Summer Girl


“Oh my God.”

Here it comes.

“It is so hot. It is so goddamn hot.”

Ro wasn’t lying. Even sitting in the shade, on the cool concrete slab that was her boyfriend’s front porch, it was midsummer in Memphis and pretty fucking hot. She flopped back in the tattered armchair and continued to rock. A drop of perspiration tickled as it rolled down between my breasts, mirrored by the condensation that formed on Ro’s glass of iced tea.

I picked up my own glass and took a sip.


Since she didn’t have anything to add to that, it was a fair assumption that Rochelle’s intentions for the afternoon included nothing so much as to sit right there on the front porch and wait out the heat until about 7 o’clock, when the sun would go down and the asphalt in the street would lose some of its mirage. Some days, as further indicated by Ro’s inability to work up to a good bitch, that’s all you can do.

But God, it can be so boring.

My mother always said I’d never amount to much, that I was mildly retarded, a born loser, but I think she is full of shit. Oh, I might be manic-depressive, with a touch of ADD, but there is very little that I do not understand or consider when not enveloped in a deep blue funk.

In any case, I have a very low tolerance for boredom.

An idea began to form in my brain and I excused myself from the front porch by way of a bogus trip to the restroom. In reality, I shut the front door quietly behind me and passed quietly through the living room because Ro’s boyfriend, Adam, was stretched out on futon. Both of their box fans were trained on him, but the window unit was broken (it would be…) and a thin sheen of sweat gleamed on his naked chest. Pointedly, I set aside the piquant desire to kneel and place my lips against his nipples as he slept. Perhaps later was a hope, not an expectation, but still a hope.

Through the kitchen and out the back door I went without allowing the screen door to bang shut behind me. Last autumn, before the winter rain began to fall but after summer’s heat began to fade, Adam and a couple of friends built a deck at the back of his house. The rest of us made a sort of party of it and gathered together to drink beer and watch–I mean, help. The deck was high enough off of the ground to catch a little breeze, but I didn’t really care about that. What interested me would be found in the crawlspace beneath it. Wary of wasps, I knelt down and peered into the shade and… Paydirt.

Adam’s nieces and nephews had come by for a visit last weekend, and because it was hot then too, he set up a wading pool for them. It was round and sky blue, about four bursa eskort feet in diameter and about a foot and a half deep. I pulled it out and shook out the leaves, then looked under the deck again and saw that someone had conveniently left the garden hose coiled on a hook on the wall.

So I screwed the nozzle into the wall and gave the wading pool a good rinse.

Ro came out the back door as I was filling up the pool. She looked at me quizzically through the glass and came out on the deck, wrinkling up her nose.

“What the hell are you doing?”

I pressed my thumb over the end of the hose and flipped a rope of water high, high into the air. The drops glistened as gravity caught up with them and the sunlight turned them into globes of pure crystal before they spattered on the grass, my shoulders, and in the pool.

“Let’s go for a swim, Ro.”

It is a testament to Rochelle’s personal self that she looked doubtful for only a moment before a slow smile spread across her face. “Ok,” she purred, “let me go put on my bathing suit.” Halfway through the doorway she paused, meeting my eyes over her bare, freckled shoulder. “What do you think, should I wake Adam up?” I pushed my sunglasses up into my hair and grinned a devilish grin.

“Oh, by all means.”


The pool was filled and my guests made their appearance. Rochelle minced down the steps, leading Adam by the hand. He was rubbing his eyes and as I watched him, yawned. He looked sleepy, sweaty and hot. I believe that is why, when he lifted his leg to step over the edge of the pool, Ro grabbed a hearty double handful of his buttocks and lifted.


He made a short hop, landed one-legged and tripped over his own feet, falling to his knees in the pool, laughing and awake. Ro wore a metallic blue bikini and he nothing but the shorts I saw him in earlier. Perhaps he did not own a pair of trunks, I do not know. He and Ro had not been together long. I was still in my tank top and cutoffs, standing in the ankle-deep water.

“Hold on!” Laughing, I stepped out and ran to set up the sprinklers, adjusting their arc so that cold droplets would rain down in the pool.

Ro and Adam were laughing quietly together behind me. I turned and strode back, knelt and swiftly captured Ro’s smiling mouth with the tips of my fingers, my lips, and my tongue. She giggled and kissed me back fiercely. Our teeth clicked and I sucked on her tongue then grabbed her little bandeau top and ripped it up, exposing her small, creamy tits. I laughed and tweaked her nipple, making her pull back and squeak. Adam was watching us like a hungry dog with görükle escort a tent in his pants and unsure where to start. My partner in crime slid her hands down my waist as she pulled away and crawled on her knees to Adam. His eyes darkened with need as she slowly straightened, a palmful of water cupped carefully in her hands. Her soft breasts brushed the front of his pants and he moaned quietly, running his fingers up her slender thighs. Her lips quirked in a cupid’s bow smile and she poured the cool water over his chest, evoking a shudder from his naked flesh. His nipples were small, dark, and tight I suddenly remembered that now was later. That thought alone made the soft flesh between my legs start to swell, grow moist and hot.

