Summer Break Ch. 03


Part 3: Your encouragement and comments are welcome… As with all my stories the characters are 18 or over and the story is fictional.

The third morning after I first engaged in intercourse with my 19 year old daughter was guilt free. I soaped my cock in the shower thinking about her. She was so young and so amazingly beautiful I felt lucky to have this time with her. Drying off after my shower I thought about what we would do after I got home from work and that left me with a full and glorious morning erection.

I walked into the bedroom totally exposed with my morning wood sticking out in front of me. I was treated to the sight of my daughter bending over the bed straightening the duvet. She wasn’t wearing a top so I could see her bare back and on the bottom she was wearing white boy shorts with baby blue piping. She had leaned over bent at the waste and was ensuring the wrinkles were smoothed out. I pressed my cock against her ass as she had not noticed that I had entered the room. At first she was startled and then she continued to finish the job. I proceeded to dry hump my cock against the white material covering her ass. Placing my cock in the crack and slowly moving up and down.

After a few minutes of this there were no more wrinkles on the bed sheets and due to the stiffness of my cock there were definitely no wrinkles on her panties. Candice pushed her ass back receiving my cock slowly grinding it up and down. I pushed Candy up onto the bed pulling down her boy shorts as she moved up. Candice was a beautiful sight from behind with the light wisp of hair covering her pussy going up to a perfect apple shaped ass. Her panties were soaked with her juices and I noticed the damp weight of them as I tossed them aside. I drank in the sight of her on her hands and knees and with that hesitation she impatiently looked back and me waiting for me to mount her. Her eyes were watery with lust and her breathing was labored.

“OMG honey you are so beautiful.” I said as I climbed up behind her pressing my cock into her entrance.

“Yeah.. Daddy… put it in please I want it… Don’t tease… Put it in… I am ready just do it! Stop teasing Daddy!” Candice was complaining as I held my cock in my hand smearing the juices at her pussy entrance with the head of my cock.

Candy was so wet and warm and I think as much as fucking a young perfect little teenage girl visually the sensation that I had touching her and entering her with my cock beat all that out. In the dreams I had about her since she really started to bloom I always focused on her looks, but now I was feeling her lust and needs and that was never something that I thought about. Maybe I just didn’t think 19 year old girls had this type of need or enjoyed sex this much.

Grabbing a hold of her slim waist looking at the back of her neck as she moved from her hands onto her elbows as I made my first few thrusts into her pussy and we were in perfect tune. Candy greeted my trusts with growing enthusiasm as she worked her hips a bit as I stroked in and out. Flexing her hips up and down a bit caused even more friction on the already tight hole I was fucking and I neared orgasm quickly. I had to slow my mind while fucking her, because I wanted her to cum first. This beautiful little girl deserved it.

“Daddy go faster. Yeah that’s good stick it in all the way… I love the slapping… Oh yeah… Oh yeah… please go hard.” Candice said as her head was now against the sheets with her ass as high up in the air as it could go.

My thrust was lifting her knees a bit off the bed as her hands had to grab the blanket as I drove her forward with my thrusts.

“Yes, Candy cum on Daddy’s cock.” I said feeling the contractions of her pussy as I slowed.

Candice grabbed the sheets and convulsed on the bed and I was kind of startled as she had multiple orgasms. Every stroke of my cock seemed to cause her pussy to contract and shiver as she had yet another small orgasm. Feeling this knowing I pleasured her and made me cum. I filled her pussy until it was dripping out on the sides of my cock. I stroked even after I was done enjoying the warm feeling around my now semi erect cock. Candy was on her way to anther orgasm so I kept pumping slowly. The sweat was know dripping off my forehead onto her back moving up her sexy little back. She was grinding herself into me and her lust helped me keep my cock from going limp. When she started to cum her movement caused her pussy to slip off my semi erect cock and she mashed her dripping pussy against me while my semi erect cock tickled her clit.

