Stiletto Spree


If you read through this one, you might spot some old friends. But don’t blink, or you’ll miss them! Enjoy readers!~~BrettJ


Mattie Addison looked down at the small plastic object her mom had just placed in her hands. “What is this?” She asked as she looked up at her parent.

“What does it look like?” Cybil replied to her daughter.

“It looks like your Platinum Card, but it can’t be your Platinum Card because you’d never let me within 100 miles of that,” Mattie said as she brushed some of her dark brown hair from her pretty face.

“Normally you’d be right, but not this time,” Cybil said to her daughter. “Sit down and have coffee with me, we haven’t had a visit in months.”

“That’s because you threw me out of the house,” Mattie complained. Nevertheless, she did sit down across the table from her mother and ordered a coffee and cheese croissant for herself. Mattie and her mother rarely saw eye-to-eye on anything and now she wondered just what her attractive, forty-something (Cybil would never reveal her year of birth, not even under torture) mother was up to.

“You can talk to me dear, I’m not an ogre,” Cybil said and crossed her legs. Their server noticed and Mattie stifled a groan. It bothered her a bit that her mom still attracted attention. She was blonde and had a nice body, with great legs. She dressed in the latest fashions and could still rock a short skirt. Some of Mattie’s boyfriends had called her mom a “MILF”, which had not gone over well with the then-17 year old brunette.

“The jury’s still out on that,” Mattie grumbled. After leaving her mother’s home, she found an apartment with her then-boyfriend. Some girls might have moved in with their fathers, but Mattie didn’t have that option. Quite honestly, her father was a douchebag. The only thing on which Mattie and her mom had ever agreed on was the fact that Bruce Addison was a horrible person and Cybil should never have married him. The marriage lasted less than 3 years and Cybil had never remarried. She didn’t see the need and dated a lot of men, most of them younger. It bothered her daughters a great deal, Mattie’s older sister had moved out as early as possible. Bailey had survived a few rocky years and was now to be married in a few short months.

“I threw you out because your boyfriend was an idiot and your friends were disrespectful,” Cybil told her daughter with her jaw set tight. Mattie nodded; her mom was right about that. She had dumped Paul just last week and some of those friends had fallen by the wayside. Mattie liked to party once in a while, but her friends were going hardcore and she wanted more from life. The nineteen-year old had managed to find a good part-time job and could now support herself. She considered herself lucky to find temporary accommodations, because her former apartment was leased in Paul’s name and the idiot ex could have given her dad a run in the douchebag pageants.

“Okay, I will admit to that,” Mattie sighed, still trying to keep her hair out of her eyes. “You will be happy to know that I realized Paul is a loser two weeks ago and we’re through. Are you happy now?”

“Extremely,” Cybil said, attracting their server’s attention and ordering a slice of cake for herself and some more coffee. Mattie thought her mother must have been in a good mood, since she rarely indulged in sweets. “That’s the reason I gave you my Platinum Card.”

“Okay, this must be one of those science-fiction, weird, alternate universe things because I completely don’t understand this,” Mattie griped. “Mother, what the fuck are you talking about?”

“Language dear, you’re in public,” Cybil chided her daughter. “Try to act like a young lady. In fact, that is another reason I gave you my card.”

“Still not following.”

“Sweetheart, despite the fact that we mix about as well as oil and water, I am still your mother and I care about you. You’re also a lovely young woman, even if you’re not aware of it. You have a few nice outfits and I bought you those lovely stilettos last year …”

“Which I love and I thanked you for.”

“Yes, but most of the time when I see you, you’re wearing jeans or shorts and running shoes,” Cybil sighed. “I think it’s time to change that, so I’m lending you my card.”

“Ooookayyy, and …?”

“Darling, I love you, but you can be obtuse and you could try the patience of a saint,” Cybil said as she sipped her coffee. “I am sending you to some boutiques I know of. You are to buy yourself at least 3 pair of expensive heels, some naughty lingerie and some dresses and other accessories. I am going to emphasize this; you are NOT to use it to pay your bills. This happens to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am not really concerned about the cost, I just got a huge bonus at work that will more than cover it, unless you spend the national budget of Canada,” Cybil chuckled. “I think if we `girl you up’, you can attract a better class of male — or girls, if that’s your thing,” tuzla escort Cybil told her daughter.

