Satisfying Shannon’s Needs


Shannon woke up on Sunday morning feeling lazy and not quite ready to start her day. As she scrolled through her news feed and checked her Instagram likes, her mind drifted to her recent hot and sweaty interaction with Dominic and Trey. While Shannon and Dominic had their monthly booty call after a few drinks, she did not ever expect his friend to join in. Shannon’s fantasy of being manhandled by two different men at one time had finally come true and she was horny for more.

She fantasized about the attention she got being sandwiched between two athletes who were both well endowed. Itching for more, she wondered whether she could convince them to do it again. Would it be weird if I texted them? She thought.

Why would it be weird? The three had spent the night before together. Granted, they were all hammered. But still, how could they deny her that interaction. After all, every party was surely satisfied.

She thought maybe an early morning text might come off as needy, so why not try for later that night. Throughout the day she formulated what she might say without coming off as too big of a slut, but still wanting them to be turned on enough to agree to another classy spit roast. Sure, the men get laid, but what is the real incentive to having another guy there? There was no male contact in their first ménage a trois so it might take some convincing.

By nightfall, Shannon had been wet all day. She couldn’t stop thinking about quenching her thirst for more cock. Opening a bottle of wine to settle her nerves, she said fuck it and texted the two gentlemen in a group chat.


No response, of course. Minutes passed, a half hour passed, an hour passed and nothing. She began to regret her ballsy decision. She started to lose her faith when suddenly a late night text from Dom.

“Hey gorgeous what’s up?” He finally replied.

Oh. My. God. She thought. No way! But play it cool, play it cool. A million thoughts flowing through her head of where this could go. After several attempts at writing a text and deleting she finally settled on her response. Be bold, she thought.

“Not much, just thinking about these two studs.” She thought maybe a compliment might put them in the right mindset — as if they probably didn’t figure it out for themselves yet. A few minutes passed.

“Oh yeah? Who?” Dom responded.

“Can’t say. But I can tell you they don’t disappoint.” She tried to get the conversation going. However, inside she was dying with anticipation and possibly the thought of being turned down. A half an hour passed. By now the bottle was almost empty.

“Sounds like someone’s had a few cocktails ;)” He responded playing it cool.

That’s not the response Shannon was looking for. It’s beating around the bush a little too much. And if it’s coy, that’s not what she wants out of her men. Was it condescending? Can’t tell! Too much to interpret. Maybe just go for it!

Shannon went into her closet and pulled out the thinnest thong she could find. She pulled hers down and put on the new one, which eats the string up and posed for an ass pic in the mirror. With clothes discarded and several snapshots later she settled on one she thought was perfect.

She knew this would definitely send a message and maybe get Trey’s attention. Or perhaps she had to spell out “who is gonna eat my ass?” but maybe they weren’t drinking and she’d come off too aggressive. She had to be delicate.

She texted the picture of her toned ass to the boys with a simple response to Dom’s text saying “maybe ;)” and sat on it for only a few minutes before he responded again.

“Damn! What I’d do to tear that up!” He replied. But Shannon decided to wait. She wanted Trey on board anyway; she knew she could get Dom whenever she wanted. Within a few moments finally a response.

“When are we doin this?” Trey’s first text entered the group chat.

Bingo. It’s on.

“Idk boys you tell me ;)” She texted, being her çorum escort coy self.

“Trey you around?” Dom texted. Holy shit now!? Shannon wasn’t expecting that. But she was already drunk and horny as hell so why not! Fuck it.

“Yeah let’s go.” Trey responded. WTF. She thought as her heart started to pound. She jumped into the shower and cleaned her crevices and shaved as quick as she could. She was brushing her teeth when she caught up on the messages.

“Alright I’ll come pick you up in 15.” Dom texted Trey.

“Aight.” Trey concluded the texts.

How could I end this, she thought. Maybe another pic? No, too much. How about a teaser of what they’re coming to. No, that leaves nothing for the imagination. How about just a wink? Perfect.

She responded to her soon-to-be guests and prepared her apartment to look nice. Grabbing a Gatorade out of the fridge, she knew this might be a bit taxing.

An hour passes and Shannon is still alone. She cleaned up nicely and put on some sexy stockings and lingerie underneath her tight clothing. She looked at the mirror pulling her blonde air up into a ponytail. She was a fairly thin girl. Not very big boobs but a toned body and a nice ass. She had high cheekbones and a thin face with bright eyes. She hadn’t always been a slut, but this phase of her life was riveting and she had been craving more and more as of late.

