School for Scandal: Diamond’s Day 10


nb: this part was written in conjunction with Gunde – thanks to him.


‘Be my guest,’ said Ian to Laura while he started to pivot his hips a little so that his immense cock started sawing in and out of Candi’s throat, the blonde vixen winking at him lasciviously to further encourage him as she laid her hands on his broad thighs to support herself.

Laura released her hold on Ian’s lemon-sized nuts and allowed them to swing downwards between his legs before taking a couple of steps forwards so that she was closer to Robert and Charles. She smacked one of Candi’s curvy glutes before leaning in, opening her mouth, extending her tongue, and twirling it theatrically around Robert’s tongue, giving the student a sloppy kiss.

‘Your ass is split in two, honey,’ Laura remarked to Candi, noting the absurd thickness of the pair of giant penises that were sticking into the teenager’s bubble butt, both men, having relented somewhat, now beginning the process of pulling their hilted fuckstaffs from the boobed slut’s ringpiece. The two appendages that were lodged on Candi’s ballooning asshole were both about the thickness of a baseball bat. When they pulled their thick, twitching cocks from Candi’s asshole, both of the huge members were still connected to the gaping hole, and each other, by long, oozing ropes of bubbly semen, and both sprang around crazily after they had been released from confinement, smacking into Candi’s smooth, globular asscheeks, and each other.

Candi’s asshole was wrecked. As soon as both monstercock unplugged her rectum, a slew of white, gluey spunk issued from her broken backdoor, dumping out of her ass in four or five creamy waves before a single rope of semen trickled out. The teen’s asshole remained hugely gaped. Synchronised with this, a vast spew of pussy juices exploded in a glistening plume from Candi’s pussy as the teenager’s knockout body was wracked with a final orgasm that blitzed her mind and made her legs convulse. Ian could feel her nails digging into his thighs as it did so.

Laura went behind Candi and between Robert and Charles, getting on her haunches, her massive tits sticking out far in front of her. Taking both Charles and Robert’s dicks by the base, she swung both of the huge pillars of hot, hard flesh towards her mouth and sucked the spunk-covered bell-ends, first independently, and then both together, expertly and greedily fitting the huge cockends into her mouth and gliding her tongue over them.

‘That tastes divine,’ she said, licking her lips as ropes of spunk attached themselves to her chin and jawline before dripping off, ‘I think I want some more…’

Both Charles and Robert groaned as Laura released her grip on their steel-hard fuck-missiles, the two brawny shafts dipping slightly down by the weight of their bell-ends, and watched as Laura opened her mouth and applied it to her sister’s gaping asshole, tracing it around the ring. Candi shuddered and squirmed as her older sister expertly tongued her ass while the cum of two men poured out of it, and Robert and Charles rested their cocks on Candi’s peachy asscheeks as the luminously beautiful and mega-titted PE teacher started to use her plump, pouting lips to explore Candi’s butthole.

‘Laura, you whore,’ said Charles, his brawny cock leaking the last of his ejaculate out onto Candi’s ass-cleavage where it dripped down onto Laura’s nimble tongue. Laura winked at him as she continued her committed analingus. Then she transferred her gaze upwards, between her sister’s succulent buttocks and across to Ian, who she sent a scaldingly hot and enticing look.

‘I know what that look means,’ announced Ian, as Laura’s eyes flashed a smile. Swiftly, he began withdrawing his vast penis from Candi’s throat, dragging the immense tube of engorged flesh out of the teenager’s mouth and finally succeeding in getting the round brim of his dick out of her lips. He tapped the blunt end of his member apologetically against the pouting teenager’s lips as Laura adjusted her position so that she was no longer on her haunches behind her sister but standing with her legs straight and her back horizontal so she could continue administering luxurious licks to Candi’s asshole.

‘Monstercock…’ was all that Candi could say as Ian unsheathed his prong from her throat.

Walking smartly around Candi, the ropes of precum and saliva that connected his dick to her mouth and chin snapping when he was about four or five feet away, Ian went round to where the monsterboobed knockout slut that was his girlfriend was twerking her ass for him. Both Charles and Robert were attracted by the way that Laura was popping her curvy glutes, and it was only natural for them to be attracted to that next.

‘Let’s spank this slut, Robert,’ suggested Charles. Robert agreed. Laura moaned her appreciation of the idea as she drooled saliva into her sister’s asshole and licked it decorously away.