Mattie looked at her mom with a stunned expression at that last comment. “It’s the 21st Century sweetheart, a mom doesn’t always know,” she told her daughter.

“I like guys.”

“No, so far, you’ve liked idiots and you’ve attracted more than your fair share,” Cybil told her. “I think you can do better, you certainly don’t lack intelligence.”

“That’s true, I’ll give you credit for that,” Mattie smiled warmly at her mother. “You’re certainly a lot smarter than Daddy.”

“If it wasn’t for the fact I got you and your sister out of the marriage, I’d say that was the single dumbest thing I ever did,” Cybil sighed wistfully.

“Just why did you marry him in the first place?” Mattie asked. She had never known the reason for her parent’s marriage, although the divorce was certainly easy enough to comprehend.

“Your father had his — charms,” Cybil said with an unusual grin on her face. Mattie figured it out immediately. Either Daddy had a big cock or he was a good fuck. In that, she was like her mom as well. Paul might have been an idiot, but he was an idiot who was hung like a fucking mule. The unfortunate thing was, he was about as bright and stubborn as one too!

Mattie looked at the credit card she was still holding in her hand. She smiled and put it in her wallet. What the hell, it might turn out to be fun and she did need some new clothes. She only had space for a few in her new place, some were still in boxes at her mother’s and the asshole had actually had the nerve to toss out some of her things. She also figured that they had enough friends in common that if she was seen about town looking really good, it might get back to Paul and piss him off. At this stage in her young life, Mattie was not above getting a little revenge.

“Thanks — mom,” she managed to smile. She and Cybil would never be best buds, but at least her mom was trying. Cybil had been a spoiled “daddy’s girl” and never denied a thing in her life. She simply didn’t possess the requisite skills to be a good parent and had allowed herself to be stupid a few times in her life. Mattie decided she had to forgive her that, because without her mom’s being stupid, she wouldn’t be here.

It was an unusually bright and chipper Mattie that got up the following morning to greet the day. Even her usually blasé roommate noticed the change. Mattie explained to Carol the reason for her good mood. “Wow, I wish my mom would do something like that for me,” Carol sighed.

“Doesn’t your mother, like, own a shoe store?” Mattie laughed.

“Yeah, but in Saskatchewan,” Carol complained. “I get to Saskatchewan once in a blue moon and we both know how often the moon is blue.”

Mattie decided that if she was going to go shopping for sexy clothes, she wanted to look her best while doing it. She took a nice long shower and enjoyed the feeling of the spray on her body. She wanted to fuck in a shower at least once, Carol had already told her how much fun it could be. She then got out and dried off and did her hair up nice and added some nice makeup. As she looked in the mirror, she saw the point that her mom had been trying to make. No, she wasn’t a Barbie like her older sister, not at all. Bailey had her style and Mattie had hers. She had a pretty face and a few extra curves and a nice walk. In hot shoes, she could add to that walk. She found the nicest dress she owned and put it on. Her mom was right though, she needed some new lingerie. She did a quick tally in her head and figured her total today would be in the thousands. She shrugged to herself and remembered that Cybil had told her not to worry about it. Her mom never said anything she didn’t mean, so Mattie decided not to worry about it.

She went to a store her mom liked, it was known as Shoe Inn. Mattie almost gasped when she saw the prices. She knew that quality cost money, although she didn’t know it was this much. There were Jimmy Choos and Christian Louboutins and other designers. She walked around as if in a daze, touching and loving the feeling of the high-quality leather, the glint of the silver stiletto tips, the designs and everything about the store. It was beautiful and classy looking and nicely lit. There wasn’t a speck of dust in the place and it was tidy. A lovely young woman approached her while 3 other women looked around the store and chatted.

“Welcome to Shoe Inn, I’m Jennifer,” the pretty strawberry blonde smiled. “Is this your first time in here, I’ve never seen you before. Believe me, I’d remember if I had.”

Mattie smiled, she was sure this young woman was flirting with her, but so what? She wasn’t worried, she was cool with it. “Yes, it is,” she told Jennifer. “My mom comes in here all the time, you might know her … Cybil?” Jennifer nodded, she had seen Mattie’s mom several times. “She sent me in here to get some really hot shoes and it looks like she sent göztepe escort me to the right place.”

“Did she ever!” A pretty brunette called out from the back. “Show her some hot shoes Jen, but don’t bankrupt her!”

