Schemes and Seduction Ch. 03

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“Please daddy, let me fuck them!”

I couldn’t really take in that my step daughter was begging me for my blessing to have sex with both my sons as part of some absolutely crazy scheme she had cooked up with her best friend Sara. Sara’s own brother was having a stag do this next weekend, and the girls for some reason beyond me felt it would be fun to disguise themselves as a couple of strippers and sleep with all the guys, including their step brothers. Sara had even found these crazy dog collars that disguised their voices to go with the rest of the disguise. I was still a bit nervous though.

As crazy as my little 18-year-old’s requests was, what made it even more surreal was that she had my cock buried in her arse at the time whilst said best friend was alternating between licking my balls and Lisa’s wet snatch. How had it come to this?! I’ve already told the story before, but suffice to say Sara and Lisa were both conniving sluts who had managed to seduce me and Sara’s step dad Joe. Joe was away for the weekend, so Sara had come over for a girly weekend. At least that is what my wife and sons thought, all of whom were also busy all weekend thankfully. I sat up and drove myself deeper into Lisa’s gorgeous bottom as we both groaned in pleasure. Sara, also 18, moved as well and sucked on one of my little girls tits. “I’m a really bad man,” I thought as I felt myself reaching the point of release.

The thing is, I still love my wife. Not that it was very loving to be sat balls deep in her daughter’s sweet arse. What can I say, I’m a weak man. Its hard to resist when a pair of 18 year olds throw themselves at you, for reasons that remain a mystery to me. Maybe I could have tried harder, but you don’t know what they are like ok? In my opinion, both girls are stunning. Although I felt some shame, there was no way I could bring myself to stop having sex with either one of them. As I emptied myself into Lisa’s anal passage, I reflected that this was the best sex of my life.

“Please daddy?” said Lisa as she crested her own orgasm. The truth was neither Sara or Lisa needed my permission to do anything, including seducing their step brothers. They were both adults. And yet, Lisa seemed determined to get my blessing for their hair brained scheme. It was so crazy and fucked up. Somehow though, as both naked girls cuddled into me from either side in my bed, I knew I could not say no.

A week later, Joe and I could barely speak as our well disguised stepdaughters stood before us dressed in very slutty looking schoolgirl outfits, complete with wigs, masks and dog collars. I could barely recognise either of escort izmir them, and we gave them nicknames ft and gg. The names have personal reasons which I wont go into here. The plan was for the girls to come over to us when we were out, supposedly looking for their own friends. Joe and I would persuade them to stay and sit on our knees. They would then come with us to a pre arranged private room where Joe and I would persuade them to dance and take it from there. Joe and I figured it wouldn’t take the other 6 guys too long to realise ft and gg were strippers, hired by Joe as father of the groom.

My sons were both quite conservative, as I had been until Sara and Lisa had got their hands on me! We were counting on booze and the occasion to get Jeff and Daniel to go along with things. Sure enough, our scheming worked like a charm. I could tell the others were getting uncomfortable as the girls sat on Joe’s and my knee and proceeded to make out with us, but by the time we made our way to the private room it was clear to everyone I think that their stopping to chat to us was a ruse. I don’t know what Tom thought about his dad arranging a pair of strippers, but everyone knew we were in for a show. Of course, they didn’t realise how far this show would go!

Joe and I knew the club owner, and gave him extra to make sure we wouldn’t be disturbed. Well, other than a couple of bar staff who knew enough to be discreet, with the option to join in later if they wanted. We also arranged for a certain song to be played after we had a bit of time to settle into the room.

“Hey ft, they are playing our song. Lets dance,” said Sara staying in character.

Sara and Lisa gave the most sexy dance ever as all the guys just sat in stunned silence. Lisa pulled Sara to her, and they swayed together to the music. I felt my mouth go dry as the girls locked lips and started making out whilst their hands roamed over each others bodies. Slowly, they eased off each others white blouses followed by short skirts till they were dancing in matching black underwear and little else.

“Whose the lucky groom?” asked Lisa, pulling away from Sara. Lisa came across and sat on Toms lap as Sara sank down again on Joe ‘s.

“Did my dancing turn you on, daddy?” said Sara provocatively as she squirmed on Joes hard member confined within his slacks. It was such a turn on to know nobody knew who gg really was, or to watch the reaction as she reached inside Joe’s trousers and pulled out his hard erection.

I rose up and moved to where Lisa was still locking lips with Tom.

“Time to play baby,” I whispered in her ear as I unhooked izmir escort bayan her bra and reached around her to grope her large teenage tits.

