Stacy + Tina Ch. 04


“Hurry,” Tiffany said, “I’m about to explode!” Tina drove a little fast to Tiffany’s house.

Arriving there, they got out of the car and ran inside. Tiffany took Tina by the hand and led her to the bedroom. They sat on the poofy king-size bed together and kissed passionately for a few minutes. When they both started to feel each other’s breasts, Tina said “Wait” and stood up. A disappointed look crossed Tiffany’s face. It disappeared when Tina stripped out of her dress, standing before Tiffany in only a beige thong. “That’s much better” Tina said teasingly, “Your turn.” Tiffany rose from the bed and turned around to let Tina unzip her dress and unsnap her bra. She let the dress drop to the floor and shrugged off the bra, freeing her breasts. She stood only in her black bikini cut panties, topless like Tina. They looked at each other for a brief, lust-filled moment and then began to make out heavily.

Tina squished her boobs in Tiffany’s, feeling the shemale’s erect nipples jutting and rubbing against her own. They fell on the bed and Tiffany began to pull down Tina’s panties. Tina’s clit was completely hairless and wet. Tiffany rubbed it lovingly, feeling Tina’s juices on her fingers. Tina sat up and pulled off Tiffany’s panties, exposing her rigid dick and droopy balls. Tina breathed a sigh of anticipation and whispered simply “Condoms?”

“Oh yeah” Tiffany said, remembering. She scooted to the bedside and opened a dresser drawer, withdrawing a bag of condoms. Tearing open a package, Tiffany said flirtatiously, “Ooo, strawberry-flavored.”

“Yummy” Tina said playfully, laying back on the pillows of the bed and spreading her legs wide. Tiffany sat cross-legged and hunched over to slip the rubber on. It was red and, once on, made Tiffany’s cock look extra-pink. Tiffany got to her knees and hobbled directly in between Tina’s waiting legs. Tina shifted her body toward Tiffany until her pussy was an inch or so away from the shemale’s hard dick. Tiffany leaned over Tina and shifted her weight to her arms, placing her hands above Tina’s shoulders.

As she leaned in she moved her crotch forward and entered Tina. Tina gave a tiny cry of ecstasy as she felt Tiffany’s head go in. Tiffany pushed all the way forward, moving delectably slow, until her cock was completely enveloped in Tina’s soft hole. The two girls paused in that position, just breathing, feeling, and savoring. Tiffany broke the stillness with her pelvis removing most of her cock from Tina’s pussy, then pushing it back in. She did all of this very slowly, sensually. Tina breathed contentedly in short, shallow breaths. She played with her boobs, tweaking her nipples and squeezing her boobs together. Tiffany’s dick in her pussy felt so good. It made her feel so full, so aroused. She was glad to finally have a real dick in her again. Tiffany felt Tina’s warm, slick walls massaging her dick and she began to thrust her cock into Tina harder and faster. As she steadily increased the speed of her fucking, Tina lifted her head up to kiss Tiffany lustfully.

The speed became greater and greater, until at last Tiffany was fucking Tina like a piston, her cock pounding into Tina’s pussy. Her balls slapped against Tina, and a fine sheen of sweat appeared on both girls, lubricating their sex. Now and then, Tina would grit her teeth and say “Oh fuck, ooh fuck” between gasping breaths. Tiffany began to groan with each thrust. She let her head drop in exhaustion. Her mouth hung open and she licked her lips. Faster and faster, harder and harder, Tiffany fucked Tina. Tiffany could feel herself getting close. She felt the usual precum form on the tip of her dick, wetting the inside of the condom. She felt the pressure of the impending load that she would inevitably jettison. She could almost feel the cum churning in her balls, ready to be released.

As Tiffany was feeling all this, Tina’s first orgasm flooded through her. Tingling sensations shot from her pussy as its walls clamped around Tiffany’s dick. Tina breathed a sigh of delighted relief in her orgasm and then let out another heavier breath as her second orgasm overcame her.

While Tina was in this state of orgasmic rapture, Tiffany reached her peak. She gave three almighty thrusts; pushing her dick in as hard and as fast as she could but leaving it there for a few seconds, grinding it into Tina’s soaked pussy. On the final thrust Tiffany held her dick in while she exploded. A huge amount of cum shot into the condom. Tiffany spurted once, twice, three times; she pulled out a little and pushed back in as she erupted. After a few more smaller spurts, the cum was forced back around Tiffany’s dick, coating her shaft and making it slippery. She moaned luxuriously as she pulled her softening penis out of Tina.

