I just know you can get all my hidden spots on my front.” The look in her eyes, which met mine, was hungry. I applied sunscreen all over her 38 D beauties and their nipples. I swear her nipples got bigger while I applied the sunscreen. Could she be getting off, right here on the balcony? From the minor tan line on them, today was not the first time she had been bare to the sun.

I lay in the lounger next to her. It was not long before Sandy said there was more than enough sunshine to go around and that her titties wanted company. I protested that I would burn, but Sandy said the sun was getting lower and the real sunburn time was past. I undid my top and Sandy rubbed sunscreen on me, saying “I just want to return the favor.” Sandy has nice long fingers and feminine hands. Her soft touch was relaxing and much like a massage on my back. Her fingers rubbed around my ribs and teased my navel and breasts, but did not linger on them.

The attention she paid to my front was quick and efficient. I thought, what is going to happen tonight, when we go to sleep? Is she preparing me for later? I closed my eyes and thought back to the time we had “done it,” and felt a tingle that started in my nipples and soon ran to my puss. I locked my legs together, trying to stifle that feeling.

Candace and Katie came up from the beach, where they had met two guys tossing a football. I was happy to see them mersin escort talking to the boys, as it gave my mind a bit of rest. Maybe their sexual experimentation phase was over and done with. Oh, how naive I was.

Candace joined Sandy and me on the loungers on the balcony, and Katie soon did also, bringing a pitcher of daiquiris and four glasses. After a while, with the sun getting lower, it got cooler and we moved inside.

When we had driven into town, we had not stopped for groceries. Katie was on her phone doing something, and soon announced that one of the seafood restaurants we had passed had a special price tonight. That met with approval all-around, and we all headed to the showers. If only we had known then what other attractions Katie was researching.

I put on a nice sundress, spaghetti straps, and Sandy’s was similar. Sandy was proud to display the new color on her face, shoulders, and cleavage, and I can truthfully she say that she looked very attractive. But I quickly stifled that thought. This was not going to be “sex week at the beach.” We had my daughter and friend with us, and we needed to behave like adults. Candace and Katie wore denim miniskirts and their clinging tops showed their breasts well. They were laughing a bit too much as they came out of their room. Sandy and I just looked at each other and exchanged a shoulder shrug.

The dinner was delicious; our table was under the palm trees along the beach, and our toes were playing in the sand as we ate. Sandy’s toes had brushed mine briefly but they did not linger. It was a bit exciting. The conversation soon turned to “the night is still early, what’s next?” Katie said she had googled entertainment spots and gave an address, and Sandy, our navigator, keyed the address into her GPS. Her eyes got a little bigger when she saw what was at that address. “Katie, did you get the address right?” she asked. Katie merely smiled.

The place was not far. I pulled into the parking lot and saw the sign: “Bella Della, the Club Les of the Boardwalk.” Oh my, what’s going on, I thought. For a mid-week night, there was a pretty good crowd at the bar. We took a booth close to the dance floor, which had maybe eight or or ten couples. We soon joined them for a set, and then the DJ took a break. Katie and Candace sat down giggling, sharing comments like “that was wild, that was neat.” Sandy and I exchanged shrugs, not clear on what the girls were talking about, so we asked them. “Oh Mom, have you never gone ‘commando’?” Sandy laughed at my puzzled look, and explained the term to me. Oh my! My daughter, and Katie, out in public, with no panties? What are they thinking?


I chatted with the DJ for a few minutes before the next set, so I knew what set list she would be playing. I had been dancing with Candace, while Wendy and Sandy had been partners. But now, it was my turn to be with Wendy. I was excited to think about my arms around her, our bodies pressed together, feeling her warmth.

I asked Wendy if she would dance with me. She agreed and we had several numbers that were pretty fast, and I could see that Wendy was enjoying herself. The music slowed, as I knew it would, and Wendy and I were standing on the floor. We were reluctant to leave the dance floor, and I suggested we continue dancing. Wendy said “Uhh, sure.”

It seemed natural to join her in a slow dance. Wendy and I looked over at Candace and Sandy, who are already dancing slowly, arms around each other. I took Wendy, my arms around her and resting gently on her hips. My heart was beating faster already.

As we danced, I gently pressed my legs against hers. She doesn’t back away from my move into her personal space. Wendy looks at me, and I reply “Its crowded out here -not much room to spread out.”

Another slow dance, and I feel her mound rubbing gently across mine. Yes!! She is responding just as I had hoped. She is in for a treat tonight, and so am I. I closed my eyes and let my imagination run with the possibilities.


Katie and I dance several slow numbers. I find myself excited by her closeness, inhaling her perfume, the warmth of her body. The idea of her without panties keeps running through my mind, more that I want to admit. I feel a twinge in my own panties. Oh, I can’t get turned on by Katie. She’s my daughters age. I just can’t.

We leave just as the place is closing, having had another round of margaritas. On the way home, Katie sits in the front by me, and Sandy and Candace are in the back seat, talking quietly.

Our place has a nice balcony, with a jacuzzi. It is Sandy who suggests a cooling off session among the bubbles. As we are sticky from our dance activities, we all head for it. Sandy leaves a trail of sandals, sundress, and bra as she leads the way. Candace and Katie follow, shedding their skirts and bras; the panties had already been left behind before we went to dinner. I bring up the rear, adding my dress and bra to the trail of clothes already on the floor.

I stared at Katie’s shapely buns, how they bounced when she walked. As she stepped over the edge to get in the water, I caught a long glimpse of her shaved pussy. I swear, she took her time stepping into the water, giving me a long look, like she did that on purpose. I was excited by the teasing glimpse of her sex.

