Spin Dinner Party Ch. 05

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Spin Dinner Party Ch 5

I just laughed and said, “What’s for dinner tonight babe? I find myself starving all of a sudden. I had dessert?”

Amy turned to go get some clothes and said as she walked away, “I am going to get something to put on, be right back. Oh, and remember Maria is coming Friday night, Javier is out of town, don’t tell me Cara’s tight pink taco made you forget about Maria’s fat juicy taco?”

I thought, I guess Cara had made me forget, who could blame me though, right?

When Amy got to the stairway she stopped and turned to me, “Babe, thank you for telling me you had your cock in Cara’s tight little snatch, right when you got home and not trying to hide it. I meant it, you have a hall pass with her whenever you want as long as you tell me first thing and then fuck me the same way you fucked Cara. You don’t have to tell me in advance, just immediately afterward, ok?”

“Of course babe, I would never lie to you and ruin such a good thing,” I said smiling from ear to ear.

“Well, just so you know, I knew you were inside that hot little Irish whore. It seems that snit Marsha March saw you two come out of the bathroom and she was too excited to text me and tell me she saw you and Cara coming out of the bathroom together. She made sure to say it sounded like Cara banged more than her head in the bathroom.”

“Marsha? Is she the skinny bitch that always looks like she is sucking on a lemon?” I asked.

“Yep, that’s the bitch. I am sure she was all too jealous it wasn’t her snatch getting stuffed with your fat cock,” Amy said as she blew me a kiss and headed upstairs.

I winced with the thought of sticking my cock in Marsha.

Dinner was casual and we turned in early. Amy was feeling very amorous and I think slightly insecure. We made slow passionate love ending with both of us covered in sweat and exhausted. Amy’s eyes were full of tears and she once again made me promise to never leave her and that she would be lost without me.

Even before we started down this adventurous sexual path, Amy would have these nights where she would feel insecure and worried I would leave her. The thought of not spending the rest of my life by her side has never crossed my mind, even during one of our knock-down-drag-out arguments, that we have been known to have.

Thursday morning we woke up and Amy was over her insecure emotional state. She was up and dressed in her spin clothes, raring to go.

“You think all the girls will make it today?” I asked.

“Yep, sounds like the entire group will be there today, Jackie even chimed in that she will be there today,” Amy responded.

“Have you talked to her? How are she and Jack doing? Is the counseling helping?” I asked, still concerned about our best and longest friend’s marriage.

Over the past year, our friendship with them has evolved to include benefits. Jackie is a gorgeous tall slender woman with a sexy runner’s figure. Small firm perky breasts and legs that go on forever. Jack isn’t what I would call handsome, but Amy has always been very attracted to him, saying he exudes confidence about himself. The first time we got naked with them and we saw the impetus of that confidence. Jack has a very very thick eight-inch-long cock. Amy can never get enough when we play with them. When we discovered Jack had bisexual fantasies our friendship only became stronger.

Amy said, “Yes it sounds like they have worked most of the issues out. There is still an issue with Jack’s young assistant that he has been fucking. Honestly, I think the only reason Jackie got so upset about it is that she isn’t attracted to the girl. They want to know when the four of us can go to Vegas again?”

“You two girls plan that, I am up for a Vegas trip any time. Let’s book a show or two in advance this time though. Last time all the good shows were sold out. Love you, babe, I need to get to the office. Happy spinning, try not to slip off the bike seat,” I said.

Giggling Amy said, “I know, I am already a little wet thinking about all of them. Especially with my bike right behind Maria’s. Every time we have to stand up to pedal harder, all I am going to be able to see is her gorgeous round brown ass and her fat pink cunt lips.”

Amy started fanning her face with her hand as she turned red.

“Good luck babe, love you,” I said as I kissed her and left for the office.

I got home around six pm.

I walked into the house and Amy was sitting at the counter going through the mail.

“Babe, I am going up to my office, please come join me in five minutes,” I said as I kissed her on the cheek and headed upstairs.

As I walked away, Amy said, “What’s the matter? Did one of our credit cards get stolen again?”

I didn’t respond just headed up to my office.

I sat down in my office chair and waited for my wife.

Amy walked in, with a look of concern on her face. “Babe, what’s the matter? Are you ok?”

Get your hot Irish ass over here and bend over this desk.

Amy’s expression instantly istanbul travesti changed from that of concern to one of excitement.

