“Come’ere, Darlin'”

Ty grinned over at the goddess he’d managed to convince to come up to his room. He let his eyes wander eagerly all over her naked body: the swell of her full breasts, her tiny pert nipples, her long toned legs still dewy between her thighs from their first round of passion. God she was gorgeous… and she was all his, for now at least.

Ty spread his legs in the hotel desk chair, his desire for another round steadily rising. Layla couldn’t help but grin at the man she’d been fantasizing about for months, now scanning her body as if she were some decadent dessert that he couldn’t wait to devour. She loved how he made her feel: sexy, exciting, and like she was the most desirable thing imaginable. Layla smiled coyly, closing the distance between them. As she got near she saw exactly how ready he was for her, a drop of precum already seeping out of his swollen member. She bit her lip. Just the thought of him sliding into her again – filling her up again, sent warm electric butterflies all through her.

“That’s right, come sit in my lap.” His soft low voice sent shivers down her spine. Layla had thought his voice was sexy from the first moment she heard it – deep and enticing with that soothing southern twang, but now it made her instantly damp with longing.

Layla grabbed Ty’s shoulders to steady herself as she straddled him and slowly began to slide down herself down, feeling him stretch and fill her to the core. Ty’s strong hands cupped Layla’s butt cheeks to help guide her.

‘Goddam, but your ass is glorious!”

Layla blushed in response, another wave of butterflies. As he eased her down the last couple inches of a jolt of pleasure flooded her senses, she arched her back and moaned. Even though they’d already explored each other earlier, she was surprised by how deliciously full she felt, how fucking good it felt to have him inside of her. She reveled in the sensations fluttering all through her body. After months of teasing and subtle flirting, every moment together seemed out of a dream.

This is heavenly…

Ty couldn’t stop himself from grinning, God, she was tight. And oh so wet. And so responsive.

Layla reached out to touch Ty’s chest, but he abruptly grabbed her wrists. She looked up, puzzled. There was a mischievous glean in his eye.

“No, no, Darlin’. Don’t move.”

Layla raised an eyebrow. What game would this be? She kütahya escort couldn’t wait to find out. Ty placed her hands on top of her thighs.

“Keep these here.” He tenderly put a hand to her face and ran a thumb over her lips. “Such a lovely mouth.”

Ty licked his lips, leaned forward, and began to kiss Layla, slowly, deeply. She could feel his thickness filling her up, stretching her, throbbing gently inside her, making her ache with desire. She began to rock her hips in response, but he immediately pulled back from their kiss.

“Ah-ah. No moving.”

Ty ran his thumbs up and down her ribs, sending shivers down her spine and more jolts of desire through her. He again leaned in to kiss her again, brushing her lips lightly with his before capturing her mouth passionately. Layla moaned through their kiss and arched her back. He cruelly pulled back again.

Ty winked. “Ah ahh.. You need to learn to control yourself, Darlin’.”

Layla bit her lip, clearly this was the game.

Ty grabbed Layla’s hair and pulled her head to the side, exposing her neck. Still, she kept her hands where he had insisted. She felt his lips and stubbled chin graze over her ear, his hot breath warming her neck. Her nipples stiffened and goosebumps raced down the length of her body. He drew small, slow kisses in circles from her ear to her shoulder. Ty began slowly rubbing a thumb over the tip of her taught nipple while he continued softly caressing her neck. Every little movement of his sent new ripples of electricity through Layla’s body; she could feel him throbbing, pulsing inside her, feel herself getting wetter. Layla quivered, her breath ragged. She concentrated every effort on remaining still, but God was it hard.

Layla squealed as Ty pinched the nipple he’d been fondling. He sucked her breast into his mouth, holding it gently between his teeth. Layla felt his tongue flick back and forth across the tip, sending shockwaves of pleasure through her. It was too much, she moaned and bucked in response. Ty bit down lightly in response and delivered a swift slap to her ass.

With a devilish grin he raised an eyebrow. “Now, what did I say, Darlin’? You must learn to control yourself.”

