Susan’s First Time Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Susan takes four

Susan’s Training

Well Susan had done it she would never be Stan again. She called her uncle and asked him to come to her up town apartment. Before she could give him the address, he told her he already knew where it was. That had been creepy and scared her.

His only remark when she let him in was, “you look lovely. I knew you were going to do this. I just didn’t know when.

” She looked at him aghast. “How could have possible known? I’ve been very careful.”

“You had a second cousin who did the same thing. You gave all the same signals he did so I’ve had people watching you. Sadly, she didn’t have your money. Someone raped and murdered her/him a few weeks after she came out. The police never solved the crime.” He said grimly, “I don’t think they even cared.” He pulled some papers out of his brief case and laid them on the table. “Study these and let me know what you think. You’re a good enough lawyer to understand them.”

Susan thumbed through them for a few minutes. “I’m worth a lot more than I thought,” she said, “you and the rest of the family will never want for anything under this arrangement. And I’ll have all the funds I could possibly need…thank you Uncle Brad.”

“At the rate our companies are growing.” Brad said. “We all will be worth several hundred more million in a few years. I’ll set up proxies for you if you like.”

Susan shook her head. “I’ll show up at a meeting if I have to Uncle. The board can shit in their collective pants if they don’t like the way I look.”

“That works for me, “Bart said with a grin, “those stodgy bastards need to be shaken up now and then. I’ll leave the paper work for you to go over in detail. Check with me Monday for any changes you want to make.”

Susan was relaxing drinking a little wine on the balcony an hour or so later when the maid stuck her head out of the sliding glass door.

“All finished Ma’am.” She said, “Is it Ok to take the rest of the day off?”

“Of course Mary that’s fine. In fact, I’ll pay you for a full day. Enjoy yourself.” The maid thanked Susan, smiled and left.

Later a nude Susan studied herself in her bedrooms floor to ceiling mirror. It didn’t seem right but there was a definite change in her body. She had been taking hormones for several weeks before meeting ‘him’, she shuttered a little at that thought. The envelope he had left behind after his visit three weeks before hadn’t contained anything dreadful. Just that he would be in touch in a few weeks to check her progress.

“He couldn’t possibly mean my body,” she said. “But my hips are an inch wider the tape shows that. ” She cupped her small breasts smiling when she realized they were bigger too. She had been eating like a pig and not gaining weight at all. Susan loved what she saw but something was still amiss. Her body shouldn’t grow or change this fast. It was beginning to worry her a bit. “There’s nothing I can do about it even if I really wanted too.” kağıthane escort She sighed slipping into a silk robe.

“And why would you want to stop the change.” ‘His’ voice said. “I’m quite satisfied with your progress to this point girl.” Susan gasped and spun around to see him looming in the bedroom door. He was proudly naked as he leaned against the door jam. Her eyes were drawn to his limp but still massive cock hanging between his legs.

A sudden stab of desire flooded her loins. “How did you get in? “She shouted. “The front door was locked. I checked it myself!”

‘He’ grinned imprudently at her. “I have my own key girl. I’m not going to waste time trying to get you to let me in. Come along now it is time to continue with your instructions. I’ve brought along some associates to help me with your training today. You’ll learn to take two cocks at the same time. One in your mouth and one in your ass. All my girls do that. You’ll come to love it like they do.” He reached out his hand. “Come along now after cleaning you out, we will use the guestroom this time.”

Susan had no will at all it seemed. She took his hand and walked with him down the hall. Even as her mind was filled with fear her body wanted, no demanded what was coming and eagerly at that.

“Oh. God,” she whimpered dropping her hand to wrap an arm around his waist, “I have no control at all.” He chuckled cupping her ass with a large hand.

His middle finger teasing her asshole as they walked, “That’s exactly the way you should be girl,” he said.

In the guestroom, two men sat in chairs and a young woman sat on the bed. All three of them were nude. They nodded and smiled briefly when He and Susan entered. “Are we ready?” He asked. They all nodded again.

Susan looked at the woman appraisingly. She was long legged, busty, and very pretty. In addition, she had a sizable cock between her lush thighs. The transgendered woman gave her a wide friendly smile and touched her cock suggestively. Unconsciously Sue licked her lips.

He laughed at the surprised look and Susan’s face. “I see you have noticed Paula’s extra equipment. I’m sure you’ll enjoy her…I know she will enjoy you. Go ahead suck her clit, as she likes to call it. The way you’re licking your lips I know you want too. And give me your robe. You don’t need it now.”

Paula opened her legs and scooted forward as Susan knelt before her she caught the scent of light perfume coming from Paula’s trimmed bush. Susan grasped the woman’s rising cock and pushed the foreskin back and lightly kissed the warm slightly purple head. Paula’s cock rose to the challenge becoming hard in the kneeling girl’s hand. It twitching slightly when Susan kissed it again. Then she caressed the shaven balls lovingly while licking the slit on the tip of Paula’s cock.

“Careful girl.” The woman said, “your light touch is so good it’s about to make me shoot before we get started.” The woman flexed her hips forward pushing elit escort istanbul it against Susan’s lips. “Take it deep girl if I’m going to cum let me shoot it down your throat!”

