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She stood on the front step, hesitating for a moment before knocking lightly on the door. Vance had told her to be prompt; that he had a surprise for her. His instructions from the night before were very specific and thorough. He had explained them on their nightly phone call and sent her a checklist that she had returned to him completed just before leaving for his place. Vance’s seriousness hadn’t left much room for her normal, playful brat banter, either. It was not unusual to receive instructions. It WAS unusual for him to not give any hint of the upcoming adventure.

But she followed them to the letter. Her morning shower included a complete scrub and shave, removing every hair on her legs and pussy. She had cleaned her ass thoroughly and had nothing but water since their phone call. She had done her make-up with dark smokey eyes and a deep purple lip stain despite it being early in the afternoon on a suburban Saturday. She had found her oldest clothes that were still sexy: a purple crop top and black pleated skirt that had been too short even before her hips and butt had filled in to maturity. No underwear or bra. No shoes. She had also put in her medium butt plug, lubing the stainless head and her asshole, slowly sliding the plug into herself before leaving to drive over. She had turned the air conditioning on high, also as instructed, until her skin was icy and her nipples poked through the fabric of her crop top. All in all, she was turned on and dripping just from the preparations and had not touched herself for release all morning, even though she had desperately wanted to. All per his checklist.

The door opened and music drifted out from the living room speakers. One of her favorites. He gave her his best lop-sided grin.

“Thought you might chicken out on me.”

“You wish. I want to know what you’re up to.”

“You’ll see,” he said, still smiling as he grabbed her hand and pulled her inside gently by her hand.

They came into the living room, which looked different, but she couldn’t place why, and he brought her to a stop with his hands on her shoulders, facing her. His hands moved down to tweak her nipples sharply and she gasped, coming up on her toes slightly. He let go, letting his hands move down to her waist, feeling the curves of her body. He grabbed her hips and pulled her in close to him.

Bending down to whisper in her ear, “You remember that fantasy we talked about? The one where I watch you get fucked?”

Her eyes widened, looking at him questioningly. They were the only ones there, “Yeah. I figured we could do that at some point. Just have to figure out the logistics.”

“You’re still into that idea then?” he asked, his fingers moving further down, under her skirt, and his fingers running up the inside of her thigh to stroke her velvet softness.

She whispered back, running her hand over the front of his jeans where she found how turned on he was as well and getting excited to pounce him, “Yeah! I want you to watch me get ravaged by another man. Maybe two,” she continued, thinking to start dirty talk, describing the fantasy they had been talking about a week or two before.

“I was thinking five,” he said and pulled away from her, turning her around.

Five men in masks that covered their faces except their eyes were standing in the entranceway. She hadn’t heard any of them come in.

His arms were wrapped around her from behind as he lifted the front of her skirt to show the newcomers her freshly shaved pussy, stroking her mons and down across the outside of her slit that glistened with barely suppressed desire.

He said quietly in her ear, “I’ve already vetted them. Clean tests. We can do this right now if you’re in.”

He continued to fondle her as the men watched from the door into the living room, lifting up the edge of her shirt to show off her underboob, then gripping her tits, giving the men a show of her body, teasing them with what they might get to have with her say-so.

She knew what she wanted. “I’m so in,” she whispered back.

She could hear the evil smile in his voice as he said, “Good.”

Louder, he began to ask a series of questions loud enough for the other men to hear and she responded just as firmly.

“Do you agree to let each of these men touch you, grope you, fondle you, and fuck you to within an inch of your life?”


“Do you agree that these men can spank, slap, tie you up and use you how they want to today?”


“Do you agree that you are willing to do this of your own volition and you do not feel coerced or forced in any way?:


“State your safe word clearly.”


“This scene will stop and end immediately as soon as you say that word. It will not end if you say no, no more, don’t, stop, or anything similar except for your safe word. Do you agree?”

“Yes,” she smiled with her final agreement, ready for what was to come.

With that, Vance ran his hand up her back and under her long hair and grabbed her by the hair at the base of her neck, tangling his fingers in it as he pulled her head back.

“You are going to be my good taksim escort girl and take care of all of my friends, aren’t you? They came all this way just to fuck your whore pussy.”

She looked up at him and, unable to nod with his near painful grip in her hair, she said “Yes, Sir.”

