Space Truckin’


This story was written as part of an “On the Job” story event in which over 20 authors participated. I hope you are able to read and enjoy them.


I dreamed of soaring at incredible velocities through vast darkness salted by winks of light and glorious gaseous clouds. Feeling unbridled joy as my body used gravity assists to whip around planets and slingshot back into deep space.

I dreamed of black holes and blazing stars and slowly wakened to the sensation of heat closing around the head of my cock. In the darkness I felt soft lips move along my sensitive glans, a hungry tongue swirled and I moaned. The mouth pulled off, a silky hand stroked me.

Delicate fingers pinched my nipples, soft then hard, I flinched in pleasure-pain and groaned and almost reached down as the mouth swooped back down on my cock and came up slowly, scraping me with teeth. Again the hand, the sweet sting slowly fading.

A husky voice, “Good morning, love.” I moaned and my cock throbbed. I felt her take one of my balls in her mouth and roll it around. She did the same with the other one and I felt the beginning of an exquisite pain as she gently pressed and mouthed them both, not too hard, but hard enough to make me gasp. I reached down and caressed hair and whispered, “Oh, god.”

She licked lower, adjusted one of my legs up and to the side and swirled her tongue against my rear, the nerves exploded in pleasure and it felt so wonderful. My cock was iron and her flattened tongue licked and swirled and gave me exquisite delight. Her stiff tongue stabbed into my hole and I gasped and moaned as my rings loosened and the tongue speared in as far as possible into that sensitive place.

I lay with my eyes closed as her tongue licked its way back up my cock and I felt lips nip my foreskin. Teeth tugged on me and a palm rubbed the head of my cock and I shivered with desire.

I felt hands on my thighs. Her mouth jabbed down and up and down to swallow an inch or two, then she took me all the way in and I felt her nose against my stomach. Lips were hard around my cock and she raised up and back down, all the way, and I moaned and grabbed the sheets in my fists. She sucked me and her head flew up and down and I heard wet noises.

Oh god, I felt lips, tongue, and teeth. I heard growling and groaning and I and came with an involuntary thrust that she easily absorbed. She held me in her mouth, hot and wet, and I felt myself swell. She held me there until I was fully hard again and then I felt her climb up and I welcomed her with a hug and a kiss while she sat on me and took me deep inside. She rocked on me, hands on my chest, fondling and pinching my nipples until she arched and came with a guttural moan.

Her breathing slowed, she lowered herself to lay on me and I held her, my cock still hard inside of her. “Reveille, reveille, reveille,” she whispered softly in my ear and I smiled in the darkness.


After breakfast we sat side by side in the command module reviewing data streams for anomalies. Well, the computers did the heavy lifting, but we told them what to do so we’re still large and in charge. At least I think so.

I sneaked a look at her from the corner of my eye and for the bazillionth time my heart beat a little faster. Even now I still thought she looked scorching hot in her corporate uniform: tight, form fitting trousers and blouse. Stretchy and breathable. Uber comfortable. Her decision to not wear a bra was certainly against dress code, but she knew her visible nipples and breasts swaying with her movements revved me up. Besides, how would the bossmen even know while we’re out here in the void.

“Gotta say, I could use some more of that style wake up call, Rachael. A lot more,” I said.

She tilted her head, her thick shoulder length blond hair falling away from her beautiful face. She used a slender finger, a manicured nail, to tuck her hair behind an ear, smiled and said with a bit of a teasing smirk, “Maybe. Probably. Okay, for sure. I do love cock, you know.”

I raised an eyebrow.

“Your cock, especially. I’m kind of programmed that way, you know, after all this time. But after we got seduced into playing with those Aslandians any cock in a storm and the more the better. But yours will always be my favorite starship and I your favorite docking station,” she said and lay a hand gently on my arm.

I laughed and recalled that wild experience. We ran across an Aslandian couple in some latest gen hub pub off the shoulder of Orion. They were about a foot, foot and a half taller than us, slender but very strong, were quite androgynous, very sexually fluid and had multiple appendages, nooks and crannies that they were very creative in using. I mean, Rachael got a three hole penetration from just the husband, or was it the wife. And I experienced fucking a…an alien pussy?…while the wife’s appendage penetrated me while holding the back of my head and encouraging me to suck on another one! Or was it the husband?

