Shannon Becomes a Woman


Shannon Heller sat in the English Composition class that usually fascinated her but today could not hold her attention. A 19-year-old sophomore at one of the most prestigious universities on the East Coast, she was having another one of those days when all she could do was ponder her current state, how she got there, and where it would lead her. Considered brilliant by many, that label had been a gateway for her in so many ways, and a yoke around her neck in so many others.

An only child, Shannon had grown up in a home where academics were stressed above all else. Her parents were both engineers in industry and her high school years had been spent devoted to academics.

Though she could master any class, her strengths and true love were in the arts. Her writing skills were far beyond any of her peers and she was drawn as well to drama and music, excelling at anything she attempted. She also became practiced in the art of yoga, daily stretching her body while trying to master the meditative aspect of the discipline as well.

She grew up in a quiet, unstimulating home and found refuge in anything creative. While her parents’ incomes afforded them a luxurious lifestyle, they rarely went out or vacationed, preferring instead to stay at home nurturing their daughter’s studies and academic pursuits. Religious, with very high standards and morals, they raised their daughter with strict rules and restraints. Television and movies were rarely viewed because of the profanity and sexual content most contained. Her clothing was simple and meant to hide her shape. Abstinence was the rule of the house for her as she was relentlessly told that she must “save herself” for marriage.

Consequently, she moved through her high school years with little social life beyond the extra-curricular activities in which she participated. Musical performances, theater productions, and school clubs were the norm of her sheltered life. She made her way through the halls in no makeup, baggy jeans, t-shirts, and loose sweatshirts, none of which made her appealing to any of the boys in school. She rarely dated, and if she was asked out, it was usually by some boy who was not near her equal in intelligence or maturity.

And that is how she found herself, at 19 years old, still a virgin. Not only was she still a virgin, but she had not ever been close to having the opportunity to lose that status. She had never seen or touched a male organ. Some of the boys she had dated had attempted moves on her, but she rebuffed them, terrified of her parents and shackled by their standards.

But they couldn’t stop her from dreaming and fantasizing. They would never know the thoughts that began to capture her not long after she began developing into the woman she had now become. For beneath the unflattering clothes which she made her trademark was a luscious, beautiful body that the sad, little boys in high school could not recognize. If you weren’t a cheerleader moving in the popular circles of the school, dressed in the most current revealing fashions of the day, few boys would give you any attention.

In the privacy of her room, tucked away in the cavernous mansion in which her family lived, she would transform herself into the sexy, passionate woman that she yearned to be.

Sure that she was alone in the house, with no chance of discovery, Shannon would remove the boring clothes of the school day and begin to prepare herself for her dream lover. Makeup that would accentuate her eyes, lips, and complexion. Her long brown hair brushed until it shined with luster. From the depths of her chest of drawers, lingerie she had secretly purchased. And there, before her mirror, she would transform herself into a woman that any man would desire to have, but none had ever seen.

She would take in the vision of her loveliness. A perfectly proportioned body with long legs, narrow waist, a tight butt, and full breasts. She would move her hands to her thighs and begin to caress the soft skin between her legs. Her fingertips lightly stroking her skin, moving from her thighs and across her belly until they found her breasts, full and firm. She toyed with her nipples through the material of the sexy black lace bra she wore. They became erect and tried in vain to poke their way through the material.

She felt the burning begin in her genitals as her wetness began to flow. The ache that gripped her as she touched herself was familiar now but she could never take herself over the edge of release. Her panties would become soaked in her fluids, but she couldn’t bring herself to touch herself there to see where that would lead. That would be saved for the man to whom she would finally surrender her virginity.

For now, she was content to continue this game of dress-up while knowing what she had to offer the man who would take her for the first time. She smiled at herself in the mirror. What a charade she maintained to those who knew her. Only she knew the true needs that she had. And, at times, those needs perplexed görükle escort bayan her, too.

