Signature Item Ch. 02

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An Interlude -In which the postie is introduced to the housemate.

Resting where we lay, this awesome tight-bodied cutie laying back on me, pinning me to the sofa, we remained wide-eyed and panting for a while as my dick went limp inside her pussy and eventually lolled out. Gobbets of our cum followed and drizzled over my balls and onto the sofa.

Holy shit, postman.

Susan,I gasped, that was the best sex I have EVER had.

She turned her head to look at me then, a real funny look, though still with a cheeky grin and a glint in her eyes. I’m not Susan. Susan’s my housemate. HEY SUZE! she yelled at the stairs, this postie that delivered your parcel, did you hear how he just totally fucked my brains out?!

Near the top of the stairs, visible from the sofa between the railings, sat another woman.

Yeah, I heard it all right. Reckon the whole street did. She stood and descended to where we were in the living room. She went to the stereo and turned the music down so it was barely in the background. Susan was taller than the one flopped over me, bustier with smooth pale skin. She wore a similar silk dressing-gown, which she let rest fully open. I cocked an eye over her curvier bosom and tidy muff. She stood there looking at as both canlı bahis for a moment, flaunting her shapely figure, with one hand on her hip and a dildo in the other. Both the rubber dong and her inner thighs glistened with her own voyeuristic pleasure.

She sauntered over to the sofa, shedding her gown, and sat next to us.

Postman, meet Susan; Suze, Postie. I’m Jen, by the way. She panted huskily and let her head rest back on my shoulder.

Susan reached over between our legs, stroked lightly up my scrotum and then onto Jen’s pussy. She must’ve slipped a finger in, because Jen twitched with post-orgasm and Susan’s finger came up loaded with our mingled cum. I watched most of it. Pretty hot, Jen. She scooped it into her mouth and rolled it around for a moment before swallowing it down.

Um, Susan likes cum. Jen said with a smile.

I can see that. Susan and I stared intently at each other, our faces close. A rough tumble of gingery curls framed her face, which sported a light flush of freckles. I dropped my gaze down, past her voluptuous bosom to her slick sex. Returning to look at her finely shaped face; Did you enjoy what you saw?

Very much, thank you. She replied with a smile. I like this one Jen, he’s polite.

Lifting bahis siteleri her head, Jen gasped.

Hhh! D’you think you might want to…?

…Perhaps. And with that she unlocked her eyes from mine and left her place next to me, shifting the coffee table and settling to her knees in front of our stacked privates. Let’s get this cleaned up a bit first.

I felt the sharp reality of fingernails on my cock, lifting it delicately, shortly followed by the warm press of a tongue on my sack. The tongue licked a slow path up the centre between my balls and up the length of my flaccid cock. It’s touch disappeared for a moment, but the way Jen squirmed languorously as she lay on me I had a pretty good idea where it had gone. She lifts her legs so her feet are resting on my knees, and I shift my grip from her hips to her tits, gently playing with her nipples.

D’you do this sort of thing often? I asked.

What,Jen panted, fuck a delivery guy or… she gasps, each other? OHhh!

She squirms some more and I flinch as I feel one of my nuts get sucked into Susan’s cum-hungry mouth.

Well, we screw each other like, all the time. I’m totally Bi, so I like a good warm dick pretty darn often but Suze, shifts her sucking to my other nut, and wraps bahis şirketleri her long fingers around my cock. I slide one hand down to Jen’s clit, she really does prefer girls, which is why ooooOHmygod and I feel Susan’s tongue plunge past my clitty finger into Jen’s quim.

…which is why…

Susan grabs my hand and guides a finger into Jen’s pussy. I finger in and out and around, spreading her juices all over the place, and while I’m doing so I realise that Susan has a finger resting on Jen’s anus. I spread her juices all over that finger and rest the tip of my finger on the edge of her ring as I feel the progress of Susan as she pushes slowly in. …hohh fuckkk…

Past the first knuckle I feel her anus twitch and her breath comes in short rasping gasps. Susan leans forward and takes my pussy-juiced finger into her mouth, and my cock continues to stiffen in her hand. I shift my other hand down to her clit and start to play.

Jesus fuck fucking fuck don’t stop oh god don’t either of you dare fucking stop I’m about to cum!

As Jen screamed another helpless orgasm I look down at what’s happening and witness a scene I will never forget; Jen is tweaking her own nipples so hard her boobs are conical, one of my hands is fingering her pussy and clit, my other hand is being sucked by Susan, who is gripping my dick with one hand and fingering Jen’s arse with the other. In light of my rather normal sexual experience so far, this was utterly unbelievable.

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