“Dad!” gasped my oldest son as he watched me tugging on Lisa’s gorgeous breasts. I think he may have even tried to end things there if Lisa hadn’t chosen that moment to lean over, yank his pants down and kiss his hardening penis. I watched in awe as my step daughter enveloped my son’s dick in her hot mouth.

For the next minutes, Lisa and Sara worked the room, stripping all eight of us of our clothes and taking each cock in turn into their mouths. I think my younger son Daniel had not had a lot of experience, and it didn’t take long with Lisa’s mouth on him until he was coming down her throat. I actually had Sara deep throating me at the time, but I smiled as I saw the evidence of his seed in her mouth before she gulped him down.

“Good girl,” I encouraged her. “Such a well trained slut!”

“Thanks daddy,” said Lisa looking me in the eye. We exchanged a grin as we realised nobody else shared the joke.

Sara shed her remaining clothes and leaned over the arm of one of several sofas, and looked back over her shoulder at her step brother.

“As you are the groom, I think you should have first go at this pussy,” said Sara to Tom. “Come and fuck me.”

Tom seemed nervous, but after a pause he rose up and sank his hard cock into Sara’s dripping sex. Slowly, he began to pick up speed until he was fucking hard into his sisters cunt.

Not to be outdone, Lisa pushed Daniel onto the floor and grinned to see his cock had regained its rigidity.

“Are you a virgin, Danny?” she asked as she prepared to sink her hot box onto his engorged prick.

“How do you know my name?” stammered Daniel. I froze for a minute, worried that our ruse was discovered.

“its my job to know people’s names,” recovered Lisa as she lowered herself onto her step brother’s throbbing cock.

I breathed a sigh of relief as Danny just closed his eyes and revelled in his first taste of pussy. I looked across at Sara where Tom had given up his spot to his best man who was thrusting away behind her whilst Tom fed his cock into her mouth.

I got some lube we had brought earlier and started coating my cock and Lisa’s back door as she slowed down on top of Danny.

“Yes daddy, fuck my arse,” cried Lisa. To everyone else, this was just her being kinky with an older guy. For me, I never got tired of hearing her say it. Her mum refused anal sex, but Lisa had become my beautiful anal whore.

As I fed my cock into Lisa’s bowels, I saw Jeff standing at Lisa’s izmir escortlar head. I just nodded at him as he pressed his dick to her lips. Like a good slut, she just opened her mouth wide and allowed him to slide his shaft deep into her mouth as I fed my own hard dick deep into her anal sheath. I groaned as I felt Danny’s cock throbbing the other side of a thin membrane inside her. We began to set a rhythm, thrusting in and out of both holes as she deep throated her oldest brother. If you had told me a few months ago that I would be making my own step daughter airtight with both my sons, I was never have believed you. Unable to contain myself, I spewed a whole load of cum into her arse before collapsing on the floor.

It didn’t take long for someone to take my place. I looked over at Sara and she was similarly being serviced by multiple cocks. The evening became a blur of sexual activity as we took turns in each of the girls holes between periods of watching and recovery.

At one stage, one of the bar staff stripped off and joined in. She was a gorgeous but tiny blonde, but Joe and I sandwiched her in-between us. I lost myself thrusting into her tight cunt as Joe slammed into her pussy. The room reeked of sex and sweaty bodies as all three girls took cocks in all their holes.

As I pulled out of bargirls pussy — I never learnt her name — I noticed Jeff lying down and Lisa lowering herself on top of him as Sara was being fucked hard again by her brother. Danny came up behind and I assumed he was going to take her now well fucked arse again. Instead he eased himself in to her stretched sex alongside his brother.

“Do you like that Lisa?” asked Danny as they began to alternate pumping in and out of her abused pussy.

Lisa couldn’t speak, whether from the shock of Danny using her name or the sensation of two cocks in her pussy I will never know. Jeff reached up and tore the mask off his sister and kissed her deeply.

“When did you know?” I croaked, somewhat stunned that our duplicity had been discovered.

“Fairly early on. We have both spied on Lisa in the past, and would recognise that cute birthmark anywhere,” replied Jeff. “She is so sexy.”

Tom slowed down thrusting into Sarah as he watched this exchange, realisation dawning on him of who was beneath him.

“Fuck me, brother,” Sara urged him, tearing off her own disguise. Unable to stop, Tom resumed slamming into his sisters sex as Joe filled her mouth once more.

“This is going to make family life interesting!” I thought as I pushed my own cock between Lisa’s lips and unloaded into her mouth.

Lisa groaned as her brothers both pulled out and coated her with their seed.

“Yum,” she giggled as she lay by an equally sated Sara. “Three down, one to go.”

I barely registered with what she said, but that’s a story for another day. Maybe.

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