Serving My Mistress

Big Tits

Warning; this story is about female domination, oral sex, urine ingestion and some reference to scat. If any of these topics disgust you, do not bother to read further. If any of these topics interest you, I would appreciate any feedback you may have.


I pushed people out of the way, trying to get off the bus. I couldn’t afford to be late; Mistress Karla would punish me in painful ways that I did not want to ever suffer again. I hurried to her building and let myself in with my key. My own key. I’m on the way to gaining the status I yearn for; that of her Personal Slave. Only her Personal Slave has the privilege of touching her gorgeous body. She is movie star pretty, firm C cup breasts that stand out with tight nipples. Her legs are long and firm like a dancer’s legs, and her ass is athletic; her buttocks so firm that I imagine she could crush a man’s nose or break his jaw if he wedged his face in between them, which is one of my personal goals.

The first step is to prove yourself as a willing and obedient toilet slave, enduring whatever kink Mistress Karla is in the mood for. This was my third attempt to advance to the next step. A toilet slave may serve for a long time before becoming her Personal Slave; there can only be one male Personal Slave, but several female assistants.

Mona is one of the current female assistants, a girl with huge breasts, heavy thighs and a hairy bush. Doreen is more slender, blonde with small breasts and a shaved pussy. Shannon is brunette with average breasts, a tight ass. The hair on her mound is shaved in the form of a heart.

I rushed to the lower level of Mistress Karla’s apartment, undressed quickly and attached the cuffs to my ankles and one wrist. Chains anchored to the wall have cuffs for ankles and wrists so that sitting or lying down, I can only keep my hands near my sides. If I try to stand, it must be in a crouch or bending over.

Mona entered and silently attached the other wrist. Doreen and Shannon followed Mona down the stairs and the three women waited for our Mistress. The female assistants wore bras suadiye escort that pushed their breasts up and together for maximum cleavage. Each of them wore thigh high stockings and heels. Mistress Karla never wore more than her black very high heels. Hearing the women walk around on the cold tile floor was enough to give me an erection.

When I applied to be Mistress Karla’s Personal Slave, I was required to list every little thing about women that arouse me. Her goal would be to tease and push me beyond my normal boundaries, to suffer frustration at the highest level, while being denied release for a long time and until I had satisfied the kinky needs and entertainment of the women. That, and serving her female assistants would prove my loyalty to her.

Mona, the meanest of the female assistants, leaned over and whispered to me. “I’ve been drinking all afternoon, slave, you’re gonna drown in my piss today.”

Mistress Karla came down the stairs, her heels clicking on the steps, adding to my arousal. The sight of her long naked legs approaching made my cock ache. I could not take my eyes away from the dark patch between her legs. This was worth every penny I paid her.

“Let us begin,” Mistress Karla said, barely above a whisper. “Mona has expressed a need to be first; she has a full bladder.”

There were certain very brief commands that she would give me and I had to obey immediately.

“Open” meant to open my mouth and prepare to ingest someone’s juices, squirt or urine. I was to retain whatever “gift” I was given in my open mouth until I was told “Swallow”.

“Clean up” meant to lick a pussy, tonguing it and then licking it clean. It also applied to an ass.

“Give thanks” meant I was to lick and suck a pussy until the owner came and pushed me away.

Mona stepped over to be and snapped “On your knees; grab your ankles!” As I knelt, I reached back to hold my ankles, and Mona tilted my head back. She straddled my head and settled her pussy on my mouth. My nose and face were cradled in the crack of her soft ass. She cupped one yakacık escort hand under my chin, holding my face in the position she wanted.

Mistress Karla said, “Open” and I did. “Doreen; suck his cock” ordered Mistress Karla. I felt Doreen’s warm mouth slide down over my hard cock.

Mona sent a hot stream of her piss splashing into my open mouth and it quickly pooled, filling my oral cavity. The stream finally stopped and I held my mouthful waiting for instructions. The smell of her acrid piss filled my nostrils. Finally Mistress Karla said “Swallow.” And I did, gratefully. Mona continued for an unbelievable long time, filling my mouth and emptying her bladder.

Doreen was playing with my balls and nearly had me ready to come when Mistress Karla uttered both phrases, “Clean up” and “Give Thanks”. I lapped at Mona’s cunt lips, sucking them clean and then stuck my tongue inside her. When I lashed my tongue across her clit, her legs squeezed my head and I thought I might come in Doreen’s mouth, but I held back. I knew the penalty for coming before I am allowed.

When Mona stepped away from me, Mistress Karla pushed me down on my back on the tile floor. Doreen knelt on my chest and straddled my head, settling my face deep between her thighs. “Give thanks” ordered Mistress Karla. As I licked and sucked Doreen’s clit I felt a tight pussy pushing down over the tip of my cock. It was hard to focus on eating Doreen with somebody’s pussy riding my cock.

I managed to make Doreen come just as that tight pussy jerked back and forth, milking me; I couldn’t hold back. I knew that if Mistress Karla found out I had come inside somebody without permission, I was in deep trouble. When Doreen got off my face I looked down and saw Shannon lifting off my pulsing cock. She stood up and stepped up over my body until she was over my head. I looked up past her legs at her wet pussy.

Shannon put her feet next to my head and squatted down, lowering her pussy directly onto my mouth. She looked down at me and whispered, “I won’t tell if you clean it out of me.” As şerifali escort if on cue, Mistress Karla said, “Clean up and give thanks.” When I stuck my tongue up into Shannon’s pussy, my cum dribbled down my tongue into my mouth. I thought I would vomit but I managed to avoid it. Then I licked her clit but she stopped and stood up, standing in place.

“Mistress, I think I need to shit,” she said. (NO! This was NOT anything that I said I would endure to become her Personal Slave!) I was horrified.

Mistress Karla knelt down close to my face and whispered, “You do not have to eat it, but if you will at least accept it, I will not only promote you to my Personal Slave, I will give you a reward afterwards.”

I had no choice; I merely mumbled, “Yes, Mistress.” (I was going to be her Personal Slave!)

Suddenly Mona got on her knees between my legs and began stroking my cock. “Proceed, Shannon,” said Mistress Karla. Shannon squatted again but this time her asshole kissed my lips. “Open” said Mistress Karla. My lips felt the warm bulge coming from Shannon’s ass and I parted them reluctantly. A small tube of her shit slid quickly into my mouth and I closed my lips around it and held it in my mouth, waiting for relieving instructions from Mistress Karla.

Mistress Karla knelt down and whispered into my ear, “Hold it in your mouth, slave, until the stench of it fills your lungs. Savor the taste of it on your tongue, because one day you will beg me to let you eat my shit. But I won’t let you; I’ll MAKE you eat my shit!”

I immediately came all over Mona’s hands and she continued to milk my cock, making me groan. I have become accustomed to the taste of urine but this was vile and I feared I would vomit very soon.

“Shannon, stand up,” Mistress Karla said. “You may spit it out, slave,” she said to me. I turned my head and spit out the nasty turn, wet with my saliva.

“Sit up and receive your reward,” Mistress Karla said. “I watched her beautiful ass as she walked over to a nearby table. She brought back a large drinking glass. Standing right in front of me, she spread her legs, pushed the glass up against her pussy and let me watch her fill it with her piss.

She handed me the glass. “Drink up, My Slave,” she said, “The next time you are here you may drink right from the source.” I gulped it down with glee.

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