There was no time to waste, indeed to waste it would be a devious sin. I crawled on my hands and knees to him as he was fondling Ro’s breast and slid my hands over his hip and up his ribcage as I rose from groin level. His eyes turned to me then and his tongue came out to touch his lower lip unconsciously. Adam stared at me as I took his nipple into my mouth and teased it, rasping gently with my teeth. He sucked in a hiss of breath and Ro, never one to let an opportunity pass her by, took his other nipple into her mouth and sucked, hard. Adam groaned and his eyelids fluttered, his arms going to our shoulders, our waists. My hand trailed down his belly and rested on the head of his erection. I could feel the ridges of his cock through his shorts and I shamelessly rubbed and squeezed his shaft through the cloth. He was so tight, so hard and from the way he ground his cock against my hand and moaned, I thought that he might cum before we ever unzipped his pants.

Too soon…

I found the button, Ro found his zipper and together, carefully, we freed him from the tight confines of clothing. As his cock swung free– Oh.

He was magnificent. Not too long, but thick. The man was as thick as my wrist; admittedly, I have dainty wrists, but still. His girth was tempting me and my tolerance for temptation is similar to my tolerance of boredom in that I am not inclined to give either much indulgence.

Adam wasn’t wearing any underwear, of course, nothing to get in the way of our tugging fingers when we slid his cargo shorts down over his bony hips and left them down around his ankles. Ro stroked his cock with her fingertips and I cupped his sac which, though still soft, had contracted and begun to pull up. Adam’s hands were on my shoulders, warm and weighted, and he brought one hand up to trace his thumb over my bottom lip. I licked his skin as he drew it past, tasting bursa escort bayan his salt, and gave him just a little bite. Not hard, just held the work-roughened pad of his thumb between my teeth and rolled my eyes to look up his arm, over the narrow, smooth plane of his chest and into his eyes.

A curl of pleasure rose up through my belly and I felt my clit grow heavy and hot. I wanted more of him in my mouth.

Ro reached up put her arms around his neck, dragging him down to us and, laughing, he let her pull him down until he was lying on his back in about four inches of water. She straddled his chest and bent down kiss him. I peeled off my tank top and wriggled out of my cut-offs and, when Ro’s body obscured his line of sight, knelt between his legs and began licking his cock.

I took his cock in both hands and squeezed; he moaned and Rochelle leaned back a little bit and gave him her nipples to suck. I love the taste of precum and sucked on him hard, rasping his thick shaft on my teeth just a little. His cock flexed and I got another little teaser.

By now, all of us were naked; Ro’s blue bikini lay abandoned on the grass near my clothes, and Adam’s shorts were in the pool. I slid his cock into my mouth and could barely fit him in. My tongue stroked the curves around the head of his cock and I felt the tendons of his inner thighs grow taut and quiver as he spread his legs wider. I stroked his balls and felt them draw up; before me, Ro pulled her nipples out of his mouth and gave him her pussy to taste. She moaned and began pumping her hips and my clit started to throb. My hand went down to touch the hot, slick, hairless place between my legs, sending a euphoric electric thrill straight up my spine.

I got up and straddled Adam’s hips. The tip of his cock bounced against my clit and the swollen lips of my vulva and I slid him into me one thick, slow inch at a time. My pussy spasmed around him and I found myself crying out and slamming his body into mine. I reached up and found Rochelle’s nipples, squeezed, heard her gasping cry and saw her body arc back. Just as she came in Adam’s mouth I felt his cock, thrusting inside of me, gain a new intensity and I ground my pelvis against him as hard as I could, ramming as much of his girth into my wet, hungry cunt as it could hold. I felt myself cum, felt my body clamp down on him like a hand and felt him thrust and felt his release deep, deep inside of me.


We collapsed in a nerveless, formless pile in the pool. I think my head was pillowed on Adam’s shorts, but all I remember is looking up at the branches of the birch trees that were filtering the hot sunlight that trickled down on us. A few drops of water sailed out of the blue sky and hit me in the face, ice cold, and I laughed breathlessly.

“What?” said Ro.

I passed my hand down her body, over Adam’s shaft, and rubbed my fingers together.


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