She thought about Dom: handsome and built with a charismatic personality and a bright smile. He could be a real douche at times, but she was never in it just to date him. She could recall he had a nice dick and did a good job using it. He loved to fuck hard, and when she was drunk, that’s all she looked forward to.

Trey had a similar build. He had big arms and a big chest and was relatively thin everywhere else. Trey’s cock was even bigger than Dom’s but his real talent was his tongue. He was great at oral and fit perfectly in a devil’s threesome because he didn’t groan or moan too much. He was fixated on fucking and that’s what Shannon was about tonight.

A text came through Shannon’s phone notifying her of their arrival. Her heart began pounding again. She thought of the endless sexy ways she could open the door whether clothed or naked and had to come up with something sexy to say when they came.

As they approached the front door, she took one last look in the mirror and fixed her clothing to be a bit more revealing. Fuck. She thought. What the fuck am I doing. But the knock followed soon after and she had already committed. She unlocked the door and swung it open.

“Hey boys, come on in.” She said smiling deviously and turning around so they got a full view of her ass as she intentionally swung her hips in an exaggerated fashion. She walked over to the couch and sat down where she poured them two glasses of wine. Without talking too much, the men sat on either side of her and touched her lightly. Dom’s hand had already met her thigh and Trey sat back with a hand lightly rubbing her back.

Shannon sat with perfect posture pronouncing her ass on the couch and holding her torso high. She tried to be flirty and coy but she couldn’t help at giggle and cup her mouth shut intermittently knowing well what was coming next. She glanced down and already saw Dom’s size bulging out of the crease of his pants. He moved his hand behind her back and down to her ass giving it a tight squeeze.

“Cheers.” He said holding up his glass with a grin.

Shannon turned to Trey handing him a glass saying “Cheers” while he mumbled “Cheers” without any thoughts but what his animalistic nature were about to do to her. They three each took a sip and then Dom turned her face by her chin to meet his lips.

The first embrace was a firework. Not the kind where you feel something warm inside. The kind that makes you more anxious than ever. Like you could stand up and scream because you have so much energy inside but you’re trying to denizli escort contain it.

Trey moved his hand to her opposite thigh and pulled her top below her shoulder so he could kiss her smooth skin. The kissing intensified a bit as Dom’s hands began exploring her face and chest. But she couldn’t leave Trey hanging. She turned to him and gave him his first embrace for the night.

Dom pushed her legs apart and slipped his fingers between them to rub her clit. She squirmed. The intensity was picking up and she was ready to hurry it up. She lifted Trey’s shirt up over his head as they continued to kiss and then turned to Dom to do the same. While he removed his, she was helped out by Trey’s hands in removing hers.

The three sat shirtless with Shannon in her lingerie bra and the two began taking turns rubbing the outside of her thong and grabbing her tits while she swapped kissing partners.

The excitement drove Dom to pull his pants down and reveal his 8 inches. She grabbed a hold and began stroking as he sucked her neck and let out his first moans. She bit her lower lip moaning softly while feeling Trey’s fingers slip below her thong and into her drenched pussy.

Within a minute, she was sideways on the couch with her pants off and had Dom’s cock in her mouth. Trey made his way between her legs and introduced his tongue to her pussy. She moaned with Dom’s cock in her mouth making Dom groan in pleasure. The two men were now preparing their Shannon sandwich to share.

Her pussy flooded with its juice. She felt Trey do a tremendous job licking her, sucking it up as she tried her best to pay attention to the blowjob at hand. But Trey’s tongue was too much for her to handle. She had to take breaks blowing so she could catch and breathe and look down at Trey going at it.

It wasn’t long until he lifted her up by the hips and bent her over. Her face was now pushed into Dom’s cock and her ass lifted up in the air. Without removing her black stockings, he pulled her thong down her thighs and buried his tongue straight into her ass.

Not expecting to be tongue punched there, her eyes widened and she groaned more while salivating on Dom’s cock. The heat was turning up, it was getting a little dirtier now.

She used her hand to stroke Dom’s cock harder and took more into her throat, but couldn’t help at notice Trey was moving back and forth between her pussy and butthole licking and sucking them. She managed to pull off Dom’s cock to give her first message.

“Someone better put a cock in me now!” She demanded.

Without skipping a beat, Dom helped Shannon get up onto her feet and turned her around bending her over so her face would fall onto Trey’s lap. She giggled and used her hands to undo Trey’s pants as he sat with his arms spread on the couch. Dom spread her legs apart and placed his cock slowly into her pussy. As she felt him enter, she managed to pull out Trey’s enormous 9 incher. Jesus, she thought, this is gonna be a load of work.

