Single female in a sex club

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First time sex club

I had been invited along to sex clubs in the past, and had always dismissed the idea. As a hard working teacher I was too scared I would meet someone that I knew. This is the story of how my exact nightmare came true.

I was finally going to do it. Visit a sex club, on my own! As a single woman, the idea of going it alone was intimidating, but exciting. I chose a club that was close enough to get to, but far enough away so there was less chance of getting caught.

First on my to do list was to visit a sex shop for an interesting outfit. I chose black throughout, with matching stockings. Over that I decided to wear a purple tartan skirt (proud of my Scottish heritage) and a low cut tight black top. I felt the need to change my image that night, almost hide behind a new persona, so I made myself up to look like a classy porn star.

I called my taxi and sat drinking a few vodkas, trying to calm my nerves. My stomach was in knots and the Angel on my shoulder was screaming at me to just tuck myself into my hotel bed and not even contemplate a sex club, but I was just too curious about it and too horny thinking about it!

The taxi came and I clambered into it in my mini tartan skirt that left nothing to the imagination. I felt nervous about the taxi driver asking me questions as I gave him the address. He knew, I could see it in his eyes. As his eyes travelled up my body in the mirror I couldn’t help but blush. What the hell was I even doing? Good girls like me did not do this sort of thing! I asked the driver to drop me off at a pub across the road. I figured if I couldn’t pluck the courage to go in I’d at least have the balls to go to the pub and chat up some local.

Suddenly, I was out in the freezing cold with my suspenders on show, staring at the sex club across the road. Should I ring a bell? knock the door? Just walk right in as if I was the Queen of Sheba? Would it be all dirty old men? Will they just be having sex on the floor when I go in? It was safe to say I was shitting myself. I talked myself into believing I was a confident sexy woman and so I strode across that road and I pulled open the monstrous heavy door.

A lovely man behind the counter looked up at me. He wasn’t my type. He has big, very tall and had a massive beard. I was strangely instantly turned on. His eyes swept my body and his face lit up as if it was Christmas morning and he had just received that present he had always asked for. “Ah, a newbie!” he said with a wicked grin on his face. As I handed over my money (what a bargain if you are a woman) he roughly grabbed my hand and stared intensely into my eyes. “You’re going to love it here gorgeous, looking like that.” I almost melted there on the spot.

I put my things in my locker and got ready to go through to the main social area. I was to be given the grand tour, but I was most nervous about walking in to the bar. The host was lovely, giving me lots of sensible information. But I wasn’t taking escort izmit it in, the nerves were getting the better of me. He could tell when I was hesitant to move forward. “You are an absolute treat tonight Jen. Just come in and let everyone feast on you.” So I did. I walked forward into the bar, scanning the room as quickly as I could. My worst fear was to meet a parent of a pupil I taught, or a colleague. I had told myself a million times that it didn’t matter because obviously they were there as well, but Jesus it still caused me to crap myself when I thought about it.

I had a quick tour of the place, amazed at the different rooms on offer. I was particularly surprised by how I felt when I saw the public viewing room, where anyone could watch you have sex. It turned me on so much, which was a surprise. I made my way back to the bar, grabbed a drink and settled into a comfy chair. The room was mostly full of men. Old and young. There were a few couples quietly talking to each other and also scanning the room. I was the only single female there. I suddenly felt like I imagine a rabbit must feel like when confronted with a pack of dogs. As I sat sipping my vodka an older gentleman came over to talk to me. He was nice to chat to, but I knew I wasn’t interested in fucking him. I planned on taking my time that night, picking the best of the bunch for myself.

After a while, and after my heart rate returned to normal, I felt completely relaxed in my surroundings. That hard bit was over. I sat chatting to numerous people when a woman across the room caught my eye. She wore a pure white dress that clung to her curves in such a sexy way. Her partner was talking away to her but she wasn’t listening. She was staring at me. She deliberately smiled a coy smile at me and showed me her hand. Her hand travelled down her stomach, hitched up her dress and she began stroking her pussy above her panties, right there across the room. I was terrified, not really knowing how to respond. I had been with a girl once, but only in my teen years. She was gorgeous and I fancied her immediately. Her confidence was super sexy to me and I held her stare as she played with herself. Just as I was about to let my hand travel down my own body, she stopped. She grabbed her partners hand and slowly walked over to me.

The man did all the talking, whilst sexy white dress girl stared at me, playing with a curl of her hair that was so damn sexy. Once I dragged my attention to her man I found that he was equally as gorgeous as his girlfriend. Super tall with a rugby players physique, with really intense vivid green eyes. He asked if I was interested in a threesome and I promptly answered yes before I chickened out of this. I could not pass up my chance to sleep with these beautiful people. I was in the middle of asking the man if he regularly included a partner when Gemma, the sexy girlfriend in the white dress, grabbed my face and pulled me in for a long kiss. She leaned into me in my chair and straddled my body. The sounds izmit escort of the room vanished and all I could feel was her and all I could hear was her heavy breathing as her excitement grew. I reached down to feel her boobs, and felt her hard nipples through her bra. All I could think of was sucking on her nipples. She whispered in my ear, let’s go downstairs to a room.