After cooling off in the water, we all grabbed towels and dried off. Sandy pulled out a DVD, and put it in the player in the bedroom. She was mysterious about the subject matter, saying “It’s something fitting for the occasion.” We four sat with our backs against the pillows, against the headboard, the room lit only by the screen. My gosh—Sandy’s DVD was porn—lesbian porn, no less. I couldn’t believe her, that she was going to play this for us. It was mild porn, not explicit, but it was enough.

Katie and I were next to each other, and soon her leg and mine were brushing together. Her eyes turned towards mine, then to my boobs which were not well-covered by the towel. Katie’s head was soon on my shoulder, and I again inhaled her scent. And enjoyed her warmth. I felt her hand slide under the towel, my breast was its destination. Katie was soon rolling my nipple, tugging it, and twisting it. Her advances encouraged me and my hand was soon caressing her nice 36 Cs. Oh, young perky breasts are great, really great and exciting to an older woman like me. I reminisce about how mine were perky once upon a time, before gravity took over.


It was working, Wendy was playing the cards I had dealt her. My fingers rubbed up and down her breasts, playing with her nipples under the towel that didn’t do a very good job of covering her. We looked at each other, eyes searching, and I sensed her hunger. Our lips met gently, then harder, and soon our tongues are flicking each other. I nibbled on her earlobe, her neck, and feel her tingles and she shivers. I too, am shivering, with excitement. Yes!! I am going to do my friend’s mom.


I was in my own little world, the idea of Candace and Sandy on the bed next to me and Katie never entered my mind as Katie caressed one of my breasts, then the other. I felt her lips against my earlobe, my neck, then my nipples. She was kissing, sucking my nipples into her mouth soooo deeply. I responded by gentle encouraging moans, and my fingers rolled her nipples, pinching them and twisting them, tugging until I heard Katie squeal softly. Katie’s hand explored my tummy, my navel and mound. She whispered that she liked how warm and damp my panties felt.

After what seemed like forever, she does it—her hand slides under the elastic waist, and soon my panties are on the floor. As Katie had not been wearing panties all evening, I have no barrier to my fingers finding her slit. Running one finger up and down her moisture-drenched labia, I pleasured her as she pleasured my puss. Her clit responded to my thumb by rising, emerging from the folds of her labia. I rubbed her button gently, then stronger and harder, until her hips are rocking in response to my rubbings. Katie entered me with two fingers, and slooowly filled my puss, remarking that it is like hot wet velvet. We each have two fingers doing the “come here” curl on the other’s G spot.


Oh, it is all happening, just as I hoped it would. Wendy and I playing with each other’s breasts, rubbing tummies, fingers in each others pussies. My thumb mashed Wendy’s clitty against her pubic bone, a trick Sandy had taught me. Her moans and rocking hips tell me I have made a hit. I mashed the clit harder. Two fingers slid gently into her puss, then I thrust harder, harder, HARDDDDD. I finger fucked her good, really good, all the way to her cervix. Juices—oh lord, did she have juices!! My hand is soaked. I bring my fingers full of her wetness to my nostrils and savor the aroma of a grown woman’s sex. I lick my fingers almost dry, then wet them again in her puss, and offer Wendy my fingers soaked in her own nectar. She licks herself off my fingers, accompanied by quiet sighs that I knew were sounds of pleasure.

Wendy responds by giving my puss the attention it has been aching for. Two fingers fill my puss, my juices running down my ass crack, soaking the bed. I whisper, “Wendy I’m close. I want you to give me the Big O, and I’m going to give you a great one too.” My vagina clamps tightly around Wendy’s fingers, squeezing them as they thrust into me. When she stops stroking into me, I feel her filling my puss, and I hump against her hand, pressing my clit against her knuckles.

“Katie, your puss is sooo tight against my fingers that I can hardly stroke you. Oh, how good a tight pussy feels!”

Our fingers plunge faster and faster into the others puss, finger fucking each other in a race to get the other off first. The orgasm rips through each of us simultaneously. Uhhhh, we breathed in unison, gasping, coming off our peaks, slowly subsiding into peaceful bliss.

As we slowly come down from the tingles of our orgasms, I smile at how things have worked out for this first night. We have several more nights at the beach, and I let my mind wander as to what else might happen, what could I do to nudge it into happening.


The room has been dark since the DVD ended, and Katie is asleep on my breasts. I could only sense the presence of Sandy and Candace next to us. Their vague shapes are wrapped together tightly. I feel the bed moving as their entwined legs move against each other. I hear their breathing increase, small cries escape their lips, then a wild shuddering of an orgasm, soon followed by another. It was Sandy this time, as I recognized her voice and cries from when we had done “the dirty deed” several months ago. I can’t believe it-our first night at the beach, the four of us, sharing one big bed, relishing the orgasms. My friend and my daughter, my daughter’s friend and me. How did this happen? It couldn’t have been planned. It was just so spontaneous.

The room is rich with the sweet aroma of pussy, overwhelming, with contributions from each of us. We all sleep the sleep of the satisfied, exhausted from our pleasurable exertions.

I am the first to awaken. I walk to the sliding glass door, and pull the curtain aside and admire the rising sun, just beginning to come above the horizon. The shaft of sunlight comes in the glass door, and I see Candace’s and Katie’s panties on the floor, and right next to them, flung with excited abandon earlier in the night, are Sandy’s and mine. I smile.

I hear someone getting out of bed behind me, then feel warm hands on my waist. They soon move to cup my breasts, feeling really good. The hands have no rings, so it can’t be Katie. Then, two warm spots on my back, as breasts press against me. Mmmm. I enjoy the nibbles on my neck and earlobe. But the breasts pressing against me are low, so it can’t be Sandy. Could it be. . .?

“Mom, I love you.”

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