I was spent and it wasn’t even 7:30 AM yet.

I was busy at work and although gaziantep escort bayan thoughts of my sweet little daughter at home did cross my mind it did not dominate all of my thoughts as it had done in the previous 2 days. I managed to get some work done and it felt like my day rushed by. I had a big smile on my face when I got in my car to head home. My mind raced thinking about Candy’s thin little pink lips and my tongue running up and down while she bucked against my face.

I walked in the door and started looking for my daughter as my breathing was already heavy. I was a dirty dirty man and I could care less. My rapid breathing was quickly stopped like someone punched me in the stomach when I heard 2 voices in the living room. My rising cock made a quick stop and I started to sweat immediately as I tried to ascertain who’s voice it was I was hearing talking to Candice. Every bad thought that I had pushed out of my mind with lust returned.

My legs were lead as I moved the short distance into the living room. I could see the back of the head and it was a woman from the look of it, but I didn’t know the voice and the giggles made me realize this was a young lady not a woman.

“Oh Daddy you are home finally. This is my friend Claire she is from down the hall. She is off on summer vacation too.” Candy looked at me for approval.

I stood there a bit dumb founded waiting for all the blood to make it back into my arms and legs. My heart was beating fast and I was a bit red with the excitement.

“Hi ummm Mr. Candy’s Dad.” Claire said causing them both to laugh. “Sorry we didn’t get to the last names yet.”

“Daddy can we take Claire out to dinner? I am sorry we have been talking all afternoon I didn’t make anything.” Candice said now smiling at me.

“Yes, honey whatever you want” I said turning to the hall so I could get to the bedroom and change and regain my composure.

“I told you my Dad is the best he does anything for me.” Candice said with and air of pride about it.

I felt sick when the cool air of the air conditioner in the bedroom hit me. Am I crazy… I am risking my life.. Risking everything! I need to get my shit together. Claire was the scare I needed to get myself back on track. I changed my clothes and with my color and heartbeat back to normal I went back in to greet our guest properly.

I felt old at dinner as the two girls got along like pigs in a blanket giggling on Q and talking up a storm. Claire was 1 year younger then Candice, but they had a lot in common. Claire had striking red hair and beautiful green eyes. I figured she was 5′ 6″ or so and like most 18 year old girls she was very attractive. Her legs where long and she had a small ass, but in proportion to her slim body her tits looked like they were fake. As a matter of fact I looked at her perky set more then a few times at dinner wondering if maybe they were. As we get older we get more cynical I guess, but a 18 year olds tits are perky and I was thinking my dirty old man thoughts about her. She was wearing a short black skirt and a white camisole type top with a black bra that was visible underneath. I could tell it was lace from the stretched fabric in the front it was pretty sexy for a young girl of 18.

“Daddy can you take us shopping after dinner?” Candice said smiling looking directly into my eyes.

“Yes honey whatever you want.” I said thinking I could spend some time sorting things out while the girls shopped for some clothes.

“I told you he is the best I am so spoiled!” Candy said loud enough for the other tables around us to hear.

I was glad she didn’t say soiled for the world to hear. Spoiled was bad enough.

Candy and Claire held hands when we going from store to store inside the mall. I thought it was kind of sexy seeing this too hot little teenage girls being so close. I tried to sit outside the stores while they shopped, but if I stalled at the entrance both girls grabbed my hands and dragged me inside giggling. Candice and Claire tried on tons of clothes coming out and asking me for a thumbs or down for each outfit. Sexy short skirts and summer tops were not helping me to straighten my thinking out one bit.

I bought Candice a few new outfits and she talked me into buying a mini skirt and a half top for Claire which actually looked totally ridiculous on her big tits. She was so pert and so large in the chest the bottom section of the top that draped off her chest was 4 inches away from her belly. This girl had a nice flat soft stomach with a hint of abs showing through. It was so sexy seeing her in it I would have bought her 5 just to watch anal yapan gaziantep escort her try them on.