We chatted and laughed as we walked down the winding stairs towards to play rooms. I could feel every pair of eyes in the social room follow as as we left. We entered a big standard room, I think they could tell I was nervous. Once in we all stripped, showing off what we had to offer to each other. None of us were displeased and my excitement grew. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do. As Gemma fondled my boobs she asked if I had ever gone down on a woman before. I couldn’t help but notice her disappointed eyes when I said no, and suddenly I wanted nothing more than to go down on her and show her an amazing time. We lay in the bed and began to touch and explore each other. John began to take of my panties, exclaiming in wonder at my beautiful pussy as he put it. I longed for his tongue to explore my clit and I was soaking wet ready for them both. My tongue ran down Gemma’s body as I settled down near her pussy. I gently licked her upper thighs, getting closer and closer to her pussy which was now soaking wet I could see. As I took that first lick I wondered why the hell I hadn’t done this before. I absolutely adore giving head to a man, and this was just as good as that. Her moans were turning me on so much and I begged John with my hips to enter a finger or two into me. I yearned to feel full. At that point, I heard the door click open.

I turned around and nearly died on the spot. To be fair so did they. In front of me, both dressed in black pvc, was the parents of one of my pupils. I couldn’t help but notice that the man was rock hard and had a seriously impressive cock. They called me by my teacher name, apologised about 10 times and then began to back out of the room. I was panicking, I couldn’t let them just leave so I stood up, in just my suspenders by that point asked them to stay for a chat. We all put our clothes back on and Gemma brought drinks in, locking the door behind her. As we relaxed we were able to laugh about the situation, seeing the very funny and rare side to this situation. They were about to leave the room when the pupils father, Stewart, said,”to be honest I’ve fantasised about seeing you naked so many times. Now I’ve seen it I’ll never be able to get that image out of my head” his wife laughed and added that she too had always admired the way I looked. I laughed along, catching myself looking at the fathers cock which was straining against his jeans. I looked up at him, realising I was caught staring. Something just took over me and I stood up and removed my top and bra again. I took off my tartan skirt slowly as both couples stared at me in silence. I walked over to the father izmit kendi evi olan escort and stared into his eyes as I unbuckled his trousers and let them slip to the floor. I kept eye contact as I slid to the floor and took his full length into my mouth, my tongue moving across his cock. He looked as if he was going to die on the spot and let out the most satisfied and horny groan as he felt my mouth around his cock for the first time.

After a few minutes sucking and slurping on his cock I moved across to the mother. I didn’t give her time to think as I lifted her skirt and played with her soaking wet pussy. Her cries and saying my teacher name over and over made me extremely horny and I quickly looked round to ask my first couple to join in. “Such a pretty tight pussy you have there Miss” John said as he slid his fat cock into it. I was so wet he slid all the way in first time. It felt wonderful, and I pulled the mother down to the floor so I could lick her clit slowly and finger her. Her moans vibrated through me and as John slowly fucked me from behind I felt a powerful orgasm coming. “I’m coming for you all” I screamed and as it washed over me I felt the father cum into my face. I turned to welcome it gladly, sharing it with his wife. Gemma had been on the bed putting on a strap on and when I got my senses back she asked me to join her.

She lay me on top of her and began to massage my pussy with a lubricant. I was so ready for another pounding and ive never been fucked by a girl before. My heart was racing and I felt so dirty lying there exposed to two couples. As I got ready for her dick to penetrate my pussy she whispered in my ear “I’m going to slide this into your ass Jen” when I made a whimpering sound she told me not to worry, that she’d be gentle. She spread my legs open and everyone else sat on the edge of the bed for the show.

The dildo felt cold against my ass and I quivered as she slowly entered me, going a tiny bit deeper with every thrust. The mother (Sarah) moved towards me slowly ran a finger up my stomach towards my mouth. She leaned forward and, with her tongue she traced my lips. As she began to kiss me I felt the dildo go so deep into my ass that a shiver ran through my whole body. I loved being on display for the two men watching. John moved over towards me, his eyes excitingly gazing at my body as Gemma thrust into me from behind. He positioned himself over me and put the tip of his cock inside my pussy. I thought I was going to explode, it felt exquisite. He began to gently thrust, filling me up. Sarah moved up towards my face and sat on top of me, filling my mouth once again with her pussy juice. I felt Stewart place his cock in my hand and I began to wank him slowly, hearing his moans. Gemma was moaning as well now, someone was playing with her but I just didn’t know who. I was in heaven with a dildo in my ass, a big fat cock in my pussy, a pussy in my face and a cock to pump on….

After we had finished and all came we headed back upstairs. There, sitting on the couch with two drinks in his hands, was the taxi driver. “I just had to see if you had actually came in here” he slyly said as I joined him in the couch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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