Anyway, it surprised me that the whole ardahan escort thing felt so natural and amazing. I suspect they may have secreted some aphrodisiac-like pheromones or something that hit me like a sex potion because it all was quite heady and we loved every second of it. In fact, we stayed an extra day claiming the station was waiting on a shipment before they could resupply us. But, boy we fucked ourselves silly with the Aslandians so how can I blame Rachael for learning to crave cock. Works for me because mine is the only one on board. Well, technically not the only one, but the only accessible one. Ha! We’d picked up some cryo human cargo for our leg of their run.

“Yeah, fair point.” I said and patted her knee.

“Okay, Everything looks good,” she said. “The cargo is still in suspension and the biologics are all well within parameters.”

“Outstanding,” I said and swiped my hands together as if dusting them off.

“Lunch time!” I stood and turned toward Rachael on my way out of the command post when she stopped me with a hand cupping my package.

“I saw you sneak a look at me and I like it. A lot. Just so you know, you cut quite the dashing figure in your own tight uniform. I especially like your tight ass and big bulge here.”

I felt myself swell, smiled, pecked her on her head, grabbed her hand and pulled her up to me, kissed her and said, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” Rachael said, laying her head against my chest.


After we made the rounds, verified hull integrity via the monitoring software and other sort of important stuff (fingers crossed!), we headed to the game room, aka holodeck. It wasn’t very big, but big enough to hold the exercise and gaming equipment, and it was big part of our on board lives.

“What are you up for?” I said.

“I dunno. Games?”

“Oh yeah.”

We played strip virtual ping pong. To the winner go the spoils.

By the end we were both sweating. Rachael was naked and I was down to my agency approved skivvies.

I could almost feel my pupils dilate as I took her in. Slender, petite (well, most of us are in this job), toned and athletic, with a stunningly gorgeous elfin face perched atop all that excellence. Her breasts a perfect match for her body. And, in the Earth-human style for what must be eons by now, no hair except on her head.

I scooped her up to squeals of delight and had my way with her in the shower.


“How much longer?”

“Until what?”

“To the station, duh,” I said.

Rachael smiled (she enjoys messing with me) and looked at the console, tapped a screen and said, “Looks like another eighteen hours at current velocity.”

I looked over at her.

“What?” she said.


“Oh no, you got that look,” she said and smiled, her eyes widening.

“What look?”

“You’re getting ready to be up to something.”

“Who me?” I said as I slid to the floor on my knees. I turned her chair to me and ran my hands up her legs. Her breath quickened.

I put my hands on the inside of Rachael’s thighs, leaned in and licked her. I chewed and nibbled her through her uniform and her breath caught. I unzipped her trousers and pulled them down.

“Going commando again, eh?” I said.

She smiled, tangled my hair in her hand and pulled me to her.

“Mmm, I love how smooth you are, “I said. And you taste amazing. New flavor?”

“Yep. Came in on the last update. Now shut up and lick me.” So I did.

I licked her. Long strokes up, then down the length of her lips. She was getting wetter and I absolutely loved the taste of her. Rachael fought to keep her hips still.

“Oh my god.” She took a deep breath. “Okay, put you gums over your teeth and nibble my lips, the outside ones and then the inside ones. Mmm, that’s right, feels good.” I nibbled and lick her lips as she took control.

“That’s very nice, love. Now take your teeth and grab my lips and pull them. Don’t bite too hard, but not too soft. I can take more now.”

I gently chewed her lips and pulled them away until I lost the grip and they snapped back. “Oh god! Yes, like that!” I smiled at her pleasure, proud to bring her such joy.

“Back to gentle licking now. Alternate between gentle and intense. Taking your time to build up and up and up. Oh, so good.” She caressed my head.

I took my thumb and forefinger and put them on the outside of her pussy. I pinched the meat there. I scooped the lips of her pussy up away from her body. I pinched her pussy that way and licked her.

“God, that feels good.” Rachael was in heaven, her head back, breathing hard. She caressed my head and gave herself up to my efforts. I licked and chewed and pressed my tongue into her. She moaned and her hips moved and pivoted without conscious thought. I pulled her lips with my fingers and pinched her clit. Rachael was writhing on the chair when I put two fingers in her and pressed that sensitive spot. I clamped my mouth over her and worked her with adıyaman escort teeth and tongue. I moved my head back and forth to get more friction and fucked her hard with my fingers. Rachael was gasping and groaning and grabbed my head with both hands and pulled me against her cunt and yelled and arched and contracted and came.