“Ooooh my God” Tiffany breathed. She laid down on her side next to Tina. The two girls lay on the bed, panting. Tina eventually sat up and made her way to Tiffany’s deflated dick. Being careful not to spill any of Tiffany’s cum, she slipped sivas escort the soiled condom off. It felt warm and squishy in Tina’s hands. Tina also noticed that there was about a gallon of cum in it. She smiled with pride and brought the rubber to her mouth. Glancing over at Tiffany to see if she was looking (which she was- in fact, Tiffany was glued to Tina’s every move), Tina stuck the opening of the condom in her mouth, biting down on it. Then she slowly turned the condom inside-out, letting the gooey cum spill into her mouth. She then stuck out her tongue, showing Tiffany her own seed.

She swallowed, licked the condom clean, and said “Yum, strawberries.” She then kissed Tiffany, letting her tongue into Tiffany’s mouth, spreading the taste of salty strawberries. Tina, noticing Tiffany’s cum-covered cock, said “Looks like I still have some cleaning up to do.” She moved her head to Tiffany’s crotch and swallowed Tiffany’s flaccid dick whole, licking along the shaft and covering it with saliva. As Tina sucked her cock clean, Tiffany felt herself once again getting hard, and, sure enough, when Tina lifted her head away, it stood at attention. “Oooh, how cute” Tina said, giving Tiffany’s cock a peck on the head. The two girls giggled. “So…what’s next?” Tina asked, massaging Tiffany’s balls. Tiffany thought for a moment.

“Um…well, actually, I usually have anal sex with most of my partners, so I’ve gotten kind of used to that” Tiffany said warily.

“Anal sex?” Tina asked.

“Yeah, I mean, if you want to. I kind of like it but if you don’t want to-”

“Yes! I mean, sure, I want to!” Tina interrupted. “I’ve always wanted to try it with a…” she was about to say “guy” but caught herself, “someone with a penis.” She blushed at her awkward words.

“Really? Great! I know you’ll love it!” Tiffany said excitedly.

“O.K.!” Tina said brightly, “But we have to use a condom.” Tina pictured Stacy finding cum dripping out of her ass. That could not happen.

“O.K.” Tiffany answered happily.

“So, how do we do this?” Tina asked. “Like how do you want me? Like on my back, or standing or maybe just sitting down on your dick?”

“How about on your hands and knees? That would be, like, the easiest way to do it” Tiffany suggested. Tina gave her a mock-surprise look.

“You mean, like, doggystyle? You dirty little slut!”

She laughed and Tiffany answered, giggling, “Yeah, doggystyle.”

“Alright,” Tina said, “do you have any more condoms?”

“Yes” Tiffany answered, scooting over to the dresser.

“Good. Oh, and we need some lube. I’ll probably be really tight.”

“The tighter the better” Tiffany said retrieving some KY jelly out of the dresser. “I’ll loosen you up before we’re done” she said devilishly and smiling teasingly. “Now,” Tiffany said, positioning herself, “turn over.”

Tiffany knelt behind Tina and ripped open the second condom, putting it on her erect cock. “This one’s watermelon” Tiffany said suggestively.

“I love watermelon” Tina said, looking back at Tiffany and smiling. Tiffany inched towards Tina’s awaiting butt hole, lube in hand. She squirted a generous amount of it onto her dick and rubbed it all over. Then she rubbed some on Tina’s anus. “Ooo, it’s cold!” Tina exclaimed, twitching with nervousness and excitement. Tiffany tossed the lube aside and grabbed Tina’s hips, positioning her cock a few inches from Tina’s anal opening. Tiffany noticed how slim Tina’s waist was and how large her butt was. She noticed the dynamic of Tina’s extremely wide hips. Her ass was beautiful. It wobbled and jiggled even now with her touch. Tina had the perfect hourglass figure. Suddenly Tiffany remembered something important.

“You don’t, like, have to poop or anything, do you?” she asked.

“Nope” Tina answered sweetly.

“Good!” Tiffany said, playfully slapping Tina’s right butt cheek, making it waggle. “Alright,” Tiffany said and paused as the two girls prepared themselves, “let’s do it.” Tiffany pushed her pelvis forward until the head of her cock was pressing against Tina’s anus. “This is gonna hurt, but it will only hurt for the first few times” Tiffany said caringly.

“I can take it. Just don’t stop. Go ahead” Tina said, glancing back reassuringly.

“O.K., here I go” Tiffany said. She started to apply pressure to Tina’s anus. Her dick didn’t budge. Tiffany leaned on Tina, applying great force behind her dick. The head of her penis was forced through Tina’s sphincter. Tina dropped her head, sharply intaking a breath of pain. Tiffany slowly fed her more of her cock, pushing hard to gain ground.

Tina whimpered as shots of pain hit her, softly saying “Ow, ow.”

“Easy now, you’re doing great, baby” Tiffany encouraged, rubbing Tina’s ass. When Tiffany’s cock was about halfway in, breathed a small cry of pain, forcing her face into the mattress. Tiffany could here sounds of crying and stopped.

