Strange Encounter


My name is Tony Marsh I am a fit healthy 26 year old red blooded male sitting in a café at Euston railway station London on a dark November evening, in a wet raincoat feeling sorry for myself. It had been a pig of a week. My girlfriend Monica of three years had left me without a good reason for another man and I also had major staffing problems at the office.

I was using the excuse that I was waiting for the evening rush to die down, in reality I was not looking forward to going back to an empty cold apartment, to have to get myself a hot meal and to spend the night in a lonely double bed. I did not fancy a Saturday shopping for one and then the lonely weekend that lay ahead of me.

I had been reading an article in the Evening Standard about how the police were warning about the increasing numbers of young girls sometimes as young as thirteen or fourteen coming to the city from the provinces without money, looking for work or perhaps running away from unhappy homes looking for a job. Many of these girls were picked up at railway stations by unscrupulous men who by various methods, introduced them to hard drugs and then forced them into prostitution.

As I was digesting this story I was attracted by a scuffle in the middle of the concourse. Two youths had snatched a bag from a young girl sitting on a bench and had run from the station premises knocking pedestrians over as they escaped through the evening rush.

From where I was sitting I saw the girl had burst into tears and was sobbing quietly into a handkerchief. As was usual for London no-one was taking any notice, they were all too intent on catching their trains, to be bothered by a young distressed girl.

On the spur of the moment I walked over to her and sat on the bench beside her. I saw that she was quite a pretty slim young girl with long dark hair trailing over her shoulders. I judged she probably was about seventeen years of age. She looked well groomed and quite well dressed in a red anorak and black skirt with knee high fashion boots.

“Are bayburt escort you alright?” I asked” I saw what happened, is their anything I can do?” Feeling utterly stupid as I asked the question, but not knowing what else to say

“They have taken all my clothes and I don’t know what to do.!”

“Where do you live?” I asked in a sympathetic tone.

“I have just come to London from Leeds. I want to get a job as there is no work at home. I don’t have a home in London. I was going to find a room somewhere, but most of my money was in my bag and now I am not sure what to do.

“Well as its Friday I doubt if you will get any work until Monday I could let you have a room until Monday and then we can decide what to do to help you. I live on my own in Ealing and I have a spare bedroom you can have.”

“I don’t want to trouble you.” She replied quietly but now with a hint of relief in her tone.”

“Its no trouble and I would welcome the company over the weekend.” I told her.

I held out my hand to her and she stood up and we walked to the underground to catch our train home. On the way she told me her name was Jill and she maintained she was eighteen years of age. She also told me that she lived with her mother and stepfather and not uncommonly she was having problems with her stepfather. On two occasions recently he had tried to get in bed with her and she had managed to fight him off. Her mother had not believed her and had blamed her for leading him on, so she had decided to leave home.

We arrived home about 7.00 pm. The weather had got worse and we were both soaked when we got to my apartment. Fortunately Monica had left a lot of her clothes when she left in a hurry and Jill after a hot shower was soon looking much happier. We were both hungry and so I sent for a take-away, meanwhile I showed her the bedroom pointing out that she could lock the door from the inside.

Previously I had made the condition that she should ring her bartın escort mother to tell her she was OK and I gave her the telephone number and address to give to her mother if she wished to do so. I left her to make the telephone call in private.

The next morning we went shopping and we got on amazingly well. She was a happy girl and liked to laugh. Before long we were holding hands and I was thoroughly enjoying her company. The rest of the day went quickly. After lunch we talked a lot, especially about me. I noticed that she did not elaborate on her own circumstances but I put that down to her nervousness.

That evening we went clubbing, thoroughly happy in each others company. We arrived home at about 2.00 am on the Sunday morning. Suddenly and I am not quite sure how it happened, I found Jill in my arms and we were kissing passionately. After a few moments she stepped back and looked at me, and then she took me by the hand and led me to my bedroom. She started undressing.

Within about two minutes were both naked as jaybirds and lying in bed together, our hands explored each other’s bodies. My hands slid down from her back to her gorgeous buttocks. I caressed both cheeks and discovered that they were just as firm as they appeared.

I started fondling her breasts. I stroked the outside of each and moved my hands to embrace them. She obviously loved it and her actions were urging me to do more. Our kissing was getting more passionate. I could tell she was getting hotter from the passion of her kisses and the moans that she was making.

I pinched her nipples with my thumb and forefinger. She gave a low contented moan as I played with her nipples. Then I started kissing and biting her nipples, periodically I would shift up and nibble on her ear. Then I put my hand down to feel her clit. She nearly screamed. At the same time she started grinding up against me. Her hand shifted to my crotch and she started stroking my cock

We just fondled and played ığdır escort with each other for some time. I played with her clit and then I would slide one finger inside her. When I did that, she would grab me even harder. I started sliding my finger in and out, and she started shaking. I could tell she was on the threshold of an orgasm. A few more quick strokes and then one really deep thrust with my finger and she shrieked, her body shivering with her orgasm.

We lay for a few moments as she recovered, her hand still playing with my cock. Not speaking she pulled my cock gently towards her groin. I took my time. I moved the head of my cock in between her lips, coating it with her lubrication, then, she was so tight. I took my time sliding in, easing in bit by bit. After a few minutes I was all the way in.

We started very slowly, soon we started to get a rhythm and our tempo picked up. Her moans got a little louder and then she pulled herself into me, hugging me tightly. She screamed right next to my ear, almost deafening me.

She let go, panting and whispering “Oh my God.”

I kept thrusting, although more gently and at a much slower pace than before. She looked at me. “That felt so good!” We disengaged because she wanted to try being on top. She got on top and slowly directed me in. She slid all the way down my length and sighed with pleasure at the bottom. She started moving and her moans hit a fevered pitch immediately. I thrust up into her, meeting her on her way down. After only a couple of minutes of this, she screamed with orgasm again.

“My God! That feels incredible!” I could only agree.

It was late on Sunday when we rose to a nice sunny morning. After breakfast she asked me to sit down as she wanted to talk.

“Tony I have a confession to make, I am an undercover policewoman. I was at the station to attempt to try and trap these villains preying on young girls. I checked on you on Friday night when I allegedly rang my mother. You got an all clear and I was told to leave. But you seemed so nice and I wanted to get to know you better. I am sorry for imposing myself on you.”

I looked across at her smiling and said. “The room is still yours if you want to stay Jill.”

We have set a date six months from now for the wedding. I definitely am not going to let this one get away.

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