Shannon could never place when or understand why she had developed a fascination with older men. Perhaps it was because of the way boys her age repulsed her with their immaturity and focus on the physical. Or perhaps it was the attraction to the older teachers in high school and at the university and the knowledge and wisdom that they possessed. Regardless, it was always a man of years that she would dream of when she turned herself into the gorgeous starlet she became before her mirror in those many private moments over these past years.

As class ended, Shannon began to make her way across campus to the cozy apartment that her parents provided for her. This living arrangement had given her some measure of freedom for the first time in her life. After so many years under her parents’ power, she was only now beginning to ponder possibilities that had been forbidden to her while at home.

As usual, the first thing she did was sign on to her computer. One thing she was able to do now that she was away from home was cruise the internet to find pornographic sites where she would watch acts that she had only dreamed of. Finally she had been able to see a man’s penis and watch these men as they participated with beautiful models in every sexual act imaginable.

Ever the student, she studied for hours the techniques of oral sex and every possible type of intercourse. She witnessed couples making slow, beautiful love as well as scenes of rape and torture. She saw women take semen into their mouths and swallow while others had their faces bathed in ejaculate by groups of men. She watched women take male organs into their anus, swallowing the whole organ into an orifice that she had never considered part of sex. This had become her education in all things sexual.

And through this process, Shannon learned what excited her and what didn’t. She was able to envision how it would be when the opportunity finally presented itself for her to be a participant in pleasure. Many times she had gone over and over the script in her head. The only thing left for her was the opportunity itself.

And so it went. Study, attend performances at the theater, lose herself through meditation and yoga. Through her freshman year and now, into her sophomore year she waited. No young college boy for her. It would have to be a man. And it was finally in December that the moment she had been waiting for arrived.

It was a Friday, a crisp fall day, as she made her way through the campus toward the student center for lunch. She made her way through the doors and into the main lobby, heading for the stairs that would lead her to the cafeteria. Suddenly, from behind her, a voice called.

“Shannon… Shannon Heller!” The voice sounded familiar but it couldn’t have been who she thought it was. Not this far from home. She turned slowly to see if it was in fact who she thought it was.

Her heart threatened to jump from her chest when she saw John Sewell. Mr. Sewell had been her drama instructor in high school and was one of the most handsome men she had ever known. So many times he had been the object of her dreams and fantasies. And now, here he was, just steps away from her in the student union. How could this be?

“Shannon, so good to see you,” Mr. Sewell said. “I can’t believe I actually ran into you here.”

Control yourself, Shannon, she thought. Maintain your composure even though the man of your dreams is here before you.

“Mr.Sewell! You are one of the last people I’d ever expect to see here. What brings you to campus?” she asked.

“I’m here for a drama conference. I’d forgotten that this was the school you had chosen to attend,” he replied. “How are things going for you here?”

“I love it here,” she said. “Listen, I’m on my way to lunch. Why don’t you join me?”

Mr. Sewell agreed and the two of them made their way into the cafeteria where they sat and talked over sandwiches and coffee. They made small talk as he gave her an update on what was happening back at her high school and she filled him in on her college experience to date.

Shannon found it difficult to concentrate on the conversation as she studied him. So handsome he was. She pegged him for early to mid-forties. Dressed in dark slacks, turtleneck, and tweed jacket. The same trim body she had dreamed of back home. Long hair, neatly trimmed, with attractive streaks of gray. But mostly, it was his manner, his demeanor that she found appealing. Soft-spoken, but in charge of his world.

Sitting there, she made her decision. The time had come. Circumstances had brought this man to her and she couldn’t allow the opportunity to pass. If she had any power to make her dream come true, this was the man that would take her for the first time.

As lunch came to an end, Sewell told her he had to return to his conference. With all the courage she could muster, she wondered aloud what altıparmak eskort he was doing later and if they might get together for dinner at her place.

He eyed her curiously. Slowly, he took her in from head to toe. Same Shannon, he thought. Plain face, simply dressed, as asexual a girl as he had ever known in school. Certainly, this dinner invitation could be nothing more. But still, what else did he have to do this evening?