Rachael’s chest heaved. She released my hair, leaned her head back and put an arm over her eyes. Her breathing slowed. I smiled and wiped my face on my sleeve. I had to adjust my cock in my trousers before unzipping and pushing them down and kicking them off. I hit a switch to flatten the chair, pulled on Rachael’s legs, tipped her over so she was on her back and sank my cock balls deep into her and was pleased to hear her make a ‘woof’ sound.

She rasped, “Oh my god.” I started slowly, out then in. I ground my hips against her, rotating, rubbing, grinding, and swiveling. I picked up speed and was rewarded with, “Oh god, oh my god.”

We finished together in joyous release and I collapsed in exhaustion. Our breathing slowed. Our pulse returned to normal. We lay there in silent comfort, enjoying the afterglow. Surely our hearts were one.

Finally, “Just about out did yourself, there, love. Might be a personal best in the pussy eating department.”

“Glad you enjoyed.”

“Oh, I surely did.”

“Whew. Man. Let’s go get cleaned up.”

We rose on shaky legs and helped each other to the shower where I lovingly washed her, then she me.


After another round checking status and stuff we went back to the holodeck. (See what I mean?)

“Let’s take a walk around Chinatown.”

“On what planet,” I said.

Rachael smiled and said, “I dunno, how about the one where they have those creatures that look sort of like unicorns.”

“Done.” I tapped in the settings and BAM, there we were. Was interesting. The cityscape had a noir-like dark and sparkly-wet atmosphere vibe like in a classic sci-fi movie I remember liking.

I took Rachael’s hand and off we went through the narrow and crowded streets. Many alien cultures and…aliens…brushing up against one another, doing commerce, socializing and doing what creatures everywhere do in their way. We people watched, as it were, and chatted about nothing at all, at ease in the silences and my mind wandered

Life before Rachael was good. But when the company’s operations expanded and they needed longer then way longer runs they realized us space jockeys needed some companionship through the lonely days out in the black vastness, so my Rachael showed up. Turns out we’re a great match for each other but that’s not by accident, I’m sure. I was tested out the wazoo before they let me loose to traipse around space with immensely valuable cargo, not to mention the ships, so I’m sure they did their due diligence. And life with Rachael is better.

I thought back to our first meeting at a satellite headquarters on some terraformed asteroid near the Tannhauser Gate some seven Earth years ago. She entered the conference room and took my breath away. Physically, she was stunning. Her smile beamed as bright as a supernova. The HR heads and honchos left us alone to get to know each other and before long it was as if we were old friends reuniting after a lengthy absence the way we were laughing and teasing and flirting. Everything was so natural and easy it was uncanny. I guessed the company sure did their homework because it felt like love at first sight for us both. Everybody assumed that a pilot and their first mates relationship would evolve into a sexual one at a minimum. I mean, that was just part of the plan, and I couldn’t have been happier.

I returned to the present as we stopped at a street side café where we ordered a strange brew and an appetizer, though had no idea what things were so we basically threw a holodart and hoped for the best.

We were served by a pleasant creature that looked a bit like a walking broccoli stalk. I marveled at how it changed colors chameleon-like as it navigated among the tables and patrons.

I took a sip of the smoldering drink, cloud-like fumes rolling off the top and cascading around my hand, and said, “What do you think?”

“It’s…interesting,” she said after taking a drink.

“Whew, my mouth is exploding in…super intense flavors, but it’s good.”


“Kind of thick, though.”

“What about the appetizer? Looks like a prickly sphere,” Rachael said.

I took a bite and said, “They’re crunchy. Whoa! It kind of melted in my mouth and disappeared.”

“Crunchy balls that melt in your mouth? Wonder what that could be.”

I laughed and said, “Stop it! Don’t go there!”

Rachael laughed and took my hand.

We wandered around some more and finally the session timed out, the scene disappeared leaving the holodeck bland and bare and it was back to work. If you could call it that, there’s a lot of free time between space stations and destinations. (Can you say movie night?)


The karabük escort computers computed, the checklists were checked so we fist bumped and headed to our sleeping quarters, our boots whisking softly on the deck.

Once inside Rachael said, “Remember the Aslandians? How we felt like rag dolls they were so strong and moved us all around?”

“Oh, yeah.”

“Did you have fun?”

“Can’t say no,” I said and smiled.

“Did you enjoy all that they did?”