Charles and Robert lifted their huge cocks from Candi’s wrecked booty and her torn-up Yalova Escort asshole that was approaching the diameter of a CD and transferred their attentions to Laura Hart’s derriere instead, the stacked blond vixen happily using her insanely powerful and honed gluteal muscles to pop each of her asscheeks independently to send them into a hypnotic, synchronised jiggle.

‘What a total fucking slut,’ Robert groaned, gazing at Laura’s rippling ass, the smooth, purple business end of his huge prick poking into her left buttock and making an indentation in the sleek, curved dome of bubble-butt flesh. He used his right hand to slide his middle and index fingers over the mega-racked whore’s sleek pussy and lifted it to his mouth to taste her juices as she creamed herself.

From the other side, Charles had a similar level of appreciation, and he was demonstrating it by laying his monstercock horizontally across Laura’s lower back using his left hand to clasp her meaty rump in his hand and press it against the fat, turgid length that crossed her slim back, slowly sawing his fucktube back and forwards, using the blonde’s smooth assmeat as something to hump his dick against.

Robert saw a pair of finger snap in front of his face to break his reverie over Laura Hart. Blinking, he saw Sanddy across from him, standing next to Charles, her arm around his waist.

‘Miss me?’ she said, a wicked smile on her lips, playing mischievously with her boyfriend.

‘Uh, Sand…’ managed Robert, before finally grinning, ‘I was just saying how Miss Hart’s… well…’

‘… A total fucking slut.’ Ian finished, punctuating his sentence by threading his enormous monstercock into Laura’s asshole, sliding as far as he could go in one thrust, which was easily more than a foot of gleaming, muscular, vein-ridged meat.

Sanddy winked at Robert, turned her head to the left, opened her mouth wide and gave Charles a kiss that completely overwhelmed him with tongue. At the same time, she used her right hand to catch his enormous dick and started to jerk him sensuously. As Charles began to moan, Robert felt an arm around his own waist and turned to look at the gorgeous teenage pornqueen Diamond Gazongas who had appeared at his side, her big tits sticking out in front of her, with the teenage slut wasting no time in wrapping her own hand around his brawny shaft, the turgid veins that crisscrossed it flattening under her firm, assured touch, as she started to jack him off.

‘I’m in love with your cock,’ Diamond told Robert seriously, although it wasn’t easy to hear her over the incredibly horny scream of lust that Laura had emitted as soon as Ian had assaulted her asshole with his muscular eighteen-inch fuckstick. A spray of vaginal discharge instantly smacked onto the floor between Laura’s spread legs, with a gelatinous rope dangling between them as Ian gritted his teeth, his left hand clasped around one of Diamond’s bowling-ball sized hooters, and drove the remaining inches into Laura’s hot, clutching bowels.

‘Naughty Miss Hart,’ said Sanddy to Charles in a little-girl voice as she ran her hand slowly up his dick to transfer her grip to the base of his massive tool, ‘licking her sister’s asshole… licking all that cum off her sister’s asshole… do you think she deserves to be… spanked…? Mr Woodcock-Splatterwell?’

Sanddy pouted a little, letting her lips hand open slightly, Charles perspiring visibly at the gorgeous brunette vision teasing him so sluttily. He craned his eyes to the right to see Sanddy’s exaggerated, salacious expression, and then looked past her to where Laura had her hand clasped against her sister’s asscheeks, holding them open while she shoved her tongue into her asshole. At that point Candi gasped, and turned her head to look back over her shoulder as her older sister lashed at her hole with her tongue. She was in sexual bliss, and winced slightly when Laura smacked her asscheeks before lunging noisily back to smack her ripe lips against her booty.

The next thing Charles knew there was a loud THWACAAAAAAKSPLOTCHHHHH in front of him as Sanddy pistoned his heavy monstercock rapidly downwards so that it smacked against Laura’s right asscheek, the underside of his glans slapping against the supple, glistening buttock. Charles jumped a little bit at the impact and saw Sanddy looking at him impishly, one eye cocked half-shut and her tongue protruding through her teeth on one side.

‘Sorry…’ smiled Sanddy.

The next thing Charles saw, Sanddy’s head was jarred a little as a blast of precum ejected from Robert’s dick and glazed her face, the translucent, treacly fluid scattered onto her face with a splattering sound. Sanddy held her poise and without moving her head simply moved her eyes from Charles to Robert without changing her expression. Precum roped off her chin.

