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She didn’t know it, but I had wanted her before I even met her.

We had a mutual friend, Amanda, who ran a club review website and I was always being asked to make suggestions on how to improve it. One day I went on the website and saw this woman whose eyes and smile sparked with life and energy. I was taken into them right away and was lost in a whirlpool of desire. I was never really too big on blondes cause, it seems to me that everyone wants to be a blonde, and the look is boring to me now. She was blonde in the picture on the website, but I couldn’t look away. It was the eyes. I wanted to swim in them for hours.

I asked my friend who she was and was told that her name was Alyssa. I tried to be subtle about getting more information about her, but my friend knew me better than I knew myself sometimes.

“Hot eh? “What do you want to know about her?” was all Amanda asked.

“It’s not that, well, yeah she is hot, but, she looks cozy with you in that picture where you are both on the couch and I was just wondering if she is at the clubs often.”, I said. “You know I have only been divorced for a week and am not ready to get back into the field just yet. But you know that I am thinking of joining you at the club one night, and she seems like a nice person and I was wondering if she will make my first time memorable enough to keep coming back”. I hoped Amanda did not see through my bullshit, but it was going to be hard to pull a fast one over her. She had known me for 26 years.

I could hear the smirk over the phone, “She is a blast. She has the same kind of energy that you have when you like to party, but I will warn you ahead of time about one thing. I know that you get a little insecure about your little beer belly sometimes and it makes you self conscious. If you are going to come out, you have to realize that we see past things like that. You are a good looking guy and if you don’t have some confidence in yourself, she will pick up on it, and not want to laugh with you. You have a great sense of humour, and as long as you are your old self, she and the rest of the gang will all have a good time.”

I knew that I had the perfect outfit for that night. I was pre-informed that this club liked it when you wore clothing that was out of the ordinary and so I had an old costume that made me look like a gothic crypt keeper. When you included my top hat and cane, it would be perfect.

When I got to the club that night, I was earlier than most of the gang, at least I assumed I did because Amanda was not there, and I did not recognize anyone. I was outside having a smoke at one point when I saw this spitfire of energy laughing. The sound was like music and she turned to look at me. “Nice outfit.” was all she said, and I could tell that she meant it. She was wearing a short skirt, brown jacket and had long flowing brown hair. She was a hottie and seemed to give the impression that a fun time followed her no matter where kırklareli escort she went.

I couldn’t help think that I knew her from somewhere, but could not place it. We spent the next half of an hour bumping into each other now and then and having a few laughs with each other. Finally Amanda showed up and started to introduce me to the people she knew. She then turned to the hottie I had been joking around with for the past little while and told me, “This is Alyssa” All I could say was, “How could I have not known that you were friends with Amanda?”

She smiled and that is when it hit me. I had not recognized her because her hair was brown now, and not blonde like in the photos. She now looked a thousand times better. She was dressed like a surfer punk chick and I wanted to do about a thousand things to her that were illegal in most provinces right there.

I got to know everyone at the club as the night progressed, but my thoughts kept returning to her. I am not much of a dancer but she was. It was hard to keep my pants from stirring as she moved on the dance floor. It was pure erotica. She knew how to move and didn’t care what she did when she was out there. At one point she came back to the table for her drink and I was surprised to see her down the whole thing in one gulp.

“C’mon you hunk of fresh meat, come on the dance floor with me. I want to see how you move!” I was nervous, but for some reason I was passable on the floor. We meshed well together and when she pushed her ass against me, I couldn’t stop it from growing.

We danced for a couple of songs and then she simply walked away from the dance floor. I looked around for her a few minutes later, after I had finished my drink and Amanda told me that she had seen Alyssa head to the back room where the harder metal was played. I was a metal fan, so I decided to look for her in there.

I was passing by a door on the way to the back room when I felt something grab a hold of my arm and pull me into this unknown room. Before I could do or say anything, I felt a pair of hands on the back of my neck, and a tongue was pushed into my mouth. I was feeling in such high spirits that I was in no condition to fight it and a few seconds later, when my mystery assailant let me go, I was staring into Alyssa’s eyes.

“You move pretty well out there. So I decided to see what else you do well!”

Without a warning, she pulled me close to her again, and my lips found their way to her neck. She tasted delicious and I heard a small whimper from her as I sank my teeth into her. Her hands wrapped around me and pulled me close as I played with her neck. She was wearing a short skirt and as my hand reached under it to grab her ass, I discovered that she was either wearing a g-string or nothing at all underneath. I pulled her closer to me and squeezed her but as she pushed my head harder into her neck demanding that I feast afyon escort some more. One of her hands reached down between us and started to fondle me as I continued what I was doing. She pulled her head away from me and again kissed me as deeply as she could. This was obviously a woman who knew what she wanted, and was determined to get it.