“Can’t say no.”

“Even when they teamed up on you? Poking you everywhere and all that?”

“Uh, still can’t say no,” I said

She smiled and said, “Excellent! I have a surprise for you.”

“Yeah? What?”

“Uh uh. Do you trust me?” her eyes sparkled.

I looked at her warily and said, “Yes, but…”

“I’m the captain tonight?”

“Captain of what?”

“Of you,” Rachael said, pointed a finger at me and cocked her head to one side and I loved the sway of her hair.

“Ah, you want to be the boss.”

“Tonight, I’ll have my way with you.”

I smiled and said, “Promise?”

“Oh, indeed I do,” she said and leered at me. “Go shower up and make it speedy but thorough!”

We were in bed. We made out, touched each other in fun familiar places. Rachael rolled me onto my stomach and straddled me. She caressed my hair, massaged my back, worked her way down, shifted and I felt her kneel between my legs.

“I did some research and I’m going to teach you all that I learned. And I learned a lot.”

I felt her hands spread my cheeks, exposing me. I felt her blow on me and I flinched a bit at the unexpected blast of cool air back there.

“Relax now, I’m going to make you feel real good.”

I felt her tongue, a soft touch on my crinkled opening. She licked me and nerves exploded in delightful sensation. I felt her tongue flatten and she licked my opening and the feeling was exquisite. I felt her lick my hole and then I felt a pointy tongue push and press and spear me and I moaned at the pleasure. I was moaned and ground my cock into the sheet.

“Kneel for me, love,” she said and I pulled my legs up and underneath me so that my torso rested on my thighs and my forehead was on the bed. Rachael moved my knees shoulder width apart and I could see her behind me as she licked and sucked my ass. It felt amazing and I trembled when she stroked my cock as she licked my ass.

Oh god, she licked and speared me with her tongue and I wanted her to never stop. She swirled her tongue around and in my ass and I moaned and moaned. She jacked me I came and she captured my cum in her hand, grabbed my hair and pulled my head up. She placed her hand at my lips and, lost in the moment, I licked my cum from her hand and turned and kissed her and I felt her smile as I fed it back to her. We kissed long after it disappeared.

“Lay on your back, love.”

I lay on my back and looked up at Rachael standing at the foot of the bed working something up her slender legs. She looked spectacular. “I’m going to make love to you. Like you do to me. So you relax, love, and let me bring you pleasures.”

I was thrilled by Rachael’s words. Excitement overlaying small whispers of nervousness and maybe a pale embarrassment. But we were open to each other and always accepting of new urges and ideas.

Rachael put one knee on the mattress, then the other. My eyes widened and my breath quickened as she crawled over me, her cock brushed mine and I moaned. Her face was directly over mine, framed by her lovely hair.

“I’m going to make love to you. I’m going to fuck you like you fuck me. I like it. Love it, even.” A soft kiss and a whispered, “Maybe you will too. I hope so.”

She moved to my side, on her elbow, flicked her hair back and kissed me. God, I loved the tender touch of her lips on mine, her soft, sweet breath, the caress of her hair as she leaned and nibbled my earlobe.

I stroked Rachael as she kissed my eyes, lips, bit my neck. She worked her way down and took my sensitive nipple into her mouth and tongued it sucked it and bit it and I felt the stinging pleasure-pain. She did the same with my other nipple while her hand lightly caressed my stomach and thighs, never touching my cock.

I felt her hair drift over my cock and rewarded her with a moan. She took me in and I felt her hot mouth water as she worked my cock with her lips and tongue. Rachael slowly took her soft mouth off of me. She rolled me over.

“I’m going to prepare you now.” She spread my cheeks and used her tongue on me again. “I love it when you lick my ass. It’s so sensitive there, isn’t it.” Her voice was thick and I moaned.

I felt a wet coldness on my hole. Rachael prepared me, getting me ready for her cock. She took her time and had three fingers in me and I moaned and moved on them, signaling my readiness. She nudged my legs a little farther apart.

I felt a blunt tip at my opening and visualized the cock that was attached to a harness that held it low and firm against her mons.

Rachael pressed gently, but firmly and I felt that thick pressure, the impossibly broad head of her cock relentlessly pushing and spreading my rings. It was intense and I moaned in guilty pleasure as it broke through and filled my ass with an immense pressure. I felt Rachel’s hips against me and I moaned into the sheets.

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