Like one of those movies, I brushed everything off my desk onto the floor. It was quite dramatic and Amy loved it.

She practically floated across the room to my desk. She moved around to my side of the desk and bent over the desk with her ass in the air. She had on a pair of leggings. I know she never wears panties under them unless Aunt Flo is in town for the week.

I reached up and pulled her leggings down rather forcefully and Amy let out a little yelp of excitement.

I gave her firm round ass a solid smack and she yelped again, but this time it was followed by a long low moan. I pulled my pants down and without any teasing or warning, I rammed my cock into my wife’s pussy.

She was already soaking wet and my cock hit home.

“Oh fuck yeah, fuck that Irish cunt, John. Fuck it like you own it. I am your dirty Irish whore,” Amy moaned out.

Amy and I had never fantasized we were someone else before, so this was entirely new to both of us. Amy took to it like we did this every night.

“You like that in your horny Irish cunt? I bet Alex can’t fuck you and make your cunt feel so full,” I said, feeling a bit weird as I said it.

“Oh fuck me hard John. My Irish cunt is stretched full with your fat cock, fuck I am going to cum already. Fuck that Irish cunt, stud,” Amy said.

It was a wild frantic fuck. We both didn’t last much longer than four or five minutes before we collapsed.

We both regained our composure. As I pulled my cock out of my wife’s hot pussy she turned around and got on her knees.

She reached up and grabbed my cock, looking up at me she said, “Did your slutty Irish whore suck your cock today as well?”

“No she didn’t but you are free to clean me up if you like my love,” I said as I watched Amy take my cock in her mouth and suck me dry as well as clean my shaft of our fuck session.

When she finished she stood up and with a laugh said, “Did Cara stop by the office today babe?”

“Yes, she showed up at my office out of the blue. I hope you’re not upset,” I said hesitantly. Amy had told me more than once I had a hall pass with Cara, but one can never be too confident in a situation like this, a woman could change her mind at any moment.

Amy pulled her pants up and while smiling from ear to ear said, “Not at all babe. I figured something was up with her, all of us girls went out for coffee after class and Cara, looked like a cat on a hot tin roof the entire time. I should have known that tight little pink cunt of hers was craving my handsome husband’s fat cock. I hope you fucked her good and hard like the dirty little Irish whore you have turned her into.”

My first thought was, damn I am one lucky man. She truly meant it about having a hall pass with Cara, but I didn’t think I should give her all the details of how Cara had fucked my brains out twice that day in my office. I wasn’t lying, just not going into all the details.

“So how are the rest of the girls doing? Did they all show up to sit and spin today? Did you enjoy watching Maria’s tight round ass ride the bike in front of you?” I asked.

“Yep, all the girls showed up, Jackie showed up too. She looks amazing. I told her we are available to hit Vegas on the weekend of the fifteenth. She said they would book rooms for us. I invited them over for a barbeque Sunday. That ok with you, babe?” Amy said.

“Great, I feel like we haven’t seen them in months. How about the rest of the ladies? They recover from the party?” I asked. Things had settled down a bit since the party, or at least I thought they had. Amy’s phone wasn’t chiming non-stop like the first day or two.

“Oh, lots to tell you. Let’s go get dinner going and I will tell you everything,” Amy said as she headed out of the office.

I followed her down the stairs and when she got to the bottom she turned and looked at me with that devilish smile of hers and said, “I can feel your sticky cum running down my thighs, glad you saved some for my hot cunt, and didn’t give it all to that Irish whore.”

I smiled back at my sexy wife and I knew I was in for a hot night of sex. When Amy throws around the word CUNT, I know she is either already in slutville or on the bus headed to slutville.

“Ok, babe, go one by one so I can keep up, start with Barbara, how are she and Cris doing?” I started with.

“Oh Barb is in heaven, Cris has completely changed his mind on letting her suck his cock. She said she has sucked him off every morning this week and then again as soon as he gets home from work. We all teased her she is going to end up with lockjaw. She said she didn’t care, she loves the sensation of a cock erupting in her mouth,” Amy explained.

“Well good for Cris and Barb. I have to admit of all the women in the group, she was the last one I would have pegged for being a cum slut,” I said.

“You and me both. She did say that Cris and she decided istanbul travestileri that the other night was a one-time thing. They both loved it and Cris really enjoyed watching Barb let out her inner slut, but once was enough, for now,” Amy said smiling.