Susan sucked in half of Paula’s cock stopping only when it hit the back of her throat causing her to gag. She pulled back gasped around the warm hard cock to begin bobbing up and down on it. It tasted so good and was so smooth on her tongue. Caressing the transgendered woman’s silky shaven scrotum, she slipped her hand under her ass to slip a finger in her asshole. Paula sighed with pleasure lying while back on the bed giving Sue better access to her already lubed hole. Another and another finger found its way into the warm receptive cavity. Paula opened her legs wide when a third finger found its way into her ass.

“Oh, Shit yes!” Paula cried, pulling her ass cheeks wide. “Put all of them in me! Put your fist in me!”

Susan worked her small hand deeper and deeper into the gasping woman. Then her whole hand slipped in to the wrist. “Yessss!” Paula moaned then started pinching her own nipples.

“Fuck! It’s so good! I’m so full! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

At that point, Susan realized that someone gripped her hips and a long slender cock was pushing its way up her ass. She groaned with pleasure when hairy balls pressed against hers. It wasn’t him that had entered her but it didn’t matter. It was a wonderful cock deep in her bowels stroking in and out. Still sucking on the cock she rocked back to meet the welcome intruder as it pumped deep smacking against her ass faster and faster. It continued for an eternity of long ecstatic minutes. Susan was cumming. Paula was shooting in Sue’s mouth and the man deep in her ass was grunting out his own climax as he shot spurt after spurt of cum into her.

The trio of sweating bodies fell apart all of them gasping for breath. Cum dribbled down Susan’s chin and oozed out of her ass. Paula was curled into a ball with a dreamy expression on her face. The man sat on the floor leaning against the bed panting.

In the silence that fallowed. One could hear the ticking of the clock on the dresser and the summer wind sighing through an open window. Ever the murmur of traffic many stories below were audible.

He looked at them smiling broadly. “Very nice I wish I had thought to film that. Girl you have more talents than I suspected. Yes indeed, I’m glad I chose you. Now enough resting we shall proceed with your education.”

Paula giggled licking her fresh cum off of Susan’s face.

Shortly Susan laid crosswise on the bed her head over the edge. The man who fucked her (after clean up) was patting his cock on the cheeks of her flushed face. Paula was gasping with pleasure as ‘he’ fucked her on the floor.

Sue had felt a small stab of jealousy when ‘he’ slipped his massive cock in the T-girl’s pussyass. That passed quickly when she realized what was going to happen to her. A cock almost as massive as ‘his’ fatih escort pressed at the entrance of her pussyass. She opened her mouth to take a long slender cock into her mouth.

“At this angle I can get it all the way down your throat.” The man said as it slipped into her eager mouth.

He grinned as she wrapped her painted lips around his cock. She moaned as the other cock slipped past her sphincter. She licked the cock in her mouth as the other one slid deeper in her ass. That man stopped to squeeze hard nipples. Little electric thrills coursed through her body. The cock in her mouth pushed deeper causing her to gag momentarily. Sue’s ass tightened involuntarily.

“I like it when they do that.” The man sinking in to her ass grinned. “Make her do it again.”

That was the only time she gagged the gel on the back of her tongue suppressed the gag reflex. Now with both of them in her to their balls they paused for a moment then started stroking one after the other. They bounced their balls on her ass then on her nose.

At first, Susan thought she was going to strangle until she quickly learn to breathe through her flared nostrils. A warm felling of pleasure crept through her rocking sweating body as she gave herself to the moment. Little gasps of ecstasy crept out of her each time the cock in her mouth pulled back. Her flush crept down her neck across her shoulders and small bouncing breasts. She hooked her legs around the back of the one fucking her ass. She thrust up on cock sliding in and out of her body trying to get more. As the two cocks thrust into her at the same time, a wonderful feeling flooded her ravaged body. Suddenly her body shuddered from an enormous orgasm that seemed to come from the depths of her very being.

Almost incoherent she wished it would never stop. The one fucking her pussyass started pumping huge gouts of cum deep in her bowels. He held her tight giving short thrusts pumping the last of his cum into her. He staggered back panting with sweat running down his face and hairy chest. At the same time the other one shot cum all over her face and tits. A dazed Susan collected cum with her fingers then licked them clean with delight.

Paula positioned Susan her on her hands and knees then mounted her doggy fashion and fucked Susan to another orgasm. Paula kept her still hard cock in Sue’s ass when ‘he’ fucked her mouth until he shot his cum all over her face and hair.

When Paula pulled out Susan waved her ass in the air whimpering. “More please give me more.”

“Insatiable little cumslut isn’t she.” “He’ chuckled slipping into her pussyass. Paula left to clean up while the men all fucked again leavening her sobbing nearly senseless on the floor.

‘He’ looked at the others as the four of them rode the elevator down. “I say she’s ready for a party now agreed?”

Paula pursed her lips then smiled. “Could be,” she said then nodded. “It will be a shock but this one will survive and beg for more.”

Hours later Susan staggered to the bathroom to shower then soak in her hot tube. She knew that an envelope waited for her in her bedroom on her nightstand. She dreaded what it would contain. She just couldn’t decide if she should read it before she went to bed and or the morning.

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