She gave him directions to her apartment and they agreed upon a time for him to arrive. As he left the cafeteria, she watched him now with a different attitude. You will be my first, she thought, and you have no idea what awaits you this evening.

After finishing her afternoon classes, Shannon returned to her apartment to prepare dinner and plan the seduction of John Sewell. There was little to consider as she had planned for this for years. She bathed in scented soap and oils. Her brown hair dried out long, wavy, and soft. She neatly trimmed the pubic hair around her genitals until they left a soft, furry patch at the base of her belly but allowed a smooth, hairless zone around her genitals.

Carefully, she applied the makeup that for so many years she had only donned for herself in the privacy of her room. Her beautiful brown eyes sparkled and her lips were full. She selected her sexiest lingerie from the drawer, a rose-colored lace bra and panties. The bra perfectly fit her breasts and left her with cleavage that a man could not resist. The panties hugged her hips and ass as if they were painted on. Finally, she chose a low-cut satin blouse and short leather skirt that perfectly outlined the body no man had ever seen.

She was not nervous at all. This was the evening she had awaited for so long and she was confident in how it would proceed. John Sewell was her knight, the man who would finally carry her across the threshold of womanhood.

A knock at the door. She opened it to see him standing there and took pleasure in the look on his face as he saw Shannon Heller looking as beautiful and enticing as any woman he had ever seen. His jaw dropped as he gazed at her, stunned by her beauty. He could not help himself as his eyes took her in. A face to die for. Large breasts pushing at the material of the soft blouse. Soft, smooth legs that emerged from the short skirt that clung tightly to firm thighs and tight ass.

Both pretended to not take notice of the transformation as she invited him into her apartment. They shared glasses of wine as he told her of the day’s events at the conference and she reviewed her classes. He was doing his best to maintain his composure but all he could think of was how beautiful this young lady was and how badly he wanted her. How could he have never noticed her potential before?

Dinner lingered on and on as they sipped more wine and she served him courses of salad and the pasta dish she had prepared. John behaved as a gentleman, doing his best to maintain his professionalism but losing the battle as time passed. Finally, with dinner over and the dishes cleared away, it was time to make her move.

She approached him from behind as he sat in his chair at the dinette table. Her hands touched his shoulders and moved down his chest. His body felt so firm to her touch. He responded immediately by standing and turning to face her. Their eyes met. No words needed to be spoken. Both knew what lay ahead.

His arms encircled her and he pulled her to him. Their lips met and immediately parted as their tongues sought each other. She began to tremble in his arms as she experienced for the first time a kiss by a real man. Her legs began to weaken but he held her tight to his body. He felt her melt against him as their tongues played and the kiss went on for minutes as they swayed together as one.

“Come with me, John,” she said, using his first name for the first time in their relationship. She led him by the hand to her bedroom where the bed awaited them, already turned down. Candles provided the light. Soft music played.

They came to stand before her mirror, the same mirror in front of which she had dressed up for this occasion so many times. He moved behind her and pulled her body close. She watched in the mirror as his hands moved over her body. She pressed back against him, her hips undulating while her buttocks ground against his belly and hips.

Slowly, he began to remove her clothing. His fingers undid each button of her blouse as his lips brushed against her hair and neck. His work done, he pulled back the blouse to reveal her breasts, bound by the lace bra. His hands moved to them, cupping them softly before beginning to squeeze them with a tenderness she had only dreamed of until this moment. Her nipples responded to his touch, hardening against his palms through the material. He took each nipple between his thumb and finger and played with them, rubbing his thumb along the length and over the tips.

He pulled the blouse from her shoulders nilüfer escort and arms and dropped it to the floor. His lips found her skin and began to bestow soft kisses over her shoulders and back. She could feel the familiar burning now as it began between her legs and moved over her lower body. She helped him undo her skirt and let it fall to her feet. Kicking off her shoes, she stood now clad only in bra and panties.

