Susan’s Landscaping Adventure

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Racking my brain, trying to figure out which of my wife Susan’s fantasies she referred to after a glorious romp, when she asked me, “Want to know what I fantasize about when we’re fucking?”

Of course I do, but the kicker was the “No, if I told you what it was, I’m afraid you might want to try it.”

What the hell is there to be afraid of here???

I knew her fantasy had to include another woman – we never told stories involving multiple male participants. Not sure why, but most of our fantasy scenarios are about two women… Maybe she has her own Allyson backyard fantasy…

* * * * *

As I followed the lawnmower around its almost programmed path, I realized how much I enjoyed being out of the office. On a day like this – cloudless, with a breeze that was just strong enough to cool the dripping sweat – there was no doubt. As I moved into the back yard, I noticed Allyson walking around, dragging a towel and tote bag out into the yard next door. She made two more trips back to the house before she lighted.

“Out for some sun,” I thought – good day for it. I had pared my own wardrobe down to bikini top and shorts so I could revel in the baking rays as I worked. My attention continued to drift back into Allyson’s yard as she spread the towel, looked over at me and waved. She was far from the house, and had settled on a spot that was most visible to me as I worked the machine back and forth in the familiar back yard pattern.

That was Ok. Allyson was an attractive woman with a great figure – one of those who worked hard at staying toned. As she pulled her t-shirt over her head, I had to blink the sweat from my eyes to see if the bikini top she wore was anything more than just red string – the patches of cloth covering her breasts did a poor job of concealing anything. The thong was just as skimpy, too. She made a show of bending over and getting everything adjusted – as much flesh as she displayed, I wondered why she wore that thing at all.

I had occasionally fantasized about being with another woman, but only fantasies –

Allyson’s show was demanding so much of my attention, I was relieved to finish the lawn. As I followed the mower back towards the house, I was almost mesmerized watching her slowly spreading oil on her arms and shoulders. She stopped me in my tracks as she boldly stared and moved her hands down to her breasts, only stopping to squirt a generous stream of tanning oil into the valley of her cleavage.

“God, it’s hot,” she muttered. She bursa eskort was right, but I wasn’t sure she was talking about the weather.

“I’ve got some lemonade over here. Come get some.” Allyson continued to spread oil over her stomach, rubbing down toward her legs. The mild breeze began to cool me off – at least from the exertions of the yard work. I realized that the display of tanned, glistening flesh was having its effect on me.

“OK, sure.” Crossing through a break in the low hedges that separated our yards, I became aware that my nipples had become erect. I glanced down and noted they were making a very visible statement through the sweat-soaked top that clung to my breasts.

“Help your self,” Allyson nodded and pointed with her foot in the general direction of her bag. I found a thermos and looked for a cup.

“I usually just drink from the Thermos. Go ahead.” She had started spreading the oil over her legs now. I raised the Thermos to my lips, and almost choked when she spread her legs for oiling up the inner thighs. The thong was starting to slip between her lips, providing a graphic display of her shaved pussy. She acted like I wasn’t even there, casually spreading the oil.

“Will you do my back for me?”

I capped the Thermos and put it down as she handed me the oil. She flopped down in front of me, her head at my feet. I stepped around her and kneeled at her side, not even thinking about what was happening – just reacting. I squeezed a line of oil across her shoulders and started spreading it. Allyson’s skin felt hot from the sun.

“Untie me – I would hate to get a tan line.” Now that she mentioned it, I realized there were no tan lines anywhere. I slipped the knots and brushed the strings aside. Allyson reached under her chest and pulled the top away, tossing it onto the grass. I worked my way down her bare back, mindlessly working the oil into her flesh.

Without a thought, I skipped right past the string of the thong and proceeded to dribble oil on Allyson’s ass cheeks in a random pattern. As I spread the oil and worked it under the thong, the impulse hit me – I untied the knots on each side and slowly pulled the string floss from her crack, muttering, “No lines.”

I finished her back, her ass, and her crack, lightly brushing oil over her asshole. As I prepared to move down her body to get the backs of her legs – really wanting to see her pussy, so I could tell if she was getting wet like I was – she rolled over and sat up, tossing bursa bayan escort the thong to join the discarded top.

“Your turn,” as she reached for the oil.