“Are you O.K., Tina?” she asked, worried. Tina took a minute to answer.

“Yeah- I’m fine- don’t stop” she said between gritted teeth. Tiffany obeyed and pushed the rest of her cock in. Through the worst of the agony, Tina felt for the first time a cock up her ass.

“How does it feel?” Tiffany whispered lustfully.

“It feels…amazing” Tina said quietly and satisfied. Tina felt so full and so naughty. What she was doing right now was so taboo. Dicks weren’t supposed to go up asses, especially girls’ asses because they had pussies to be fucked. There was no real purpose to anal sex. Tiffany wasn’t supposed to be the one with the dick fucking her. Tiffany shouldn’t even have a dick. A hot blonde girl…with a raging hardon? All this seemed so wrong. That’s what made it so hot. With her ass full of hot shemale dick, Tina now wanted to really enjoy it.

“Fuck me” Tina said strongly.

“My pleasure” Tiffany said. Tiffany started to withdraw her dick slowly. She pulled about halfway out, and pushed back in. She felt Tina’s ass being coated with the lube, making it easier to fuck her. Once again, Tiffany began to speed up in fucking Tina. “You’re a lot looser now” she commented between breaths. Tina was. Her anal walls had spread out, seemingly becoming used to the intruding member. The slippery walls massaged Tiffany’s dick and she felt her second orgasm coming. Not wanting to miss a golden opportunity, Tiffany mounted Tina, pressing her breasts into Tina’s back and forcing Tina fall to her elbows and raise her ass in the air. Tina’s head now lay on the mattress, made to stay there by Tiffany’s weight. Tina reached her hand between her legs and began to play with her pussy. Tiffany fucked her almost straight down into the mattress, her dick ramming into Tina’s anus almost perpendicular to the bed.

Tina moaned as she panted with lust and said “Yes! Fuck! That’s it- ride me! Ride me like I’m your bitch!”

Tiffany fucked her hard, saying “Yes, yes- oh God yes!” With one final thrust, Tiffany jammed her cock as deep as it would go into Tina’s ass and shot her load. It was smaller than her previous load, but still substantially filled the condom. As Tiffany came down from her orgasm, Tina brought herself off for her third orgasm of the night.

“Oh!” she sighed intensely as she came over her fingers. The two separated and lay down on their sides facing each other on the bed. Both breathed hard.

“That was amazing” Tiffany said, “That was the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Yeah” Tina said, reaching down to remove Tiffany’s condom. Tiffany watched with desire. This time, Tina held the condom open and scooped out the jizz with her forefinger. She then sucked the semen off of her finger very sexily, looking right at Tiffany the whole time. She offered the last bit of cum to Tiffany, who eagerly accepted, licking Tina’s finger clean. The two kissed sensuously for a few minutes, then lay together, just looking into one another’s eyes. Tina snapped suddenly out of it.

“What time is it?” she asked abruptly.

“It’s one a.m.,” Tiffany answered calmly, “why?” Tina’s mind scrambled for an answer. She needed to get out of there and back to Stacy quick.

“Um, because, I have to work in the morning,” Tina said slowly, “early.” Tiffany frowned.

“You can’t stay?” she asked, disappointed.

“No, I have to get home” Tina said sadly. She got off the bed and started to dress. “When will I see you again?” Tiffany asked innocently.

“I’ll call you tomorrow, O.K.?” Tina suggested.

“O.K.” Tiffany said.

“Tonight was awesome” Tina said, fully-dressed. She walked over the bed and kissed Tiffany. “I’ll call you” she said.

“Bye” Tiffany said dismally.

“I’m sorry. Bye” Tina said. And then she was off into the night.

When Tina arrived home that night she hurriedly jumped in the shower to get rid of any suspicious smell on her. Stacy was still up, lying in bed reading a magazine. When Tina entered the bedroom in her nightie she asked “Why are you still up sweetie? It’s nearly two.” She lay down next to Stacy.

Stacy responded “I wanted to wait for you…” She put her arm around Tina’s waist and rubbed.

Tina looked at Stacy apologetically and said “I’m really tired Stace, can we do it another night?”

Stacy, sensing Tina’s resistance, said “Fine” and removed her hand. Tina fell quickly asleep but Stacy lay for a long time in bed, not thinking of Tina.

From that night on something irregular happened to Stacy and Tina. For one thing, they didn’t have sex all the next week. Each night, one of them would have an excuse for why they couldn’t. And each night they seemed to distance themselves from each other little by little. They hardly talked for three days. When they did, it was in thoughtless conversation. Each of them seemed to be increasingly concerned with something else.

