Stripping Anonymously for My Mother

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rutger5 An Original Story Copyright 2011


It was due to the cost of my college tuition that it all happened. After my parents had divorced two years earlier my father had moved across the country and cut off all contact with me. My Mom had to take two jobs for a while just to get out from under the pile of bills she was left with after the divorce. So when it was time for me to go to college I had to pay my own way. My first year I had to work long hours to pay for it and it was difficult to find enough time for studying let alone for a social life.

It was during the summer when I was nineteen between my first and second year of college that my life took a turn that led to the unexpected place I found myself in. Though I still worked I had a little time to have fun and it was while I was at a bar on a Friday night that things changed forever. I was drinking a lot that summer thanks to my fake I.D. when I saw the bar was having a best bodies contest. Some friends talked me into entering because I was always cut and in good shape so I decided what the hey, why not give it a try.

That night I came in second place and won $50 but after I was back at the table a free round of drinks arrived at the table followed a few minutes later by a sharply dressed man. He introduced himself as Carlo and told me he had a business proposition for me. Needless to say even while drunk I was suspicious of his motives but he gave me his business card which identified him as a promoter. One of his endeavors was that he promoted male strippers for parties and clubs for a strictly female clientele.

“With your physique and baby face you could make a lot of money kid. If you’re interested when you’re sober give me a call tomorrow,” were his last words to me before he left.

His card wound up in my pocket and I didn’t think any more of it until the next day when I rediscovered the card again. Though I doubted that I’d do it at the least I could find out the details so I called the number. Carlo informed me that I’d be able to only work nights which would free up my days for classes. Also the money I’d earn would easily dwarf what I was now making and that was before tips and other “perks”.

Since I was young and you only live once I decided to give it a try on one condition. I asked Carlo if there was any way that I could do it disguised. He laughed and said it was possible, but added that hiding my face would hurt my bottom line but that was my business. He informed me that he was promoting a show that very night so I could go and see for myself, learn the ropes and get my feet wet so to speak. I agreed to meet him at the club later.

That night sure was an education for me. To be honest I had seen some of those cfnm videos on the net but I figured they exaggerated somewhat for the camera. But what I saw was insane the way some of the women acted. Whether younger or older, thin or thick, with all heights and ethnicities, some of these women went crazy which seemed to be encouraged by the dancers.

While some of the women were embarrassed and refused to do more than look there were others who fondled, spanked and even sucked the talent. As the night progressed and the alcohol flowed things got even crazier. A couple of the strippers, out of a team of four, actually fucked a couple of customers who pulled up their skirts and were banged either bent over or actually on the top of table as the other women cheered them on.

They pulled out and came on the women and were showered with bills for doing so while the other two strippers came from receiving oral service. In moments while free the guys told me what to expect as well as regaling me with their most impressive exploits with the ladies. In fact many of the women were so worked up that I ended up with a number of phone numbers as well as offers for sex and that was while I was fully dressed hanging out by the edge of the room.

When the show was over I talked with Carlo backstage and I agreed to give it a try. He told me to show up the next afternoon so I could go through a crash course in dancing and other skills. But as he explained having the right look and being willing and able to “entertain” the ladies as necessary was more important than pure dancing ability.

“Being able to play to the crowd and read what a particular woman or group wants is the key. Now unless I’m mistaken I saw you making friends already even when not working and you probably want to go get laid. Enjoy it now because after doing this awhile some guys say it becomes like work,” Carlo informed me with a crooked grin.

That part seemed hard to believe to me initially so I just said good night and went to meet a young woman named Jamie who had come to the club with some friends. She was in her early twenties and we wound up having sex in my car in the parking lot as neither one of us lived alone. It was okay but I never called her again and she seemed just as happy to move on as I was.

And so began my career as a male exotic dancer. I didn’t turn down any opportunities to work gaziantep escort as I wanted to earn all I could before the fall semester began. To protect my identity I wore a mask similar to what some wrestlers wore as I didn’t want anyone to know who I was or how I earned my money. It might hurt my income potential some, as my good looks were hidden but with my physique as well as my above average male endowment I did fine. Add in the fact that I was young and my loads were large and I made many a lady squeal while making a big mess on their face as we were cheered on by the drunken, horny crowd.

