Sybian Revenge Therapy


*Dear Friends, I wrote this as a revenge fantasy, because my wife abandoned me sexually several years ago. It’s a theme I have visited before in my writings. As always, I appreciate those who follow me, and I love your emails and feed back. I hope you like Sybian Revenge Therapy.



The therapist slid her glasses down and peered at me over the top rim. “I’m sorry…what?” She said.

“I’m a pornographer. I write porn.”

My wife in the chair next to mine, turned and stared — her lips slightly agape.

“DId you know about this?” The therapist asked my wife.

“No. I…I never…”

“I started to write in 2004. I am a fairly known contributor to a popular website, a community of ordinary people who write stories, and post them there. I have several hundred followers.” I continued, not looking at my wife.

“So you’ve been writing pornography stories for 15 years, and you never told your wife?”


The therapist took off the glasses, clenched them in her hand and sat back in the chair.

The only sound was from the ‘white-noise’ maker on a small table in the corner of the room.

“Well that’s interesting. So, let me ask this, when was the last time the two of you were intimate?”

My wife stared at the floor.

“1997,” I said.

“You haven’t been intimate together for over 21 years?” She almost shouted with dis-belief.

I glanced at my now embarrassed wife, “May 17th 1997, wasn’t it hon?” I said.


“Yes, that was the last date. When I sat down to talk with her that August was when she informed me she no longer wanted sex. I think she did say she would lay back and allow me to do it to her, to use her like a hole. But personally, she didn’t want it anymore.”

“How did you feel about that?”

“I was humiliated. I was angry. I had recently turned 50, and I was summarily informed that my sex life was over by her decree.”

She turned to my wife who was still silent. “Do you have anything to add, or to say?”

“No. He is probably right,” she said quietly.

We left the session and drove home in silence. She was stunned by my admission, and had no idea what to say. I pulled in the garage. We entered the house through the mud-room.

I decided to wait and see how it played out. I went to the fridge and took out some grapes. I offered her a handful.

“So what do you write about?” She said.

“All kinds of things. Mostly I make up things, fantasies. Sometimes I use a real event and expand on it.”

“What real event?”

“Hmmm…a real old one for instance. We had a party at our house around 1975. There was a lot of pot. You came down braless with a red silk shirt. We danced. I put my hands under your blouse and played with your nipples in front of everyone. Then we went upstairs and fucked.”

“Did we? I don’t remember.”

“I don’t know if we fucked, but a lot of people liked the story.”

“What else?”

“Uh…one time when you were just out of the shower. You were putting on makeup over the sink. I kneeled behind you and licked your ass cheeks.”

She rolled her eyes.

“I don’t remember that.”

“It happened.”

“So you write about me? People read stories about me?”

“No. Sometimes. Only sometimes. I write stories prompted by my memories. Just prompted. Most stories are about a sexually adventurous partner. You were never that. It’s fantasy.”

“Why do you do it?”

“Why? Okay, so that I can have an imaginary sex life with someone. Then I can grab my erection and jerk off to the story.”

Her eyes dropped down to the table, ashamed by what I had done. I wasn’t ashamed. For 20 years I had to make do with what she left me with. There were no options. Should I divorce?

I certainly was on solid grounds of abandonment. But I knew that neither of us could afford to live alone in two homes.

We could have divided our funds, sold the house, uprooted our lives. It all sounded horrible to me.

Should I have an affair? I could have. Women liked me. But that would have given her the power over me. I didn’t want that.

I Bostancı Escort discovered writing. I indulged may fantasies on paper. I found like-minded writers and chat rooms.

It took a while but I developed a style, I got comments, e-mails from admirers. I honed my craft, I got so excited that sometimes I grabbed my cock and jerked off right there and then, I just couldn’t wait.

“What should we do now” She said.

“Nothing, what would you imagine? nothing is different, you know, she knows and i don’t care.”

“Do you expect me to have sex with you?”

“No, actually. I don’t.”

“Can I read your stories?”

“They’re rough,” I said, “they include things you wouldn’t understand.”

“Are they real?”

“No, mostly fantasy. I may have written about me sucking a cock. Not that I really would, its fantasy. When I write it, it is extremely exciting. It feels real, I’m a really dirty writer. There is pussy eating, ass licking, cock sucking, face fucking, cum eating now a flush appeared across her chest. She buried the cock deep and pressed and rubbed her clit on the cock shaft. This went on for five minutes. Finally she pulled herself up and off the cock and she flopped back on the bed.

When she caught her breath she slid off the bed, collected her robe and left the room. A while later, she re appeared fully dressed, used a pre-moistened wipe to clean the cock and any of her own wetness off the Sybian. When she was satisfied, she collected her white tube of lube and left the room.

I got home at 6pm. I changed into a swim suit, poured a vodka and went out to the pool. She was there with a glass of wine. We kissed hello.