“Good,” he said with a grin, releasing his grip and pushing her roughly towards the masked group of men, “Show me what a good girl you are.”

She felt hands on her. Everywhere. It was impossible that five men had so many hands, pulling her in different directions. Hands snuck up under her shirt and her skirt. Fingers began pinching her nipples as her tits were groped and fondled. She gasped as she felt a finger stroke her slick slit, probing for her clit as yet other hands began to rip her clothing away. And it did rip from the sheer force of their desire.

Her shirt gave first and the fabric came away from her body, the pressure of the fabric cutting into her skin before tearing. Words came from all sides:




“We’re going to fuck you stupid.”

“Sluts don’t deserve clothes.”

Telling her what they were going to do to her and use her body for, fingers from different hands were inside her pussy, circles traced inside across her G-spot, teasing her and feeling her dripping cunt. Her head came back as she moaned and sighed to the sensations. She felt someone behind her find the jewel of the butt plug, tapping it and sending light vibrations through her. The tips of fingers slid under the rim of the jewel, lightly pulling the plug slightly out and pushing back in; in rhythm with the fingers stretching her wet cunt. Hands were moved from between her legs to shove fingers coated in her slickness into her mouth to clean. She stroked the fingers with her tongue as they were pressed into her mouth. Her lips and tongue and teeth cleaned the fingers, making promises of what she could do to other members. Her skirt was soon ripped away, the thin denim giving way, coming apart in pieces. Her only covering now was the hands that hungrily touched her. She had other fingers inside her wet pussy now, rubbing her inside and she started panting, light moans coming out. She gasped as others caressed her nakedness, slapping lightly at her tits, making them bounce, her ass, making her jump and move further into the hands that continued to slap and pinch and fondle her.

She looked over at Vance as she writhed with pleasure. He was watching her, arms crossed over his chest, smirking at her, naked and helpless amongst the fully clothed men. She smiled back at him through her moans and gasps as she was pleasured from all sides and she reached out her hands to either side, finding the nearest firm bulges, rubbing her hands over the barely contained hard ons. She locked her eyes on Vance as she stroked, grinning wider as she heard their moans in response and he winked as if to say, “All for you.” His grin widened. Pleased that she was enjoying her surprise. She licked her lips as she quirked another quick smile in return as hands on her shoulders pressed her firmly down to her knees.

She heard belts coming undone and pant flies unzipping as she focused on the man in front of her, undoing the belt and unzipping the man’s jeans. From her knees, they all towered over her, enclosing her in a circle as she looked up from under her thick black eyelashes. Cocks of varying lengths and thicknesses surrounded her, pressing towards her for attention. Two men grabbed each of her wrists, moving her hands to grab their cocks on either side of her. The man in front of her grabbed her head between his hands and pulled her face towards his cock. She pretended to keep her mouth closed, like she didn’t want it. She curled her lips in and around her teeth as though her lips were sealed. Keeping one hand locked in her hair, he pinched her nose closed as the men beside her continued to move her hands up and down their shafts, her hands feeling the heat from their hardness. She held her breath as he pressed his cock against her closed mouth. Seconds ticked by and she still refused to open. He released the other side of her head and slapped her across the face. She continued to hold her mouth shut, but she was quickly running out of breath. He slapped her again, harder, making her ear ring slightly, but still she kept her mouth shut, a small smile on her lips as she looked up at him defiantly.

“I am going to cover your slutty face with my cum and wipe that smirk off your face,” he said, each word punctuated with another slap, his other hand still pinching her nose closed. She couldn’t hold it any longer. Her air escaped her in a loud sigh as she tried to inhale quickly and close her mouth again, but not fast enough. Instead of air, a dick plunged into her mouth. He grabbed the back of her head, holding her all the way down on his shaft embedded in her throat as she tried to gasp for air around his thickness, failing and struggling for air. He began to plunge his cock in and out of her mouth, her hands held out to either side still stroking two other cocks.

“When I say open your mouth, you open mecidiyeköy escort it. Now, take my fucking cock, bitch.”

