Show Me Yours


I sit patiently, silently watching the scene. It started as a dare, a “you show me yours, I’ll show you mine” game from when we were kids. And so I stripped. You blushed as you saw me standing naked in front of you. Clearly you hadn’t really thought I would do it. You’re hesitant, unsure, but just as clearly determined to hold up your end of the bargain.

And so I sit on the edge of your bed, watching. You pull of your socks slowly, as if you’re buying time for an excuse to come to mind. Yet I notice your glances, sometimes to my waiting eyes but other times to my cock, as though imagining what it will look like hard. The thought turns me on and it’s all I can do to not start masturbating right there.

You smile awkwardly as you blush yet again. I lean back on my arms, eager to enjoy the show, and my eyes never leave yours. Slowly your hands move to the top button of your blouse where you fidget for a second before managing to undo it. Still my eyes never leave yours. You move to the second button, then the third. My eyes flash down to catch the first glimpse of your bra, simple white against your skin. You turn a deep shade of red as you catch my glance, but you continue. Now my eyes follow your hands, button after button, revealing ever more bare flesh. My cock begins to stir as more of you is revealed.

With the last button undone, your hands slide up, taking the edges of your blouse and slipping them from your shoulders. My lips give silent plea, desperate to kiss those shoulders, my hands long to touch you, but I never move. Your blouse falls to the floor as you smile half-heartedly, Van Escort turning redder still. You seem to regain confidence as I smile back encouragingly.

With great care and caution you move to the fastenings of your jeans. Time seems to slow as you lower the zipper. I catch a glimpse of your panties as you reach for the waistband. I fight back the urge to stare as you slide your jeans over your hips, then down your thighs and past your knees. I’m awestruck at how sexy you are. You step out of your jeans carefully and your eyes find mind with ever more confidence. You’re enjoying this almost as much as I am.

Teasingly, mischievously, you reach behind your back to undo the fastening of your bra. You glance down again, noticing now that my cock has begun to come to life. You hold the bra in place as first one strap then the other is slid off you shoulders, leaving them bare. I want to yell at you to hurry up and reveal yourself to me, but I resist. Finally you pull away the offending cloth and my eyes take in your incredible chest. I memorize every inch of it, your nipples, growing hard with excitement, the curve of your breasts. I desire only to take them in my hands and toy with them.

You let me stare for a moment before you continue. Your fingers slip under the waistband of your panties and slowly they follow the path of your jeans to the floor. And you stand before me naked, gorgeous. I can see your pussy, neatly trimmed and calling to me. You blush as my eyes move from top to bottom and back again.

When you can finally look at me again you eyes move to my cock, now Van Escort Bayan semi-hard and rapidly growing. Your eyes gleam at the sight. Silently you move towards me and drop to your knees in front of me. Your take my stiffening member in your hand, your soft skin sending a wave of pleasure through me. Your hand begins to pump my cock slowly, feeling every inch of it. I’m about to tell you how much I’ve dreamed of this but I never get the chance as you lean in and take me in your mouth.

It’s just the tip at first, your tongue swirling around the head of my shaft. Then you lick from base to tip as your other hand touches my knee and slides to my thigh. I moan loudly as the pleasure of your blowjob shoots through me. Up and down, up and down on my cock…

I let you continue for a moment before stopping you. I pull your face to mine and we kiss, our tongues dancing together in a swirl of passion. Then, wordlessly, I motion to you what I want before lying back onto the bed. You respond lustfully, climbing onto the bed and straddling my head. As I kiss your damp pussy lips you bend over, taking me once more into your mouth.

My hands slide over your hips, your back, touching you as my tongue darts into your wet slit. A long lick from top to bottom precedes a light flick against your clit. I lick in circles around it, slowly at first then faster, harder. You pause to moan in quiet ecstasy and I take the opportunity to increase the pace of my licking. Your reaction is immediate, your body spasming as your orgasm washes over you.

“Oh God!” You cry as it hits, and then you Escort Van turn your attention back to my hard cock. I feel your weight shift as you give it a final lick before rising up. I fight you, wanting to pleasure you further, but your will is iron. I barely have time to react as your climb off the bed. I’m too busy eyeing your wonderful backside to wonder what you’re doing as, your back still to me, you slide my hard shaft into your pussy and sit. The velvety tightness of your pussy astounds me as you begin to slide, up and down on my cock. It’s all I can do to keep from cumming right then and there.

Our moans fill the air as the temperature seems to rise. My hands guide your hips on my pole. I can see the edges of your breasts bouncing with each stroke. You take me deep into your pussy then rise nearly completely free of it before impaling yourself down upon it once more. Faster and faster. Wave after wave of pleasure streams through me with each move you make.

“God, oh God!” I hear you call as you slam yourself down on my cock once more. Your pussy squeezes tight like a vice on my penis as you crash into a second orgasm. The incredible ecstasy of the moment pushes me over the edge.

“ I’m cumming!” I feel my cock pumping juices deep into your pussy as the moment contracts, the world evaporating into a haze of lust and pleasure.

You rise and turn to face me. Your face turns a deep shade of red as what just happened finally registers. Our eyes meet and I fear that you’re going to tell me how big a mistake you thought this was, or how you didn’t mean for this to happen when I know it was all I wanted. You open your mouth as though to speak and I brace for the worst. But words die on your lips, your blush fading before a radiant smile. And I return the smile just as warmly as you straddle my hips and lean over for a kiss…

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