The girls were not done the next stop was a jewelry store and I really made an concerted effort to stand back. I was a bit worried that my spoiled daughter was going to talk daddy into a 2k bracelet. It occurred to me that she could actually get anything she wants now and for the most part I actually wanted to give it to her.

Claire asked the sales lady to show them something so I moved closer to spy the item. The girls were in the cheap section and I could see signs like $49, $99, and $149 which eased my mind a bit. Claire was trying on a thin gold necklace with some kind of charm or symbol I could make out. It hung down just right between her tits so it could have been a gold plated symbol of a cock and I wouldn’t have been able to focus on it. Claire was striking in the dimmer light of the jewelry store and she thrust her chest forward to Candice to show her the necklace.

“Daddy can we get 2 of these it means friendship?” Candice said batting her eyes something I had never seen her do before.

I did hesitate, but after a second I repeated my new mantra “Yes honey whatever you want.”

After making the $265 purchase at the till the 14k gold necklaces were worn by the girls out of the store, but I was rewarded by both girls with a kiss by each on the cheek as they sandwiched me. Candice and Claire seemed to take the opportunity to rub their breasts against my arm. This rubbing was definitely intentional on Candy’s part as she was less endowed, but it still felt like Claire mimicked Candice’s rubbing as they lingered after the kiss.

A ladies undergarment store was next. I am embarrassed at the best of times in those stores trying not to make eye contact with the patrons or saleswomen pretending like I know what I was doing or looking for. Now two young teenage girls were holding my hands and dragging me into the store. I was happy to see there was no one in the store besides two young sales girls as we made a fair bit of commotion getting in there.

Candice pawed all kinds of stuff as I stood back trying not to perv on her. Claire was talking to her quietly and I couldn’t hear what they said, but it was clear they were critiquing how each of the items would look on each other. After about 15 minutes in the store they each had a few items to try on and I eagerly moved toward the dressing room with them pretending like this was any of the other stores we went to.

The dressing rooms had a bench and they were separated nicely from the store. I sat on the bench anxious to see if I was going to get to see any of the fittings. The sales lady hung the garments in each of the rooms and left back to the front. I could hear the girls remove their clothing which had me hard as a rock.

Candice peeked her head out the door and said “Daddy can you take a look at this?”

She had taken in a lavender panty and bra set and I prayed this is what she wanted me to look at and I walked up to her dressing room door.

“Okay honey let’s see.” I said swallowing hard.

Candice opened the door all the way and she was standing there totally nude.

“What do you think? Do you like this Daddy?” Candy said as she reached for my hand and pulled my fingers up to her pussy.

“Oh yeah this is great.” I said covering while I pressed a couple of fingers back and forth she was dripping.

“Okay I will try on something else.” Candy said covering her tracks and then the door closed pushing me out.

I sat back down on the bench in a daze. Candice was such a tease my cock was rock hard and all I could think about was going in that little room and sinking it into her dripping hot pussy.

“Okay ready or not here I come.” Claire said with enthusiasm.

I heard the door open and I was treated to the sight of her in a pink teddy. She was covered barely as I strained to see if I could get a glimpse of her pubic hair. The teddy was stretched at the top a bit due to her chest size, but even without a bra her tits were high on her chest. Her nipples were erect and pointing straight out and as she passed by one of the lights I could see the outline of her body. She was curvy and she new it. She gave me a few turns and headed back into the dressing room.

Claire closed the door behind her, but not completely I saw her arms moving when she pulled the teddy over her head and when she stepped back I could see her naked body through the slit in the door in the mirror. I tried not to look, but I was weak. Candice broke my stare as antep escort she came out in a black bra and panties that barely covered her patch. Her brown hair bouncing with her tits as she moved toward me. I drank in her beauty.

“Daddy do you like this? I love it… I want this for sure.” Candy said talking fast I could tell she was excited.