“Hi, how was your day?” I said.

“Good, I stayed home.”

“Do anything?”

“No, well yes; i read your story.”


“It was…interesting.”

“Okay, that’s fine. I wrote it a long time ago.”

“Do you hate me?”

I thought about my answer. “I did for a long time. Then I took my life in my own hands, literally. I considered divorcing you.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“It would have been a financial train wreck for both of us. And then I was over it.”

“So it wasn’t because you loved me?”

“No, at some point that didn’t matter anymore. The decision you made, to abandon me was like a knife that you thrust in my heart. It hurt so much I cannot tell you. It was unfair to say the least. Love didn’t enter into your decision to leave me, so I felt no love after that.”

The keening wounded sound she made at that moment was like a pained animal. She whimpered silently, turning away from me weeping and gasping for great gulps of air — now finally understanding what she had done to me.

After ten minutes, she sat up on the chair. Her face was streaked with tears and her makeup. “I’m so sorry. I wanted to apologize so many times, but you seemed distant. You seemed un-affected. I knew I made a terrible choice, I knew I had hurt you. If I could undo what I did, I would do so in a second.”

“Thank you,” I said. I knew though that I wanted more. I wanted to make her sorry, I wanted to humiliate her. I wanted to make her suck my cock and I wanted to cum on her face as payback. In a weird way, that was what I wanted, and I silently admitted it to myself.

I saw you once. She said. “I saw you jerking off, and I knew I was the cause of it. I drove you to it.”

“And still you never came to me, to fuck me.”

“No, I didn’t.” She stared at the floor.

“So, I guess I’ll put the Sybian fuck-saddle online for sale, maybe at my porn website. I’ll list it as new-unused, or maybe at Craigslist.”


“No? Well I could use it for myself I guess.” She looked at me quizzically

“I can get an anal probe and fuck my own ass.”

“You would do that?”

“Sure, might as well. I tried it once a few years back.”

“Well let’s keep the thing, I’ll think about it. It’s a lot to understand in such a short time. Writing porn stories, getting the saddle thing…”



“Well so you think you may try it? I have seen videos, women Kadıköy Escort seem to love it—men can’t last as long as that thing.”

“The story was…exciting.”

“You got excited? That’s great. It’s good to hear.”

‘You think?”

“Sure, I get lots of fan mail, people tell me how my stories drove them to masturbate to a good orgasm, many, many women have written me.”

“You’re kidding.”

“I’m not. I had an online flirtation with a woman from Kansas who wanted to come to NY to fuck me.”

“Did she?”

“No, she started seeing a guy, so I got her to back away, otherwise we were going to meet at Penn Station and go to a NY hotel. She wanted to come and see me anyway because she had promised me.”

“You made arrangements to meet her? When was this?”

“Around 2006 or 2007 I think.”

“And you would have done it? You would have been with another woman?”

“Are you fucking serious? By then you had abandoned me 9 years prior.”

“I hate the word…abandoned, but I deserve it.”

“Yes, but I never had an affair — except with myself.”

She turned away and put her head down. She was silent for five minutes.

“You’re a different person.”

“Not so different, if I were different, I’d have left you.”

“I…I used the…the Sybian, today.”

“Ahhh…how was it?”

“It…it was…incredible.”

“Ha!, Great, happy birthday.”

“Your story made me…excited…I had to see, I had to try. I…it was so good.”

“You had an orgasm with it, you came?”

“Jesus, I came so hard…several times.”

“What have you been doing all these years, have you used your vibrator?”

“I…yes, at one point. Since then I would do it in the shower sometimes. I had a suction cup dildo that I would fuck myself with in the shower when you were at work.”

“Shower is great ain’t it?”

“I can’t believe I’m telling you this.”

“You’ll have to be more descriptive. I would like to hear what you do. We’re beyond a lot of stuff, we’re beyond bullshit. Our best years, my best lovemaking years are behind me now. My best physical years.”

“Tonight, I want…I want you to watch me…do it.”

“That sounds like fun. And you’ll tell me what it is like. What time?”

“Wanna make it a date?”

“Sure, why not. I’ll bring the wine and the fuck machine.”

She laughed out loud.

I took a long shower at 9:00, also using a scissor to trim my pubes. I used a scented soap and I brushed my hair with a nicely scented lotion.

Wrapped in a cotton bathrobe I went to the kitchen and made a vodka & tonic. I called up to her, “Do you want a drink?”

“Sure, white wine,” She called back. She was also getting out of the shower.

I went up to the spare room with both drinks and sat in a lounge chair alongside the bed.

She came in a minute later, also in a sheer cover up. She was completely naked under it. Her breasts swayed as she walked, her nipples made sharp points in the fabric. She placed the tube of lube on the bed and reached for the drink I made. We clicked glasses.