Without hesitation, she placed her mouth around the tip of his cock and went down on him. It wasn’t long until Dom was going at it faster and faster. He was always like that, no time to waste. Dom pounded her pussy making a clapping sound, which was matched with the muffled moans coming from Shannon’s full mouth. Her ponytail swung in different directions until trey took hold of it and pulled it gently to give her a little pain.

She was having the time of her life. But unfortunately, her jaw was getting soar. Perfect timing, because she was ready.

“Dom I want you in my ass.” She said breaking away from Trey’s cock.

“Oh fuck.” Is all he could get out.

Shannon climbed onto Trey’s cock and introduced her pussy to the extra inch as she guided her hips down to meet his. He groaned and she responded. Dom went over to grab the lube he brought in his discarded pants.

Shannon rode Trey bouncing her ass up and down feeling diyarbakır escort his hands grasps her cheeks and slapping away. A moment later, Dom was lubed up and ready to conquer her ass. He managed to pushed the head in and Shannon slowed down to manage the pain. She tilted her head back and with her jaw dropped and mouth open she breathed with a guttural moan looking up at the ceiling. He pushed a bit further and her eyes widened. She was feeling both cocks inside of her now.

The pain she felt was accompanied by the slow hip thrusts coming from underneath her as Trey managed to control her weight. Dom pushed more and more in and finally grabbed her but the throat and put his lips to her forehead. She groaned almost in a lifeless fashion as she fathomed having so much inside of her. But it wasn’t much longer until she felt the comfort and reminded them to go slow that she really got into it.

She barely moved herself as the men took over and manhandled her holes. With Dom going a slow and steady pace, Trey picked up with intensity and began thrusting a bit harder.

Shannon, filled with cock, groaned in a mix of pain and pleasure that she couldn’t help but enjoy. She loved to be filled up like this, in fact, this is exactly what she had fantasized about all day. It had finally come true and she was elated.

“Oh my God fuck me!” She shouted encouraging her guests.

Thrusting faster now, the two built up their cocks full of cum and responded by slowing down so as to not end it too early.

Dom and Trey’s muscles began flexing harder to contain themselves as they felt Shannon’s bodily fluids run down their balls. She moaned in Trey’s ears telling him to fuck her harder and spilled the nastiest talk about his cock and her pussy.

Her inner slut was coming out and she repeated to the men over and over how filthy she was and how cocks hungry she is. She didn’t care, she knew they were into it.

“I’m gonna cum!” She announced feeling the pleasure take over the pain and tighten her pussy allowing her orgasm to come. With a moment of silence, she closed her eyes and let the ecstasy release.

“FUUUUUUUUUCK!” She moaned with a deep guttural groan come from within. The men moaned as they finished fucking her into orgasm and kept it going the entire time she came.

“Yes, yes, yes don’t stop!” She pushed them to keep going. But that was too much for Dom and he announced his orgasm.

As Shannon was about to end her orgasm, she felt Dom’s hot load blow in her ass and it pushed her to continue hers. She moaned and cursed over and over feeling Dom slow down. But Trey was still going and she was still orgasming to his hip thrusts.

When Dom was finished, she felt the exhaustion come on and began to slow down herself. Unfortunately for her, she had yet to satisfy Trey.

She got up off him and laid on her back on the couch near defeated from her beating. Trey got above her chest and laid his pipe into her mouth with each knee on either side of her chest.

Out of breath still, she mustered up the strength to take his cock down her throat while feeling Dom had moved to eat her pussy. Her eyes rolled back as she moaned to the feeling of a wet tongue push into her. She bobbed her head as Trey’s head fell back looking up at the ceiling. The vibration from her moans brought Trey close to orgasm. He decided he was going to aim for her tits.

Trey got up off the couch and moved to the side where he could stand next to her head. She watched as he placed his cock into the side of her cheek and felt possibly another orgasm coming form Dom’s tongue.

It wasn’t long until Trey was ready to unload on her chest, which was then followed by Shannon’s next orgasm.

The two moaned and groaned as her tits were coated in his cum and her juices covered Dom’s mouth and chin. The climax filled the room with curses and moans. When they finally subsided, exhales were shared all around.

The three fell with exhaustion ending what Shannon had been fantasizing over since their first encounter. Now she knew they might be as into sharing her as she liked being the centerpiece of a spit roast. She turned to each of her guests and coyly said:

“You boys are going to have to come back over this week.”

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