Candy plopped in my lap sitting on one leg ensuring her ass rubbed my cock and gave me a quick kiss and a hug. Claire was ready and proceeded to walk toward us doing her best runway model imitation. This time she had a virgin white bra and panty set that was more for show then for practicality. The lace was thin and the panties where trim coming up to a thin piece along the hip. Candice looked at her in admiration as she did her catwalk strut. I could see the outline of her areola and nipple and the patch in the front of the panties separated her pussy lips.

Having my daughter moving on my leg and seeing this 18 year old I just met today parading around in her underwear almost made me shoot off in my pants. I have never been a quick guy in bed, but this was blowing my mind completely. Claire turned and went back to the dressing room leaving the door completely open. Candice purposely put her hand down on my stiffness to get up and made sure to squeeze it hard as she got up.

Candice stood at Claire’s door for a moment watching her saying something. I tried to get a look at her in the mirror, but she wasn’t at the right angle. Candice went into her room and I pressed on the top of my cock trying to get some relief, but this only made it worse.

Claire was first out this time and she was wearing a T-Shirt type nightgown that was too thin. The fabric was cheap and it had a Playboy bunny symbol on the chest. As she moved in front of me her nipple were pointing out at least 3/4 of an inch and as she turned around I could tell she definitely didn’t have any panties on. The nightshirt was mid thigh and I was surprised when Claire stood in front of me ready to sit on my leg as my daughter had just done.

“Candy we don’t have all day.” Claire said as she sat right down onto my legs rubbing her ass against my cock.

Claire made a move to reposition her self putting her hands on either side of herself. One of her hands was directly on my stiff cock and she lifted slightly to get a more comfortable position. I was so turned on knowing the thin fabric that she was wearing left her naked underneath. Candice came out in a shorter version of the same type of nightshirt that showed her panties at the bottom. Candice looked at Claire in surprise as she strutted for us.

“Candice is gorgeous.” Claire said to me wiggling against my cock.

Candice stood for a second and then said “Well what should we get?”

“I think we should take it all honey. You both look amazing in this stuff.” I said while wishing I could dry hump Claire right there on the spot.

“Oh this is great!” Claire spouted and she gave me a kiss on the lips making more contact with my prick.

“Yeah Daddy thank you so much…” Candice said as she leaned over and gave us a view down her shirt as she kissed me on the lips too.

Candice gave me a wet kiss and Claire definitely noticed. Candice was staring at me right in the eyes and this was total lust.

Candy’s nipples were like little rocks and I put my hand around her back. I slowly dropped my hand to her ass as she turned back to the dressing room. Claire got up making sure to use my cock as a railing and walked back to her room leaving the door open again.

It took a bit of maneuvering, but by the time she had pulled off the night shirt I was in position to see Claire’s totally nude body in the mirror. I saw her back first and as she turned to get her clothes she spotted me. At first we both froze. Lifting her hand up to impossibly hard nipple she squeezed it a few times looking at me. Her other hand went up to the other nipple and played with it as well. Her nipples were light pink and had a larger areola which was puckered. Claire’s tits were magnificent and although I love smaller tits her tiny frame with big tits was a big turn on so I reached down and stroked my cock through my pants as both of us looked at each others reflection in the mirror. Claire moved and hand down into her pussy which was covered with strawberry blonde hair. I could see her stroking her cunt with one finger while watching me. I unzipped my pants and took my cock out in front of her. I grabbed a hold of my cock with my fist an gave her a show. Claire brought her self off first and I saw she buckled and had a hard time standing. Looking directly into her eyes I came shooting my jism onto the dressing room carpet in front of me just as my daughter walked out of the dressing room door.

She was shocked at the sight and then had a good idea of what was going on as I zipped up to cover the evidence. Claire then closed her dressing room door.

Part 4 will be written – I am not done with Claire and Candice yet

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