Ty wound his hand tighter around her hair and tugged, hard, forcing her head to rest directly on her back. He grinned, clearly enjoying torturing her. Ty malatya escort pulled her close and captured her mouth with an intense, probing kiss. Layla moaned, savoring the feel of his lips against hers. But it wasn’t enough, she wanted more. She needed more. She had to feel his chest against hers, to feel his strong back held tight in her arms, to feel the press of their bodies together all over. His skin on her skin. She raised her hands to touch him, she had to touch him.

Immediately he tugged her hair and pulled away from her again. He slapped her ass, harder this time.

“Hands down.”

Layla whimpered in protest, but complied.

Evil, evil man!

“I’ll just have to punish you a little more.” Ty released Layla’s hair. She looked at him without moving, head still cocked back in an uncomfortable angle. She pouted, wondering…

“I’m gonna have to bite that lip if you keep that up,” Ty warned, “You may move your head, Darlin’, but only your head.”

Layla lifted her head, alleviating the discomfort in her neck. Ty rubbed his thumbs along her ass. The side he’d smacked radiated with warmth, sending little waves of pain and pleasure. Layla clenched around him and felt a shock of pleasure shoot through her. Ty raised an eyebrow at her, was that forbidden as well? Layla squeezed again, eliciting a grunt from Ty.

“That still counts as movin’ Darlin’.” Layla cried out as Ty delivered two swift smacks, stinging one cheek then the other. She could feel him throbbing deep inside of her, feel the radiating warmth from the slaps. Every cell in her body was humming, waiting for the slightest movement to provide the release it craved. She was overwhelmed with the desire to touch him, to move, to feel the ecstasy of friction between them – God when would she be allowed to move?

Ty ran his hands down Layla’s shoulders, down her arms, and readjusted her hands to her knees. “These stay here now.”

With his hands still on top of hers, Ty spread her knees further apart. Layla felt him shift a little deeper inside of her and sighed with pleasure. She whimpered when the movement ceased suddenly. The little bit of friction was such a tease, absolutely maddening. She needed more. She needed to ride him into oblivion and not stop until she had no more strength in her body. She needed him to throw her on the bed and ravage her. She batman escort needed him to pin her against the wall again. She needed him to bend her over and slam into her over and over. Anything. Anything but being still.

Ty cocked his head and looked down to examine her wetness. “You are such a bad girl!” he said teasing her, “just dripping.”

He grinned again, and raised an eyebrow in caution. “Now, you make sure you keep your hands and knees where they are Darlin’.”

Lowering his hands Ty gently pulled back Layla’s lips, exposing her small bud of a clit. With one hand keeping her labia spread, Ty raised his other hand to tenderly hold the side of Layla’s face, then probed at her mouth with his thumb. She opened her mouth compliantly and sucked his thumb in, swirling her tongue around and biting gently. Ty moved his thumb in and out of her mouth a few times, flexing his cock each time he pushed into her mouth. Layla groaned around his thumb, savoring the minimal movement he was granting her. She reluctantly released when he pulled it out and ran her tongue over her lips.

Ty began circle her swollen clit with his now-moist thumb. Layla shuddered at the sensations running through her. God it felt so good, almost enough to push her over the edge, almost. She could feel the pleasure building slowly, but her orgasm remained just out of reach. If he would just let her move. Or if he would just move a little… just flex again… Christ she was so close. So close, but so fucking far!. Layla let out a frustrated gasp.

“Oh PLEASE!” She said, pleading.

Ty slowed his circles to a maddening pace, pausing here and there to watch Layla shiver in desire and frustration.

“Please, please, please!”, she whispered an octave higher. Whether the request was to God, the Universe, or Ty, he wasn’t sure.

Ty leaned forward, grazing his chin over her ear as he continued teasing her clit. “‘Please’, what?” he whispered back.

“Please fuck me.” Layla said, her voice trembling and her body shaking. Ty seemed to ponder this. “Please?” she repeated hopefully, tearing up in frustration.

Ty grinned again. “‘Please fuck me’, what?”

He flexed deep inside her, just once, still sliding his thumb in torturous circles around her clit while his other hand echoed the gesture on one of her aching nipples. Layla strained to keep her trembling muscles in check, to keep as still as possible. What was he looking for?


Then it dawned on her… what had first gotten that glint in his eye at work. What word had made him first show that devilish grin?

“Please.. please fuck me, sir.” Layla looked up at him, hopefully.

“But, of course Darlin’.” Ty said with a wink.

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