“For now? We know what that means,” I laughed out.

“Yep I give her about three weeks and she will be asking when the next party is happening,” Amy giggled.

“Ok, what about Lisa? Isaac pull his head out of his ass and start taking care of that gorgeous lady?” I asked.

“Yep, Lisa said that Sunday night she could barely walk after the poundings Isaac gave her all day Sunday, and he hasn’t let up. She said, our plan had worked on him. Seeing her getting railed by all of you guys made him realize what a hot sexy and horny lady he was lucky enough to be married to, how he could forget that I have no idea. She is gorgeous. I told her you thought I was lying when I told you her age and you thought she was in her thirties,” Amy said.

“I still think one of you is lying about her age,” I said with a smile.

“Lisa and Isaac do want to get together with us, just the four of us. So we need to add them to our dance card,” Amy said with excitement in her voice.

Before I could ask about Kristie, Amy said, “Looks like we won’t be seeing Jason any time soon.”

“Uh oh, what happened?”

“Turns out Jason wasn’t all that keen on exploring sexually, definitely not as much as Kristie wants to anyways,” Amy said.

“What? Seriously? He sure looked like he was enjoying himself the other night and again Sunday when he and Alex got you to let them double penetrate you for the first time,” I said with a bit of teasing in my tone.

“Ouch, don’t remind me. Thank goodness he is not as well equipped as you, babe, as it was my ass was sore most of Monday. Remind me not to do that again, ok?” Amy’s smile disappeared as she relived that experience.

“Babe you certainly weren’t complaining while it was going on, quite the opposite,” I said.

Amy’s giggle was back as she said, “Well it was fun at the time, but not sure I want to do that again any time soon, but never say never.”

“So is Kristie ok with the breakup?”

“Yep, she is excited about exploring the swinger scene and being a unicorn. She is finally happy she can let her bisexual side out and doesn’t have t hide it, especially around the spin group. Her first marriage sounded like yours babe, a sex desert. I told her she will be in high demand so she needs to be careful. Single women, especially ones that look like her with her body, Kristie will have no issue with her pick of couples to play with, I just hope she doesn’t forget about us,” Amy explained.

“Me too,” I said with a little too much enthusiasm.

“Easy handsome, you have Cara whenever you want. Don’t get ahead of yourself, I may keep Kristie for myself,” Amy said sarcastically as she slapped my ass.

“Well if you do, I hope I at least get to watch,”

“So, are you going to ask?” Amy said.

“Ask what?” I said sheepishly, knowing she wanted me to ask about Maria.

“Really? You’re going to play that game? Ok, well that’s all then,” Amy said smugly.

Damn, she had me.

“Ok, what about Javier and Maria? I finally asked.

“Oh, um, I don’t remember to be honest,” Amy quipped.

“Ugh, come on babe, you’re killing me,” I begged.

Laughing now Amy said, “Well, she was very quiet the entire time. She didn’t say much and was barely smiling through all the other ladies confessing how much fun they had and how they were so happy with everything. When we are all finished Maria pulled me aside to talk to me in private,” Amy went on.

I was very intrigued now as to what was up. Maria was supposed to come over for dinner and some naughty naked time Friday night, was she backing out? I didn’t want to sound too disappointed if Amy said Maria had changed her mind about getting together, Cara would still be here Friday night.

Amy continued, “So Maria is very excited about Friday night.”

I let out a sigh of relief when I heard that. Damn, I was getting greedy with all of this, I should be happy with having a private hot Irish whore all to myself.

“Maria said Javier doesn’t take care of her between the legs. As she said, he just sticks his big cock in and starts pumping like he is drilling for oil. Then he cums and pulls out, leaving her to finish herself,” Amy said.

“Oh my, that’s not good. The poor thing,” I said

“Smartass. Anyway, I told her you and I would be more than happy to help her out Friday night and that Cara would too. Maria was a little nervous at first when I told her Cara and Alex would be here as well. But you know what she asked?” Amy said smiling.


“She asked if she would get to do both you and Alex. I told her, she should count on it as well as Cara and me doing her. I can’t wait to bury my face in that fat cunt of hers. She has to have to biggest cunt lips I have ever seen,” Amy was on a roll travesti istanbul now. I could tell she was getting worked up.

Amy went on, “I can’t wait to see her thick cunt lips swallow up your fat cock. She is going to be in heaven. I told her Alex may even talk her into letting you two double penetrate her. She almost passed out when I told her that.”