Stacy spent all week waiting anxiously for Saturday night to come. She went shopping to pick out the perfect outfit, went to the salon to get her hair and nails done, and made dinner reservations at an upscale sushi bar. All that was left was to come up with a good excuse for Tina. Stacy knew she couldn’t use work any more, so she thought about it hard. Then she came up with the perfect lie. She told Tina that she was visiting an old male friend. She would leave Saturday night and come back Sunday afternoon. Tina seemed unresponsive, but Stacy thought nothing of it. She was too excited about seeing Derry.

The night finally came and Stacy left to pick up Derry. She stopped to change in the car. She wore a black bra with pink stitching on the cups and black lowrise panties. She wore the proverbial “little black dress” that was extra-little, complete with a plunging neckline (which revealed her crack of cleavage), and a super-short skirt (it was an inch or two below her ass). The skirt showed off her fantastic legs, going down to her three inch black heels. She had her nails painted hot pink and wore the same shade of lip gloss. She purposely overdid her makeup to look like a sex kitten, just for Derry. Her hair was straight, smooth, and shiny. She took off her wedding ring and replaced it with a diamond necklace. Overall, she thought she looked very sexy.

She arrived at Derry’s apartment, where the girl was outside waiting. As usual, she looked stunning. She had on low heels that were brown. Stacy followed her legs up to her lowcut olive green dress. It had spaghetti straps that showed off her freckled shoulders. Stacy didn’t look at Derry’s shoulders too long, because the girl obviously had a push-up bra on. The bra made her breasts look bigger than Tina’s. Derry had no lipstick on (like she needed any!) and wore a small amount of eye liner with a hint of green eye shadow. She wore her hair down and had curled the ends to give it bounce. As Derry hopped in Stacy’s red SUV, she said “Hi sweetie.”

“Hi” Stacy said, leaning over and kissing the girl.

“I missed you so much” Derry gushed.

“I missed you too” Stacy said kindly. The two had a lovely dinner sitting side by side at the sushi bar, Stacy stealing glances down Derry’s dress, Derry catching her and Stacy smiling. By the end of the meal it was apparent that both girls were ready to go.

Getting back in the car, Stacy said “Let’s go back to you place.”

Derry immediately protested, saying “No- I mean, we can’t- it’s being renovated.” Derry couldn’t let Stacy see her poor living conditions. Besides, her tiny single bed would never fit the two of them. Stacy, on the other hand, was in a similar twist. She couldn’t take Derry home because of Tina. For a moment Stacy panicked.

Then she had an idea. “Let’s get a hotel room. Some place nice. Like a Hilton or something” she suggested.

“O.K.!” Derry said, sounding excited. They both laughed and giggled all the way to their room at the Hilton. It was a suite with a minibar and king size bed. They ordered some champagne and got settled in. It was going to be a long night.

The champagne bottle began to empty. Stacy planted little kisses on Derry’s face as they sipped the bubbly liquid. Derry let the feeling of being with Stacy wash over her as she lay against the pillows enjoying Stacy’s attention. As the champagne disappeared, Stacy’s kisses got longer, deeper, more sexual. At last the bottle was empty and the glasses were discarded.

Stacy leaned over and stroked Derry’s face lovingly. She stared at the girl for a moment, but not a moment more. Her hand moved swiftly down to Derry’s breasts, jamming into them and squeezing. Her other hand went behind the girl’s neck and pressed Derry’s lips into Stacy’s. Stacy pushed her tongue into Derry’s open mouth, kissing her hard and deep. They made out like this for about ten minutes, Stacy all the while rubbing Derry’s chest. Breaking the kiss, Stacy kissed down the redhead’s neck and said strongly, “Stand up.” Derry edged off the bed still kissing Stacy and stood up with her. “Turn around” Stacy said, grabbing Derry’s shoulders. Derry did as she was told. Stacy seized the zipper of Derry’s dress and pulled it quickly down. Then she yanked the girl’s dress off, leaving Derry standing in her dark green bra and boyshorts panties. Stacy then reached behind her back to unzip and rip off her own dress. She pushed Derry back on to the bed and lay on top of her. Stacy felt the mass of Derry’s breasts pushing against her own, emphasized by her push-up bra. She made out with Derry as she kneaded her breasts through her bra. The two girls rubbed against each other sensually, clad only in lingerie, lost in passion of the night. As they kissed, Stacy’s long blonde hair cascaded down, mixing with Derry’s fiery red hair. Stacy reached under Derry and felt her bra strap. She was very excited, almost intensely anxious to get Derry’s bra off. This would be the first time she would see Derry’s breasts unclothed; nothing over them. She would finally see those magnificent mounds of her beautiful lover. She fumbled with the strap for what seemed like forever. Then, she felt the joyful and triumphant click.

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