Of course I didn’t tell my Mom what I was doing, instead telling her I was working for a party promoter which was true as far as it went. She had been doing well at work herself and in fact she had just been promoted and had received a nice raise. This particular Friday evening I’d let her know that I’d be working which was fine as she might go out with some of the women she worked with and have a drink due to her promotion. That was a bit unusual as Mom wasn’t much of a drinker and to be honest since her divorce Mom didn’t go out much. I had tried to encourage her to socialize as she was still under forty and a very attractive lady but except for a few dates where a friend had set her up she stayed home for the most part.

That night the club was hopping. The way it worked would be that only ladies were allowed in during the show and afterwards it was opened to allow men in after they paid a large cover charge. Then they had a chance to score with a horny, half drunken woman. Since I was still the rookie I would wind up in the least desirable location where there were generally fewer women. Up to this point I had yet to actually fuck a woman as part of the show. Like all strippers I’d had customers fondling and sucking me and most nights I came, usually on the face of a woman and I’d certainly gone home with more than one woman at the end of the night.

But somehow I’d yet to go all the way during a show. Part of it was my reluctance to do so and also maybe my persuasive skills hadn’t developed as much as some of the other entertainers. The woman had to be really horny or slutty to be fucked in front of a crowd while no doubt all her friends took pictures with their phone cameras. Finally I have to mention that before every show I would masturbate to a small orgasm in order to prevent me from blowing too quickly while performing. For a young guy like me coming four times in a night wasn’t the problem but if I came too fast during a show that would be one. And with multiple women jerking and sucking me and many of them wanting to be the one to make the stripper shoot his load before her friend could, it certainly helped to prevent premature ejaculation.

That night when I took the stage I was the last to do so. The other strippers were dispersed around entertaining the crowd. The club floor had a somewhat L-shaped floor plan with two stages – the main one in the larger area and the smaller one located in the angle of the L. After being introduced as ‘The Masked Marvel’ I leaped onto the smaller stage and danced for a few minutes as I removed my costume. It consisted of a robe like a wrestler or boxer would wear and a pair of matching trunks that would rip away followed by me removing my matching thong leaving me with only my mask and boots on.

With the alternating dim and flashing lights and the music beating I jumped from the stage and started to roam the crowd, shaking my moneymaker in front of the ladies as I handled my package. Already a few bold women had slapped my ass or ran their fingers over my torso when a younger, bigger gal took my cock and started to stroke it. Immediately I started to harden and she then took it in her mouth and sucked it. She was very good at it and I was rock hard in no time but I had to break away as she seemed to be more than willing to continue until I came.

However I had to mingle with others as that was part of the job description but one would note where the most eager ones were, perhaps for a follow up visit later. I worked the small section of the L as that was my area for the night as the other three strippers worked the larger section. Since I was the first to spend a lot of time there I didn’t want for a hand or mouth to make me feel welcome when I headed to a table that was by the back wall. A bunch of the women were standing and beckoning me to join them so I proceeded over there and started by dirty dancing with a taller woman before giving a sitting woman a lap dance. When I stood she smacked me hard as I shimmied away.

Another woman grabbed me and led me to a brown haired woman sitting at the back of the table who had her face covered with her hands. Pushing my ass onto her lap I gyrated as her friends hooted and hollered. When I stood the woman sitting next to her grabbed my cock and pulled it to her mouth. Up and down she worked it and she made up for her mediocre technique with unbridled enthusiasm.

“Suck his cock, suck his cock,” the women chanted adıyaman escort in unison.

Mistakenly I assumed they were referring to the woman who at the moment had my hardness in her warm mouth but I was wrong. Another woman stood to the side of me and she reached out and took the hand of the woman whose lap I had just been on and guided it to the base of my thick engorged prick.

“Suck him, suck him,” they chanted again to encourage the seemingly reluctant woman.