As our tongues wrapped around each other, she stopped playing with my manhood and released it from its zipper. I have never been much for underwear so there was nothing to stop her from pulling my throbbing member out into freedom. The feeling of her stroking me whilst she sucked on my tongue was a sensation I will never forget.

Without a warning she pulled away from my face, but never let go of what she had in her hands and got to her knees. In only a split second she had gone from having her lips at my mouth, to having them around my cock. She was good. She wasted no time getting me all lubed up with her saliva. She took me in her mouth as far as it would go and the feeling of her teeth gently scraping against my flesh as she pulled back only served to keep me at attention. She made sure not to take her lips off of me as she kept sliding back and forth. I looked down to enjoy the view of her actions and noticed that she was stroking herself as she performed on me. Her grunts of pleasure only served to keep me excited.

Now and then she would take me out of her mouth and lick the sides of my shaft as well. I had to hold onto the wall behind me as she performed one of the best blow jobs I had ever received. She took control and kept me hard while making sure that I never came close to cumming. Just when I thought I was going to explode, she would stop for a second to moan as she obviously slid a finger into herself.

Suddenly, she stood up and turned her back to me pulling her hair to one side so that her neck was fully exposed to me again. I had no choice but to sink my teeth back into her neck, but this time I made sure that I got to feel her breasts. They were full and supple and I could tell through the fabric of her Playboy tank top that her nipples were as erect as my dick. As I devoured her neck, I reached my hand under her top and rolled one of her nipples between my fingers. With my other hand I reached down between her legs and felt a drizzle of wetness greet my fingers. She had been the first to come, but I didn’t mind. Better her than me.

Her ass pushed harder against my pelvis as I massaged her tit and clit at the same time. I was being a little evil and made sure that I did not enter her in any way yet. I could hear the desire in her moaning to have me enter her, but I was not ready to do that just yet. She had teased the hell out of my system while pleasuring me, and I was determined to do the same. My fingers played against her for a while until it seemed like she was going to come wether or not I placed my fingers inside amasya escort of her, so I decided to give her a little surprise of my own.

Just as she bit her lip to keep a scream from escaping, I pulled my hands away from their play place and turned her around so that her chest was against the wall. Now it was my turn to be on my knees and I dropped so that her ass was right in front of me. I pulled on her hips a little so that she was not quite right up against the wall and so that I now had her wet mound right in front of my face. With gusto, I licked her right there and then. I could feel her knees start to buckle as my tongue licked her labia. It was hard from the heat we had been creating and tasted as sweet as honey.

I made sure to leave no inch of her pussy unlicked and when I got to her clit, I took it between my teeth and gently grinded it between my upper and lower incisors. This caused a wave of pleasure and she practically sat on my face as her body lowered itself for more. I reached up with one of my hands so that I could continue to play with her button and slid my tongue inside her. This was too much for her and she could not keep quiet as she came all over my face. I could still hear the music outside in the club and was thankful that it was so loud that no one could hear her as she let out a scream of pleasure that would have scared a wild animal.

I continued to tongue fuck her until I could hold back no more. I stood up and pulled her hips back a little further and pushed the erection between my legs into her while standing up. I couldn’t hold back and let out a grunt as I entered her. The feeling of heat around my dick as I slid into her felt amazing. I pulled her towards me as far as I could and pushed with all I had. I saw her head fly backwards with pleasure as I entered and knew that it too felt good for her.

In that little room, the sounds of her ass slapping onto my thighs was louder that the music, but we didn’t care. We were lost in the throes of ecstasy as we moved in time to the music. We both moaned with pleasure and excitement as she continued to slide back and forth along my hardness. She made sure that I never left her and kept one hand on my wrist to make sure that I never let go. I was close to coming several times, but it felt too good to complete the action, so everything would just reset itself.

It felt like we had been going at it for hours and finally I could hold back no more. I heard myself tell her I was going to come between her yelps and grunts and my news only seemed to excite her as her voice got louder. With all my energy, I finally exploded inside of her and we both let out a scream that I could have sworn stopped the club from hearing the music.

It was only after I pulled away from her that I realized that we were in a supply closet. I reached over and grabbed a paper towel to clean myself off. As I did, I saw her out of the corner of my eye reach onto a shelf and grab the thong she had taken off when she planned this little tryst.

I didn’t know what to say, and realized there was nothing to say as she winked at me, told me lets go, and opened the door.

We have never really discussed that first time. I don’t know if it will go anywhere, and don’t really care.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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