I had a raging hard-on now, listening to Amy tell me about Maria and the thought of burying my rod in Maria’s fat swollen fuck hole. It didn’t go unnoticed by Amy and she walked over to the kitchen counter, bent over with her ass in the air, and pulled her pants down.

Looking back over her shoulder she said, “Get in there stud. My cunt needs you in it again and again and again.”

Dinner was completely burnt to hell by the time we finished, but neither of us cared. Both of us sweaty and well fucked started dinner over.

“Babe, I know you are just as excited about tomorrow night as I am, but Maria is very new to all of this. She told me Javier is the only man she has ever been with and she has never been with a woman, even though she has fantasized about it forever. So I know I don’t need to say this as you are always the perfect gentleman but be extra polite to Maria until she relaxes. She said she has been so nervous ever since she asked if we could get together. I just hope she doesn’t back out, for her sake as well as ours.” Amy said, now fully back home from Slutville.

Even after the sound fuckings Amy had given me during dinner prep I should have been exhausted, but my cock had other thoughts, all it had on its mind was Maria’s fat wet pussy. I was surprised Amy didn’t pick up on how distracted I was the rest of the night.

Around nine pm Amy suggested we turn in early as tomorrow was going to be a long day as well as a long night.

We crawled into bed and snuggled up.

Amy sat up and said, “Hey, your hall pass with Cara is on pause until tomorrow night when Maria gets here.”

Then Amy grabbed my balls and while giggling and said, “I want these bad boys full of cum for Maria tomorrow night. I want you to paint every inch of her vaginal walls with your load. So, Babe, Cara is going to have to be happy with sloppy seconds.”

When Amy said vaginal walls instead of cunt walls, I knew my night was done.

We rolled over and went to sleep.

Friday morning I woke up with a raging hard-on. I dreamt about Maria’s fat wet pussy as well as Cara’s tight pink slit all night.

Amy seeing my situation said, “I guess a blow job this morning won’t hurt. You still have plenty of time to build up a nice thick load to plant in Maria’s fat cunt.”

I was only in my wife’s sexy hot mouth a couple of minutes before I was filling her mouth with my load. As usual, Amy didn’t miss a drop and sucked my cock until she was sure I was empty.

With a bit of cum on her lips she kissed me then said, “I like your new diet of no red meat. Your cum is almost as sweet as Alex’s. Another week of no red meat and I won’t be able to tell the difference.”

“Love you, babe, I am the luckiest guy alive,” I said as I collected myself and headed to the shower.

“You’re dam right you are, I feel just as lucky to be your wife,” Amy said.

“I mean it babe, don’t ever leave me, you are the center of my universe. I would be lost without you in my life,” I said.

When I got out of the shower I was sporting a chubby again.

I hugged Amy and said, “Babe, thanks for one of your amazing blow jobs. I didn’t know how I was going to get through the day without jerking off.”

“What? How often are you jerking off? That’s what I am for. You don’t ever have to jerk off. I have a mouth and cunt to take care of that for you, worst case I have two hands.” Amy said slightly perturbed.

Does she really think I don’t jerk off? The only guys that don’t jerk off are the guys that lie about it, I thought.

“Babe, why are you so upset about that? I know you masturbate. It is why I bought you that Womanizer that is rechargeable. We were going through batteries faster than they could make them with that other vibrator,” I said.

“That’s different,” Amy said with a red face.

“OH, how so?” I asked.

“Well, I know it shouldn’t bother me, you fantasizing about fucking other women, especially when we both fuck other people, but it does,” Amy mumbled out.

Laughing out loud I said, “Babe, I don’t fantasize about other women when I jerk off. I always think about you. Especially after you enjoy Jack’s big cock. I won’t lie, though, your DP adventure with Jason and Alex the other day has taken top priority on my spank bank.”

“Don’t say that you know I don’t like that term, SPAAAAAANK BAAAAANK. It sounds gross,” Amy said, now giggling.

“Well it is true, you are always the focal point of my self-pleasuring, or at least in the room with me,” I told her with a bit of a giggle as I kissed her.

That brought a smile to her face and she said, “Well if I am around, you best be letting me take care of that for you. Trust me when I say I love making you happy in every way possible.”

I got dressed and was about to leave when Amy came downstairs in her spin clothes.

Are you going to spin again today? You don’t usually go on Fridays,” I said.

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