Sex On The Beach


It was the end of the first week of our holiday and my hubby Paul asked if I minded if he went fishing for the day, I told him to go and enjoy himself and I would have a day in the sun down on the beach. The next day I waved him off as the boat pulled off heading out to sea, I walked along the beach looking for somewhere a little out the way so I could be away from the crowds. I soon came across a secluded spot that looked just right, I rolled out my towel on the sun-bed then slipped out my tee-shirt and shorts I had my small bikini on that didn’t cover much.

The warm sun felt so nice on my body that it wasn’t long before I slowly drifted off, I wasn’t sure how long I had been asleep but I was woken by a shadow over my face. I looked up seeing two men looking down at me one white the other black, they asked if I was alright to which I replied “yes thanks”. The black guy sat on the end of the sun-bed as the white guy sat on the sand next to me, the black guy asked if I’d like some sun cream as I looked like I was burning. I passed him the cream then laid back placing my arms over my head.

I let out a scream when the cold cream slashed onto my body as he squeezed the bottle this made them laugh as he rubbed it gently over my skin, I could feel his big hands running over my body which slowly started getting me excited. He run his hands over my legs telling me to part them a little so he could rub it into my thighs, for some reason I did without thinking. He slowly moved his hands up my thighs as I parted my legs even wider letting him see the outline of my pussy against my bikini bottoms, I closed my eyes as I felt his fingers slip inside my bikini bottom running a finger gently against my clit.

The white guy had now moved and was sitting on the side of the sun-bed lifting the top of my bikini over my tits he then removed it by lifting it over my head. The warm sun felt nice on my nipples as he gently moved his hand across siirt escort them playing with my nipples in turn. The black guy slowly eased my bikini bottom down I lifted my ass slightly off the sun-bed making it easy for him he dropped it onto sand joining my top which was already there. The white guy was kissing me, his tongue pushing deeply in to my mouth as I returned the kiss doing the same. The black guy parted the lips of my pussy flicking his tongue over my clit every now again probing his tongue into me as my juices started to flow freely.

Arching my back I felt the black guy slip first one then two fingers into my wet pussy, his tongue flicking harder over my swollen clit that was getting harder by the moment. He pushed his fingers to and from my pussy as he eased a third stretching my pussy wider until he really pushed them hard back and forth. The white guy licked my nipples as I reached out slipping my hand inside his shorts, feeling his cock I started stroking it feeling little drops of pre-cum leaking from his very hard erect cock. He stood removing his shorts, as he eased them down his very hard erect cock sprung bolt upright to full attention. I leant over still stroking his cock placing my lips over the tip licking his juices that leaked slowly from his cock, The black guy had removed his shorts as was running the tip of his hard black cock over my clit.

The black guy parted the lips to my pussy with his fingers I held my breath knowing at any moment I would feel his cock inside my pussy, he gently moved his cock forward as I lifted my ass slightly giving him better access to my waiting pussy. The tip of his cock felt so solid as it slipped inside me, I felt every inch of his big hard black cock buried deep inside me the white guy was holding my head as he pumped his white cock into my mouth. This was the first time I had been taken by a black and white guy together. My ass was sinop escort resting on my black guy’s legs as he pumped his full erection deep into me. I stretched my legs as wide apart as I could for him. The white guy was deep in my mouth his pubic hair brushing against my face as he told the black guy how warm my mouth felt wrapped round his cock, the black guy replied how warm and wet my pussy felt wrapped round his solid black shaft.

After a short while the white guy asked if he could have my pussy for a while to which the black guy agreed, they got me to my feet as the white guy laid on the sun-bed holding his cock upright in his hand. I stepped over him lowering myself down until I felt the tip of his cock touching my pussy entrance. The black guy held me as slowly my pussy swallowed his mate’s cock taking every inch until I was resting on his legs. The black guy behind me caressed my bouncing tits as I fucked the white guy. Gently they both eased me forward I kissed the white guy again as I felt the black guy parting the cheeks of my ass wide, I thought I knew what was coming I steadied myself ready to feel his black cock in my ass. I was surprised when I felt his cock touching the outer lips of my pussy. I arched my back a little still holding the white guys cock deep inside me as I felt the black guy trying to get his black cock inside my pussy as well.

I felt the tip of the black guy’s cock join the white guys cock inside me until slowly he pushed a bit more, The lips of my pussy felt like they were being ripped apart as I felt the black guy’s cock fully inside my pussy with his white mate’s. The pain was unbelievable but the excitement of my pussy having two cocks at once was greater, they both slowly eased their cocks back and forth I started thinking at any moment my pussy would rip open as they continued to double fuck my pussy. The white guy squeezed my tits as he sucked on my nipple şırnak escort the black guy slowly started to finger fuck my ass as they took turns to thrust their cocks into me. The white guy laid still as the black guy pumped his cock into me then he stopped letting the white guy pump into me for a moment. My pussy just exploded over their cocks as I started shaking from the almighty climax that shot though my whole body.

The black guy slipped out my pussy, I felt the lips of my pussy tighten round the white guy cock as I contracted my pussy walls round the white cock fucking me. My head was lifted I flicked my tongue over the black guy cock before taking him deep in my mouth. The black guy started to fuck my mouth faster as I tasted my own juices that covered it, the white guys cock was now throbbing hard as I felt him shoot his load into me. He laid there shooting all his seed that I felt slash against the top of my womb, the black guy moved round behind me holding me on all fours as his mate moved out from under me. The black guy parted my ass cheeks once more again I wondered was he going for my ass or pussy. He whispered “ass or pussy slut it’s all to you”, I looked back at him smiling saying “I don’t care I just want that lovely black cock”.

He rammed his cock deep into my pussy which was already full of his white mates cum, the harder he fucked me the more he squeezed his mates cum from me. I could feel more and more cum dribbling from me as he hit home harder into my pussy, I could feel myself building to another climax my pussy taking all he could give. I screamed out “fuck me harder, faster fill my pussy with your black seed”. I was shaking like mad as I thundered to an almighty climax just as he called out “yes, I’m coming take my black cum you white slut”. As he pulled from me my pussy felt so full of cum, I collapsed onto the sun-bed. I watched them put their shorts back on before walking away, I heard them say told you she was up for it. I smiled knowing I had just had a good fuck and not caring what they thought.

I slipped on my bikini bottoms and walked into the warm sea washing my pussy clean of their cum, I dried myself off then laid down waiting for Paul to return from his fishing trip.

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