“Here’s to your new birthday lover,” I said, “we’ll call him SYB.”

We both drank a long drink.

“Shall I lower the lights?” I said.

“Yes, thanks.”

I rose to lower the switch andI noticed my cock was half erect. She noticed too, and smiled. She stared at me as she opened her robe and slowly let it drop, revealing her nakedness for the first time in years. She was back in good shape after having gained a lot of weight, and then losing it. Her breasts were womanly, weighty with hard nipples. They swayed when she moved. Oh, how I dreamed of fucking and sucking her tits. Her vagina was almost bald, she had waxed the area, and I suspected she went all the way back to her asshole. She used to

love ass play.

I sipped as I watched. She turned to the lube and put a dab on the head of the gel penis, then she thew her leg over the Sybian.

“Your breasts are still beautiful. Touch yourself,” I said. “Show me how you touch yourself.”

She smiled through half lidded eyes, taking on a new, lustful look. She Göztepe Escort cupped her breasts and stroked her nipples to amazing half inch throbbing hardness. She lifted one breast to her lips and stuck out her tongue to lick her own nipple. She was kneeling over the Sybian, her vulva slightly spread open, her clitoris erect and visible. She reached down and spread her vagina open and with one finger she flicked her clit, stroking it. She moaned and began a fucking motion on her finger.

“Mmmmm…very nice, I like how you are touching yourself,” I said excitedly.

“Show me your cock,” She said, “I want to see how hard you are,” her breathing came rapidly.?

I drew my robe open and I shrugged it off my arms. My cock was at full staff and pulsing with my heartbeat. A small drop of pre-cum appeared.

She pulled on her nipples as she rose to impale herself on the Sybian cock, her eyes never came off my swaying cock. She let out a guttural groan of slut joy as the cock filled her empty sucking cunt.

“Oh god, your cock is so gorgeous,” She shouted as she rose up and slammed back down, fucking herself as she never had before.

“Yeah, so what do you want?”

“Oh…oh my god, I want to suck it I want to swallow it all down my throat as I’m fucking myself so good. Please, I’ll show you how sorry I am…fill my mouth with cock.”

I walked to the bed, my cock and balls swayed. I put one knee up on the mattress displaying my dripping naked hard cock. I watched her fuck herself back on the Sybian. “Tell me again what you want,” I said as I came closer to her face.

“I want it in my mouth as I fuck myself in front of you on this glorious big gel cock,” she said in her lustiest voice, “and I want you to cum in my mouth and all over me.”

“I may want to just cum on your face.” I could hardly help myself from shoving my cock in her mouth, but this was the payback I wanted at this point. I could hold out a bit longer.

“Yes…yes I deserve to be humiliated, I deserve to have you cum on my face, give it to me, please.”

I straddled the Sybian facing her, kneeling so that my cock at the level of her face. She leaned forward, opened her mouth and on an upstroke she took my whole cock into her mouth. It was exquisite.

“Swallow my whole cock, swallow it…suck my cock while you fuck yourself,” I groaned as she swooned and sucked my cock deep into her throat. “Suck me, oh god, suck me baby — suck me for all the years you made me jerk off on my stomach while I wished I was cumming in your cunt. Suck me for all the years you fucked yourself with a dildo instead of telling me you wanted me to fuck you.”

She sucked and fucked herself, I could tell she was about to cum all over the cock, and so was I. I pulled my cock out of her mouth as I felt i was past the point of no return. She knew what I was going to do. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. “Cum on me baby, cum on my face and in my mouth…I’m fucking myself so deeply, I’m cumming…oh god I’m cumming…” I began to squirt hot ropes of cum on her face, in her mouth, on her lips as she groaned with her orgasm.

I pulled back and we kissed in a deep open mouth cum sharing kiss. She was still fucking herself and ready to cum again. I had an idea, “Lean forward and keep the cock in you,” I said. I went around behind her. As she leaned forward I saw what I expected to see, she had waxed and bleached her asshole. The gel cock was slippery with her cum. As she lay down on the Sybian, her asshole was exposed to me.

“Here’s something I wrote about once, let me know if you like it,” I said. I lie down behind her and crawled up to her spread ass and her cock filled cunt. I licked the globes of her ass, then lower to her pink hole. I licked my tongue across her asshole. The pleasure was so exquisite she began to groan and fuck the cock harder. Now I licked and licked her hole, letting her know in no uncertain way that I was tonguing her asshole. Her groaning increased as she muttered and shouted her approval, “yes, lick my asshole oh lick my hole… fuck my asshole with your tongue…” By now I was exhausted and worn from having cum on her face, but now I was renewed. I took her tube of lube and slathered it on her hole, and some on the tip of my now throbbing cock. I leaned up and over her, aiming my cock at her asshole while she was full of Sybian cock.

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