Sharp cries and moans came from her as she breathed heavily through her nose whenever her throat wasn’t full of his thick length. She began twirling her tongue around the shaft in her mouth as he pushed in, pressing his length against the roof of her mouth as she sucked lightly, gripping his rod with her lips as he pulled out, repeating with each stroke he made. He entwined his fingers further in her hair and pulled her head back off of him, arching her so that her tits were facing up. Hands continued to grope her body, pushing fingers inside her, nipples being sucked and twisted as they rotated around her, devouring her. The man behind her began to fuck her face, as she was held arched back by her hair. She gagged and choked, her eyes watering, but she did not struggle to make it stop. The thrusts came faster, the man fucking her face grunting with effort, panting as he got close. He grabbed the sides of her head, holding her still as he sank his cock deep down her throat and moaned as he emptied his cum into her. Finished, he released her roughly pushing her back upright.

The man in front of her pulled an open mouth gag out of his back pocket, his throbbing cock jumping in front of her with his quickened pulse from seeing her face used as a personal fuck toy.

“Open your whore mouth.”

She complied immediately this time, her head pulled backwards by the nape of her neck, her tits heaving up and down with her panting breaths from exertion. He placed the gag between her teeth to hold her mouth open as wide as it would go, fastening around the back of her head. Her tongue flicked out the steel hole, wetting her open lips. Four of the men grabbed each of her limbs and carried her like baggage to the coffee table. Now she could see what was different from earlier. A large lazy susan style topper had been added to the familiar coffee table. They placed her on her knees on the topper and one man grabbed her head and shoved it down so her ass was up in the air, the jewel of her butt plug still glittering from the wetness dripping from her pussy. Her face with her spaced open mouth was hanging off the edge of the table.

The men holding her wrists pulled her arms down and backwards, matching each wrist to an ankle already held by one of the other men. The fifth man not holding her tied each wrist to her ankles and forced her ankles apart, spreading her cunt wide for the room to see.

She saw Vance join the group surrounding her, a blindfold in hand. He knelt down next to her head that she turned to face him.

“We are going to play a little game of spin the slut. Each of us, including me this time, will take turns spinning you. Wherever your dirty holes are faced when you stop spinning, that is who will fuck you next until we all dump our cum in your whore mouth and slutty-ass pussy. We may even take out that plug and fuck your tight little ass.” Her eyes opened wide with eagerness to be used, to be fucked.

“I am going to blindfold you so you won’t know who is using your body for their personal cum dumpster. And you won’t know who’s cock is shoved up your pussy. Or your mouth. Or your ass. Whichever comes first.” He smiled with a mischievous glint at her, kissing her forehead as she wriggled in excitement. He tied the blindfold over her eyes gently, caressing the side of her face, and whispered “I love you,” pressing a piece of cloth in her hand to drop for her safe word since she could no longer speak clearly. Then, he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, arching her neck and straining the bonds of her tied wrists and ankles, the ropes held and strained against her skin. He popped her cheek with an open-handed slap, spitting into her open mouth.

“Let’s begin.”

She felt the spinner move under her, back to her left slightly before spinning her clockwise. Blindfolded, she had no concept of where she was facing. The air was cool on her skin as she trembled with anticipation and desire. The men’s voices over her head were of conversation not related to her, ignoring her. Trussed as she was, she felt like a fixture for their use, not a being. She trembled more, feeling as though she was vibrating with her own need for orgasm.

The spinner slowed to a halt and so did the conversation. She was quivering, moaning and begging through her gag. She felt strong fingers grip her hair, lifting her head up, at the same time as her hips were grabbed firmly from behind, positioning her ass. It was as though they had timed it. Cocks entered her mouth and drove deep into her pussy at the same time. She felt like they were going to meet in her middle. She couldn’t breathe for the cock shoved down her throat. She choked as she heard a growl from the man behind her as her body convulsed and her cunt tightened on his cock from gagging on the throbbing dick in her throat. They both started to fuck her: one her face, the other her pussy. They thrust their cocks deep into her in rhythm, simultaneously. Long, slow thrusts in and out of her. Her whimpering cries were avcılar escort barely audible. The man behind her began to spank her ass as he fucked her, slow light pops leading to a flurry of blows on her ass. She could feel it warming and becoming hot. She hoped it would bruise.