The lady sucking me released my saliva coated erection in deference to the other woman. When I was turning toward that woman a camera flash went off in front of my face and I saw spots but I still stroked my hardness a few times. The next thing I knew my head was swallowed and I felt a tongue swirl around the sensitive underside making me gasp with pleasure.

I struck a pose flexing my muscles as the ladies cheered. Meanwhile more of my cock was taken into the wet mouth as my head hit the entrance to her throat. When I looked down I received the biggest shock of my young life. There concentrating as if her life depended on it was my Mom sucking on my cock. My mind went blank for a moment as she continued to slide her lips back and forth over me until she reached out and took my shaved balls into her hand.

When she did I saw her turn her head up to look at me as she pulled her mouth off me and licked all around the head like it was an ice cream cone. Thankfully my mask prevented me from being recognized and she dutifully continued her attention. Next she ran her tongue down my full length until she reached my balls which she then licked.

All the other women at the table must have been from her job as they all were cheering her on with calls of “You go girl, suck it like you mean it”, “Come on Patti, show us how the boss does it”, “Make him shoot” and other such salacious comments.

My Mom was surprisingly good at fellatio and in fact if she was a stranger I think I would have cum as she lovingly worked her red lips along my turgid tool. Because she was my Mom I’d have preferred if I lost my erection but her skill thwarted that. After a while her jaw muscles must have tired and she released me as she caught her breath.

Sensing an opportunity to escape this unintentional incestuous interlude I turned, hoping to put some distance between us but the group of women from the table had hemmed me in. A young woman around my age grabbed me around my cock and bent down and licked me before pulling her head up as she jerked me roughly. One of the older women there then seized my arm with a firm grip.

“Don’t think that you’re going anywhere stud. We’re stuck out in the boondocks here and we don’t get much attention in this section. Our boss was just promoted and she’s going to get shown a good time; especially since it’s been a while for her and you have the nice big cock to do it.”

Already a number of bills had been stuffed in the armbands I wore to accentuate my biceps when the older woman now grabbed my erection in a death grip and spun me around by yanking on it.

“Well Patti now is your chance so don’t back out now. You agreed to it and you don’t want to go back on your word in front of everybody, do you?”

My Mom had conflicting emotions showing on her face. She seemed a little tipsy to me and I could clearly see desire reflected there though it was tempered by her natural modesty. As I said my Mom was a very attractive woman with brown hair cut around shoulder length and sparkling green eyes which shone with lust at this moment but she always had dressed conservatively. In fact she had always worn a one piece bathing suit and never a bikini even though her body was better than girls who were half her age.

She now had on a button down white blouse but it was unbuttoned lower than normal for her and I could see the creamy tops of her medium sized breasts above the white lacy bra she had on. She was also wearing a knee length black skirt and black stockings that showed off her shapely legs to good effect.

“I don’t know about this Donna, I’m not sure,” she said to the woman who held my erection tightly.

“Come on Patti, you gave your word but more importantly you haven’t got any since your divorce you told me,” she replied to my Mom.

My Mom looked mortified when her friend said that in front of everyone but it seemed to inspire her also. She stood and pulled her skirt up over her wide hips to her waist revealing a black pair of silky bikini panties before she sat on the edge of the table.

“Eat her puss, eat her puss,” all the women chanted together as Donna pulled me close to my Mom by my dick.

I wasn’t sure if I could do this when I looked at her and saw how my Mom’s face was a mixture of vulnerability combined with naked passion. Somehow this hardened my resolve to bring her pleasure. As strange as it sounds I felt I owed her this for all the sacrifices she had made for me during my life.

Bending down I brought my mouth to her panty akkent escort covered mound inspiring raucous cheers from the table. There was a damp spot in the center of her flower and I could smell her natural scent and it intoxicated me. For a minute I kissed and gently nibbled at her covered treasure before I reached my hands up and slipped my fingers under the waistband. With one swift motion I yanked them down revealing her womanhood in all its glory.