“Shush Zara!” A gorgeous blonde admonished her friend. “You know part of Jenny’s wages are commission, let her make some cash.”

“Don’t sweat it girls, I have my mom’s Platinum card,” Mattie laughed. “She told me to go nuts, so let’s find a girl some naughty shoes.”

“Oh boy, did she ever come to the right place then,” the other brunette giggled. Mattie was introduced to the three women, who were regulars in the store. Zara, Danielle and Racquel asked Mattie to get together for coffee soon and made her promise to wear her hot new shoes. “We like to go out and stir up trouble,” the brunette Racquel laughed as the trio walked out of the store, leaving Jennifer to make the sale.

“They mean it, too,” Jennifer sighed as she showed Mattie some nice shoes. “They’re incorrigible, each one of them, but I love them to death. So does my boss, thank goodness, and they spend a lot of money here.”

There was a pair of shoes that Mattie knew immediately she had to have. The price tag was intimidating, but Mattie forced her fears down with a big gulp. Jennifer helped her put them on, dwelling on Mattie’s legs, although not long enough to be an overt pass. The stiletto heels with the black straps that went up Mattie’s legs were a sure-fire sale for Jennifer. Those were put to one side. Mattie felt comfortable around Jen and she did think the petite little salesgirl was cute. Maybe in the future, who could say?

“You HAVE to have a hot, red pair,” Jennifer insisted, bringing out a pair that made Mattie gasp. “Wear these with the right slinky dress and you likely won’t have to pay for a dinner again for the rest of your life,” she laughed. Those too, were put to one side.

“Boots,” Jennifer said and came back with two pair. One pair were white and ankle-length, they looked adorable on Mattie. “GoGo boots, take them, I’ll give you a break on the price,” she said. The other pair were — well, Mattie knew what they were called … “Fuck Me Boots”. She wasn’t sure, but this pair had a stiletto heel as well and once she put them on, she looked all at once trashy and sexy. She now had four pairs, yet Jennifer wasn’t done. She came back with a truly stylish and elegant pair of black stiletto heels with a 4-inch silver tip.

“These are the ones you wear with the little black cocktail dress or an elegant gown,” Jennifer smiled as Mattie inspected them with desirous eyes. “Your date won’t be able to look away from you.” She giggled and said “If you’re looking to score, these shoes will do it.” Mattie rolled her eyes as she thought of the cost, but nodded yes. Jennifer added up the total and it wasn’t as bad as Mattie had expected.

“I took a small cut in my commission,” Jennifer smiled and looked at Mattie with her blue-gray eyes. “Come back sometime, we can go for coffee with the girls.” Mattie nodded and decided that was the least she could do — what could it hurt? She left wearing the GoGo boots and found the other stores in her destination. Everyone was so nice, although she knew waving around Cybil’s card got her some extra attention. She now had a few elegant dresses, some new miniskirts, including two in leather, leather pants and some sexy blouses. She remembered what Jen had said and added a little black cocktail dress to her ensemble. She made her rounds to the lingerie boutique and La Vie en Rose did very well by Mattie. Now she had teddies, sexy bras, bustiers, camisoles and so much more. Mattie was surprised that her mom’s card hadn’t caught fire from all the friction.

She went to have a late lunch after all the shopping and noticed an attractive, older man following behind her. She vaguely remembered seeing him in the lingerie store and thought that odd. Was he following her? She got a good look at him and decided she could do a lot worse. He was tall, almost dapper in a nice suit and had lightly-graying hair. His look spoke of money, so she slowed down to let him catch up to her.

“Were you following me?” She asked as he neared her.

“Yes, I’ve been trying to attract your attention since you left the dress boutique,” the handsome stranger said. “I thought I’d catch up to you at La Vie en Rose, but you were just leaving as I got there. I’m Anthony Carlyle, can we talk?”

Mattie recognized his name, just not from where. She nodded and let him lead the way to the café. He sat down and the servers almost tripped over each other to serve him. He was obviously a big deal, yet Mattie just couldn’t remember why.

“I can see you’re trying to figure out who I am,” he smiled at her and told her to order whatever she liked. Mattie ordered quiche, a salad and coffee, he ordered a steak and fries. “I’m Anthony Carlyle, as I said. I own a chain of department stores.”

Mattie üsküdar escort gasped. Now she knew the name — he owned Carlyle’s and they weren’t just any department stores, they were very upscale. Her mom shopped there all of the time.