Why not? We swapped places and I caught a look at her crotch. Her lips looked aroused; puffy and swollen, glistening in the sun. As I was getting settled, she released the catch on my top.

“No more tan lines.”

I raised my body as she removed my top, her nipples rubbing my back as she pulled it over my head. Then she started with the oil.

“Just in time here- you’re getting red.”

As she worked down to my shorts, I wondered how far she’d go. I got my answer; she smacked me on the ass and began to push the elastic band of the shorts down and I lifted my ass from the towel. Allyson reached over and grabbed the shorts and pulled them down, taking the bikini with them. My ass was completely exposed as she pushed the wad of clothing down to my knees. She smacked my ass again, and I lowered myself back to the towel.

Allyson was much more liberal in applying oil to my ass – not just a few drops scattered randomly, but a gush that seemed to target my asshole. She snaked a hand down my crack and began to spread the oil – now it was both hands, each working a cheek; rubbing them, pulling them apart, squeezing them together, rubbing a hand or finger across my butthole. I could feel the fire building inside my pussy – I was waiting for her to touch it, wanting her to touch it, then she stopped.

“Legs.” She crawled down to my feet and finished stripping my shorts. Not sure what she did with them, and didn’t care as she started at my feet and worked her way up each leg, still never touching my pussy. But I knew, as she worked my legs and they spread open, she could see everything, see how aroused I had become. I kept my pubes trimmed very short, neat, and they didn’t really hide anything.

Another smack on my ass. “Now for the front,” she had an almost commanding tone.

I obediently rolled over and lay there with my eyes closed as she oiled me up; still never touching my pussy, and only giving my breasts a perfunctory tweak as she oiled my front in a very methodical and businesslike manner.

Allyson leaned over and gently caressed my face, looking into my eyes as she wiped the last of the oil from her hands. Her head cast a shadow on my face as she leaned over, her breast hanging down and brushing lightly across my chest.

“I think that bursa ucuz escort about does it. You won’t have to worry about burning now.”

But what about my pussy?

“I think we missed a spot,” as I lifted myself up on my elbows, looking down at my oiled body. I was really pretty shy, and my tan lines proved that I just didn’t go around naked outside – like ever.

Allyson was on her knees, fumbled in her bag and came out with a small, clear vial.

“I know,” and she blushed. “But the regular oil’s irritating. Hold out your hand.”

She squeezed oil from the vial into my palm. I wasn’t sure whether she wanted me to rub it on her or me, so I waited for her to take the lead. I realized I was disappointed when she squeezed oil into her own hand and started rubbing it onto her own shaved lips, but finally getting to stroke myself brought a moan from deep in my throat.

Allyson was also rubbing herself, making oily circles around her exposed clitoris, whimpering, “I never knew I’d get so turned on touching another woman. I’m on fire.”

I reached over and slid a finger between her lips; her slick pussy sucked me in. I slipped a second finger into her pussy, and stuck two from my other hand into my own. I was fucking both of us, and Allyson was thrusting with the rhythm of my hand.

Without missing a stroke she moved over and straddled me, turning on top of me and lowering her face to my crotch. She pulled my legs apart and brusquely removed my hand from its work, only to replace it with her mouth, her lips sealing around my pussy in a deep kiss, with her tongue snaking its way from my clit, between the lips and down toward my asshole.

I pulled Allyson’s crotch to my face and started licking her clit while I continued to finger-fuck her, her oily body sliding on top of me. The “suntan oil” tasted like strawberries and almonds. I pulled my hand out of her pussy – it was making it difficult to get involved in licking her – and reached around her thigh to rub her pussy lips from behind, smearing her juices onto her asshole. The complete lack of hair made it obvious that her pussy was really gushing –

As I approached my orgasm from Allyson’s tongue-fucking, I felt her begin to shake – I poked a finger into her asshole and started fucking her in rhythm with my licking. It felt like she was pissing on my face when she came – there was such a flood, it pushed me over the edge.

Allyson reached back and extracted my finger from her asshole and rolled off of me, lying next to me, trying to catch her breath. Again, I propped myself up on my elbows, surveying the damage. Two naked, sweaty, oily bodies in the sizzling afternoon sun. As the sun baked through my matted pubic hair, I realized that cutting the grass was going to be my new favorite hobby.

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