Again she watched in the mirror as his lips and hands moved over her. She wanted to savor every moment as this man took her. His hands left her for a moment as he quickly removed his clothes until he was naked behind her. She felt his body now as he pulled her back to him again.

He pulled the bra straps from her shoulders and slid his lips along the soft skin to her neck. She felt him unclasp the bra and free her breasts. The bra dropped to the floor and his fingertips now moved over the large, firm mounds, toying now and then with her nipples before resuming their massaging and squeezing.

“God, you are so beautiful,” he whispered as he reached down and lowered her panties to the floor. She was now entirely naked but felt no shame or embarrassment. Her dream was unfolding exactly as she had envisioned. Romance filled the room as both Shannon and John continued down their road of passion.

It was at this moment that she had to tell him. Her eyes met his in the mirror. “John, my beautiful man, you will be my first. I am a virgin. Teach me, John. Teach me how to make love. I want to give you all the pleasure I have been saving for years.”

She saw his head raise from her shoulder and he smiled. “Shannon, you are so beautiful. I never thought of you as anything more than my drama student until you opened that door tonight. I have wanted you ever since. I will teach you, and you will be my student again,” he said softly to her.

She turned to him and they embraced and kissed again. Her breasts pressed to his chest, her hips to his. Pleasure flowed through her as her hard nipples grazed his chest hair. Finally, she pulled from him and looked down to gaze, for the first time, at a man’s penis. His hung from his belly, resting against his thigh, and it appeared to her to be huge. Thick, circumcised, with veins bulging at various points along the shaft and a crown that was magnificent. It was, to her, a powerful, ultimate symbol of manhood.

He stood watching her as her hand reached for it. Her fingers encircled it at the base and, even in its soft condition, could only contain half of its length. It pleased her that her man was so well-endowed. She took in every detail of this male organ that would eventually be inside her, the first for her.

Slowly her fingers moved up the shaft. She felt it begin to harden in her grasp as slowly, she stroked it. She held the head in her palm and moved her thumb over the soft, velvety skin. It continued to grow by the second as she rubbed the head and firm ridge that surrounded it. She could not take her eyes off of it as it grew ever larger. She moved her other hand to hold it now with both. And still they could not contain its entirety. She wanted to master every detail of this enormous machine.

He began to quietly moan with pleasure as she stroked him. She pulled the skin of the shaft toward the base as tightly as she could and saw it extend to its fullness. The head swelled and pulsed. Please, God, don’t let this evening ever end, she prayed.

John pulled from her and urged her toward the bed. He laid her gently on the mattress, her head on the pillow, and moved beside her. Laying his full length upon hers, he kissed her once again as his hands roamed her body. This kiss was more urgent and she could not sink her tongue deep enough into his mouth.

Her heart pounded with excitement as his hands found her breasts, played with her nipples, then moved down her belly, and caressed her thighs. Her legs spread wide and she strained her hips toward his hand, praying he would find the wetness pouring from between her legs, praying that this would be the moment that she would be touched there by a man for the first time. But he avoided it, allowing his fingertips only to graze her opening as they passed from thigh to thigh.

His lips left hers and began a slow journey down her body. She lowered her eyes to watch him as his lips left a wet trail along her chest before arriving at her breasts. His hand lifted one to his mouth and he sucked her nipple into his mouth. She moaned with desire and placed her hand on his head, holding him tenderly as he suckled her. He sucked the nipple deep inside, locking his lips against the aureole, while he licked its tip with his tongue, bathing it, soaking it with his saliva.

Shock waves of pleasure shot from her nipple to her wet genitals but still he ignored that center of desire between her legs. He moved his mouth to her other breast and gave it the same tender treatment. Her nipples shined in the candlelight with his wetness.

Finally, he began to move lower, over her firm belly until he arrived at the V formed by her legs. She could not take her eyes off of him. “Now, please, John, now… don’t make me wait any longer,’ she begged in a voice she did not recognize. And at last her wait was over as he moved to settle between her legs.

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