“I think you have a wonderful look, have you ever considered modeling?” He asked.

Now Mattie was sure he was hitting on her. “Oh thank you, but that’s not possible. I’m not model material. You should talk to Bailey, my sister. She’s Barbie-doll perfect.”

Anthony shook his head. “That is precisely what I don’t want. I want real women, sexy women, women that look nice in good clothes and can wear different looks. You’re simply perfect, you’re sweet and lovely and I love the clothes you’re wearing. I’d love to have you pose for some of my catalogs and print ads, I think you’d be perfect and show all women that they don’t have to conform to a certain body type.”

“You think I’m lovely?” Mattie was sure that she was turning several shades of red, but it was very nice to hear.

“I actually think you’re sexy as hell, but I wasn’t going to say that for risk of offending you,” Anthony said, dropping his voice. “I have a photographer I use exclusively, his name is Matteo — Matt, coincidentally. He can make any girl look good, but he has a beautiful canvass on which to work with you. I saw you buying all those great clothes, you’d make enough to buy even more and I’ll tell you what — whatever you model, you keep. Come on …” Mattie realized she had not given her name and corrected her error “… come on Mattie, don’t make an old man beg.”

He didn’t seem old to her, he was charming in a Sean Connery / Cary Grant way and not near their age. Mattie knew it was insane, so why did she agree to take his card and call Matteo? She didn’t tell Carol but on Wednesday afternoon, she was in Matteo’s studio with Anthony.

“Ah, my friend, you have brought me several lovely women, but this one is a gem,” the Italian-born photographer gushed. “You must work with us, darling girl, I will make you a national star.”

Mattie had made up her mind a few days ago. The added incentives were a plus and she could use what she earned to find her own place. She and Carol adored each other, but they would eventually drive each other insane. It wasn’t fair to her friend to make her go over to her boyfriend’s place every time she wanted sex. Mattie was just squatting and it would soon be time to move on. She nodded and saw Anthony’s beaming face as she signed the contracts.

They got down to work the very next day and although the work was grueling and the days long, Mattie enjoyed herself. She had already added an exquisite fall coat to her wardrobe and a nice pair of suede boots, plus a nice pair of earrings. Anthony and Matteo took her to lunch and dressed to the nines, she got as much attention as they did. Women and men were looking at her with interest. “Get used to it, darling girl,” Matteo laughed and drank more Chianti. “Your life changed forever as of today.”

Mattie thought it was mere hyperbole, but that was exactly what happened. When her first ad appeared in the paper, she was recognized everywhere she went. She signed a few pictures and Carol was stunned that her normally gregarious roomie had kept such a big secret. She was able to cut back on her part-time job and put a fair bit in the bank, plus she made a return trip to “Shoe Inn” to buy another pair of heels. Jennifer wasn’t there, but the other salesgirl was equally flirty and happy to make the sale. Mattie wondered if all of their staff was “into” women.

It seemed unusual to the lovely brunette that her boss insisted on attending each photo session. Matteo whispered to her that he’d never done this before. It slowly dawned on Mattie what was going on. When Matteo flirted with her one afternoon doing a lingerie / heel shoot, she saw Anthony’s unhappy face. He tried to keep it in check, but Mattie knew from that minute on. She had no intention of letting it slide. She took the successful businessman to one side and stared him down. It took all of her courage to do it, but Mattie stood her ground.

“Anthony Carlyle, you-are-JEALOUS,” Mattie said as she crossed her arms across her chest. “I don’t know why, but you’re jealous. You haven’t said a word to me, why now?”

Anthony tried to find the words to deny it, but Mattie had him dead to rights. “My marriage has been falling apart for months and when I met you, I felt an immediate attraction. I’m more than twice your age, so I tried to push those feelings away. The more I did, the more they pushed their way back up to the surface. You’re young and funny and sexy and vivacious, I can’t stand not being around you. Okay, I have now officially made a fool out of myself in front of a 19-year old girl.”

“You haven’t made a fool of yourself, I’m incredibly flattered and …” she grabbed his face and twisted it in her direction “… I’m very interested. Maybe we’ve both found something we’ve been looking for. Why don’t we have dinner once I’m finished and see if there might be something more to this mutual attraction?”

Anthony shook his head. “Aren’t you forgetting something? I’m older than you and I still happen to be married.”

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