‘Very funny Robert…’ said Sanddy, ‘but you shouldn’t take chances when I’ve got a loaded weapon…’ she did her best to waggle the enormous fucktool that she had her hand Yalova Escort Bayan wrapped round. The iron-hard pillar of tumescent fuckmeat was too big and hard to waggle. It see-sawed from side to side.

‘You wouldn’t dare…’ said Robert.

‘Don’t worry Robert!’ Diamond announced brightly, brandishing his clublike foot-and a half of gleaming schlong, precum dripping from the tip as a result of the recent discharge, ‘I’ll protect you!’

‘O my God it’s like lightsabres!’ Sanddy laughed before collapsing in giggles, the two hot teenage sluts laughing at the idea of fencing enthusiastically with the pair of dicks, before trying a couple of passes but failing to connect. After a couple of mirthsome attempts to swing both of the heavy fuck missiles around, both stacked, hardbodied teen whores stated to pound their studs dicks onto Laura’s asshole, and spank her juicy ass with thirty six inches of hot, hard, manmeat.

Predictably that appeared to set off some kind of ignition for Laura, whose legs trembled and knees almost buckled as Ian impaled her asshole savagely with his humongous fucktool as Sanddy and Diamond both rained smacking blows down on her curved asscheeks with the pair of dicks that each of them grasped. Both Laura and Candi started to squirt in unison at that point, both shaved pussies exploding at the same time and raining juices everywhere.

‘Sis, I want to taste that pussy!’ Candi exclaimed after her eyes had rolled back down from the top of her head.

‘And I want to fuck that ass,’ growled Ian as he nailed his girlfriend’s booty with his giant dick.

Candi shoved what was left of the cake and champagne bottles off the table in front of her and, not unlike Bambi learning to walk, tottered on wobbly legs up onto the table, laying on it on her back.

Laura turned around and looked smoulderingly at Ian.

‘Would you mind taking your dick out of my asshole for a moment? Candi and I want to sixty nine.’

Then, with a quick glance at Robert and Charles:

‘Oh, and decide amongst yourself who gets to fuck my ass while I do it. I certainly don’t care.’

“FUCK!” The change that overcame Laura’s voice, turning it from a sultry, melodic purring into a shriek of wanton, primal bliss caught everyone by surprise as it rang out across the room to bounce off the walls. Or rather, everyone was surprised except for Ian, who was the root cause of it.

What had happened was pretty straightforward. Excited though he was to drill her baby sister’s delectable booty, and to see the Hart sluts rise even further into depravity by tonguing each others pussies while being assfucked from opposite ends, the simple fact of the matter was that Ian still had his cock shoved in deep between the juicy buttocks of Laura Hart, the woman of his dreams. And whenever that happened — normally a few dozen times per day — it was physically impossible for Ian to keep his hips still for more than a precious handful of seconds.

Obviously, Ian’s preference in those situations was always to go deeper rather than pull out, which was why Laura’s delirious shriek was followed instantly by the sound of him crashing into her booty hard.

Next, Ian did pull back about half a foot, but forgot himself and reversed directions all over again, slamming forwards until he had his top-heavy vixen of a girlfriend anally impaled to the hilt of his brawny cock. Acting completely on instinct, he gave her two more thrusts like that, each of which would have left a lesser woman teetering on the brink of unconsciousness, but in Laura’s case simply had her pussy contort and spew out long gushers of clear girlcum.

“Ian!” Just as her hunky boyfriend buried his mammoth cumtube in her ass for the fourth time, Laura managed to establish some semblance of control over the proceedings by tightening up her anal passage round his member, halting him from going either backwards or forwards, and also milking him of such a violently discharged blast of precum that it seemed likely to come back and smack against his cockhead after first boomeranging off her appendix.

“You’re supposed to be rearranging the insides of my sister’s ass, remember?” Laura sounded almost sweet as she chastised Ian for losing control like that, having turned her head and placed her chin on her right shoulder so she could look back at him from her stance of having her upper body horizontal and jutting out from in front of his crotch like an only somewhat oversized stand-in for his dick.

“Sorry,” Ian growled, and tugged back with his hips to convey to Laura that he was ready to pull out.

“Oh, fuck it, honey,” Now Laura grinned impishly, which was always a memorable experience for anyone who happened to be the receiving end of it, and relaxed her ass so Ian could start the retreat, “Love means never having to say you’re sorry for fucking my ass!”