The others kept up the verbal onslaught telling her what a dirty whore she was. How they couldn’t wait to use her next and fill her with their cocks. She started rocking her body back and forth, meeting each cock and taking the full lengths of their shafts deep into her pussy and mouth. She massaged the cock in her mouth with her tongue as he fucked her face, gagging her repeatedly with each thrust. The butt plug made everything tighter, making her airtight. The man behind her began to pant, ramming his dick faster into her pussy, more erratic in his tempo as he got close, ceasing the spanking and instead digging his fingers into her hips as he pulled her back to slam into her harder. She could feel his cock throbbing inside of her.

The man behind her came first, pumping his load deep inside of her as he let out a guttural moan. Her muffled cry elicited laughs from the watching men since her mouth was still full of another cock. His thrusting subsided and the man fucking her mouth grabbed her head in both hands to hold her still, to use her mouth to pleasure himself.

“I’m going to cum. Take it all, slut. Drink it.”

His seed spewed into her mouth as he held her face. She swallowed all of it as she felt cum begin to drip out of her pussy. Neither cock had felt like Vance’s, and neither had sounded like him. She had gotten close but still had not orgasmed. Someone spun the topper again and all she could do was continue to tremble and moan through the open mouth gag.

She came to a stop again, and as before, the next two pulsing cocks thrust into her mouth and pussy at the same time. These cocks were thicker and the one in her mouth barely fit through the spacer to reach the inside of her mouth. As they fucked her, she heard a vibrating noise start and come closer to her. She felt the head of the hitachi touch one nipple, then the other, then back as she was held up by her hair, mouth being pumped full of cock, pussy just as stuffed. The wand was moved down her body. She wanted it on her clit. She wanted more cock. She wanted to cum. She writhed in her bonds trying to shift herself into the hitachi. It was pulled away. She could still hear it, but it was no longer touching her. She tried to beg for it around the cock in her mouth.

“I think the little slut wants to cum,” said one of the men. They laughed as two of them continued to fuck her. She was so close. On the edge of orgasm. She could feel it building in her core, waves of pleasure waiting to take her away. The man fucking her mouth made no sound, but he held the back of her head with her face buried in his crotch as unloaded his cum in to her mouth, too. She swallowed again, drinking his semen to keep from choking further. Saliva and cum dripped out of her wide open mouth, over her chin and forming a small puddle on the floor.

“I want to fuck her ass,” said the man behind her. She felt him pulling on the butt plug as he continued to thrust deep into her pussy from behind, wet from her own desire and the first man’s load. He slowly pulled it out and her cries were more audible as it popped out. He pulled out of her pussy, and in one smooth motion shoved his cock into her ass. Another set of hands grabbed her head and another new cock was in her mouth, fucking her face as she heard the vibrating wand move closer again. Her ass now full of cock, her mouth being pumped by another dick, and her pussy full of cum, she was delirious with how close she was.

The wand pressed against the inside of her thigh as the man fucking her ass reached around her and grabbed her tits hard, using them to pull her back on to his cock, buried in her ass, pumping in and out. She felt the wand move up her inner thigh and rest on top of her mons. It was so close. She tried to wriggle her hips to situate the vibrator on her, but a hard spank to her ass with a “Be still, whore, so I can fuck you good. Otherwise I’ll stop,” caused her to try to keep herself as still as possible as her body was used. She did not want him to stop. The man wielding the vibrator continued to tease, getting close to where she desperately wanted the wand to touch. Her mouth was still gaping and filled with cock and high pitched moans punctuated each thrust from behind.

She felt fingers separating her labia and shifting the clit hood up and finally the vibrating head of the wand was directly on her clit. The effect was immediate. A wailing scream erupted around the cock deep in her mouth as the waves of pleasure crashed down on her. The man fucking her ass gasped as her muscles clenched around him as she convulsed with tremors of pleasure resonating through her body as she continued to scream and buck. He grunted as he continued to thrust even more erratically into her as she trembled from the aftershocks of pleasure wracking her body. The man behind her dug nails into her hips, slamming into her one final time as, grunting in orgasmic bliss, he emptied his seed into her ass. She felt more hot cum pouring down her throat as the man in front of her arched down, digging his fingers into her tits as he made smaller thrusts into her mouth, continuing to pump cum into her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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