It’s no exaggeration that it was the most beautiful pussy I had beheld in my nineteen years on this earth. Right at that moment it gleamed with her natural juices that seeped from her and the inner lips were swollen with desire. They were pale pink with a slightly darker pink inside them and they were soaked from her arousal. She had clearly waxed recently as the only hair was a small triangle of curly, brown hair right above her vulva.

For only a moment I paused as I took in the beauty of her nether region before I buried my face at her womanly delta. My tongue ran the length of her, upward from the bottom of her plump lips until I reached the apex of her clit which I flicked making Mom moan. Next I pushed my tongue between her juicy lips and worked it as deep as it could go, spinning it as I did.

Her hand ran along the material of my mask as her co-worker Donna continued stroking me just enough to keep me from shrinking. All I was concerned with was eating this delicious pussy however. My mouth alternated kissing her lips, sucking her clit and licking all of her womanhood. She was making little sounds like a kitten now so I sucked her clit between my lips as I lashed it with my tongue. After doing this for thirty seconds her body tensed and her legs clamped onto my face as she began to shudder from her orgasm. Her delicious nectar I felt flow to my covered chin and soak my mask when Donna brought her mouth by my covered ear.

“You’re doing great, now all you have to do is put this thick prick in her and give it to her good.”

The reasoning part of my brain had shut down or at the least it was not functioning normally as I straightened up without thinking about what I was about to do. Donna positioned my bulbous head by the entrance to the paradise where I had originated. My head was shiny and slick from my pre-cum as I looked down at my Mom. Her eyes were half shut and she had a wanton expression on her beautiful face and I realized I had never desired a woman the way I wanted her at that moment and the consequences be damned.

Without conscious thought my hips drove forward pushing into her wet opening. She moaned as she bit her lower lip when my head forced its way inside. Mom was extremely tight, as befitted a woman who had gone years since she was penetrated, but my stiff cock wouldn’t be denied. Her wet folds yielded to the steady force as I pushed deeper into her channel. Once I was halfway inside Mom I pulled back until only my head remained ensconced and after waiting a moment I reversed course again, sliding deeper into her than before.

Mom’s eyes were closed as I worked in and out of her ultra tight hole and I continued to stretch her out as my cock sank further with each thrust. Her pink flesh was like a velvet vise on my shaft and it yielded willingly as I plumbed her depths but when I would pull back it seemed to resist fiercely any retreat by my hard length. Putting my hands on her shoulders I guided her body back so her torso lay flat on the table and I was able to unbutton her blouse lower.

My fingers fumbled as they clumsily undid the buttons but eventually I succeeded in my task. My hungry hands pulled the lacy material of her cups downward freeing the soft flesh beneath. Mom had two small white globes topped with pink nipples and areolas which my hands covered and fondled lovingly. Her slim hands covered mine as she gasped with pleasure from the stimulation she was receiving. During this I had continued thrusting in and out of her flower, even increasing the speed as she adjusted to my thickness inside her.

Next I bent my knees a little which adjusted the angle of my thrusts a bit. Every time I drove forward my large head rubbed the top wall of her pussy channel stimulating her bundle of sensitive nerves there greatly. Mom was moaning continuously now as she was being pushed towards imminent orgasm. Her long legs clamped around my waist and her hands reached out and I felt her nails dig into the skin of my forearms, marking the flesh in her throes of passion.

We stayed like that a moment, totally oblivious to everything around us, as I enjoyed the feeling of her pussy muscles clenching on me during her climax. When she recovered somewhat she grabbed hold of my ass and in a low husky voice Mom demanded I continue.

“Don’t stop yet baby, keep going. Fuck me some more with that big dick of yours until you cum and hopefully I can cum again too.”

That was something I didn’t need to hear twice. Again I moved my hips in the familiar rhythm of love but I now began to pound her sweet hole harder than before. Between all the fucking and her natural lubrication I was sliding all the way to the depths of her wet canal with each thrust now. When I first started I wasn’t able to go balls deep but as she expanded to accommodate me it felt like my cock was being fully enclosed by a wet skintight glove that caressed my full length.

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