“That’s sweet and all,” Over where she was lying on her back on top of the table, showing off another position from which her tits Escort Yalova could happily flip gravity and the laws of physics the bird, “But if you’re done having your relationship moment, I want a taste of that pussy, sis!”

“S-such a bratty fucking teen whore!” Giving her verdict on her sister’s character, Laura couldn’t quite keep her voice level, all due to the inches of muscular cock sliding slowly but smoothly out of her stretched bung as Ian kept himself going backwards.

“But you’re still desperate to lick that sweet pussy, honey,” Ian observed, as he admired the passage of his shaft through her ringpiece.

“And you’re dying to fuck her ass, stud,” Laura returned fire, and was back to offering Ian scorching hot looks as her pussy quaked and quivered and drooled juices all over her thighs.

“Well, since you did such a good job cleaning it up…” Allowing himself to send Laura a warm and friendly smile, Ian then switched to growling darkly whilst grimacing quite severely, “What kind of kinky, nasty slut licks cum straight out of her own baby sister’s ass?”

“Honey,” Now Laura was growling too, “Shut up or fuck me!”

Turning the growl into an appreciative smile, Ian had Laura close her eyes and clamp her thighs together round her soaked cunt by popping the business-end of his fuckmast out of her ass, then surprised her again by catching her with one arm round her slender waist as he moved past her, so that she was being pulled along on her heels as he advanced upon her prone sister with all the genteelness and delicacy of a cavalry charge.

“So, Robert, one of us will take care of Laura…” Charles started out, watching with a thin, amused smile how Ian yanked the blonde babe of her feet and threw her next to her sister on the completely dishevelled table, from where Laura proceeded to spin round and proceed to mount her sister. As for the hunky science teacher, he still had Sanddy by his side, trying to handle his dick with one hand while capturing everything going on with the camera in the other. As a result, there brief passages where the images up on the screen that the camera was linked to became likely to cause motion sickness.

“And the other will fuck Diamond,” Robert decided, in a tone suggesting that the issue wasn’t open for debate, and which got the American teen pornslut positioned next to him to coo in excitement and Charles to throw her a long glance accompanied by a steadily increasing amount of squinting, as if his mind was trying to process that a woman with proportions and looks like that could be real and not just the product of some seriously hardcore jerk-off fantasises.

Then, Robert shot Sanddy a determined, uncompromising look that had the super-stacked teen – dressed only in a teensy thong that had its back tugged aside to leave her tattooed anus completely open to anything that anyone might wish to do to it — whimper with lust and feel like she was about to cream herself. Obviously, the ‘threat’ she’d made towards him just a little while ago was going to have some serious repercussions.

“Aww, am I gonna have to settle for just the one cock?” Amazingly, as she teased both studs, Diamond was still wearing the same positively indecent little black dress as she had when she first said hello to Candi. During her brief tenure at the school, this was probably the first time that the mega-boobed, agonizingly beautiful American monstercock-devotee had been able to wear an outfit for more than five minutes without having it ripped off, absolutely drenched with cum, or both.

“Yes…” Taking in the purposefully lewd design of Diamond’s dress and the effect that her body had on it, Charles let his gaze sweep across how the flimsy shaving of black that constituted the front only just reached up beyond her nipples and how its hemline had an even narrower margin in which it reached beyond her pussy, from which one clear rope of her juices was now dangling down between her firm thighs. The back was equally undersized, and connected to the front by three thin straps running over each side of Diamond’s torso, one pair level with her waist, another at the bottom of her ribcage, and the last just underneath her armpits. Taking it all in, Charles felt inspiration wash over him like Constable when he’d seen that hay wain.

“Quite…” One of the many advantages to having an eighteen-inch willy, Charles had found, was that it was quite easy to have people — especially a certain type of women — hang onto your every word.

“Robert,” Having Diamond’s undivided attention already, Charles nevertheless unleashed a surge of precum that splashed down onto the top of her low-cut dress, intensifying the natural sheen of her ginormous, bronze-tanned knockers even further, and started to move even as she acted instinctively by leaning in and licking up the few specks of clear fluid that had ricocheted off her boobs and onto Robert’s chest, “Follow my lead.”

“Right, Charles,” Figuring that having had their cocks up the same slut’s ass at the same time put them on a first-name basis, Robert nodded and watched the science teacher approach while Diamond kept pumping his cock with both hands, all while keeping it pointed somewhere relatively safe.

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